Shuffle, Cut, Draw: Tarot For The Full Moon In Virgo (Proof & Signs of Life)

"south node in virgo" Virgo is the cautious sign. April is the cruelest month (sorry, the meter of the phrase Virgo is the cautious sign reminded me of Eliot.)

Virgo Needs Proof. Doesn’t want to fly. Sometimes when I have readings with Virgo people (whether I’m giving those readings or getting them), I want them to fly and they resist wings. It’s not Virgo’s job to fly — unless they have North Node in Pisces, as I do.

Why are you here? What is your purpose? It’s Full Moon time again. Shall I draw a card?


Why am I here? The Chariot. Number seven.

Rachel Pollack writes in her New Tarot Handbook: success in the world, strong will, achievement, the respect of others.

On a very literal level, travel.

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So I drew this card for me but I think it’s for you. You’re not done yet.

And I know these messages tend to come at the right time so… you’re welcome.
I love you.