The Stars Next Week: A Very Quick Heads Up

"uranus in taurus"
I was just letting my Patrons know about THIS WEEKEND (to become a Patron look here) when I realized EVERYTHING that is going on next week. 

This weekend though is the New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus AND Mercury going direct and I told them it may be MESSAGES MESSAGES MESSAGES all weekend long – like all the Pages from the Tarot REVERSED!

You may feel frazzled. Confused. Busy. TOO MANY MESSAGES!!

But about next week. Listen to this y’all: 

Venus in Taurus opposes Jupiter and trines Pluto.
Sun conjunct Uranus (and remember Uranus enters Taurus in May)
Sun enters Taurus
Pluto goes retrograde

Is that enough for you? It’s enough for me. I think what I’m going to do is break it down EACH DAY on my YouTube channel. Visit me there. I’m uploading frequently including new astro/tarot videos each morning (although I didn’t today – I probably will in the afternoon).

Each day I’ll have something to say about each of these aspects…

Stay tuned my friends. Love you. And as always, if you want to reach out for a Reading, look here. I’m ready when you are. 

For The Orphans And Other Pluto People: The Stars This Week


To soothe your Root Chakra (yes, soothe, not fix not heal), clean your house.

This can be as simple as a simple sweep but what I find SO difficult is, again, this perfectionism which is at the root of Venus Chiron square Saturn pain: it won’t ever be perfect. It will still be “dirty,” it will still be “toxic” but the truth is:

it is NOT dirty. It is NOT toxic. 

Your body, your home, YOU are not dirty and not toxic and you do not need a cleanse.

So this morning I was posting in the class about Crown Chakra because I wanted to start at the top but my search led me to Root and irony indeed I was cleaning my root, my house, when I got an IBS flare-up (hello Root Chakra) and felt bad about my inability to properly clean this huge house and as I was saying yesterday: it won’t ever be done. We aren’t ever done.

So what? What if it just sits there? What if you sit there with it? You and the dust and dirt on the window blinds? What then? Can you sit with it? Knowing what is there? Proof. How does that feel? To be “dirty”? To have an unfinished task? To be imperfect and wrong because having a “dirty” house or a “dirty” body is wrong isn’t it? Isn’t it? What if you had no reason to feel guilty. Indeed you have no reason to feel guilty. I wonder if you can let the guilt go. If you’ll allow it. Holding onto it is exactly what creates the sludge in your chakras.

North Node leaves Virgo for Leo in May so let’s get these lessons while we can.

I wanted to give you some advice for this week which is filled with topsy turvy energy:

Sun enters Taurus
Mars enters Gemini
Mercury is rx and returns to Aries
Pluto goes retrograde

If you were born into a family who is gone for whatever reason (they are dead, you cut them off, they cut you off, abandonment, etc etc etc) it may be helpful to go about soothing the Root Chakra in unconventional ways, away from the “expert” opinions, I mean this morning I quite quickly (oh not that quickly) discovered that in part I soothe my Root Chakra THROUGH my Crown Chakra. For me it’s not about NATURE or putting crystals all over my body or PERFECT WHOLE FOODS.

Crown helps Root, FAITH/God helps Root. Crown IS Root. See? Find YOUR truth.

For some of us the Root Chakra won’t ever be this EARTH SCHOOL IDEAL of… money in the bank, family in the bank, secure partnerships in the bank, health in the bank, every goddamn thing saved up and in the bank and Taurus Season is coming.

I discover most things through experience. I do some listening, some reading but mostly I learn from personal, intimate experience. Just telling you who I am. I know a lot of people who are filled to the brim with classes and book learning and this teacher and that but not me. I do not judge them. Just showing you how I am different. What I tell you is what I know from my experiences in my BODY. It’s never theory. So I learn a little something and I take it INTO my body and out comes something else, MY TRUTH. Absorb, process, share.

Clear light. Clear channel. Find the gunk. This is something easy to visualize. Where is the block. Start at the top and can you go all the way down in your mind? Where is the gunk? You can gently relax those chakras so they feel less afraid.

This week I recommend more stillness than ever before. Chakra study for fun not for self flagellation or finding new ways you are sick. Simple tasks okay but keep MISSION tasks to a minimum. Start but don’t finish. Have relaxed Pisces-flow-mind while doing Virgo small steps. Keep options open. More circles and less straight lines. Both/and instead of either/or.

Make sense?


It’s Deep In There And Sometimes Sad But It Doesn’t Have To Be Scary So Don’t Be Scared (Retrograde Season)

"mars retrograde in sagittarius"Mars is now retrograde.
Pluto goes retrograde tomorrow.
Saturn is retrograde. Jupiter is retrograde.
Mercury goes retrograde this month too.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’ve lost and what can be replaced and the other day I wrote about Mars retrograde in Sagittarius (it went rx today) being something of a treasure hunt although I didn’t use those words. But that’s exactly what it is.

Retrograde. Return. Retrieval.

What did you lose?
What can you get back?


The Stars This Week: We Plan

To Do ListLife has been busy the last few days and I regret that I’ve not had time to blog yet. It’s already Tuesday!! Let’s catch up a bit —

Today is the Mars Venus trine. Sagittarius and Aries, fire signs, and I consider this lucky, a lucky break. Fire isn’t practical but it gives you light. NOW YOU CAN SEE.

Moon in Cancer makes that lucky break extra emotional for you. Moon square Venus today too. What you need vs. what you desire. Think about that. Are they the same? Moon square Venus to me is… violent. A violent schism in a personality (in a natal chart). The ultimate in mixed message which you send to others or to yourself. Squares are fucking hard to deal with. Don’t let anyone tell you different. People lie these days about the truth of astrology, making squares sound all YAY. There is no yay in the square. And the Moon is fierce. The Moon = instincts, guts. The Moon isn’t Venus who, ideally, wants to please. The Moon wants to be FED.

Wednesday is Moon aspects only including a Moon Jupiter sextile and the usual Moon/Pluto/Uranus configuration when the Moon is in cardinal (emotional, tense, crisis point) but also Moon square Sun in Aries and trine Chiron. The day starts off well but I’m pretty sure you’ll want to hide under the covers at some point and eat your Coconut Bliss.

Thursday is better: Moon in Leo + Mercury trine Jupiter! Remember, Mercury will go retrograde in Taurus so pay attention to these “early” Mercury aspects; there’s a story to follow here. A double take. The house may not be for sale now but after the retrograde you find your true home (or true love or better job or whatever). I wouldn’t trust the good news now necessarily. I know that’s vague but I have a feeling of more to come more to come more to come.

Saturday we have a Venus Jupiter inconjunct (Aries/Virgo) and you  may overspend on health supplies but the BIG NEWS is end of the week, Sunday. Mars goes retrograde. Mercury trine Pluto. Pluto goes retrograde the next day!!!

I’ll address these retrogrades in future blog posts but suffice to say this is major and is partly what my current class is based around — the April retrogrades! What do they mean? Do we stop? Do we wait? I say we PLAN.

And then on TUESDAY the Sun enters Taurus so… and then a Full Moon on Thursday so… one may think OH time to slow down but I’m telling you… it won’t feel that way.

Other astrologers may say other things but I”m feeling something different. We’re still moving along and will continue to.

Your mileage may vary BUT Mars retrograde, in this humble mystic’s opinion does NOT mean we stop, no, not at all. It’s far more profound than that….

More to come..


Pluto Goes Retrograde: Now You Are An Army

"pluto retrograde" Power is one of my favorite topics and it should be one of yours too :) if you are under a Pluto transit.

Pluto goes direct this evening so… what?

What’s the big deal? Do outer planet transits really matter? Yes. They do. 

A woman on my Facebook page got me thinking: she asked if the past comes back during such a transit and at first I made a joke: God I hope not.

And then I realized that yes, yes it does.

And I believe MORE than just “echoes” of the past — which is what I wrote on my FB page.

But think about it — this is LIFELONG i.e. as long as we are alive we have these cycles to contend with, our own cycles AND the cycles of the outer planets. And if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Pluto going retrograde could very well bring that old power struggle back — the one you thought you were done with, dead and buried and GONE.

Well, here it is! ALIVE! You become forced to revisit it. You don’t want to revisit it. So what will you do differently? How will you stand in your power more effectively than before?

I don’t want to scare you. I don’t believe you get a full-on repeat. But you may get a mini version here and there of some unpleasant interactions THAT TRIGGER THE F**K OUT OF YOU as the Pluto people come back.

I assume you’ve learned some lessons.
I assume you won’t take the bait
if it’s one of THOSE days and you DO take the bait, you’ll respond a bit differently than the last time Pluto went retrograde and call it like you see it (according to what the moment requires).

Everything is different now. They may not realize that, but you do — so act accordingly. Pluto is power and if you are under a Pluto transit yours is being tested.

Pluto goes direct late September at 12 degrees and I have this feeling that your life may look dramatically different by then.

What are you feeling?

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The Stars Today: Moon In Aries

Day Two in the Meditation Hall: for two weeks I start my day in there with a few words and reminding them of the technique for the day. This is what I wrote just now:

We’re only on Day 2. Working with the goals you chose (did you set goals? how clear are they?) can be subtle. 

Don’t get too frustrated if it goes slowly. However, do stay aware of the time. This “retreat” is 5 days. Two days off (weekend). Then another 5 days. If you are not careful. you will miss it. Don’t fall into escapism. There is a difference between genuine connection with the Divine vs. escapism. 

Any questions or thoughts about the technique? I would like you to continue with it on Day 2. Always returning to the out-breath. Trying to keep the body still but comfortable. Paying attention to what your body and mind do. The mind chatters. It won’t stop until you’re dead. Some days more, some days less. 

I will sit at 9pm again tonight and another time during the day to be announced. 

HOMEWORK for this day: the noticing technique. We did this the last class as well. That you periodically stop during your day to… wake up. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with. 

This may be painful for some of you. It requires absolute presence. Some may avoid it. Often our lives are spent avoiding how we feel, what’s actually happening. It’s like.. when you wake up in the morning and you don’t want to wake up in the morning but there you are. 

The practice, the meditation practice supports you. It is, possibly, the only way out of hell. 

Today’s Inspiration comes from the Chasidic Masters: 

“Our Sages teach us that ‘standing is nothing other than prayer.’ A righteous person never actually stands still, for he is constantly ascending from one level to the next. But when he is standing in prayer before God, he is standing still, for it is then impossible to go further.” 


I won’t be posting regularly what I do in there. The class is a private space but I wanted to share the one from this morning to give you an idea of what I’m up to. I hadn’t even intended to delve into prayer or prayer practice this time around but it’s on my mind these days.

The Moon is in Aries as I type this: conjunct Uranus, inconjunct Saturn, square Pluto, sextile Jupiter. Not all these aspects are exact now but think of this as the energy we are under — all of it. Aries is impatient, Aries can be volatile. The New Moon is tomorrow which is a fresh start but what to do with the Aries rage. Bottle it? No, too repressive. Let it out? Well, somebody could get hurt. We must always work “by axis” i.e. the opposite of Aries is Libra: force plus grace. Force yourself to meditate, force yourself to pray. Force yourself not to despair.

Pluto retrograde this week is a flashing neon sign. I know I know you probably don’t think of either Capricorn or Pluto as bright lights but that’s exactly what it is. I would even offer up that where Pluto is transiting is THE most important place in your chart. If you aren’t obsessed THERE, then you are doing something wrong. But take that obsession, that fuel, and don’t let it fester. Do something with it. Create.

And surrender. Yes, surrender. One of Isabel Hickey’s keywords for higher vibration Pluto. And as a wise man said to me the other day: there is a difference between quitting and surrender.

Love, MP


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Pluto Goes Retrograde April 12th

And they actually do matter, common though they are, retrograde periods of the outer planets.

Life doesn’t stop but I will be surprised if you are not visited by ghosts of Pluto past… or Plutos of ghosts past or Scorpios falling from the skies, particularly pensive skydivers, Healthcliff types.

Basically you need to find transiting Pluto in your chart and the story is there. It is RIGHT THERE. Open your eyes. Pay attention. First, find the house. Then, note the aspects, one by one. Pluto moves slowly. Easy to track.

Also, find your natal Pluto because that is where, even more, you will feel it, position of your deepest, most penetrative changes. You? Gone. You? New.

My chart? 5th House. Love. Creativity. Children? But my natal Pluto is in the 1st House, with my Moon. No matter who I love (5th House) no matter who I f**k (5th House), what’s changing here is me (1st House).

Important also to note is that Pluto retrograde brings it closer to Uranus, squeezing on that square once again, turning straw and fire into gold (pardon my mixing metaphors).

Here’s a question: which one are you feeling more in your life? Transiting Pluto or transiting Uranus? How are they influencing each other? What’s the tension about? 

Love, MP


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You, Retrograde


"venus retrograde in gemini"

Retrograde planets are there to give you courage. They force you to choose. To see your options.

Venus will go retrograde in Gemini soon. Not easy! Gemini itself is double and the back and forth motion exacerbates it, especially for the mutables who are getting opposed or squared!

But think about it: the retrogrades are there for you to see life 1. one way and then 2. the other way.

I’ve got a Virgo Moon. I don’t understand anything until I experience it. Which is a pain in the ass.

Are you facing decisions these days? Big ones? 


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Full Moon In Scorpio: CUT!

"full moon in scorpio"

I felt the lessons of current transits were brought home to me last night — Sun trine Pluto, the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio, Pluto Retrograde.

And for me it is all pointing back to one (or two things): boundaries and growing a spine (or pear, to quote the lovely Ke$ha ;))

And actually, now that I sit here, typing this, I realize it’s a Saturn Lesson too. If you don’t govern yourself, then others will govern you. If you don’t live your life with spine, with WILL, then others will break yours over their knee.


I’ve been working with peeps under both Saturn and Pluto transits this year and I am thinking of a lady who commented yesterday about not really feeling all the wonderfulness and sugarpop (my words) of transiting Pluto trine  her Sun.

Well, let me tell you this, Sugarpop: with a trine? There IS a yellow brick road. You can open your eyes, put on your ruby slippers and follow it. It’s there. There’s Spiritual Help, Guidance, that is just… BRIGHTER to the naked eye… than with a square, for example.

"sun trine pluto"

Last night I felt this profoundly (felt what? felt transiting Pluto trine my ASC as well as Sun trine Pluto in the sky) when I felt a crisis inside me and my heart beat so so so so fast and I would fall asleep and then wake up and it would start up again and I did a visualization/meditationlet me digress here so I can share it.

I imagined myself going into my heart, like a little pilot, touching my heart. That my heart was… like these pictures we see of the chakras, a big flower, petals, and it would change colors and when I would get anxious, the flower was grey or black and tight and suffocating and then I would touch the flower and the colors would get lighter, light blue, some red, but it kept returning to this light blue color. 


And at one point when I fell asleep and woke up I thought: aha! There is a solution! THAT is Sun trine Pluto energy.

If you have Pluto square Pluto, for example… you just aren’t going to feel as confident although you will feel as pushed AND more trapped, more silenced, more battered.

Now this doesn’t mean that Pluto square Pluto is a death sentence. I survived mine. But it IS a different energy than a trine. That is life. Getting robbed feels different than a birthday party. That is life.


Another thought on this topic and my night last night is the 8 of Swords, a card I’ve been seeing a lot lately, and I was feeling it last night but it was as though the swords were in me, rather than around me, and I was blindfolded just like the girl in that card and the thing was… I wasn’t supposed to move. I wasn’t supposed to remove the sharp pieces. That with the 8 of Swords, sometimes you have to remain in place, with the pins still in you because that’s where you are. Don’t jangle. Don’t push the swords in further. Don’t yank them and bleed out.

(Funny, in my head last night I was conflating the Rider Waite image with an image from the Connolly Tarot but then this morning went to check my deck and realized that the Connolly image I was thinking of was the TEN OF SWORDS! Even better says my Higher Self, even better. End of a cycle.)

"full moon in scorpio"


The moral of all this story is my 1st point: the day will come, and God willing let it be soon, when you feel strong enough to make calm clear authentic choices, not from crisis but from WHAT YOU WANT.

And, yes, others may have a problem with this. You will need to leave those folks by the curb and let someone else drive them around. They will whine but they have the same task set before them. And if not in this lifetime, then in the next and the next and the next.

The Full Moon in Scorpio which is really a Full Moon in Pluto says: CUT!

And then? Keep calm and carry on. And keep your swords close. They are yours.


xo Big Hugs and Kisses from the Big City xo

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The Stars Today: Monkey Wisdom, Sun Trine Pluto

"sun trine pluto"

Today the Sun is trine Pluto, Taurus to Capricorn. Find 9 degrees in your chart. Got anything that aspects?

And remember that Pluto is retrograde and the outer planets all have these retrograde periods; it’s part of their cycle.

I’ve begun to take outer planet retrogrades “more seriously” than I used to even though an astrologer friend of mine believes that the farther away a planet is from the Sun, the less the retrograde will affect you personally.

Well… in my own life… I’ve felt the difference and I do believe that the energy of transiting Pluto, direct or retrograde, is major. He’s ON my 5th House cusp now.

And right now, in retrograde motion, he absolutely is forcing me to revisit housing issues (crisis, questions of, security, where do I want to live) and turning away a bit from OCD love, which is one manifestation of Pluto in the 5th House.

It’s not either/or but a shift in focus and it’s pointless to fight it. I believe this is how it works. Pluto turns his face and I must turn mine as well.

(And this isn’t to say that the love disappears –nope, not at all — but Pluto retrograde has heralded a disruption that will be un-disrupted according to the cycle and not a moment before, when he goes direct again. There will be closure or consummation. Mark my words! Do I sound fatalist? Too attached to the planetary movements. Perhaps. But this is what my gut tells me. I must trust it. On the other hand though… other transits could disrupt the disruption. An eclipse, for example. But you can see my thought process here.)


Today’s Sun trine Pluto is a glimpse into the meaning of the Full Moon in Scorpio for you. Why do I feel this way? Because Pluto rules Scorpio.

But more than that, there’s a metaphysical, esoteric connection that I can’t put into words at the moment but know it’s true. And it’s… reverse i.e. TODAY you find your strength. TODAY you are given the (potential?) answer(s) in preparation for the emotional plunging that a Full Moon in Scorpio can bring.

Plunge. Purge. Cleanse: the Full Moon in Scorpio in 3 Easy Steps! 


The Sun is you. Pluto is your transformation. What needs to change? What will change. Keep it simple.

Create for your life a cosmic Word-Find puzzle. Circle the letters. What do they spell out. Sun trine Pluto. What houses. What else in your chart aspects this. What areas of life.

For me? Pluto is backing away from a trine to my Ascendent, a sextile to my Descendent.

This tells me that I need to… not “coast” exactly but “swim” a bit in the changes that have already taken place. And gather resources, gather strength… before Pluto goes direct in the fall. Planning. Capricorn (where Pluto is) has a plan.


Pluto is about power. The power we wield and yield. Where Pluto is in your natal chart (and where transiting Pluto is) is where you simply cannot afford to be spineless and appeasing. Be thoughtful and moral and striving. But don’t… wrap up your power, your Self, in a pretty gift box and put stickers all over it and hand it over to the lowest (or highest bidder). Because you know, and I know, there’s a timer attached and it will blow up in their face and yours too once you come to consciousness about how you behave.


Mars is in Virgo and trine Pluto too (but a wider orb than the Sun). Health (Virgo) matters so drink to this trine but drink your Greens or your Healthy Tea. Drink something that’s part of our Mars in Virgo (Direct!) Challenge.

(Click here for the link!)

Trines in earth signs bring practical results. It’s not just “in the air” or “in the inspiration” or in the feelings-well. It’s real life, real time.

Honestly, I don’t particularly feel it. I’m still under the weather some and got a monkey on my back. And what I mean by that is that I’ve got a lot on my mind and in my heart and I think it’s expressing itself in the body.

Know what I’m gonna do though? I’m gonna take the monkey off my back and set a place for him beside me, at my desk. Externalize the energy.


The other day I was doing a Tarot reading for someone and relationship was the topic of the day and I told her you will be in hell for a little while so set a place for the devil.

It wasn’t an astrology reading but once I knew her Sun and Moon, I knew she wasn’t going to want to set a place for him and she said as much.

My chart is different though. I’m going to keep my monkey with me for the time being, but off my back. Get him a chair. He may have some monkey wisdom for me.

And, eventually, when the time is right, he’ll return to monkey land or monkey jungle or the island of lost souls or wherever the hell he came from.

Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll stick around. I got room.

Do you have a monkey?


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Pluto Retrograde And The Inside Drive

"pluto retrograde"

I caught a glimpse of my aura this morning. It was a revelation. Saw it in the reflection of a shop window. There, around my head and how important it is to stand tall and not cower from challenge, which is your reflection.

Stand tall.


Transiting Pluto (check your chart for where he is) will help you cleanse, purge, the shame of your natal Pluto and your feelings of self-disgust. Pluto’s retrograde motion compels this drive, this dive.


I often talk about my 1st House Pluto and that people stare at me. I am not a flashy dresser or seek attention. It’s an energy emission. Pluto is a magnet. Attracts or repels. And how uneasy it feels when people look, stare.

Your Pluto is also a magnet. You are drawing in (and/or pushing away) the matters of that house and the house that opposes it.


Find your natal Pluto. What are you ashamed of? What is not okay? What is not supposed to be here, supposedly, but IS here and is alive and perfectly fine.

10th House Pluto: what did your father do or not do?

11th House Pluto: is there anyone left in your life at all who can be trusted?

2nd House Pluto: why are you not allowed to make money?

3rd House Pluto: you wish those thoughts would stop, right?

8th House Pluto: no one is out to get you and that’s part of the problem as you see it if only you would SEE it

6th House Pluto: you will die again, you will live again. It’s not your fault

7th House Pluto: pride in how much you can take vs waking up alone

4th House Pluto: you come from loss. Also, not your fault

5th House Pluto: it’s not shit, it’s art that’s inside you and must come out

12th House Pluto: yes you really are that powerful

9th House Pluto: who said that you couldn’t lead? You must lead, teach others

1st House Pluto: everyone sees your sex


So I decided to work with this energy rather than shrink, shirk, cower and to begin by standing tall because this Pluto is my 1st House, is my body, how I’m seen. Instead of getting angry or annoyed or saying “who me” or “why me” — I must stand tall and say “Yes, me” and no, I’m not a cop.

And it DOES have to do with shame, fear, feeling like a victim, being a victim, and these keywords, yes, they overlap with Saturn.

Pluto can feel like a bottomless pit of unsolvable.

An un-mastered Pluto is a victim of circumstance, of other people. You were a child then and you had no choice but now you’re grown.


The transits that Pluto is currently making to your chart can turn all this around. “All this” meaning the Story of your natal Pluto — if you pay attention. It’s not magic although you can use magic to get there.


I’ll share with you a key from my chart: transiting Pluto is entering my 5th House. Pleasure.


What are you thinking? 


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