Paper Airplanes: Jupiter In Virgo Goes Direct May 9th

Old entrenched patterns.
How to fix them, heal them. Are they fixable, healable?
Is there hope for us?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. Jupiter is retrograde.

This is good news because Jupiter will go direct early May, and Jupiter is in Virgo and Virgo wants to be healthy.
Doesn’t always succeed but the longing is there and Jupiter needs a goal, a distance to fly towards. My darling, my fragile paper airplane. Can you allow it?

My feeling: you can do it. You can get better. You should get better. You have to get better. North Node in Virgo as well so please leave behind those self destructive drunken Piscean tangos.

I’m with you. I’m in the same boat. There is one issue in particular that is on my mind today and that made me think about HOW and WHEN and to reach (Jupiter) for the possibility (Jupiter) of having faith (Jupiter) in a better (Jupiter) outcome. It has to shift. It has to. Desperation. Longing. To get better. That’s the Virgo/Pisces axis.

So we pray. Please God, Please Mother Father God may I find solution (Virgo) to this problem (Virgo).

But put it on hold for April. April is retrograde-land anyway. Put it on hold for April if you can. I know I know life is so painful. You’re heartbroken in any number of ways. We are. This is who we are today.

Also, you can’t fix anyone. That would be the lower vibration of Jupiter in Virgo but you can work on yourself for sure. One good way to use the Pisces South Node is to erase it. For April. Try that. Just pretend that gnawing painful oozing problem or a person or a situation doesn’t even exist. Dead to you. DEAD TO YOU. Let Jupiter move forward first and then solve it solve it solve it, away you go on your paper airplane, far far from them and it.

I worry that I won’t make it — I mean — that I won’t solve this old intractable problem of mine, but what choice do I have? I’ve lived with it. I don’t want to live with it anymore. I need to level-up. Solve it solve it solve it. It’s in the honey jar. The key is in the honey jar. Paper airplanes and honey jars.

Let me explain. This morning my good friend the Gemini brought me honey, four little jars of honey from the farmer’s market for me to try. I wasn’t feeling well this morning and I try to stay away from most sugars but I wanted some for my throat. Do you want me to get you some honey, she asked? So she brought back these four, or was it five, beautiful little jars of honey with beautiful names like Florida Everglades honey. All local. Kindness.

In a recent conversation in one of the chat rooms, a gal talked about kindness  – kindness to yourself – as help for the heartbreak of powerlessness. It’s not bad to be sad. It’s not bad to feel vulnerable but you can’t stay down there .You can’t. You have to get up.

Try that. Try kindness.


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