MOTEL RECOVERY At The End Of The Year (GOODBYE 2017)

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"mars trine neptune"
This week we recover.

Christmas Eve recovery.
Christmas recovery.
December recovery. November recovery. 2017 recovery.
Recovery recovery recovery.

I DREW A CARD FOR US: Four of Wands. Something good.

"uranus going direct"

And there is FLOW to this week so I want to encourage you to REALLY check in to this deep deep recovery.

Restful *while* making progress. As though recovery is a place and time. MOTEL RECOVERY. Check yourself in, my friends. They have those little bottles of liquor and cable t.v. or whatever you need. Whatever you need. A comfortable bed.

Mars is trine Neptune this week. What does this mean? Passionate clouds. Do you hear me? PASSIONATE CLOUDS! 

This week’s Moon is Aries then Taurus then Gemini. That young part of the wheel. You are brand new.

Remember that Aries is FIRST, the first sign of the zodiac, spring buds. ENERGY IS HERE. Motel Recovery.

Do you feel this? Take this rest NOW. Why? Because the first week of January has a FULL MOON and Uranus going direct and other stuff. Other stuff.

So we are wrapping it up, my friends.
Goodbye 2017.
Goodbye PAST.
Goodbye PAIN.


"moon opposition saturn"

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Help For The Moon Pluto People Whose Mothers Wished They Were Dead (a little light reading)

If you have a HARD Moon Pluto aspect in your chart, then your mother had a problem. 

Here’s one scenario. Let’s dive right in:

"moon opposition pluto"

Our mothers wanted to kill us.  Hi Moon (mother) Pluto (death).

Or it may have been more passive — them wishing we’d never been born or wishing we would “just disappear” (and then feeling guilty, and guilt that remains in the shadow and does not become surface consciousness can breed some ugly monsters, like projection, projection onto the child).

When a person doesn’t admit the full range of human emotion, that’s when the problems start. The problem isn’t the FEELING as much as denying the feeling.

So it’s likely subconscious on their part. But WE feel. We see it. We feel it. It’s too taboo for her to feel. And add this on to whatever other problems there were, her childhood, her marriage, her life situation, the stresses of motherhood, etc. Not that I’m making excuses for the evils that *some* parents do. Because I don’t make excuses.

If a mother doesn’t want her child, if a mother abandons or neglects or abuses her child (emotionally physically sexually), has bad boundaries with her child, all of this of course goes against the Ideal Mother idea, which she also has in her head. We all do. So it stays in the shadow space and gets projected onto the poor kid who was born into it. Innocent.

And this is one reason why I love astrology. Because we have the star language to discuss it.

"moon square pluto"

If you have a Moon Pluto hard aspect, there were times when your mother wished that you were never born or she treated you that way, with such discard. Maybe she wanted an abortion or a miscarriage and didn’t have one, wasn’t able.

She projected her violent self loathing onto you and you as a child absorbed this. You had no choice. It was your womb. And you either turn it against yourself or others, in some way, somehow.


as a grown-up you can be free of her projected violent self-loathing. It fact, you have to become a PERSON not a projection. To be happy. Become a SELF. This is what healing is.

This may be hard for you to imagine if you had a healthy mother most of the time. You can’t imagine what it is for the caregiver to abandon or neglect or abuse. You haven’t known it.

You may also have  a Moon Pluto hard aspect and not see yourself in this but you likely will, eventually. Some part of this blog post description will ring in your ears if you remember it.

So how does one heal? This is the most important question of all and I drew the Hanged Man for us. 

First, there has to be a period of full acceptance of what was. Without ANY self-blame. Full acceptance of what the REALITY was. No excuses. Full reality. Holding her accountable. For what was. Clearly, fully.

As Marsha Linehan wrote: acceptance of reality is not the same as judging it good.

So this means no Neptune, no clouds, no excuses. Of course it may have been good some of the time and bad some of the time and neutral some of the time but some bad is REALLY REALLY BAD and it’s important not to curtain it off, section it off, into some shadow brain space.

I believe that if you don’t see things for how they were or are, to the best of your ability, you cannot truly heal or be healthy. For example, if your mother was psychotic, you can’t pretend she wasn’t. Labels can be helpful in this way. Name the behaviors. Behaviors are not that hard to identity and name. Does it take courage? Yeah, it does.

Because also if you try to discuss such things with “friends” or family members, they probably don’t want to go there unless they too are a Moon Pluto person who has come to consciousness.

Reality is the only way out of hell and Moon Pluto children were born into the mother’s hell.

"moon opposition pluto"

Most important: it’s not your fault. It wasn’t your fault. But you do not have to continue living as a projection of your mother’s violent self-loathing.

You can find YOU.


This happens all the time — there are people who live their lives and we interact with them, but they are projections not actual “people.” Know what I mean?

There is hope but hope comes with the price. If you start on this process, you will feel heartbroken for a good long while. I can promise you that. But eventually you will learn to  live side by side with this heartbreak. Not that it makes the past okay but that you co-exist and THEN you can love and be happy and healthy in all the ways you dream of.

Much love my dears

Everybody Has A Place: More Reflections From My Moon Pluto Conjunction

"moon pluto conjunction"
March 1st, 2017

I am freezing as I type to you, but I have to type to you.

It is c c c cold in North Florida today and the house I live in is also c c c cold today even though YES I have heat, and the heat is on, and I’ve got a space heater on me as well.

I was doing a reading for someone this morning, and we hung up, and about 5 minutes after I got so cold. This is common in this work actually. I mean, it IS cold out there, but readers may notice body temperatures changes before, during and after working with clients.

But what I want to talk to you about today is the Moon and Moon Pluto and home.

This isn’t quite a part two of my post from other day (linked here if you haven’t read it yet) but Pluto is still on my mind, as is the Moon, because I was doing my morning puttering and making lists and making coffee and worrying and trying not to worry and I said to myself:

everybody has a place. Meaning, me too. And my place is, dare I say it, right here. 

This is a Moon Thought because the Moon rules home, where we feel at home, and that’s what I meant by “place” and then of course I thought about my own natal Moon Pluto conjunction and how Pluto can really gut us, but that’s not all.

Pluto can deliver us (but to where, to where MoonPluto???)

The Moon is in Scorpio as I type this and the Moon will trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. It’s a good Moon day despite the looming Sun Saturn square which perfects tomorrow. Don’t even think about whether you can or can’t. Just Ten-of-Wands it. Go back to the climb. You’ll get there. Keep going.

And I want you to think about this. That everybody has a place. That means you too. Wherever you are, reading this, that’s your place, despite it not being perfect or maybe it is perfect, and I pray you are not “Homeless” as you read this. I wish for you to find your place and to feel at home in your space. Comfortable. Safe. That you have a space, a place, that is all yours (yes even you renters!) and whoever you choose to invite in. Yes, spirit guides are real!!!

The Moon Pluto people (of which I am one yes yes yes and thus my obsession) have a tricky position when it comes to feeling at home because we know we KNOW that home can die, that mother (moon) can fail us, and mother is/was our original home and in part this is why my devotion to the Divine Mother has changed my life so profoundly. She connected me to female energy that is, well, Pluto-free, and despite my “love” for Pluto, I must transform Pluto energy as well.

Sometimes I catch myself not relaxed. I don’t even realize my hyper vigilance, my PTSD, it’s so natural for me to be “this way” that I do not even realize my hunched shoulders or that I’m not breathing or being present in my own body and yet I feel so sunk in my body (i.e. my point of view or thinking)… so I remind myself to come into my body to COME HOME and be in it.

I do this, as a practice, and it changes everything. Even Moon Pluto can do this. Even Moon Pluto people can come home


Two things: after all these years the on-line Poetry Workshop (no. 1) will happen. Did you know I have two books coming out? 2018/2019 and one of them is a poetry (well, actually it’s a hybrid, a new form). I got my MFA from Iowa many moons ago but also left poetry behind many moons ago until around 2013/2014 or so it returned to my life and since then I’ve been wanting to combine my love for poems and for divination in a workshop and so we begin this spring. Details to come in new blog post this weekend. 

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New Moon In Cancer: Homeland Security

"new moon in cancer" Yes the New Moon in a certain sign will call to mind the themes of that sign. When the New Moon is in Cancer (and it will be, tomorrow, 7:01 am, in the Eastern United States) we talk about feelings and family. We talk about home. We talk about wanting to hide in the shell. But of course we have to mix in the personal chart details. The Cancer House in YOUR chart.

So, for me, for example, it’s not just issues of home and family purely — we cross it with the 11th House (Aquarius’ natural house) where I have  my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer. For you it may be something different (unless all my readers are Virgo Rising, which is entirely possible I suppose but would be odd!).

But about tomorrow: I do not think we feel safe under this Cancer New Moon. Yes it takes many good aspects, many! But the Saturn inconjunct and Pluto opposition are heavy energy, and a bit scary actually. You may not feel safe in your home, in your feelings, in your family. Or you may, you may. It may be playing out for you differently. Everything could be perfectly fine but you just want to cry – for no reason! Cancer does that!

One thing is certain though – mamma is under stress, under duress. Pluto is a threat even if only for a moment — and it only takes a moment to feel afraid.

Folks familiar with this energy know how to navigate it – for example if you have a hard Venus/Sun/Moon Pluto aspect in your natal chart. But for the rest of us? There will be mood swings. You may feel vulnerable. You may have all the power but not realize it. You may outburst emotionally. And you may hide from the storm you helped create.

My advice is to stand your ground with integrity – Seven of Wands - whatever that ground happens to be. No one has the right to invade your shell time.

Oppositions are stand-offs, sieges, and for some of you Pluto may trump all the good aspects the New Moon is making and yet think of those good aspects as weapons in your arsenal if you need to talk yourself, or someone else, off a ledge. Appeal to Venus. Appeal to Jupiter. Beauty and truth is how you get your way out of any Pluto messes tomorrow.

And if you want to set intentions? Go for it.


Jupiter Enters Virgo + Moon Uranus Enlightenment

"jupiter in virgo"Once in a while I have to switch things up which is why I’m going to draw a card for you from the Wildwood Tarot today. I wouldn’t call it a “traditional” deck, card by card, but traditional enough for me.

The Moon Pluto opposition is done but we still have a square to Uranus this evening. This could make you feel a little crazy, a little free. I predict a new perspective for you. Something you haven’t felt or thought of before now. Enlightenment.

The trine to Chiron I also like. If you aren’t feeling well today, this aspect is good news and so is the trine to Saturn. Supportive, healing aspects. Putting yourself back together.

And of course the biggest news today: Jupiter is now in Virgo, the transit of the witch!

What has grown a little too crazy, a little too free in your life? Jupiter in Virgo + Saturn in Sagittarius will help you clean up :)

Today’s message from the Oracle:

"jupiter in virgo" The Green Woman (Empress). I saw her yesterday as well when I drew from the Rider Waite. I don’t have the Wildwood guidebook by my side so I’ll just tell you what I feel from this:

that something’s cooking. That Empress/Green Woman is very Jupiter in Virgo. Health is wealth. Beautiful cauldron. Magick that is nourishing. Green magick, green medicine. The cauldron as reflecting pool. There is certainty in her gaze. Ask her for what you need, answers, guidance. I wouldn’t doubt what she tells you.

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"venus opposition pluto" Suddenly I want Venus.
Must have need VENUS.

I know Venus is opposing Pluto today.
Pluto INTENSIFIES what it touches.

Moon (feelings) in Cancer is conjunct Venus (thus they are fused) opposing Pluto and one of the gals in the chat room posted an image of an artwork and I felt it. VENUS MUST HAVE NEED VENUS. The Moon will also trine Chiron. Self-care. Healing.

In the words of Theodore Roetke:
I think of the rock singing, and light making its own silence

I WANT VENUS. Art. Beauty. I swear to you I… cannot remember the last time I felt this EVER or as intensely.

What do you want? 

You, Growing Beautiful Out Of The Mud: Today’s Tarot + Venus Pluto

Who doesn’t love to see the Sun?

These days I’m obsessed with asking the Tarot a few repeat questions and I’d love to see the Sun —

but I don’t have a deep feeling for this card other than its positivity so let’s explore a little.

I also want to mention I pulled this card from my New Palladini deck which is a bit different than the Rider Waite. It’s mostly sun and sun beams and rays and what appears to be….  AHA!

A lotus flower. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

And you all know about the lotus, right?
You, growing beautiful out of the mud.

According to my on-line research:

“the lotus slowly emerges from a pond over a three day period and then blooms in the morning until mid-afternoon.”

Some key phrases from the same site:

Spiritual awakening.
Breaking the surface.

The pink lotus flower is the SUPREME lotus (according to Buddhist thought according to lotusflowermeaning dot com).

You digging this? I feel closer to this card already. 

So all this is embedded in our Sun card (in this deck).

Now from my occult library I chose at random one of my Tarot books (by Corrine Kenner).
Some of her keys:

*good health
*renewed energy
*action (“masculine” principle)
*fortunate marriage (!)
*joy, enthusiasm

Juliet Sharman-Burke says:
it seems to brighten all the cards surrounding it, adding a sense of optimism and good cheer.

Have you been seeing the Sun? In what context?

Now I’m on the look-out :) But then again I DID just pull it :)

Rest of this week is pretty intense. 

Moon and Venus in Cancer oppose Pluto.

One gal in the chat room mentioned getting even MORE attention from dudes. She’s got a natal Venus Pluto square thus the transit is tugging on her home aspect. I was talking about this on my Facebook today: Venus Pluto stalks or gets stalked. And I don’t use those words lightly. These natives carry an energy that may “inspire” the less stable and/or more compulsive among us. They get a reaction. And they get action — if they want it. But if they don’t? You can’t exactly put this aspect on pause. It’s always there. Venus Pluto people can dress head to toe in a garbage bag and still will have suitors (to put it nicely) following them down the street.

I am NOT blaming the victim here but it’s a fact (to me) that the Venus Pluto among us embody desire. And some folks can’t handle that.

By transit, Venus Pluto can also be a love (Venus) resurrection (Pluto) and you may hear from the past. Phone calls, messages, visits, memories, dreams. Venus and the Moon are in Cancer and Cancer rules memory lane.

About Friday’s Sun Saturn opposition:

I think the Sun (ego, radiance, clarity, you growing beautiful out of the mud) shall illuminate your current Saturn position, your fear, the road ahead, the mountain, the climb. Panic agitation nerves. But remember do remember that Saturn is going retrograde so… this fear is passing out of your life, this obstacle is passing out of your life, this blockade is crumbling, breaking the surface.

There really does come a time of less fear. There really does come a time of self-acceptance. The annoying thing is that (I think) it REALLY happens later in life (starting at mid-life). The body starts to break in new ways while the soul’s wisdom rises.

"venus opposition pluto"

Moon Mania: June 10th and 11th

Busy week ahead, big week, so I want to take it slow.

Let’s just talk about Monday (today) and Tuesday for right now. At least I’ll *attempt* to just talk about Monday and Tuesday.

But before that: how are you? I’m doing okay :) Okay is Cancerian for “no complaints.”

Monday, June 10th:

the Moon is in Cancer all day until she goes void of course in the afternoon, 5:15 pm for the Big City.

Early risers will experience the Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer and Mercury trine Chiron in Pisces. Good aspects for sensitive souls who love good music. Astrology for rainy days. Very Satie. Or Patrick Watson.

A few hours later the Moon opposes Pluto, squares Uranus and then trines Chiron. Turbulence followed by afterglow? Oy. Moon is conjunct Mercury before going void. Mood swings are a given this day. Watch your temper. Watch your tantrum. Approach your loved ones with love instead of suspicion. Can you do this? I’m asking myself the same thing.

Tuesday: Venus opposes Pluto and Saturn is trine Neptune (yes, this is exact). Also the Moon enters Leo on the West Coast around 10 pm.

What is this Venus Pluto energy good for? For discovery. For going deeper than is comfortable with your lover (Venus) and with your lover’s dark side (Pluto) his/her secret side, what they don’t want to reveal or remember exists. We are under this energy already; we’re in orb. The awesome thing is that… your discoveries are not necessarily dangerous, not poison arrows even though it may feel like a fight to the death. You just have to put them in context. Is it scary? Yeah. A little.

You may also hear from a former Venus or Pluto in your life. Someone who took you to that edge. You know the one.

And even though Venus is no longer in orb (exact) of Saturn and Neptune… it’s like a good smell in the kitchen lingering. And it’s not the smell of Pluto the dead rat. It’s the smell of Pluto pain with a purpose ;)

Okay okay so maybe that smell isn’t as sweet as fresh bread or cookies it’s still part of the process. You’re still in the game. Not dead yet. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. We are at the RIGHT NOW. That’s how I feel. The moment when the yetzer hara (I don’t know how else to describe so I lapse into Yiddishisms and Torah) is doing his damn best to distract and derail you. It’s like a demon possession but you can say NO to the demon :) You can look that demon in the eye, which is really your fear, and even if your voice is teeny teeny tiny you can say no and break the spell and be FREE.


Everybody clear? Watch the moods, watch the swings. Watch the truth. Before you accuse someone else of having a dark side, take a look at your own, what are YOU ignoring?

Take care of yourself, my friends. Don’t let the blood sugar drop. Don’t hate yourself, etc etc etc.


Love, MP

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Sun Square Pluto Strikes Again: In The Body

"moon in cancer"

Here is Cookie Monster for the Moon in Cancer today squaring the Aries Sun and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Have a cookie! 

When the transiting Sun squares transiting Pluto, I feel it in my body. I get sick. I am thinking that this partly has to do with my natal Pluto which is in my 1st House and conjunct my Virgo Moon. The 1st House is “of the body.” Appearance too.

And I remember my astrology class and a student telling us that she too felt certain transits in her body rather than as outside events or people.

Yesterday it felt like I was taken over – extreme exhaustion. My mind felt okay though. And I figured it was just too many days in a row at the gym.

A facebook pal wondered if it was a psychic attack but I didn’t think so. For me that would feel more like mental distress. I was pretty sure this was just a case of “over-doing it.” And I had a low fever in the morning and cancelled everything that involved leaving the house.

But then I remembered Sun square Pluto.

Anyone who does readings, who does any kind of psychic work must learn to distinguish between their body, their emotions and… everyone and everything else. It is subtle and necessary work and it takes time but eventually to begin to figure it out and trust what is yours and not yours.

And in the meantime? Have a cookie for the Moon in Cancer :) The Moon rules food and Cancer has a sweet tooth.

Pssst…. Next Full Moon is in Libra… 


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The Stars Today: Mom vs. Dad!

"sun square moon"

Moon square Sun alert!

The Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is in Aries. The Moon is Mom and the Sun is Dad. With the Moon in Cancer, Mom is easily hurt and will retreat into her shell but not before she makes sure that you know she’s been wounded!

The Moon is trine Chiron in Pisces now too. You can soothe your bellyaching in any number of ways. Find your natal Chiron for some keys and clues. I have an 8th House Chiron. Delving deep soothes me. Psychoanalysis! My boyfriend would no doubt prefer that PSYCHOanalysis didn’t soothe me so ;)

A more troubling aspect of course is the Cancer Moon applying in opposition to Pluto. Cancer Moon is cranky and Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. Hard to dry your tears with that! What’s the solution? Well you could 1. retreat even deeper into your shell to avoid all Pluto people and Pluto problems today or you could 2. bake Pluto a cake or 3. bake a PLUTO CAKE  4. observe. That’s right. Observe. Whatever comes up.

(Libra peeps may feel the Moon in Cancer especially so today, may feel especially emotional (ew!) because they are caught up in this cardinal tsquare and their Libra stuff makes the configuration a grand cross.)

Observation is the 1st step to a mindful life and mindful life is necessary if you want get a clue about why you do or think absolutely anything. And why would you do that? For freedom’s sake. Because you want to be free from that which crushes you or keeps you prisoner.

Is this something you’re after? Does such freedom interest you? What does? 


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The Stars Today: The Moon In Cancer Is Touching You

"full moon in leo 2012"

Cancer rules sensitivity so expect to feel um a little touchy while the Moon is in Cancer. And expect that mood to change from touchy to… something else.

And, yes, you guessed it! The Moon is opposing Pluto as I write this. A couple degrees off but damn I know I feel it when it’s applying! How about you?

Today’s Moon Pluto opposition tells me that… some Pluto person is gonna bug you today. Or some Moony person. Or both. In either case, it’s a force from outside you telling you to SIT DOWN. And maybe it’s YOU talking to YOU (ha!). Why “sit down?” Because the Moon is our feelings and Pluto wants to control them or sieve them or bleed them. Someone’s not getting served in this scenario and Cancerian tantrums are likely!

Want some good news? The Moon will trine Venus in Pisces which is a sweet mother-lover energy (realizing that phrase may freak you out but we fear not the taboo in moonplutoland).



Taking Your Monster For A Walk (Moon Pluto People)

"moon pluto conjunction"
bette david had a moon pluto conjunction

(This is a re-post from September)

Are you an emotional person? I am. I often can’t stop, can’t stop it. It’s relentless: Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House. Not all 1st House Moons are like this, but many of them are, and yes, a Moon in the Aries house surely gives strength and fire and warrior-tude to the feelings, no matter what sign the Moon is in. And Pluto makes it obsessive, possessive, compulsive.

Do you have a Moon and Pluto contact in your chart? A hard aspect or a soft one? Pluto attached to the feelings is… well… how do YOU feel about your Moon Pluto? Do you find it makes you flow and leak and gush? Or do you find that it makes you hold it in more and you threaten to burst and then you do, when triggered.

Or maybe you are sealed up tight.

How do you regulate your intensity? 

It’s like a war inside, right? You don’t need politics, you don’t need newspapers, you don’t need reality. You’re a self-sustaining, self-generating source of power. It’s all inside you. Most of the plays I’ve written were this Moon Pluto intensity but through the mouths of characters. On the one hand, you don’t need anyone to feel. On the other hand, you need desperately.

It’s like the music is never loud enough, the sex is never hard enough, the other person is never there enough. FILL ME UP says the Moon Pluto person because I can’t bear to be alone IN THIS. It needs to be shared. It needs to ATTACH.

And it’s not that it feels bad. It doesn’t feel bad at all. But it’s a tremendous amount of energy that needs release and relief and expression and explosion. And no fear, okay? Don’t fear what’s inside you.

What do you do? How do you make it better?

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Moon Alert! Moon In Cancer!

"moon pluto"
Surprise! Mike Tyson: Cancer Sun!

I woke up feeling nervous this morning, pensive, so I decided to see where the Moon was, also remembering that Venus is still dancing with the big boys, the outer planets. Needed to doublecheck.

And yes! Right on time. Shape-shifting Moon in Cancer is at 9 degrees. Now, she’s past squaring transiting Uranus and she’s past opposing transiting Pluto but she’s heading headlong into squaring transiting Saturn (and one degree past her Venus square). Ouch Moon in Cancer ouch.

Yesterday I was telling someone that I “felt no dread” about the Cancer Sun doing her business like this and then what happens? I wake up feeling dread!

My progressed Venus is at 8 degrees so that’s a little extra somethin’ in the love-department, a little extra tension. Or loss (Pluto) or loss (Saturn) or loss (Uranus).

Being trapped in the cardinal cross hairs makes Cancer Moon feel like hiding. If you are waiting on news from a Crabby buddy, you may wait until tomorrow.

As I approach the new day though, I want to leave behind the painful confusion of sleep and walk towards a better feeling. The day is young (in the Big City anyway). Anything can happen. Anything good. A life can change in an instant.

Jupiter (which is sextiling Moon in Cancer) is trining my Ascendent these days; I got a little extra positivity in my body (1st House). So let Jupiter (yes, even retrograde) reverse/retrograde any negative feeling you’re feeling from today’s Moon. Got it?

Is the Cancer Moon affecting you? 

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