SO PISSED OFF THAT YOU TAKE ACTION: More Advice For The New Moon in Scorpio

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I want to talk to you a little more about Mars as the co-ruler of Scorpio and this weekend’s New Moon in Scorpio and what to do with that energy which really cannot be separated from the Mars Pluto square.

Here is your advice:

let your fear (fear of WHATEVER, doesn’t matter) piss you off enough, make you SO ANGRY, that you take action. 

Mars is your ACTION. Pluto is your obsessive focus. Now of course I think it would be helpful to be… careful about what you choose in the coming days because Mars is impulsive and Pluto is ruthless and this combination in the SQUARE aspect could give you some very very VERY bad ideas.

I WANT YOU TO HAVE GOOD IDEAS. Do I sound controlling? I sound controlling. But really I’m just trying to help navigate you through this stormy Mars Pluto Scorpio sea.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend. We try to meet once a week to talk business, his business, my business, give feedback, advice, help and I said to him: steer the ship. I was 100% that he had not lost control (and he was worrying like a Virgo Moon with 100000 other placements in Virgo) but he had not lost ANYTHING and I was there to remind him so I am reminding ALL OF YOU:

steer, guide, direct, maneuver, marshal, DRIVE this energy. 

I know you want to share your energy with someone. Scorpio always does. And the Mars Pluto square can make you choose the wrong person, the wrong path, the wrong commitment. Don’t do that. Don’t be rash. Let the New Moon be QUIET for you. Let the New Moon be still. An anchor, a port, a calm sea not a crazy do-or-die sea. Stop and listen. THEN let your fear piss you off so much that you take action. HIGH PRIESTESS THEN MAGICIAN. IN THAT ORDER.

Thank you.

"moon conjunct pluto"

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NO CONSENT: Mars Square Pluto This Weekend

I’m going to give you another warning about this week, okay? Okay!

BUT FIRST a big thank you to astrologer Maria DiSimone who had me on her podcast yesterday! The show will be available on Friday and I’ll make sure to share it here and on my social media.

"mars square pluto"
Why am I giving you another warning?

Because I don’t want you to forget that the Mars Pluto square is exact on Sunday.

Exact = we are building towards this aspect now so it’s growing stronger and stronger day by day. We’re in the hot zone now. It’s Wednesday as I type this and the aspect “perfects” Sunday morning. 

Today we are under these sweet gauzy trines including VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE so you may not feel the Mars Pluto undercurrent YET.

Or you may. I’ve had folks on my Facebook say they already blew up at people or vice versa. Mars is in Libra (associated with relationships).

You are going to want to be, well, as graceful as can be even if your pot boileth over on the inside. Stay safe.

As I wrote on my FB Timeline yesterday: I am not predicting any harm to befall you! But I am predicting this sweet Venus Neptune vibe will give way to a beast.

The question then becomes:
how do you handle the beast?
Who is the beast? Is it yours?
Theirs? Both?

What is Mars? 
Energy. Passion. Blood. Aggression. Force. NO CONSENT.

Mars does. Mars takes. Mars doesn’t ask questions.
Mars and Pluto together DO NOT REQUIRE YOUR CONSENT.

What is Pluto?
Power. Just one word for now. POWER.

But think of Pluto, for our purposes here, as your inner power. Inner STRENGTH. Inner “I’m gonna get what I want” as opposed to “I can do THIS many push-ups.” The number of push-ups or the amount of weight you lift, that is MARS. But Pluto is the absolute unwavering desire or commitment to the goal, no matter how short or long term. Pluto is a state of mind. Pluto is a plan.

Pluto sets the fire. Mars runs into it.

When these two SQUARE each other, things can go awry, things can go badly, it can get unwieldy. I’m being NICE as I describe this. You drop the weight on your foot. You don’t know your own strength. You hurt yourself. You hurt someone else.

Pluto is refusal. Refusal so stop, refusal to bend. Refusal to indulge in your stupid self-care ritual. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET WHAT I WANT AND I WILL PROBABLY KEEP GOING AFTER THAT says Pluto. And this may be commitment to depression. Commitment to survival. Commitment to winning someone over. Commitment to WINNING. Commitment to NO CHANGE EVER. Commitment to persistent negativity. Commitment to LOVE. Commitment to SERVICE.

Mars gets tired. There is only so much physical energy we can muster. We simply run out of fuel. We collapse. The body stops. Every long distance runner has to stop at some point. Every sex session comes to a close (with or without the little death).

AND THEN THERE IS PLUTO. (And I have a well-aspected Moon Pluto conjunction in my First House in my natal so I know a thing or two about not giving up.)

Unlike Mars, Pluto never tires. Pluto = regeneration. A well-aspected Pluto has an endless energy supply for whatever it craves (according to its placement in your birth chart or by transit). It’s a self-sustaining generator (unless its fuel is another person, which is easy to see in a chart).


Don’t start any fights this week. Don’t poke the bear, don’t take the bait, etc. Avoid people who make you want to punch them in the head. Try to err on the side of playing dumb (smile through your gritted teeth) and don’t follow any ghosts into any abandoned warehouses and you should be just fine.

Any questions? 
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The Stars This Week: How Much Scorpio Is Too Much Scorpio?

"new moon in scorpio"
I say this because of tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio
. It’s a beautiful aspect (Venus Jupiter) but it’s in, well, Scorpio. Don’t get me wrong. Y’all know I love Scorpio. My mother, whose birthday is/was today, was a mega Scorpio. This energy is MY energy (Moon Pluto conjunction First House here).

But how much is too much? Too determined? Too focused? Too brooding? Too obsessed? Too fearless? Too willing to sting yourself to death, dear Scorpio? 

So I’m gonna ask it – of the Scorpios reading this – my favorite question of all: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

This is your time.

Sun is still in Scorpio. Venus Jupiter in Scorpio tomorrow. Moon in Scorpio this week leading to a NEW MOON IN SCORPIO leading to a Mars Pluto square (Mars and Pluto are Scorpio’s ruling planets). This isn’t just your time, this is you, your life, your death, your rebirth, over a week’s time.

The Mars Pluto square gets a warning of course. It’s a notoriously bad aspect. And with Mars in the sign of Libra, it’s your relationship that get heated up — which can be good or not so good. I would avoid dark abandoned places this weekend. Seriously.

But I don’t want to focus on that. Instead I want to think about you, Scorpio Sun or Moon or Rising reading this and how this week is YOUR week. New Moon in your sign? What do you want? Because, realize, you can get it. More than anyone YOU can get it.

And that’s not me blowing smoke up your ass (no clue who taught me that phrase but someone did. My sincere apologies!). Think about it. SET YOUR GODDAMN NEW MOON INTENTIONS AND GO GET THAT THING.

"new moon in scorpio"

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A Kitten For Goldy + The Stars Next Week

"new moon eclipse in pisces"
So I visited three “animal shelters” today.

One was a pet store that has kitten adoptions. I am thinking about a kitten for Goldy. Goldy has never been a single cat. He was with two ladies always until Kitty died in 2015 and then Cleo, his litter mate, who passed in December.

I went to the no-kill shelter too (closed for adoptions today) and then to the kill shelter. I hadn’t even though of this. It was explained to me throughout the course of the day. Kill vs no-kill. I believe first and foremost in quality of life. Is it better for all these animals to lead long lives in these little boxes? Uber after Uber, not cheap.

ANYWAY, no sale today. No kitten for Goldy yet but I have my eye on a very chatty cat who was surrendered by his person just five days ago. He wouldn’t stop talking. Broke my heart. Five days ago. In the meantime I discovered this amazing Pet Medium on YouTube named Brent Atwater. Please look her up on YouTube if you are missing a beloved animal.

So I had predicted this week would be pretty smooth – good aspects mostly. Sun enters Pisces on the weekend. It’s next week that’s a bit nutty. I may as well talk a bit about that now because I’m not sure if I am back to the blog yet for real (daily, regularly) or just visiting…

Okay so the Sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces and this is a dramatic energy shift. From head to heart. Important to watch where the Sun goes in your chart. My cusps are all pretty early so the new Sun is a new House for me almost always. New areas of life get LIT UP.

Next week’s niceness is the Mercury Jupiter trine and the Mercury Saturn sextile, good for you writers, but what I’m less crazy about is:

Mars in Aries square Pluto and then conjunct Uranus. Jupiter in Libra of course gets pulled in here too. Cancer is the empty leg of the t-square. Eat. Cry. Eat again. I wrote on Facebook, you can’t cry and eat at the same time (at least not so well) so take turns. (Beware Cancers who have no appetite btw. Word to the wise).

Saturday, Mercury enters Pisces and then on Sunday we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 8 degrees which is the same day as the Mars Uranus conjunction .

It really is the end of SOMETHING in that early Pisces House of yours. Mars Uranus to me makes it final. You don’t drift away you speed away. You are ready for something new. NEW.

This is what I’m thinking and what I’ve been saying in the current class: you’re done. You’re done with something across that Virgo Pisces axis. Lesson LEARNED. The last Virgo Pisces eclipse for decades and the Nodes are shifting this spring to Leo/Aquarius YOU ARE DONE. You have passed the test. I believe it. Like grace. You’d really have to fuck up tremendously now to not benefit from this reality shift.

You can finally get what you want across your Virgo Pisces houses so what do you want?


Where Do You Want To Put Your Energy Now? Full Moon In The Archer

"mars square pluto" They say this upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius is a doozy.

Mars square Pluto enough for you? What about a Venus Saturn opposition. Hot and cold. Can I get an UGH?

And then there’s the Chiron action: Saturn trine Chiron. Venus sextile Chiron. Chiron Chiron Chiron Chiron Chiron! Easy aspects blah blah. Wounded Healer blah blah. Chiron is an injury. TO YOUR SOUL.

Here’s what I had to say on Beliefnet about this Full Moon so please click on this almightily link here! (Oh yeah, and share the post! It’s good for business).

But back to the Full Moon…

IF (yes, if) the Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a closing/releasing/ending/old portal/new portal/liberation/DELIVERANCE into your life then it will create space and…


You are the arrow that flies.

Love, MP

Class starts next week, Wednesday. This post here has the details. TAROT CLASS. Special Seminar on the Celtic Cross. Absolute Beginners welcome. Tarot Mavens welcome. All are welcome. Hope to see you :)

Mercury Enters Sweet Sweet Taurus

"venus in leo in the 12th House"
Good Morning star gazers!

You don’t have to love yourself.
You don’t.

I was at the mall yesterday.
Well, Brooklyn’s version of a “mall” and there was a popular store (women’s underwear store) with a HUGE sign and the words, if I remember correctly, LOVE YOURSELF.

How Aries of them, eh? Making the demand. Yelling in all caps. Funny because Venus isn’t in Aries yet ;)

I sneered.
Love myself?
And if I don’t want to TODAY? Or tomorrow? Or yesterday.
And if I DO? Does that mean I’m part of this… machine? The underwear selling machine that wants to use how I feel about myself and my body to… sell more underwear.

Not that I got upset BUT I seem to see this message a lot these days. Love yourself.
And I want to free you from the tyranny of having to love yourself.
Because you don’t have to love yourself.
You are FINE just the way you are.
If you hate yourself today, that is fine.
If you feel angry and not wearing fancy underwear that is fine.
I feel a ton more liberated when I’m not being told how to feel :)

Love is on my mind because the May class will be love/Venus themed.
Love is on my mind because the Sun is now in Taurus, which is Venus ruled and Mercury entered Taurus this morning.
You don’t have to be so hard it is safe to sweeten now.

And love is on my mind because I am RECLAIMING MY VENUS, which is in the 12th House, and which desperately needs solitude thus I have gone on silent retreat. Without leaving my house :)
Oh don’t worry I am still working and writing and seeing clients but I am GOING INTO THE INTERIOR.
It’s not only what I value. Venus rules values. It’s what I require to be a happy, functioning HUMAN.

You may say, but MoonPluto, requirements and needs are the province of the Moon but truth is I don’t think it’s cut so clearly. Venus shows us what we love dearly.
If we are cut off from our love then… we die.
On the inside.
Our core grows lonely.
Our core begins to rot.

MY ADVICE TO YOU: TAKE CARE TO PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE. GUARD IT. AND DO NOT BE ASHAMED. And take pictures of yourself first thing in the morning if you feel like it and post them on your blog just because :)

" cardinal grand cross 2014"
What does YOUR Venus need?

Seriously. You don’t have to love yourself today, but I hope you will discard the shame you are carrying around, my doves.
I love you.

If you are interested in the May class offering, please click here for details.

Love, MP

Grand Cross CROSSROADS x Which Way Will You Go?

If you Follow or Friend me on Facebook, you can be part of these conversations as they happen.

I’m more active on Facebook (and a bit less on Twitter these days) than on my blog lately.

Here is a conversation I started when I couldn’t sleep last night :) I did some edits and some adding.

I am attempting to describe the ENERGY of the Cardinal Grand Cross (happening in a sky near you this April) as I understand/feel it.

I’m glad Saturn in Scorpio is not part of the April Astro Avalanche ;)

Crosses are Big Squeezes — squeezes by the people in our lives, their unconscious desires and conscious frustrations. OURS too. And fate. What we must witness and/or experience. 

The houses of your chart talk to each other. So many combinations due to this Cross.


Jupiter square Uranus in your chart will mean one thing vs Jupiter opposition Pluto vs Jupiter square Mars.

Go around the wheel for yourself. Pick out the stories you see. Break it down. Jupiter is the storyteller, the seer. Start there.

Or start with Mars: your PASSION.

Or start with Pluto: COMPULSION.

And then there is Uranus. FREEDOM.

And there are more keywords of course :)

Go around the wheel. How many stories do you see?  Which ones MUST BE TOLD NOW? Which ones are on hold? Which ones will culminate in April? Or maybe the Cross and its potent degrees don’t affect you at all.

So many interlocking and intense stories (and storytellers! the players in your lives…) but I think many (bright side alert!) will see their lives come together. SUCCESS CAN BE STRESSFUL TOO. GETTING WHAT YOU WANT CAN BE STRESSFUL TOO. The cross is stable. But the parts are moving. You are strung up yes but you aren’t dead. Four legs to the table. You have complete range of motion. You are a DANCER. You are a HEALER. Pluto is the most slow. Mars is fastest. I think the Mars Pluto square is the magic here. The dark horse butterfly dancer magician. For once Mars Pluto can light our way :)


It’s a pretty neat trick. How you root yourself now and a month from now. This Grand Cross is about your roots. Where are you from? Where are you going? WHERE ARE YOU NOW, RIGHT NOW, ON THE MAP? YOU ARE HERE.

When I get out of the subway before I leave the station there is often a street map letting me know I AM HERE. But WHERE IS HERE?

I see the cardinal houses in my chart lit up in my minds eye. LIKE A PINBALL MACHINE. Ding. Ding. Ding. Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding! ! ! ! !

The chaos you may feel is due to not knowing where the next silver ball emerges.

So you hold on to your chakras!  You grasp the sides of the machine. And you keep pressing the silver buttons to activate those flippers. You can’t stop! Keep the ball in action. IN PLAY. (And that’s the secret of the secret isn’t it? Play. Detaching from Ego. Allowing God’s will.)

If you start to freak out because you are reading too many doomsday reports about April, remember these two things (and call me for a consult if you feel inspired)

1) Saturn is not part of this. We are not paralyzed or stuck. In fact the opposite is true. Cardinal signs are best equipped to handle this because Cardinal signs MOVE. Dynamic, creative changers. 


You are dynamic and stable-table-strong simultaneously. Grasp this and you grasp the next year of your life.


Love, MP

Transiting Mars Square Pluto

Mars is square my Pluto today, probably square a lot of your Plutos (hello Pluto in Virgo generation) and I’m sitting at a cafe waiting on a friend. Actually he’s gone to an appointment and I’m waiting for him to be done. Got my drink, got my food, Moon’s in Cancer.

I’m also on my iPad here and not sure how to save this as a draft, rather than publish it right away (using the WordPress app) so this will go up without a picture and perhaps not so edited.

Mars square Pluto is an aspect of violence but it starts on the inside and I (or you) can either workout like a mofo or start fights with my lover. I did both today.

And then I realized, and then I remembered: Mars is square my Pluto and technically still squaring my Moon. Emotional violence. Chaos. Angst. Stabby ragey.

Once I realized what I needed to do, which included not expecting him to do anything about my mood (despite his offering), I got out my kickboxing DVD and I kicked and I boxed and grunted. I screamed too. I never scream. I’ve written about The Scream before. Got one in me. Have a sore throat now. Midway through the workout, I poke my head out the door to make sure I haven’t alarmed the cats. Or him.

So that’s one way, one good way, to deal with this transit: it is energy. It is energy in your body. And it’s not neutral. It is hot, it is passionate, it is blood energy, and without expression i.e. if you stay cooped up in your warm apartment doing nothing to appease this angry god, you will suffer and cause those around you to suffer. Mars Pluto is a demanding bitch.

There’s a gal in my chat room with Mars in her natal 8th House and she’s a runner. 90 minutes a day? More? With an aspect like that, you HAVE to. I’d say any Mars Pluto combination (even the “good aspects”) will create energy in reserve that needs expulsion and you know what? There will be more. It will keep regenerating and the more you sit on it, the more you feel in danger of exploding.

Do you have a Mars Pluto aspect?

Love, MP

Mars In Cancer vs. Mars In Aries (and more!)

Mars in Cancer is a protector — of the weak, of the vulnerable – but also wants a protector.

Mars in Cancer likely cries as she/he protects. Not very Marsy, is it?

It’s not easy for Mars in Cancer to stand up for him or herself. It’s somewhat easier to do it for others.

They can’t help but let the issue sit and fester, often making themselves ill in the process, or dreaming of revenge (but never ever taking it) and then the anger has built up to sick levels.

And they always feel guilty, believing it’s their fault, ready to take the blame (oh those oversensitive water signs!) and thus they often do get blamed because they have eaten (Cancer) their power.

Contrast this with Mars in Aries who goes in and gets it done, no emotional hangover, no story, no excuses. Point made, point taken.  A bullet to the head. Or Mars in Scorpio, also a water sign, but the secretive strategist. You won’t even know it’s there. Until you do. And by then, yes, it’s too late. Or Mars in Libra (Aries’ opposite) who kills (disarms) with “kindness.” It’s funny though – whenever a Mars in Libra is annoyed with me, I can always feel it, I can always tell — beneath that beautiful smile is still Mars, rage. Rage is pretty damn hard to hide. Mars in Pisces will turn it against themselves: why me! Mars in Gemini will hurt with words or get too distracted to blow their top. Lots of little bombs though.

Mercury goes direct this week. Time to think ahead and stop looking back.

In the coming weeks, Mars will conjunct Uranus, inconjunct Saturn, square Pluto. How does that sound? ;)

Mars conjunct Uranus is the grenade you’re holding in your hands. Inconjunct Saturn is the pin still in it. And Mars square Pluto? Pulling out the pin.

On a more positive note :) you may simply be feeling more energized. It may be easier than usual to stand up for yourself, make your point of view known, claim what’s yours, fight for yourself or others. Defend your turf!

Know what you want, okay? Know what you want because… before you know it, you’ll be moving forward at an alarming speed, with full frontal desire, and it will be TOO LATE to change your mind, to change what you did. ACTION.

Deliberate NOW because once you get that ball rolling…


Where is your Mars and what do you know about it? Does it fit the typical descriptions? 


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Mars In Libra: She’s Got A Knife

"mars in libra"

Mars in Libra is a bouquet of soldiers, an attack of grace.

Mars in Libra may not bring clarity to you this month. Too much smiling to be honest. Wait for penetrating Mars in Scorpio for that ;)

What will Mars in Libra offer?  Relationship. The marriage of fire and air. Desire and attraction. Hope and strength. All or nothing thinking. Reversals and surprises. The shock of a lifetime.

You may feel angry and unable to express it. Imagine a polite volcano. No such thing and yet polite you remain until you let loose and everybody runs.

What to do? You tell me ;) You’ve been thinking about astrology long enough, haven’t you?

Love, MP

The Stars Today! Grace And Ginger

"mars in libra"I was tweeting last night that the skies to me feel like a Mama Cat (Sun in Cancer) tsk-tsking her randy kittens. It’s frisky weather!

Mercury in Fire, Mars in Air, Venus in Air. There’s a party going on and Mama may or may not be invited.

Mercury and Venus are tightly sextile as I write this. It’s a charming aspect. Babies born today will be able to sell sunshine to Floridians. It’s a possible con-man aspect or just a good talker/writer/singer. Maybe some of both, depending on the rest of the chart.

Transits to watch in the coming days and the energy is building now but not peaking yet: Mars in Libra will 1. trine Jupiter and 2. trine Venus and 3. oppose Uranus and 4. square Pluto! 5. square the Sun!

Eek! Now that’s a lot of energy swirling around your chart, especially if you have planets in cardinal signs around 6//7/8 degrees. Gemini and Sagittarius feel particularly supported to me though.

Find early Libra in your chart and you will find where your energy is going or will be going. It will be anything but neutral. Mars is desire. Mars is passion. And Libra is, on the one hand, the mirror and  on the other hand, a commander! You will command that area of life where Mars is transiting.

Also, there’s an opportunity, to see deeply IN to that area of life where Mars is transiting your chart.

My advice for the time being is to enlist that charming con-man aspect that is happening now. Charm yourself. Charm the skies. Charm everyone within reach. What do I mean by this? Be sweet. Be nice. Be pleasant. Be fair. Be Libra. And keep your massive goals secret (Mars enters Scorpio next!).

It’s all very Ginger Rogers. Dancers work hard behind the scenes but their grace appears effortless.

Love, MP

Depression, Work, And Astrology

"full moon in libra"

There was this guy. We were dating. In case you are curious, he was Gemini Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius… I was pretty attracted and yet repulsed by him. His Mars squared my Pluto.

We were on the phone once and he made a comment about how I wasn’t a “go-getter” or maybe I said I was a “go-getter” and he disagreed and I got sooooo mad because there I was STRUGGLING with my own business, working hard, trying to make it work, not knowing how to run my own business, learning as I went along, and feeling FUCK I am a GO-GETTER! I GO AND I GET!

I don’t know what made me think about him just now but it’s like… he didn’t see me, couldn’t see me. And maybe I didn’t, couldn’t see him. We tried to date a few times and the last time I acted badly. I said some things.

I grew into my Virgo planets. I had so much depression (repressed rage? feelings of powerlessness?) for so much of my life and… you can’t WORK when you’re depressed, not really, not normally, not effectively. It’s just a… different way of living. Different landscape.

I’ve only written a little about my depression on the blog and maybe I should write more. I’ve never examined what transits I was under during key years…

Who we TRULY are evolves, it changes. Did I have to cut through wall after wall after wall after wall of depression and defeat before I found my work, my Saturn? Before I found what I could do?

Have you found what you can do? 


Interested in a Reading? My North Node in Pisces in the 6th House wants to help you :) And my Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House in Virgo sees what you don’t want to see ;)  Information about my Astrology and Tarot Readings and testimonials over yonder on the left there or email me at moonpluto@gmail

Talking Dirty: Transiting Mars Square Pluto

"al pacino"
Talk dirty to me, Serpico! Al Pacino has Mars in Gemini

Transiting Mars in Gemini is squaring my Moon Pluto conjunction. And Mars, right now, by degree is sandwiched between the two of them and if you wanted to be nice you could say that he’s energizing the conjunction but the truth is that it’s an unholy threesome and guess who’s getting the DP?

Me. My Moon: feelings, moods, the body.

Now, I haven’t done a full length comparison but in terms of hard aspects, I prefer Mars in Gemini compared to Mars in Sagittarius (which will make my home hurt; it’s a 4th House transit) or Mars in Pisces (which will come at me; it’s a 7th House transit). Mars in Gemini squares my 1st House, my self, my soul, gives me the illusion of control. That I only have to deal with me. (Ha!)

Mars in Gemini gives me the energy to write about it. Mars square Moon makes it emotional. And Mars square Pluto is dirty, very dirty ;) Are you an Al Pacino fan too?

What is Mars in Gemini doing to YOU? What do you WANT Mars in Gemini to do?

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Your Transiting Redemption (Part Two)

"moon pluto conjunction"
Leo Rising, Sun in Cancer

Do you know the phrase a good death? I think I learned that phrase from my mother who was using it to describe her grandmother’s death. That she died quietly, without pain, from old age, surrounded by family. That apparently this is the kind of death that a tzadekkis earns. Simple.

This evening I got some hard news about a dog who I know and love. And I realize as I type this that some may be offended that I went from talking about a human to a dog but I know I’ve got a point buried in here somewhere, like a bone.

The dog went blind all of a sudden and yes I went to go look at my transits because this is the dog’s transit and the owner’s transit but also my transit since I work with the dog and I realized after a quick glance at the list of planetary placements and degrees that I am simultaneously having losing transits and gaining transits, for lack of a better word. Mars square Pluto and Mars trine Jupiter. Mars in my 10th House. It’s all work related. And emotional. Mars square Moon too.

Since yesterday, I’ve been getting bad news and good news, bad news and good news, things falling apart and other things coming in. And what feels like the most important thing in my life holding steady. But yet I also feel myself bracing for more bad news.

Shock is physical. Grief is physical. These processes take place in the body.  And your reality shifts. Life was one way before. Another way after. As the cliche goes, no news is good news.

I’m still feeling some shock and wondering what tomorrow will bring. Square. Trine. Square. Trine. Which will it be?

What about you? How do you react to bad news?

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Fear Not Thy Neighbor’s Chart!

"moon pluto conjunction"
Those lips, those eyes, that Moon Pluto conjunction!

When I was taking my astrology class, there was a gal there, Scorpio Sun, Jupiter in the 1st House, and I can’t remember her name. She worked for Homeland Security. And I remember her saying that she felt a particular transit in her body and I wish I could remember which transit it was. But this came to mind today because I’m about to have Mars square my Moon Pluto conjunction. And I swear I feel it in my body. Kinda… agitated? Nervous? Paranoid?

Mars/Moon/Pluto peeps: how do you folks with this natal configuration handle it?

Is there an aspect where you wonder: how on earth do they survive THAT

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