SO PISSED OFF THAT YOU TAKE ACTION: More Advice For The New Moon in Scorpio

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I want to talk to you a little more about Mars as the co-ruler of Scorpio and this weekend’s New Moon in Scorpio and what to do with that energy which really cannot be separated from the Mars Pluto square.

Here is your advice:

let your fear (fear of WHATEVER, doesn’t matter) piss you off enough, make you SO ANGRY, that you take action. 

Mars is your ACTION. Pluto is your obsessive focus. Now of course I think it would be helpful to be… careful about what you choose in the coming days because Mars is impulsive and Pluto is ruthless and this combination in the SQUARE aspect could give you some very very VERY bad ideas.

I WANT YOU TO HAVE GOOD IDEAS. Do I sound controlling? I sound controlling. But really I’m just trying to help navigate you through this stormy Mars Pluto Scorpio sea.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend. We try to meet once a week to talk business, his business, my business, give feedback, advice, help and I said to him: steer the ship. I was 100% that he had not lost control (and he was worrying like a Virgo Moon with 100000 other placements in Virgo) but he had not lost ANYTHING and I was there to remind him so I am reminding ALL OF YOU:

steer, guide, direct, maneuver, marshal, DRIVE this energy. 

I know you want to share your energy with someone. Scorpio always does. And the Mars Pluto square can make you choose the wrong person, the wrong path, the wrong commitment. Don’t do that. Don’t be rash. Let the New Moon be QUIET for you. Let the New Moon be still. An anchor, a port, a calm sea not a crazy do-or-die sea. Stop and listen. THEN let your fear piss you off so much that you take action. HIGH PRIESTESS THEN MAGICIAN. IN THAT ORDER.

Thank you.

"moon conjunct pluto"

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You Are Not Required To Crush Your Enemies But If You Want To Here Comes The New Moon In Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio" Both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. I tend to think PLUTO FIRST.

Rise From The Ashes Moon.
Exorcism Moon.
Sex Moon.
Death Moon.
Sex and Death Moon.
Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto MOON!


What does Mars want?
Does Mars want?
All the planets (planetary energies) WANT.
What does Mars want?


If someone tries to kill you, it’s your MARS, a “normal” Mars who tries to stop that from happening.

"mars square pluto"

I’m writing ALL KINDS OF THINGS on my Facebook these last few days while we exist under this ALMOST New Moon in Scorpio + Mars square Pluto (this weekend) sky.

Do you feel it? I feel it. Tune it. You’ll feel it. YOU CAN’T NOT FEEL IT. IT’S EVERYWHERE.

And a gal in the November December group said to me (after I posted a link about the Tarot Death card)


Well, it’s for us all BUT I did draw the Death card twice today so…

The answer is yes. 

Scorpio keywords. Mars keywords. Pluto keywords. SO MANY WAYS IN.

For the moment though let’s talk Mars. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio too I think many tend to forget, even me, and I’m trying to rectify that.

But look here. Yesterday’s blog post. About MARS vs. PLUTO 

And the least you need to know:

Mars is ACTION. Mars is YOU in action. Do you DO? Do you push? Mars is not patient. Mars pushes in. And Mars square Pluto WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.

"new moon in scorpio"

SOMETIMES YOU SEE DEATH: Seeing The Dark Cards For The New Moon in Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio"
One of those mornings. Enjoying my coffee. Working. Email Readings, social media, the blog, to-do lists. The usual chatter of this self-employed life as an astrologer, card reader and all the other important stuff for which there are no words. Enjoying it too although tired. Was that a raccoon last night? Armadillo? Outside. Woke me up.

ANYWAY so I draw for my day. Got a DARK CARD.

Drew for the upcoming New Moon. Got a dark card.

Asked WHY the dark cards? Got the same DARK CARD. I know it’s a New Moon in Scorpio. I know it’s Mars square Pluto week I KNOW.

Okay Tarot. You are insistent. And that’s nice and all but it’s freaking me out. SHOW ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW in a way I can hear you. Be gentle with me. Because you keep coming up machete when what I really need is a butter knife. DO NOT USE A MACHETE ON THE KERRYGOLD!

And thanks in advance.

So I shuffled again and I drew and okay okay okay okay a message coming through in a way that’s easier to hear and thank you Tarot, but sometimes it’s like that. Sometimes you see Death. Sometimes you see Death. Sometimes you see DEATH.

What cards are you seeing?

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"death card tarot"
2014 Hanged Man

The Stars This Week: How Much Scorpio Is Too Much Scorpio?

"new moon in scorpio"
I say this because of tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio
. It’s a beautiful aspect (Venus Jupiter) but it’s in, well, Scorpio. Don’t get me wrong. Y’all know I love Scorpio. My mother, whose birthday is/was today, was a mega Scorpio. This energy is MY energy (Moon Pluto conjunction First House here).

But how much is too much? Too determined? Too focused? Too brooding? Too obsessed? Too fearless? Too willing to sting yourself to death, dear Scorpio? 

So I’m gonna ask it – of the Scorpios reading this – my favorite question of all: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

This is your time.

Sun is still in Scorpio. Venus Jupiter in Scorpio tomorrow. Moon in Scorpio this week leading to a NEW MOON IN SCORPIO leading to a Mars Pluto square (Mars and Pluto are Scorpio’s ruling planets). This isn’t just your time, this is you, your life, your death, your rebirth, over a week’s time.

The Mars Pluto square gets a warning of course. It’s a notoriously bad aspect. And with Mars in the sign of Libra, it’s your relationship that get heated up — which can be good or not so good. I would avoid dark abandoned places this weekend. Seriously.

But I don’t want to focus on that. Instead I want to think about you, Scorpio Sun or Moon or Rising reading this and how this week is YOUR week. New Moon in your sign? What do you want? Because, realize, you can get it. More than anyone YOU can get it.

And that’s not me blowing smoke up your ass (no clue who taught me that phrase but someone did. My sincere apologies!). Think about it. SET YOUR GODDAMN NEW MOON INTENTIONS AND GO GET THAT THING.

"new moon in scorpio"

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New Moon In Scorpio This Sunday

"new moon in scorpio"

Two things to get us started. First one is about love and fate vs. free will.

So today I was talking to a gal and she got the REALLY GOOD CARDS in regards to love and this man that she has been in love with forever and in fact I think the first time we ever spoke it was about this man and the prognosis was not good then but things changed over the years, they really changed, due to privacy I cannot say more but I will say this:

she got the good cards and I said to her: let’s say we have 5% free will. Let’s say the rest of it really is fate and what is yours, but within that 5% you really have the ability to fuck it up and same for him but let’s say you don’t do that, let’s say you don’t fuck it up and you live out this 95% of god’s will then YES it will be. You’re on track. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Time will tell. I hope I’m right.

Another story: I wrote something on my Facebook Timeline today (and you can friend or follow me there) about prayer because I am a prayer kind, always was, likely always will be, no matter my level of belief or doubt at any given time and it is how I was raised, with prayer, with tradition, but all that aside there is a kind of prayer which is of TRUST. It’s not HELP ME (which is fine, perfectly fine) instead it’s: I KNOW you will help me. I trust you will. I know you will. I trust you will. You won’t let me down. I KNOW IT.

Very different.

Food for thought. Scenes from my prayer life and the spiritual conversation, so to speak, that I had during the month of September (Jewish month of Elul when “the King is in the field”).

But mostly today I wanted to talk to you a little about Samhain – just to remind you that it is appropriate to reflect. You don’t have to build an altar to your dead anyone but good to reflect and I’m going to quote Scott Cunningham here:

the separation between the physical and spiritual realities is thin. Wiccans remember their ancestors and all those who have gone before.

You don’t need to be Wiccan or a witch to mark this night and maybe it’s “just” Halloween for you. I’ve loved Halloween since I was a kid.

Whatever the case, I feel it. Do you? You don’t have to have an altar as I wrote above, but I recommend it. Any kind. A single light. I don’t have exactly what I’d like at this time but I do have candles going right now on my fireplace mantle and I will keep ‘em going until early November. You don’t have to know why. I’m not sure I know why. But it’s a recognition anyway. Of this time, this time of year. No perfection required. You don’t need a reason. I’m a Cancer Sun Mercury Mars. I just do. I may figure out “why” later on.  If you want an intense ritual of black candles and cauldron you can find information on line of course. No shortage of step by step prefab altar creation.

Now about this New Moon in Scorpio – it’s on Sunday. 7 degrees. Early afternoon for my timezone and it feels “clean” to me – as much as a Scorpio Moon can be or feel clean but it is. Listen to this; it’s beautiful:

Mercury trine Neptune then the New Moon trine Neptune then the Moon Mercury conjunction so it’s this Mercury Moon Neptune marriage and yes it’s all the obvious stuff: more insightful, more psychic, the thinning veil, mediumship, penetration, focus, and consider a beautiful new beginning in your Scorpio house. Got a Scorpio project going? Want to get one growing? Plant the Scorpio seed.

It’s a peaceful moon, a quiet moon, serene on the heels of a serious Venus Saturn conjunction (the day before). Honestly you may not do much this day but float but Mercury’s involvement in this sky guarantees MESSAGES so listen up.


Do Not Get Married This Week (Venus Problems)


"venus square neptune"

What else to tell you about Scorpio Season?

It’s dark. It’s quiet. I say this as the dog is barking next door and the cat is trying to jump up on the little table where I’m typing this. And the other cat just ran like a lunatic down the hall.

Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow. Moon in Virgo. It’s a smart, secretive sky. Spy sky.

Tuesday: Venus square Neptune 
Wednesday: Venus sextile Jupiter
Thursday: Sun conjunct Mercury and Mars sextile Chiron. 
Friday: Mars square Uranus and a Libra Moon. 
Sunday is the New Moon in Scorpio. 

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun Venus but we’re in Scorpio time. Undercover. She makes a hard aspect and a soft aspect this week. She’s the star this week.

And OH how did I not see this? Saturday is the Venus Saturn conjunction. 

It’s almost 9pm and I feel like I need to think about this but let’s see what I can tell you until I come back tomorrow…

Venus Neptune is sensitive.
Venus Jupiter is hopeful.
Venus Saturn is realistic (or pessimistic).
Who wins? The Neptune/Jupiter love train or Saturn the Teacher?

I wonder if you know what you want or how has it changed since… last week?

Venus Neptune Jupiter is stupid embarrassing hope but then Saturn.
Sorry about that Saturn. Keepin it real. A damper. Be wise. Grow up. Don’t be stupid and embarrassing says Saturn. He/She wasn’t that into you anyway. You could lose hope if you aren’t careful. The up side of the Venus Saturn is that Venus can soften Saturn”s fear.

And then there’s Mars square Uranus which is completely out of control and which Mars in Capricorn does not appreciate at all.

Do not get married this week.
Do not get divorced his week.

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune, conjunct Saturn and sextile Jupiter. The way she loves is SO HUGE but then Saturn. Fear. Contraction. Saturn.

No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t work, does it? So Venus gets sad. Don’t be sad Venus. Scorpio Season is good. Scorpio Season is rich. Do your magick. Dust off your altar. New candles are in order. Sweep. Dance with your dead.


The Stars This Weekend: LIBRA

"moon square pluto" It’s a Libra Weekend. Libra all over again. Think about it. SCORPIO SEASON now but Venus (retrograde all summer in Leo) has lagged behind and finally enters Libra on Sunday.

Mars enters Libra, Thursday the 12th. New Moon in Scorpio the day before.

A wise man once said to me:

Libra SHOWS YOU how to do it. They show you what they want.

Moon enters Libra tomorrow morning.

This weekend your VENUS ISSUES come to the fore  — love, money, relationship, social life, what you value, what you’ve been missing, fashion, beauty, art. She’s a little stressed though. The Libra Moon will square Pluto (graveyard frolicker) and oppose Uranus (freelance wild man).

Does what you DO match what you value? Libra in hard aspect to Pluto and Uranus says that you aren’t quite sure, in a charmingly volatile way.

"venus in libra" Gonna draw a weekend card:

Perfect. It’s the Two of Cups, the truce card. Libra wins BUT it’s that “peace at any price” thing.

Your thoughts? 

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My Year In Magic: Full Moon In Taurus

"new moon solar eclipse in scorpio"One of the women in the Creativity class suggested a wonderful ritual before the most recent New Moon. She told us to write down our intentions and seal them and then open them on the Full Moon. And I’ve decided to go one step further.

I had this blank journal lying around and I’d written a couple words in it and I’ve decided to make it my New Moon/Full Moon diary. And I’m taping those New Moon in Libra intentions (I had written them on individual big Post-It notes) in the book.

And tonight and tomorrow and probably the day after, I will also set Full Moon intentions, not just about what I want to release but about desire. After all, we are dealing with the signs of desire now, Taurus and then Scorpio. The next New Moon is in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse. New Moon in Passion. New Moon in Sex. New Moon in Intimacy.

Did you read the Scorpio post I put up yesterday? What I was trying to describe was intimacy, at least for this Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto person. Processing a difficult situation, complex emotions, taking the time to do that… Feels like love.

And, yes, I cheated. I opened up my Post-Its early, before the Full Moon, in part because I need a distraction from worrying about Hurricane Sandy and I just wanted to see. I had remembered a couple things I had written, but not all of them.

I hope you’ll try it yourself. And maybe even keep track over the year, like I’m going to do, to create a year in magic because setting intentions and doing this ritual is… it’s not just wishful thinking. It’s creating. And it’s seeing how far you’ve come. How long it takes. So much has happened between that New Moon in Libra and today.

Are you planning a Full Moon ritual? 


How Was Your New Moon In Scorpio??

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
this was the 1st Tarot card that I drew

Full Disclosure: I didn’t do my ritual yet but I will. Give a minute.

The New Moon isn’t up to too much in my chart. Third House but close to the cusp so I read it for the Second House as well.  And it trines my North Node which is on my descendent.

So what can we say about this, hmm? Writing, communications, money, work, and ding ding ding LOVE i.e. 7th House cusp. I’m sure there’s more but it’s tough for me to see my own chart.

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna open up the Tarot and see what the Tarot has to say!

And you? Did you set your intentions? 

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"new moon in scorpio 2011"
new moon in scorpio 2011

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Getting Intimate With Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City

Scorpio Season.  That’s where we’re headed. That’s where we ARE.

Here’s a question for Scorpio Season: do you think about your death? Not how you will die or when you will die but THAT you will die.

I think about this as I walk to the subway in the morning. And in the afternoon. And whenever. I’m smoking again so I think about this as I puff on my Marlboro Red, feeling “I’m too old to be smoking,” which is what I feel when I see young people doing the same thing except then it’s “they’re too young to be smoking.”

Our time here is limited (ha Saturn!) and I think about this stuff all the time actually but even more during Scorpio Season and in fall and rainy weather and when I contemplate the face of my lover and Scorpio Season is not about the surface and appearances (Libra) but about what lies beneath. Pluto rules mining. Pluto was the God of the Underworld! Can you imagine being in charge of that??? What would it look like? Smell like? Feel like?

So my point today is….. HURRY UP! In the immortal words of Blondie: hurry up and WAIT. Because you just don’t know and you want to have lived at least part (please dear God) of your purpose: want to have helped (I have Pisces North Node), to have held someone’s hand, to have had beautiful sex, to have loved, to have felt love, to have WON.  Something.  To have known yourself truly. Even if all you know is… what you want for breakfast.  Is it real? Is it YOU?

In honor of Scorpio Season, please ask yourself:  are you on intimate terms with your own life?

A couple posts ago I quoted a former therapist of mine, someone I saw… almost 20 years ago. Not only did she tell me to 1) Show up 2) Find your truth 3) Don’t get attached to results… but she also told me: PARTICIPATE IN YOUR LIFE.

Are you ready to live? 

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New Moon In Scorpio 2011 (Part 3)

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
New Moon in Scorpio 2011

The New Moon in Scorpio doth approacheth!

Moon is still Gemini as I type this but I always get excited by the New and Full Moons! As for eclipses? Well, just keep ‘em off of my sensitive points, okay? ;)

I’ve already talked a wee bit about aspects to the New Moon in previous posts but I’m still thinking about it now….

How Pluto in Capricorn will sextile the Sun and Moon. This is like a power surge but a gentle one. As gentle as Pluto can be ;) Pluto feeding Sun and Moon, mainlining them. We’re talking fixed water and cardinal earth. Commitment (Scorpio) + Movement (Cardinal/dynamic) = getting things done. With sextiles you have to work and Capricorn doesn’t mind that at all. This aspect tells me, “The kingdom will be yours” if you just… advertise!

Mercury and Venus will be conjunct for the New Moon. This would signify someone charming in almost any sign: beautiful language, poetic mind, an artist of some kind, but in Scorpio? The mood is waaaay darker. Conjunctions act as one and Venus is still Venus but a Venus touched by the God of Death (Pluto rules Scorpio) makes for a more serious party than Mercury Venus may be used to. Mercury and Venus conjunct in Scorpio is that well-spoken Goth kid who likely has Pluto conjunct as well ;)

Now Mars in Leo will square this Mercury and Venus. Mars in Leo is playful and robust and in the sky this square doesn’t alarm me at all. It’s the kind of thing I’d like to sit back and watch :) Mars square Venus runs hot and cold though: you may flip your allegiance! At one moment committed to the guy and the next moment committed to the girl and what kind of commitment is that when you keep changing face? But as a friend-astrologer told me yesterday about Mars square Venus: it may be hot and cold but when it’s hot? It’s HOT.

Mars square Mercury of course can indicate squabbles and with Leo involved and Scorpio involved there’s bound to be someone’s ego at stake! Don’t step on any toes. Don’t say anything you can’t take back!

The Sun and Moon opposing transiting Jupiter show the balancing act of the day. I think here especially you should look in your chart for this opposition because here is where you may go to extremes.  Or a serious stalemate! And it’s a serious (Scorpio) opposition: your expansion (Jupiter) vs your intimacy (Scorpio). How free do you need to be? Moon Jupiter is usually a feel-good aspect but I think we’re up to something a bit deeper here. Freedom vs Closeness. The Possessive Lover vs the Mountain Man (lol).  Which one are you? Both at different times? Both at the same tim? Sun and Jupiter in opposition is the ego expanding. These folks think they can accomplish anything. Can they? Do they? It depends ;)

The Sun and Moon inconjunting Uranus repeats some of these themes: the safety of ego (Sun) and the safety of home (Moon) not quit fitting you anymore. You want to break free. An adjustment is needed to satisfy all of you (and your partner, if you have one). I would let this one pass actually. Meaning, don’t take the bait. Feel the energy. Go electric for a while but return to yourself. Don’t let Uranus carry you away except to new levels, new realms of creativity and intuition.

Saturn will be trining Neptune. He’s applying though, not there yet. This is one to watch because this aspect is about building and dissolving simultaneously (sandcastles, anyone?). Structure and the absence of structure. Rules + imagination. So I would keep this aspect in mind in all your intentions.  How you need both. How you need the liquid (Neptune) and the container (Saturn). That you need the words for the poem and you need the form for the poem. You need to create (Neptune) and you need to take breaks (Saturn=stop) from creating. Like in the creation story: God made the world, day by day, but he still went to sleep at night ;)

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***SPECIAL*** New Moon In Scorpio Mini-Moon Readings!

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
new moon in scorpio 2011

How will the New Moon in Scorpio affect you? I can help you sort out your intentions :)

Here’s the deal:

-email only

-15 minutes

-25 by PayPal (35 if you want me to include Tarot)

-your chart only/no chart comparison

-specify your preferred house system

-my schedule varies so it’s best if you email me first — then I can tell you when I’ll have time for you

-sometimes a person’s New Moon chart will lead me to other topics/transits but I try to keep it focused. I will tell you what I see. If I don’t see love, I’m not gonna talk about love

-also, email readings with me are like old fashioned letters. I use up part of the time, leaving room for your response, any questions. We don’t need to be at the computer at the same time

-I only watch the clock when typing, not when prepping or mulling over or reading your emails. You definitely get your money’s worth (so I’ve been told!)

-Cancerian nurturing included :) And, by the way, I have Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio so my readings tend to be layered and I often overlap/move back and forth between the natal and transits, developing a holistic image of your situation while trying to help and encourage

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New Moon In Scorpio 2011 (Part 2)

"new moon in scorpio 2011
new moon in scorpio 2011

On the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, we build temporary shelter and the roof is thatched so that you can see the stars at night. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any Jewish learning on the laws of Sukkot so this detail about the stars may be more custom than law; I am recalling it from my childhood.

And you don’t need to be Jewish or religious of any kind to tune in to this metaphor, this image of a house, shelter that is not permanent.

So here’s my question: do you feel surrounded, enveloped by shelter? In whose (or what) arms do you find yourself?

To quote the Psalmist, from where does your help come?

Can you think of comfort as a dwelling? Surrounding you? Walls, roof.  No floor though. The floor is the earth itself, supporting you, protecting you.

Pluto in Capricorn sextiles the New Moon in Scorpio. Emotional (Moon) foundation (Saturn).  What are you building?

Notice in your chart where the New Moon is happening: that is what you are building.

All of this feels very Cancerian to me — because the crab carries his home on his back wherever he goes and come Sukkot, the Cancer gets another home, for a little while.

And we don’t transport the Sukkah. We build it and we take it down at holiday’s end. It is temporary, like our lives here.

What does this have to do with the New Moon in Scorpio? We are in Sukkot now and we are in Scorpio Season now even though the Sun isn’t there yet. Venus and Mercury wave the flag! And Scorpio wants to connect DEEPLY. Even if alone, Scorpio is connecting deeply to him/herself!

Identify what surrounds you. Can you see it? Feel it? Look around the room.  Really.  If you feel alone, are you sure? If you are indeed sure, then you are with God and you must rest in that but begin to build your Sukkah, your own temporary shelter (like your body is the temporary shelter for your soul) here on earth. The New Moon in Scorpio is a perfect time for this intention. The 8th House (Scorpio’s natural house) shares. The transition now is from Libra to Scorpio: YOU MUST INVITE SOMEONE IN.

What I’m saying here also calls to mind the Virgo/Pisces axis, that we need both earth (Virgo) and sky (Pisces). Just like the Sukkah: we are inside and yet we see the stars: inside/outside, soul/body.

This is TRINE ENERGY that I am building here as I write,  like building a Sukkah: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces — water for you to drink.

And you? Feel free to respond to any part of this blog post or free associate. Your magic is welcome here :)

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New Moon in Scorpio 2011

new moon in scorpio 2011
occupy wall street

So our next New Moon is on October 26th, in the sign of SCORPIO, 3 degrees.

After a Full Moon, the Moon is waning, growing smaller, thus a New Moon is a time of darkness. Emptiness. There is room. There is space. Room for what? Space for what? For you. For something new. What do you want? It’s a time of potential. Dreams. New beginnings. Rebirth and (here’s a Scorpio keyword) resurrection. You are back from the dead, once again.

What do you do on a New Moon? You set intentions, you make wishes that you want to come true.  The New Moon is good for planting, literally, so apply this image to your own life. What do you want to plant? What do you want to grow? New Moons are for BEGINNING.

So on New Moon day, the Sun is conjunct the Moon, Mercury will be at 19 Scorpio, Venus will be at 21 Scorpio, Mars will be at 21 Leo, Jupiter at 5 Taurus (rx), Saturn at 21 Libra, Uranus at 1 Aries (rx), Neptune at 28 Aquarius (rx), and Pluto at 5 Capricorn.

Now what do YOU notice about these numbers?

I’ll tell you the first thing that I notice is ALLLLLLL that Scorpio energy filling up the sky and your life. You must find the house(s) that is being activated. That’s where the focus will be. Deep focus. Penetrating. You can discover shit now! Secret shit! That’s been kept from you or that you’ve kept from yourself! Just don’t get too attached. I mean, you will get attached but… notice it. Be mindful. Observe yourself. Mercury and Venus will be conjunct just like the Sun and Moon. A double-wedding. Double Scorpio bliss ;)

The second thing I notice is the Mars square to the Sun and Moon. Leo vs. Scorpio is the battle between light and dark, between ego and submission. I’m not saying Leo is bad and Scorpio is good, just that… these are two stubborn energies who want the stage. Leo wants the public and Scorpio wants it with YOU only, captive audience. You may feel torn between these two needs in yourself. Not a big deal. Just notice it. That you can’t do it ALL. You can’t be in two places at once, unless they clone you, and that would be weird.

The third thing I notice is the Jupiter opposition to the Sun and Moon, making everything big, despite the retrograde motion. I see this energy as helpful, as lightening the heavy mood which I don’t even see as that heavy. Just… serious. If you have a heavy chart, you’ll feel at home. Heavy water, heavy earth. You’ll feel in your element because you are used to THIS. You’ll feel supported even if your feet feel like lead ;)

Then I notice the Pluto sextile to the New Moon (and Sun). More support for Scorpio. I’m in love with this aspect. This sextile is such a simpatico boost to Scorpio that I feel it supercedes sextile status and becomes trine-like. You won’t need to work hard to access this energy. Just open up. This is a positive-power energy. The changes you need to make won’t feel so hard. You’ll know you can get there. Jupiter Retrograde trines Pluto too.  It’s like… a benevolent leader is now in charge and the benevolent leader is you. In charge of your own life.  Any emotion (Moon) that you feel you can be used productively (Capricorn). Same goes for your ego (Sun).

Another detail to look at: Uranus will inconjunct the Sun and New Moon. Moon inconjunct Uranus can cause erratic emotions, instability, rebellious behavior not always with a cause, but I see it as a good upset for this New Moon, an unbuttoning of some of that serious face Scorpio. Let Aries add some freedom to the fixed water stew :)

What do you see, feel, up ahead?

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