Full Moon in Virgo: Showing Neptune The Door

I think there’s two things to do when an asshole enters (and exits) your life. You feel whatever the feelings are. Respect them. Follow them where they go. And then continue. Go on. Move on. Make progress.

Back in 2020 I was dating this guy for a little while but I don’t even want to call it “dating” and he ghosted and it hurt and I was mourning a loss and I remember seeing someone on YouTube talking about making progress after a heartbreak instead of… I forget what words he used. That the time had to come when you stopped distracting yourself from the pain and instead make progress and that’s when I started my third book. So you have to mourn and you have to feel and then you have to move on. Just go. But do both parts. Make progress.

Another message for today is to trust your instincts, always. I have this bad habit sometimes of giving second chances (hi Neptune) but if it looks like a snake and it talks like a snake and it acts like a snake and you see it with a demon’s head in your mind’s eye from day one… it’s probably a demon snake. Trust yourself. Don’t be me. Trust yourself more than I did over the last 24 hours. It’s a short scar wound but a wound I really didn’t need, didn’t ask for, and karma is a bitch, as they say.

I know this feeling though. I know the feeling of being around abusers. You think you can control them. Or not control them, but that you won’t get hurt. Somehow they won’t cut you. But abusers abuse! That’s what they do!  Some people will never be your allies. I don’t doubt my various stalkers are reading this. So here’s a message for you: despite my conscious vulnerability in this post (and in many posts lately) and my strong emotions, I’m untouchable. And I don’t need to hurt people to thrive.

What else? As always, let’s connect it to the astrology.

We got a Full Moon in the wee hours tonight. I was gonna do an Instagram Live but my period is heavy and I’m tired. A Full Moon is an ending and my Full Moon ending isn’t about this fake friendship ending but the end of giving people rope when I know better. Showing Neptune the door. Full Moon in meticulous analytical Virgo throwing serious desk light on all that Pisces dreamy. Full Moon in my First House on my Moon Pluto conjunction, well-aspected all around my chart. So I sing here.

I was telling someone today some of the stories about my Saturn book. Someone did a podcast, liberally reading from my book, giving me hidden credit. Someone else wrote me recently wanting to use my book on her YouTube channel. People just want to take and I expect people will continue to outright steal but here’s the thing. You’ll never be me lol lol lol You didn’t write The Little Book of Saturn or A Mystical Practical Guide to Magic or the book I’m working on now. People can steal it all day long but that can’t come anywhere near how it feels to write something beautiful. Deep down you’ll always know the truth.

So. Got Full Moon plans? Got a “friendship” to end? Got a long story text to send? Got a song to sing, a book to write? I’m taking this course and I had to ask people my three strengths or strongest qualities, something like that and I am pretty sure integrity/authenticity was number one and compassion/kindness a close second. It hurts me to hurt people. And I wondered to myself why my clients (which is such a unique relationship) see me so clearly (because the reading is all about them, not about me) and with everyone else it’s a crapshoot (except for a few close friends).

I hope you have a good Full Moon. I hope you get the truth. I hope the truth doesn’t sting too badly. I hope you cry and scream if you need to. I hope you say what needs to be said. I hope you slam whatever doors need slamming and bolt them shut.  I hope tomorrow is better than today. I hope you crush your enemies into a fine powder and poof, blow their entrails into the wind. That’s what I’ll be doing. That’s where you’ll find me. On that peak.

Love you so much

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