Aliza’s Stars & Cards for Tuesday July 3rd: MORE PISCES MOON AND THE THEN WHAT

I am posting these daily forecasts first and foremost on my Facebook. Sometimes I remember to post them here too. This is for today, Tuesday July 3rd:

Aliza’s Stars & Cards for Tuesday July 3rd

So I’m thinking today may be more of the same.

The Pisces Moon continues and the Moon is busily making aspects and there were a few while you were sleeping.

During the waking hours (at least for my time zone) we have a Grand Trine in water featuring the Pisces Moon (which will conjoin Neptune in Pisces), the Cancer Sun, and Jupiter in Scorpio. There’s that lucky break — or at least a good feeling.

No wonder I drew the happy and abundant Ten of Cups as my daily. And yet.

And yet that darkness you may be feeling.

Chiron has stationed and goes retrograde tomorrow. I was born on such a station. A stationing planet in your chart becomes THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Shark in the water, thy name is Chiron, and we add your name to this wildly retrograde summer.

As you may already know, Chiron is our local Wounded Healer.

You can help others but can’t save yourself.

Where you still hurt is Chiron, always at risk for a re-opening of the wound.

So if you were looking for a love and light astrologer who will say to you: yes dear everything will be fine I’m here to tell you no. People get old, sick and die. Sometimes they die without getting old or sick. Suffering exists. Chiron is here to remind us of our remarkable vulnerability. Dreams die and the stories I like to hear are the THEN WHAT stories. Your dream died and then what? You lost everything and then what? Your heart broke and then what? THEN WHAT.

I believe in past lives and future lives. This isn’t your only go round. You don’t have to get it all done. You probably won’t. But I also believe in the “then what” even under a sleepy psychic Pisces Moon who favors dreams over details. Tell us your story in the comments.

The week grows feisty on Thursday but in the meantime I recommend you not struggle against the ropes but sing instead.

Twice over the weekend I quoted Dylan Thomas to folks who I was reading cards for at the bookstore, the line that goes: and I sang in my chains like the sea. That’s your “then what.”

In other words: speak your truth, tell your story, let them know who you are and what you’re about, speak, sing, write, share, broadcast. You may not die with the most toys but you absolutely CAN die with your voice having been heard and your story in the world. Let it out of your body. Birth its bloody mess for all to hear and see.