Mars Retrograde: The Courage To Be Still


I drew one card for Mars Retrograde and it’s interesting to me because I got myself a reading today and the last card, the “take home” was Judgement, a card I happen to like a lot.

But how can this be, MoonPluto? Mars, our courage, goes missing? Or ambivalent? How can that be good?

See, if we keep going, going, going all the time, we tend to miss things. We need times where we STOP.

Those of you who are always going going going know what it’s like to be forced into stopping. You get sick. You get injured. You forget why you’re here. Years pass.

Mars retrograde is a mini-version of this stop, but I don’t consider it a full stop actually.

Instead, it’s a lost and found. Retrace. Find the breadcrumbs or clues at the crossroads, that decision you made, and the crossroads before that, and before that. Make sense? Somehow you got *here* and now you get to see it all with new and older eyes. I think it’s a perfect retrograde. Not as frequent or dumbed down as Mercury retrograde and not as Big Picture as one of the slow moving outer planets, like Pluto (who retrogrades on Monday, the day after Mars goes rx).

“Renewal,” writes the great Rachel Pollack. “A fresh start.”

“The challenge now is to recognize and believe in this powerful new beginning.”



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