From My Saturn Through The 4th House Transit

From my Facebook: 

To truly get what you desire and value (whatever that is), you cannot have a continual adversarial relationship with life itself, with being alive itself.

Life itself will keep tripping you up then.

Thinking about the Tarot I’ve drawn for the house (that I’m interested in renting) and thinking about Saturn through my 4th House, a far far more spiritual and *healing” transit than I’d previously given credit.

Mostly what I’d heard were horror stories and I definitely had my own with no wisdom in sight about this transit. Until the Wisdom came.

The Wisdom:

If I have mixed feelings, fundamental mixed feelings about being HERE, on a core/root level, why on earth would Life Itself put me in a home that will feel like home, a safe home, a home that will last.

It won’t be until I say, on ALL the levels, from all the chakras, from my guts, from everything I have and am, “OKAY. I GIVE IN. I’M HERE. I SUBMIT to Life Itself.

Until then???? Exodus.

I have to AGREE to BE HERE “differently” than before, to get that house and make it MY house. Not be adversarial with House. Or afraid of House. But BE HERE.

But that’s my issue, my transit. For you? Something else is going on.


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