New Moon In Aries (In My Eighth House): Your Obsessions Are Your Gifts

Someone once told me that my obsessions were my gifts, but I don’t know how this can be.

Being obsessed with someone, or something, is painful to me.
Sometimes lucrative (good for making art!) but often just leads to wheel-spinning or wasted time. Emotional fuel and no car.

So I think to myself:
what is this really?
What does this represent?
WHAT IS THIS REALLY? Because it can’t just be the thing itself, can it?
It represents a certain place and time. What could have been. And everything else that happened. Everything else that happened.
So then all that’s left is the obsession and OH yes. It’s like grief. If we let the obsession go, if we let the grief go, then we lose the only thing we have left of it, him, her.
The obsession keeps us company.
To let it go means we let it go…
means we let him or her or it go.

And then we move on.

New Moon in Aries is tomorrow. I’ve got a new chance for a new start in my 8th House.

What about you? Your Aries house? What’s new in there?