Full Moon In Sagittarius: Look Ahead (June 14th)

Not every Full Moon is a life-changer and not every Full Moon needs to be, but one thing I think is unique about this particular Full Moon is the fact that Saturn is retrograde.

Usually, normally, Saturn wants to teach us, but how I’m feeling under this Full Moon is that things are falling apart or have fallen apart and we don’t quite know what will resurrect or show up in its place and we’re just standing there, mouths open, watching the falling. And then it falls a little more. And a little more. And a little more. You might think there’s nothing left to fall apart and then poof. Again. Lessons? What lessons?

It can feel downright dangerous. Neptune is hanging around too. Neptune is chaos. I wouldn’t blame you if you felt confused and a little afraid.

What to do?

Don’t look down. At least this week. Keep your head up. Keep your eyes up. Do not waste time worrying about anything lost or gone. Instead, look ahead. I AM TELLING YOU (and yelling, yes) that there is some ugly in this week’s sky and the last thing you need is to take that ugly home and take it to bed. Don’t do it. Be the Star card and not the Ten of Wands. Be the proud Empress and not the Death. Don’t be the death. Not this week.

You know what else? I’ve been blogging a long time. The astrology business has changed. The world has changed. My life has changed. I’m older. And I don’t know if I’m gonna be making sense of my life the way I used to in this space. But if you want me to keep blogging or blog more often, I’d love to know that so please let me know.

Last words, for now, about tomorrow’s Full Moon: nothing is set in stone. My sister said that to me in April when I was having a rough moment, a tough moment.  Our charts are very different, yes.  She’s a fire/air spirit and I’m water/earth but her words comforted me which makes me laugh now, looking back, because the comfort came from the idea that things are always moving, changing, which isn’t exactly what my Cancer Sun wants to hear. It helped though.

So. Something’s gotta go. But that also leaves space inside you, in your life for the next thing and the next thing and the next. And things are moving fast. I feel it. I feel that Eight of Wands all around.

Alright. I don’t want to say too much right now because I want to come back and blog more later so just hang in there and I’ll be back and let me know any topics you want me to address here or even what the blog has meant to you over the years. Send me a message. That might be nice too.

Much love and talk soon