Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Slowing Down

Are you feeling the calm before the storm or the storm before the calm? It rained yesterday and it’s supposed to rain all day today. Into every life a little Mercury retrograde must fall. Mercury goes retro April 1st in ARIES.

Isabel Hickey says about Aries: “Don’t try to direct the life of anyone born in Aries. They want to do what they want to do when they want to do it” (p. 13 in A Cosmic Science).

Is it akin to Mars retrograde (which will happen later this year lol)? Kinda!

Oh god here we are: Aries Season. Eclipse Season. Jupiter conjunction Uranus season. AND Mercury retrograde in the sign of  “impatient and unwilling to wait.”

Thus is April.

The forced slow down is here, my friends, dear star lovers, and yet… LIFE IS NOT STOPPING. Nothing is stopping. And yet.

I associate to the beginning of a Wallace Stevens poem: The house was quiet and the world was calm.

But then what? What next? Surely there is a NEXT. Right? And when is this next? What can we hope for? What do we hold in our hands? The house was quiet and the world was calm.

I drew the Page of Cups for this sky for us. Oddly gentle, considering. The Pages in the Tarot are messengers, which in Hebrew is the same word for angel. And yesterday, two times, I spoke of sword-wielding Archangel Michael to my analyst and to my meditation teacher/shaman friend. I’m no Jungian, but who am I to argue with a collective unconscious?

What sword is in your hands? If you don’t know the answer, draw a tarot card.

“Essentially Mars is fire,” writes Hickey. “Without the fire of life and an enthusiasm and passion for livingness, there is no vitality.”

Aries Season. Warrior Season. Again from Hickey “In a personal chart, Mars represents: courage, dynamic energy, aggressive urges, strife/war, activity, combativeness, struggle, initiative, selfishness, passion…”

But Mercury will go retrograde in Aries and we will have a sky that will slow down just enough so that you will be able to see EVERYTHING. Imagine the secrets of your life opening up to you, terrifying petal after terrifying petal.

Put your sunglasses on and bring snacks. It’s about to get very interesting.

To be continued