The Stars This Weekend: Venus Saturn Uranus + Full Moon In Taurus ADVICE

"uranus in taurus"
I realized the other day that I’ve been blogging since 2011
. Talking to clients since 2011. That’s a long time. Almost ten years. Probably very little that I haven’t heard. Questions of love, sex, money, the spirit, grief, love, sex, money, the spirit, grief. Health. Everybody loves and everybody grieves. I don’t mean this to sound like the words on a headstone. I’m not quitting, just reflecting. It’s been a while. I have experience in what I do. And yes there are some folks I’ve been working with since then!!

Saturn is square Chiron today.

Two worldly wise teachers. Two teachers in pain and of pain. It’s the square aspect that makes the lessons edgy or hard to swallow. Swords lessons. But this is THREE OF THREE, my dears! We’ve been down this road before, wherever this happens in your chart. Final pass. Last chapter. This difficulty will soon become a memory as a new teaching takes its place. Saturn from the 4th has been squaring my 7th. And YOU?

Tomorrow is better. Venus is sextile Saturn. A sextile is better. A sextile helps. The lessons are less harsh. The lessons are hopeful. You’re committed and you don’t feel so damn ugly.

BUT WAIT. There’s more. It’s a busy weekend. If you feel things are slow now, just you wait.

Sun trine Neptune, Full Moon in Taurus, Venus opposing Uranus too. It’s a lot. What does it all mean? How do we make sense of the hopeless harsh Saturn Chiron square followed by Venus (love and money) and Saturn (work and structure) followed by Venus and Uranus (completely unpredictable) AND under a well-aspected Full Moon in Taurus. What? Huh? Venus, Saturn, Uranus WORKING TOGETHER. Sort of. Uranus doesn’t really “work together” with anyone.


"mercury in sagittarius"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

What I think and feel about all this SKY:

Something or someone out of the blue shows up.
That’s the URANUS influence. 

Could be a long lost love. A windfall.
New love. Luck alert! FOR ALL SIGNS.
Uranus is SUDDEN. 

Secrets exposed (and this could be you admitting something to yourself) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Full Moon, Taurus/Scorpio influence here.
Long kept secrets REVEALED.

Commitment to a goal (old or new) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Saturn part.

And maybe ALL THREE for you!

And yet this Venus Saturn Uranus thing…
There’s more I want to say BUT it may be particular for YOUR chart.

Do you have planets around 24/25/25 degrees? That’s the hot spot here.

And then Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday AND Mercury will go retrograde in Sagittarius so we have a new story forming.

My advice for you. I’ll draw ONE card FOR ALL SIGNS :)

It’s the King of Wands y’all. 
Advice: SIT STILL. Wait.

You don’t need to prove to ANYONE what you know or how you know or how skilled you are, that you are THE KING. You are the King. That’s it. Sit. Wait. Let them come to you.

And oh good lord my picture showed up sideways and I’m on a new computer and not sure how to rotate it on this DAMN THING nor how to remove it (unless I just cut and paste the text into a new post) so imagine that I’m laying next to you whispering sweet Tarot nothings or somethings in your ear with my deck and a magical cup of coffee that doesn’t spill on its side :) Hey, Witches can do this shit :)

I LOVE YOU. Talk to you soon xo
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It’s Time To Talk About Saturn Again (& Venus!)

"venus square saturn"So tomorrow we have an exact Venus Saturn sextile.

Sextiles, we are told, are good, like trines are good and blackberries are good–

but that they require a little bit of work, elbow grease for best result. That trines bestow grace. Voila! We take trines for granted, most likely not even noticing the trine gift because we’ve never not had it. They work on our behalf, continually.

The sextile, however, requires your presence and possibly your action, activation, and that is why I’m in love with tomorrow’s Venus Saturn sextile. Because I think presence is a good thing. Makes you remember why you’re here. (Why are you here?)

Venus is love. Venus is money. Venus is all that stuff we want: adoration, desirability, a life with more pleasure than pain, luxury, contentment. And that’s just a short list.

And if you don’t have luxury and adoration on your list than you may have a Venus Saturn square or other HARD Venus aspect in your chart or by transit.

See, Venus wants it easy unlike Saturn who is all about the hard hard hard hard hard hard work. Saturn enjoys effort. Venus enjoys fine wine. She wants to drink it not bottle it.

If your Capricorn friend is NOT a hard worker there is something majorly up with their chart. If your Sun conjunct Saturn friend is NOT a hard worker or NOT hard on themselves? There is something up with their chart as well.

Saturn is not sympathetic.
Venus is.

So what happens when these two are getting along in the sky?

Well of course you need to check your natal chart – and see what’s going on at 8/9/10 degrees but other than that you can expect harmony tomorrow, a reserved, quiet, practical harmony. Not so glitzy. This is Saturn Venus we’re talking about. Venus in Libra is refined and Saturn in Sag is going to reduce and restrain some of that Sagittarius devil-may-care. Venus in Libra wants to get along and sextile Saturn she is gonna try real hard but also make it appear effortless.

Sound good? Definitely check your chart for any interesting aspects :)


The Stars This Week: Deep In The Root

"venus opposition pluto"I was not feeling well this morning so I slept and slept and slept. I postponed my clients.

Now I’m up and I wanted to come here and write a little to you.

So much happening this week sky-wise. I want to summarize.

It’s a STRONG week. Strong. Are you feeling strong? Strong blood, strong bones, strong love.

And a question: how often do step out of your habitual ways of thinking? Ever? Never? Daily? Do you try? Do people tell you your tendency and are you able to listen?

See, we have these healthy supportive aspects this week from personal planets (the Sun and Venus) to outer planets (Saturn and Pluto) known for their difficult temperaments so the opportunity is there – to make great progress on your projects (due to harmonious aspects) but Mercury is still retrograde.

What is your mind doing? What does your mind usually do? Think about it. Great potential for great progress. Moon’s in Scorpio so you can plumb the watery depths while you work.

The weekend is more wobbly. I’ll write more as it gets closer…


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Venus Saturn Lessons

Do you have a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart? A hard aspect?
Just posted this on my Facebook: 

Protective in the right way, protective in the wrong way.

Saturn = limitation, safety, protection.

Thinking of Venus Saturn hard aspects in the natal or by transit –

Protective in the wrong way :
rejecting before you get rejected, “certain” it will happen because it always has or always will.
Pretending you don’t like someone when you actually do Fear (Saturn) you won’t be liked (Venus).

Protective in the right way:
TRULY KNOWING YOUR WORTH (Venus) thus having good self-esteem. INTEGRITY (Saturn). You know your worth. You teach your worth. You have integrity.

Not having sex when you don’t want to.
Not saying yes to a date when you don’t want to.
Not feeling like you have to tell a lie to get out of it.
YOUR NEEDS MATTER. You don’t EVER have to say YES to someone.
Your desires matters. Know what you value.

Protect (Saturn) what you value (Venus).

This came to mind because I had a revelation about a previous relationship — he did not value me.
I did not value me. I GAVE me. But value? Hmm.

My intention moving forward: it won’t happen again.

If someone wants me? If I want them back? It may take a while :)

Saturn will trine my Venus while in Sagittarius but I have the square in my natal.
Learning the lesson, teaching the lesson.

TEACH (Saturn) your worth (Venus) – how? Behavior.

And this is different than being overly harsh or “bitchy” — that’s more like the square – putting someone in their place just because…
that “just because” may actually be your own insecurity and fear they will reject you first.


The Stars Today: Both/And

"moon conjunct mars"This is that witchy day I was talking about last week. Moon Mars conjunction in Scorpio but also a Venus Saturn sextile. Weird mix of energy — to be so solid (Saturn in a good easy aspect) and also emotional (Moon Mars). What will make this day go smoother for you is to not repress the emotions and not to repress the work that must be done. Two of Pentacles. You must manage it. Do your work even when you feel like crying.

"moon conjunct mars"

Done With You February + Enjoy This Week’s Good Venus

"Saturn square neptune"Impromptu testimonial from a client’s email just now:

Thank you for what you do, Aliza.
Your writing about your own journey right now has been so sustaining to me.

Thank you too.

You know I am trying to NOT be too personal on the blog but sometimes I can’t help it or am inspired.

I used to be a very personal blogger. Astrology in real life. Less so in recent years because life was too hard. I just didn’t want to share. A couple weeks ago I posted something personal and then got hate mail. Three messages (actually blog comments which I didn’t post) from the same person. Whatever the intention was, it didn’t work. Unless the intention was for me to delete them. Who owns a story? I own my story. And I will share when I want, what I want. My traffic increased quite a bit for a few days. I’m forty fucking five years old and a MoonPluto person. First House, baby. I’ve been hurt by the BEST. THE BEST. Know what I’m saying? The attempts at intimidation, bullying… did not impress me.

ANYWAY, the stories. So many stories. I think I’ll tell stories of 2016 so far in the spring, after the Eclipses. I feel happy as I type this.

Looking at the week ahead, some really good stuff: 

Venus is sextile Saturn tomorrow and we also have the Moon Mars conjunction in Scorpio. This is a solid fantastic day YES for the witches and the workers.

Wednesday is the Venus Uranus sextile. Money and love fascinates and surprises. In a good way.
Venus Jupiter inconjunct on Thursday – and yet Aquarius and Virgo I don’t know… I find them so similar sometimes, analytical. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and speaking of Mercury, Mercury is square Mars in Scorpio on Friday. Bad moods. Tempers.

MARS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS ON SATURDAY but you know what? I’ll blog about the weekend as it gets closer. And next week is the first Eclipse. Relax this week. Save your cardiovascular system (as Jillian would say) because you’re gonna need it!


The Stars Today: Work of Love (Venus Sextile Saturn)

"venus sextile saturn" I felt like a cripple walking home-

I know this metaphor is extreme but there are many ways to feel crippled. One of my knees is a little sore – plyometrics will do that – and the wind. It is so fucking windy out, the crazy wind that makes it hard to walk –

And I was walking home from the store with my blue cart of stuff but the cart is at a funny height and the sidewalk is bumpy with grooves and the cart stops, gets stuck (and banged my other knee).

Realized I had to change my course. I stopped. Stood there. Thought.
Decided to go back to pulling the cart up the hill, harder to do when the groceries are heavy.
Push versus pull but necessary.

Of course this is a metaphor for whatever you are going through. Sometimes you have to push and not pull. Pull and not push. The cart is full and heavy and the wind makes it hard to move forward but you do it anyway because you have to get home. The cats are hungry and the cream will rot if you just STAND THERE so don’t just stand there.


Everything is different now. You feeling this? The changing of the guard i.e. the NODES into Virgo Pisces. Venus and Mars in Libra matter too — we’ll get sextiles to Saturn in Sagittarius (Venus sextile Saturn today and squares to Pluto in Capricorn. And of course Libra opposes Uranus in Aries but Venus and Mars in Libra are pretty much here today gone tomorrow. The Nodes however. The Nodes however. The Nodes frame your life. Know that the South Node will try to drown and disrupt you and that the North will set you free.

Was talking to a client this morning down on her luck. She didn’t get the job. I thought she would. The guy she likes is busy. She’s busy. Things aren’t coming together so much as… not falling apart but. Feels Hanged Man to me. Waiting. And it feels like forever and that feels like too long. Spring and summer 2016 looked better and I’ve never seen Jupiter do absolutely NOTHING. The money WILL improve with Jupiter through her 2nd House.

Otherwise in the landscape Neptune goes direct next week and the Saturn Neptune square is getting closer closer closer. To me this feels like flickering lights. You think you see hope and faith on the horizon but then big bad Saturn puts you in your place. Please? asks Neptune. Nope says Saturn. Try again.

I only want to see Venus and Saturn happy together so I’m glad for today’s sextile. When the aspect is hard, the heart grows hard, wants to give up. Today we don’t have to.


Three-Way! Venus + Uranus + Pluto+ Saturn!

Love may surprise you when Venus squares Uranus.

This aspect is exact tomorrow night (Saturday, NYC time) so we are, yes, feeling this now.

Expect uncertainty. Excitement and elation are possible. Could be love, could be money. Fizzy electric eclectic.

Caution: Uranus can take it away as quickly as it brings it in. Have you experienced this?

A few days later Venus will conjunct Pluto. Power struggles. Intensity. Compulsion.

And then Venus sextiles Saturn. She’s hard at work. She wants it to work. Busy enough for you? Are you in love? :)

With Venus conjunct Pluto though what I’m picturing is… two people who really do want each other, but they each want the other to admit it first! They make it more difficult than it needs to be.  A test. A game. This is pointless.

Venus conjunct Pluto has the potential to be the restorative, eternal bond of love. Choose wisely!

Don’t let the Uranus square off-kilter you. Don’t let the Pluto power soil you. Be Capricorn (honest) in your love and money (i.e. resources) dealings NOW and stay that way… all the way ’til Venus sextiles Saturn on the 17th and you’ll have won.

Venus + Saturn + Neptune = ???

"saturn in scorpio"Very interesting.

In the same week we have Venus sextile Saturn and Venus opposing Neptune.

This could be your love(life). This could be your money. It could even be your appearance, how you feel about your appearance. Venus is all those things.

And when Saturn AND Neptune are in the picture, sometimes it feels all crystal and sometimes it don’t.

With Venus in Virgo though… something needs improving. At least, that’s what YOU think. Is is true? I would hesitate before answering that question because even though Venus Saturn is a reality check, Venus Neptune is out to lunch ;)

I really want to tell you to take the rest of the week off ;) Jupiter stationing retrograde. Saturn changing signs. The sky is working overtime. Maybe it’s okay to slow down and I think that’s what the Tarot was telling me this morning. Adventure is coming ANYWAY. You don’t need to seek it out.

Love, MP


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Venus Smiles: A Story For The Moon In Taurus

"moon in taurus"
full moon in cancer January 9th!

Saturn in Libra is still in reach of sextiling my natal Venus and many of my life themes these days are Venus-y.

Except for the social part. I haven’t been more social. But I am looking better.

I have a natal Saturn-Venus square and, well, I work (Saturn) at it. Work at this beauty shit. It don’t come easy or naturally. My natural state is more guy-ish. Wake up. Roll out. Put something on. Go! But transits change us and holy moly Saturn in Libra I am committed to this change!

Today’s Venus metaphor, however, is shopping. I never was much of a shopper, except for food shopping, which I LOVE. Last night I had dinner with a friend (an ex b/f to be precise) and I said to him, “Okay, now I’m off to do my second favorite thing!”

My point this fine Tuesday morning is as follows: select your life like you are selecting items off the shelves. What do you want to put in that metal or plastic cage? ;)

I know in this internet age many have groceries delivered no doubt using Fresh Direct and what-have-you (or maybe Fresh Direct is just a NYC thing, I dunno). But damn! I would perhaps get some things delivered in bulk, to the door, but I would NOT want to give up MY CHOICE, lovingly walking down those aisles, lovingly admiring THE STUFF, and choosing, selecting… my food. My life. My soul! Because you are what you eat.


And wow I really do sound like someone with almost all their planets on the left-hand/Eastern side of the chart.

And this: change happens from the inside-out BUT also from the outside-in.

So think about this the next time you go to your favorite store, your favorite aisle, and you’ve plucked something grand from the shelves, think to yourself  (or say it out loud):

“Ah!!!!!!!! Now is the time for THIS. My life demands THIS. I am participating in my LIFE. I am the banana! I am the soy! I am the cheese! 

And then smile. Like Venus. Venus smiles.

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The Stars This Week! New Moon Solar Eclipse And More!

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
sun enters sagittarius soon soon soon!

Good morning Star Gazers!

Just a few things I was noticing: the Sun squares Neptune today in fixed signs so if you feel bewitched, bothered, and bewildered? Wait until the Sun gets to Sagittarius because fixed means not moving, not going anywhere, stubborn, blocking, locking!

So if you’ve got a flower in your hand and you’re throwing down the he-loves-me, he loves-me-not petals? Don’t trust the final result YET. Sun square Neptune makes the truth fuzzy. Truth? What truth? Give yourself a break and instead of being the detective (Scorpio Sun), activate the Neptune side, but the positive Neptune side: art, music, day dreaming.

Sun square Neptune is definitely a BEER GOGGLES aspect especially if it’s pushing on Mars or Venus in your chart so just, well, do some paint-by-numbers instead :)

Some other cool things this week: Moon squares Pluto in the wee hours on Monday. If you are sensitive to this kind of hot emotional energy, then stay in bed, ha! The aspect is around 6 a.m. EST, so sleep through it, New Yorkers! In either case, no worries — Moon moves fast just don’t don’t don’t don’t START anything with anyone. And if someone starts something with you? Ignore it and move on, just like the Moon. Say “No Thank You I Shall Not Be Aroused By This Moon Pluto Energy.”

Tuesday the Sun enters Sagittarius! AND Venus sextiles Saturn. I really like these two aspects on the same day because we’ve got 1) the changing of the guard, receiving the new key to the new season and 2) love (Venus) that is serious (Saturn).

Mars trines Pluto on Wednesday: you can repair any damage you did with that Moon square Pluto on Monday! And maybe the damage was only internal: some self-hate, some fear. Virgo means well and a trine is supportive so stop beating yourself (or them) up. Make a list of your wrongs and BURY it.

Sun trines Uranus on Wednesday as well: big bright ideas about YOU and your future and lovely to have this aspect the day before the big day! The Eclipse! Sun trine Uranus is divine assistance to help you sort out your wish list to the Moon.

On Thursday, Mercury stations Retrograde AND we have the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius: intentions intentions intentions that you may REVISE due to the retrograde ;) But no matter because this is a strong exuberant energy. The energy of faith! Venus also sextiles Neptune this day so, yes, dare to dream.

The week ends with Venus entering Capricorn on Saturday and she runs into Uranus (a beauty that’s out of this world or perhaps a love that arrives in a flash but leaves just as fast) before bringing good cheer to Jupiter and Mars as well as sitting on Pluto. Hmm. How’s your love life? Got Capricorn? I think earth signs will see an uptick in serious love activity this week but for everyone doublecheck your Capricorn house because love and money will be waking up in there! Yeah I like the sound of this: Venus conjunct Pluto trine Mars and trine Jupiter. It’s big and it’s hot and it’s… I feel it’s continuing the theme of the New Moon in Sagittarius and the theme is BIG. And yet it’s Capricorn: it’s gonna withhold something.

I hope you liked my little tiptoe through the week. It’s still early Big City time but I didn’t go to the gym this morning. By choice! Talked to my sister last night who reminded me that rest-days are important too and later today I’m seeing my cousin! Family in the spotlight for me, which is not all that usual BUT Sagittarius is my 4th house (and transiting Mercury and Venus are there) and the Eclipse will be straddling my 3rd and 4th… so makes sense.

If you are interested in scheduling a reading, I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow :)

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