2018: What Will Be? Have You Checked Your Chart + This Week’s Tarot Holiday Special!

The Little Book of Saturn

The earth feels slow and quiet to me these days. Came on all of a sudden.

Mercury goes retrograde early December at the end of Sagittarius.
Neptune goes Direct on Wednesday.
Sagittarius Season, which starts tonight, begins on my IC, the bottom of my chart.

Where I live it’s the dark time of year, even in sunny Florida.

How are you feeling?

"moon conjunct pluto"

I don’t want to use THOSE words and yet I want to use those words. Feeling a bit (here it comes) UNMOTIVATED or directionless or adrift???? although I’ve been busy with clients and enjoying it. DEEP TALK.

Still, I’m looking forward to a couple days off for Thanksgiving. I promise to draw cards only for myself!


2018. What will be?
What will it bring you?
What was 2017 about vs 2016?

What do you know about 2018 from your upcoming transits or Solar (or other) Returns?

Yesterday I did a Mars Return for someone and it was super fun! I’d never paid them much attention but yes I think they matter! All the charts matter. All the charts are keys and clues. That said, the Mars Return really is “just the transits” of the moment (transits matter!) but with a new Ascendent (and other angles and the Houses). That Ascendent matters!

"venus in scorpio"

Gonna ask it again!! What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

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The Sagittarius Search For Truth!!!!!!!

Stupid people are getting on my nerves. If that offends you I’m not sorry. But this is an ASTROLOGY blog so let’s get to it!

"sagittarius season"

Let’s talk SAGITTARIUS SEASON. I have a story for you. But first let me remind you that THE SUN ENTERS SAGITTARIUS ON TUESDAY. This Tuesday. The day after tomorrow.

And today I went to church. Sometimes I do that. Go to church. You know it was funny I was talking to an acquaintance today who said:

I didn’t know you were “involved” in church. At first I silently balked at the word INVOLVED and then I said to him: you don’t know me. We don’t know each other. How could you possibly be surprised or not surprised. YES I GO TO CHURCH MOTHERFUCKER. Didn’t say that part.

ANYWAY so I was at church this morning because there is this class that I love besides which I like some of the people there AND I love the goddamn motherfucking Holy Spirit why is that so hard to understand who I sometimes feel the presence of AT CHURCH and my favorite priest (yes I have a favorite priest) was presiding over my favorite class and he was telling a story.

And he’s a Sagittarius. You know where this is going, right?

And I started to take notes while he was talking :) Sometimes I do that!

The Sagittarius search for truth. They cannot NOT tell the truth. And he was telling a story of how he almost got fired, years ago, from this particular parish because of his belief (Sagittarius rules BELIEF) that Christians are NOT better than any other religion.  His inclusive attitude, his inclusive LOVING beliefs got him in trouble to the degree that after one of his sermons he got called to the rector’s office and given a harsh talking to — NEVER to do that again.

Why am I telling you this story? Because you can’t tell a Sag what to do and Sag Season is around the corner.

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius"

So my favorite priest didn’t get fired but he did get reprimanded for his “open-mindedness” and is a priest all these years later, telling us this story. He’s got a lot of stories. Famous for his stories I think.

If only the rector had known who he had hired, he probably wouldn’t have hired him (my priest said). BUT you can’t stop a Sag from telling their truth and this is wisdom for us all during Sagittarius Season. TELL IT!!!!!

Tell your truth but decide WHEN. Tell it after you have the job :)

"jupiter in scorpio"
Our Lady

Saturn is LEAVING Sagittarius. Saturn will be entering Capricorn NEXT MONTH. December.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been like the wild west. Rules? What rules? Order? What order? Structure? What structure? Not so Saturn in Capricorn. The rules, the order, the structure will be BINDING.

Saturn in Capricorn says: Do you have a plan? What’s the plan? Does your life have order? What’s your rule of life?

I love this story of my priest because I love the idea of a radical yet typical Sagittarius, priest, in this conventional path. With Saturn in Sagittarius the path was… the path. A winding road. It was the plan of no plan. Saturn in Sagittarius destroyed our plans with its refusal to plan so do not be surprised if all of a sudden in December, or already, you are thinking about your life in a more serious and responsible way, the Capricorn way, not this freewheeling maybe I’ll get fired way.

This question of plans and planning and GOALS will get more insistent. You will be called upon to create a SOLID LASTING ORGANIZATION TO YOUR LIFE.

FUCK! WHAT NOW? I’m feelin it. Already.

"moon conjunct pluto"

I will end this blog post with his words:
“We encounter the Divine, the Holy, in our own way.  As we grow and deepen our spiritual roots, our view of God, will change.” 

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SO PISSED OFF THAT YOU TAKE ACTION: More Advice For The New Moon in Scorpio

"mars square pluto"Recent blog posts
You Are Not Required To Crush Your Enemies (New Moon in Scorpio)
Sometimes You See Death (New Moon in Scorpio) 
No Consent (Mars square Pluto)

I want to talk to you a little more about Mars as the co-ruler of Scorpio and this weekend’s New Moon in Scorpio and what to do with that energy which really cannot be separated from the Mars Pluto square.

Here is your advice:

let your fear (fear of WHATEVER, doesn’t matter) piss you off enough, make you SO ANGRY, that you take action. 

Mars is your ACTION. Pluto is your obsessive focus. Now of course I think it would be helpful to be… careful about what you choose in the coming days because Mars is impulsive and Pluto is ruthless and this combination in the SQUARE aspect could give you some very very VERY bad ideas.

I WANT YOU TO HAVE GOOD IDEAS. Do I sound controlling? I sound controlling. But really I’m just trying to help navigate you through this stormy Mars Pluto Scorpio sea.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend. We try to meet once a week to talk business, his business, my business, give feedback, advice, help and I said to him: steer the ship. I was 100% that he had not lost control (and he was worrying like a Virgo Moon with 100000 other placements in Virgo) but he had not lost ANYTHING and I was there to remind him so I am reminding ALL OF YOU:

steer, guide, direct, maneuver, marshal, DRIVE this energy. 

I know you want to share your energy with someone. Scorpio always does. And the Mars Pluto square can make you choose the wrong person, the wrong path, the wrong commitment. Don’t do that. Don’t be rash. Let the New Moon be QUIET for you. Let the New Moon be still. An anchor, a port, a calm sea not a crazy do-or-die sea. Stop and listen. THEN let your fear piss you off so much that you take action. HIGH PRIESTESS THEN MAGICIAN. IN THAT ORDER.

Thank you.

"moon conjunct pluto"

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NO CONSENT: Mars Square Pluto This Weekend

I’m going to give you another warning about this week, okay? Okay!

BUT FIRST a big thank you to astrologer Maria DiSimone who had me on her podcast yesterday! The show will be available on Friday and I’ll make sure to share it here and on my social media.

"mars square pluto"
Why am I giving you another warning?

Because I don’t want you to forget that the Mars Pluto square is exact on Sunday.

Exact = we are building towards this aspect now so it’s growing stronger and stronger day by day. We’re in the hot zone now. It’s Wednesday as I type this and the aspect “perfects” Sunday morning. 

Today we are under these sweet gauzy trines including VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE so you may not feel the Mars Pluto undercurrent YET.

Or you may. I’ve had folks on my Facebook say they already blew up at people or vice versa. Mars is in Libra (associated with relationships).

You are going to want to be, well, as graceful as can be even if your pot boileth over on the inside. Stay safe.

As I wrote on my FB Timeline yesterday: I am not predicting any harm to befall you! But I am predicting this sweet Venus Neptune vibe will give way to a beast.

The question then becomes:
how do you handle the beast?
Who is the beast? Is it yours?
Theirs? Both?

What is Mars? 
Energy. Passion. Blood. Aggression. Force. NO CONSENT.

Mars does. Mars takes. Mars doesn’t ask questions.
Mars and Pluto together DO NOT REQUIRE YOUR CONSENT.

What is Pluto?
Power. Just one word for now. POWER.

But think of Pluto, for our purposes here, as your inner power. Inner STRENGTH. Inner “I’m gonna get what I want” as opposed to “I can do THIS many push-ups.” The number of push-ups or the amount of weight you lift, that is MARS. But Pluto is the absolute unwavering desire or commitment to the goal, no matter how short or long term. Pluto is a state of mind. Pluto is a plan.

Pluto sets the fire. Mars runs into it.

When these two SQUARE each other, things can go awry, things can go badly, it can get unwieldy. I’m being NICE as I describe this. You drop the weight on your foot. You don’t know your own strength. You hurt yourself. You hurt someone else.

Pluto is refusal. Refusal so stop, refusal to bend. Refusal to indulge in your stupid self-care ritual. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET WHAT I WANT AND I WILL PROBABLY KEEP GOING AFTER THAT says Pluto. And this may be commitment to depression. Commitment to survival. Commitment to winning someone over. Commitment to WINNING. Commitment to NO CHANGE EVER. Commitment to persistent negativity. Commitment to LOVE. Commitment to SERVICE.

Mars gets tired. There is only so much physical energy we can muster. We simply run out of fuel. We collapse. The body stops. Every long distance runner has to stop at some point. Every sex session comes to a close (with or without the little death).

AND THEN THERE IS PLUTO. (And I have a well-aspected Moon Pluto conjunction in my First House in my natal so I know a thing or two about not giving up.)

Unlike Mars, Pluto never tires. Pluto = regeneration. A well-aspected Pluto has an endless energy supply for whatever it craves (according to its placement in your birth chart or by transit). It’s a self-sustaining generator (unless its fuel is another person, which is easy to see in a chart).


Don’t start any fights this week. Don’t poke the bear, don’t take the bait, etc. Avoid people who make you want to punch them in the head. Try to err on the side of playing dumb (smile through your gritted teeth) and don’t follow any ghosts into any abandoned warehouses and you should be just fine.

Any questions? 
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The Stars This Weekend: Venus Saturn Uranus + Full Moon In Taurus ADVICE

"uranus in taurus"
I realized the other day that I’ve been blogging since 2011
. Talking to clients since 2011. That’s a long time. Almost ten years. Probably very little that I haven’t heard. Questions of love, sex, money, the spirit, grief, love, sex, money, the spirit, grief. Health. Everybody loves and everybody grieves. I don’t mean this to sound like the words on a headstone. I’m not quitting, just reflecting. It’s been a while. I have experience in what I do. And yes there are some folks I’ve been working with since then!!

Saturn is square Chiron today.

Two worldly wise teachers. Two teachers in pain and of pain. It’s the square aspect that makes the lessons edgy or hard to swallow. Swords lessons. But this is THREE OF THREE, my dears! We’ve been down this road before, wherever this happens in your chart. Final pass. Last chapter. This difficulty will soon become a memory as a new teaching takes its place. Saturn from the 4th has been squaring my 7th. And YOU?

Tomorrow is better. Venus is sextile Saturn. A sextile is better. A sextile helps. The lessons are less harsh. The lessons are hopeful. You’re committed and you don’t feel so damn ugly.

BUT WAIT. There’s more. It’s a busy weekend. If you feel things are slow now, just you wait.

Sun trine Neptune, Full Moon in Taurus, Venus opposing Uranus too. It’s a lot. What does it all mean? How do we make sense of the hopeless harsh Saturn Chiron square followed by Venus (love and money) and Saturn (work and structure) followed by Venus and Uranus (completely unpredictable) AND under a well-aspected Full Moon in Taurus. What? Huh? Venus, Saturn, Uranus WORKING TOGETHER. Sort of. Uranus doesn’t really “work together” with anyone.


"mercury in sagittarius"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

What I think and feel about all this SKY:

Something or someone out of the blue shows up.
That’s the URANUS influence. 

Could be a long lost love. A windfall.
New love. Luck alert! FOR ALL SIGNS.
Uranus is SUDDEN. 

Secrets exposed (and this could be you admitting something to yourself) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Full Moon, Taurus/Scorpio influence here.
Long kept secrets REVEALED.

Commitment to a goal (old or new) FOR ALL SIGNS.
That’s the Saturn part.

And maybe ALL THREE for you!

And yet this Venus Saturn Uranus thing…
There’s more I want to say BUT it may be particular for YOUR chart.

Do you have planets around 24/25/25 degrees? That’s the hot spot here.

And then Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday AND Mercury will go retrograde in Sagittarius so we have a new story forming.

My advice for you. I’ll draw ONE card FOR ALL SIGNS :)

It’s the King of Wands y’all. 
Advice: SIT STILL. Wait.

You don’t need to prove to ANYONE what you know or how you know or how skilled you are, that you are THE KING. You are the King. That’s it. Sit. Wait. Let them come to you.

And oh good lord my picture showed up sideways and I’m on a new computer and not sure how to rotate it on this DAMN THING nor how to remove it (unless I just cut and paste the text into a new post) so imagine that I’m laying next to you whispering sweet Tarot nothings or somethings in your ear with my deck and a magical cup of coffee that doesn’t spill on its side :) Hey, Witches can do this shit :)

I LOVE YOU. Talk to you soon xo
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Vomit On The Veil: On Scorpio Season & The Neptune Sea

Let’s talk upcoming transits. Transits are where the planets are now and how they affect us.

You may think I don’t want to waste my time in this Neptune sea, but I recommend you waste your time in this Neptune sea.

You want to be psychic? Want to “improve your intuition?” Want to talk to the dead? Come to the Neptune sea. It’s starting. Mercury’s in Scorpio. Sun’s in Scorpio. Jupiter too. They will trine Neptune as will Venus and Mars once they leave Libra. We don’t have a choice. This is what happens, it’s what the planets do.

Remember that a trine is the easier energy to manage that we take for granted. Stuff just falls in our laps. Good stuff. We get lucky. We are lucky. We don’t notice it. Important to remmeber this when you feel forsaken and forgotten. There’s a trine in the sky if not in your chart (although you may have at least ONE. I knew a woman who had NONE).

And you may think: I want a guarantee, but you don’t need a guarantee. That’s the work of the trine. It says YES. So we all get a YES under this sky.

Listen closely now: I’m going to tell you the only thing that Pluto has to teach us and Pluto co-rules Scorpio (along with Mars). Here’s your Pluto lesson for the day:  the way you survive this life is by making it okay no matter what you lose. Master that and you’ve got it made.

My mother was a Scorpio. Y’all should know this by now. Sun Mercury Venus Mars. I grew up with this energy. I know how ugly it can be. I know how holy it can be. I am her product. See me? Read me? I speak for her now. Scorpio Season is NOW. It’s ugly and it’s holy. Is it worth it to you? To stay with it? Do you want to? Do you want it? Is it worth it? 

I know my mother carried more letters full of secrets than the US postal service and of course I remember her during Scorpio Season and especially November when her birthday is. She didn’t have the Scoripo Pisces trine though.

But we do. We will. All of it can be redeemed over these days, over all these days until the Sun changes sign next month so the question remains like I asked above:

Is it worth it.
Do you want it.
Is it worth it.
Do you want it.

I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. I want it. Whether it’s worth it? I’ll let you know.

"sun trine neptune"

Sagittarius in Hell + The Stars This Week!

"venus square pluto"
Sagittarius is the storyteller.

They don’t stop talking. And I don’t mean this in a mean or critical way.

I’ve always had Sagittarius in my life, especially women. I love them. My favorite priest is a Sagittarius. Even the friendly and fierce manager of my favorite coffee shop is a Sag. And yes I’m sure there are quiet and demure ones, but I haven’t met them yet in real life.

Also as you probably know, Saturn (symbolizing restriction, limitation, wisdom, the teacher) is leaving Sagittarius this December and will enter its home sign of Capricorn.

So please get ready to listen to Sagittarius.

This is my advice: you will need to be patient.

Almost every Sagittarius Sun, Moon, and Rising has been through hell over the last 2 1/2 years and they have a lot to say. So be patient. Listen. Okay okay tune out when you must ;) but then LISTEN!!!!

Sagittarius, believe it or not, has been QUIET all this time. They have not been able to speak their truth, not like they need to, not like they SHOULD!

But Saturn leaves their sign and they will finally be free to speak again and teach again and travel again and roam and romp again. They will be free to tell their stories again, feel hope again.

And it will be worth listening to.


I was about to say it was going to be an uneventful week

UNTIL I saw Venus square Pluto (exact on Friday).

Earlier in the week, while that square is building:

Mercury trine Neptune (Tuesday) is a breeze. It’s BLISS. Blissful. Your mind on drugs except you don’t need any. I have this in my natal. I call it the poet’s aspect! Yes it’s great for writing.

Sun conjunct Jupiter (Thursday) is a full on ray of sunshine, but it’s SCORPIO SUNSHINE this week. We’re traveling through the underworld. The underworld can be dark. The underworld can be steamy. THE UNDERWORLD IS FULL OF DEAD PEOPLE. It’s the underworld after all.


What to do?

How to act?

Who to talk to?

What to avoid?

Honestly I think this week feels GOOD but it feels better for some than others.

For those of us who enjoy intense Pluto undercurrents, we are in our element. This is our sea. We never want to stay on the surface of things anyway.

The Venus Pluto square isn’t bad but it keeps us on edge all week with questions such as:

who really has the power here? Me? Them?

Who? And do I even want it?? Do I want to give it up? Hmmmm???

Problems may arise because Venus’ seduction skills can cloak some of the more nefarious Pluto influences. And you may fall hook, line, and sinker for whatever Pluto offers you.

Listen to me:


Take your time. Evaluate. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Scorpio always does


I keep thinking about this combination: Scorpio Season begins today (writing to you Sunday October 22nd) with Mars entering Libra:

Mars “rules” Scorpio (traditional ruler).

And Mars in Libra hunts Libra people places things. Mars in Libra hunts LOVE.

With the Sun in Scorpio it’s gonna be more relentless. Ruthless even.

So I recommend you figure out what you want and go for it but in a Libra way. Charm it.

Choose your weapon (i.e. strategy) and make sure it’s a pretty one

And this:

Don’t hunt anything you do not HAVE TO HAVE.

These times, these days, right now, are for keeps. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


What To Do For Scorpio Season: TIPS & TRICKS

"jupiter in scorpio"
I want to tell you what to do for Scorpio Season
without giving you an insipid list of tips and tricks

or tell you that the veil is thinning even though the veil is indeed thinning.

It’s more like a wall for most people. A WALL.

And now even necromancy is getting trendy. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to ground and shield, y’all.

When I tried to reach my beloved Cleo earlier this year, and I did try, it was part veil, part wall, part indestructible determination on my part. Got as close as I could (pretty damn close). 

Scorpio Season or Samhain Season puts us in the mind of dealing with the dead so that’s why. That’s why the “veil thins.” Because everybody’s doing it! Makes the veil weaker. Makes the veil gossamer. 

This week we have a New Moon in Libra opposing Uranus and what is Moon Uranus my friends? Crazy. This week we have Mercury entering Scorpio and meeting up with Jupiter. What is Mercury Jupiter? Crazy.

But seriously: 

Mercury Jupiter is joyful, but in Scorpio? That shit is dark. Daaaaaark.

And by dark I mean not all this death and rebirth transformation romantic sexy phoenix jizz but the lower levels, the lower floors. THE BASEMENT. Basements smell. Basement Scorpio manipulates and the Sun enters Scorpio too this week and…

Let me remind you that I love Scorpio. My mother had her Sun Mercury Venus and Mars in Scorpio and I loved my mother, good Cancer that I am.

Any words here are not ANTI SCORPIO but please don’t think for a moment that there isn’t always something else going on with Scorpio. Always.

And NO it’s not the same for all signs and all times. Some signs, like Scorpio, like Libra, are always thinking three four five six steps ahead. Personally I find it exahusting, sensitive teddy bear Cancer that I am.


So here’s your tip, here’s your trick for getting the most out of Scorpio Season and really any time of year when Scorpios are afoot: 

LEARN from the Scorpios who appear to have what they want and need in this life and learn from the ones who are writhing in agony. You get lessons from both. Learn, listen, watch. 

And this: intensity is not the same thing as maturity or wisdom or kindness.

Happy New New Moon. 
Happy Jupiter in Scorpio 
Happy END OF TRANSITING PLUTO OPPOSING MY SUN (it’s been years, in combination with other brutal transits). 

But how are you, my darling?

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Pluto Goes Direct + This Weekend Two For One *SALE*

"pluto goes direct"
Some thoughts about Pluto going direct in Libra Season can be found HERE at my Tree City Witch column over at Patheos Pagan in which I don’t actually recommend you do blood magick. Do your craft at your own risk, my friends.

Here’s a taste:

Another way this could play out and this scenario is pretty likely actually: you will become obsessed with love. Libra rules love. You will become obsessed with desire, with feeding your desire, gaining power over your desire. You will feel unstoppable, insatiable, hungry. The result of this I’m not so sure. I don’t know your chart. But I guarantee you this: you will feel your desire multiply and you will want to feed.

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That’s all for right now. It may not be Virgo Season anymore but we got Mercury, Venus, and Mars there still. May as well be!!!

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Jupiter in Scorpio On-Line CLASS Starts October 10th!!

"jupiter in scorpio"
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What it’s all about: 

Jupiter changes signs once a year (give or take a month) so THIS MATTERS for us all, collectively, but it matters for each individual as well.

This is why we’ll be talking JUPITER, what this planetary energy means big picture, and we’ll be talking SCORPIO – the sign Jupiter is entering – and we’ll be talking YOUR CHARTS. Mars and Pluto “rule” Scorpio so those energies will get our attention as well!

Goodbye Jupiter in Libra. Hello Jupiter in Scorpio! The THEMES change!!!
And where you need to focus, chart-wise, may change for you as well! 

All my classes are DISCUSSION based although lurkers are welcome! 

I will post videos every week (usually from my phone, directly uploaded to the secret group. No one else can see these!)

I will bring us thought provoking discussion prompts every week.

Each chart will get discussed more than once!

I will maintain a regular presence and be available to answer questions.

We will discuss the nature of Jupiter, the nature of Scorpio, the MAJOR aspects Jupiter in Scorpio will make to the outer planets during its transit!

YOU just need to show up :) talk if you want, lurk if you want.

You do NOT need to know anything about astrology to enjoy this class and to learn, but it’s also suitable for astrology mavens! We will jump right in! 

Got questions? Just send me a message xoxo

Are You Virgo Enough? Thoughts On The Stars Next Week!

"full moon in pisces"
Virgo Season/Pisces Full Moon ahoy

My blog is not dead. I’m still here!

As I often say I’m easier found on Facebook and I’m working on draft two of my book. My Tarot class launches next week (click here!) and if you want to get my free newsletter this is where to look.
But I have NOT forgotten you! 

"sun trine pluto"
Sun trine Pluto

Let’s talk astrology: 

Mercury has retrograded back to Leo.
The Moon is in work work work Capricorn as I type this.

This week we have an exciting inspiring passionate Mars Uranus trine (harmonious).
Mercury retro conjoins Mars on Sunday (talk talk talk)

Sun opposes Neptune 
Mars enters Virgo 
Mercury goes direct 
Full Moon in Pisces 
Mercury re-enters Virgo

There are additional “minor” aspects of course but this is the major action and it’s all about YOUR VIRGO/PISCES axis.

You figure this out once you know your birth time which will lead you to your Rising Sign which will lead you to knowing the house division of your chart and THEN you know okay THIS is my Virgo house and THIS is my Pisces.  (Yes you can hire me to help you with this.)

We all have Virgo and Pisces SOMEWHERE even if we do not have natal planets in those signs. Also, we have transiting planets in both those signs so it matters!!! Your Virgo Pisces axis matters! Tis the key to RIGHT NOW. 

Y’all know I’m personal. I’m a personal, spiritual, practical astrologer. YES I talk about the collective and collective energy but your chart is YOUR CHART.

My advice for this week: 

I refuse. I refuse to walk the road I usually do with this: Virgo neat and clean or messy but critical. Pisces la la la Neptune. The interaction between these two sides. Tidy and chaotic. Mercury mind and Neptune bliss and breeze. I refuse. Let me think up something a little more interesting. Give me a minute. 

What I sense is this:
the pressure is on.

And you will have to schedule in your Neptune moments.

I don’t know if this is more of the same old “advice” but it’s what I’m feeling here —

Virgo dominates the week, but that Full Moon in Pisces walks in the room to say:

I matter too. 

And this ignored MATTER of the matter is (in) your Pisces House!

Make sense? 

BEST part of this week is that powerful Sun Pluto trine. Your work takes on a golden hue. You’re not resentful. You’re swimming in Virgoan/Capricornian job-well-done delight.

It feels good. It is good. On top of your game you are!!!

"moon conjunct pluto"
my 2014 creation

Okay folks! I’m out for now. Find me on Facebook! We’d love to see you in the Tarot class! We start on Tuesday – it’s a six week journey into the heart of the Tarot and Tarot deck creation guidance, whether your deck is REAL or imaginary. 

That said, we DO have actual artists in there :) and they ARE gonna make decks. Am I? Maybe someday. For me it’s more about the creative process and the discovery. It always is.

Still, I wonder, what would MY Empress look like? 


The Sun Is Almost In Virgo Rejoice Little Witches Return To Your Practical Magick!


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"aliza einhorn"
My maternal great-grandmother

So I want to talk about Virgo Season. I have to talk about Virgo Season.

I am a Virgo Rising so Leo time for me is the 12th House and the ascendent is the line between the night of the 12th and the day of the 1st and here we go. At least for us Virgo Risings.  BACK TO WORK. Flow better.

I know for YOU it may be different because your chart is different, but hear me out: 

Virgo rules service, work, the details. Virgo people are always up to something. We are not good at rest and relaxation, especially the Risings, South Nodes, and Virgo Moons WE DO NOT STOP.

And it’s not that Leos don’t work hard. Of course they do. But every sign, every planet has it’s own particular brilliance. Virgo brilliance (some of it) is for work and the truth is I grew into my Virgo side. It wasn’t until I was my own boss that I could start to embody my massively Virgo chart.

And of course there’s more but I wanted to get us started. It is TIME to return to work and school and all the projects you put on hold for whatever reason.

I know Mercury is still RX but Mercury likes a little review! Fear not!

Return, my loves! Return!

What is Virgo to you? Do you have planets in Virgo?

"saturn goes direct in sagittarius "

Here Comes The King: Solar Eclipse In Leo


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"when is the solar eclipse in leo"
What you have to do is be strong.

Sometimes I advocate kindness and compassion. Well, I’m not NOT advocating kindness and compassion, but today I’m advocating “be strong” because I keep seeing this guy.

The question is: strong for what?

And I feel my age truly. Turned a year older not long ago and everything is different now.

The eclipse is well-aspected, trine both Saturn and Uranus.
Why this King of Swords warning?

Because such strength and maturity is asked of you at this time, as it always is during the eclipses and not just because it’s a lot of churning energy in the air. You’re being asked to step up. Do you want to step up? I don’t want to step up. I want to nap. But I step up. Trying!!!

Whatever you’ve avoided you cannot keep avoiding. Eclipses have this way of removing any veils or hiding places and this goes for the Lunar AND the Solar.

It’s a changing of the guard. Breakthrough. Endings and beginnings.
Say so long to what was.

For some it may be scary. For others, exhilarating. You are flung from one end to the other. Think about it. Think back to recent eclipses. You’ll see. Where you were. Where you are.

And maybe for you there is SO MUCH that needs to change that you welcome such energies. I like that. I like that a lot. I wish you smooth passage.

Okay my dears, I must go for now. Best way to keep up with me is on Facebook 

"when is the solar eclipse in leo"

Mercury Retrograde Through The Eighth House

"mercury retrograde 8th house"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

I feel in the post-Eclipse eye of the storm and this morning returning to the charts in my current class and just posted this so if you will be having MERCURY backing into your 8th House for the retrograde, this may apply to you.

Did you know Mercury goes retrograde this weekend?

For Miss X:

Mercury retrograde is an 8th House transit for you.

It touches your 9th House cusp but that’s it. Runs right back to your 8th House.

And this feels like dredging. You have to go back to this house, to the underworld, to dredge and to examine SOMETHING. Review SOMETHING that you may not want to review. I say this because the 8th House is not comfortable AT ALL. The 8th House is spooky on a good day. And is the reservoir of pain on a bad day. So you return to that 8th House to FACE something – old, possibly uncomfortable – about your needs, their needs, family legacy, the dead, dead parts of you…

How can this be good? Much to be learned. It’s a depth transit. It’s not time wasted. But you could feel lost in the dark for a bit. You could feel: why am I in here? Do I have to be here? Good news is that Mercury doesn’t stay retro forever but I get the sense of –

slinging and swinging in the deep blue dark. And if you want, just whistle. You can pass the time that way. Just whistle in the dark and ask the ghosts what they want to tell you

so yeah it’s not lighthearted fun Mercury here. It’s mediumship. It’s walking between worlds. It’s asking the dark questions and maybe being afraid of what the answer will be. It’s questions that you probably don’t even want to explore.

but think of Mercury as a light. Mercury ferrying you to the land of the dead and then back again. Virgo is the Hermit in the Tarot and the Hermit always has a lamp, a lantern, a torch. He/She always has a light.

I hope to post more chart thoughts today in blog posts

"mercury retrograde 8th house virgo"

News about my upcoming class if the Eclipses don’t kill me first. There is a FREE TRIAL for you (which means you can see a couple videos, read Week One course material, download a free lovely Tarot PDF) THERE WILL BE NEW VIDEOS EACH WEEK. The video for Week One isn’t up yet…

The course is a combination of the videos, the reading material, and our discussions in the private chat. However the FOUNDATION is your work and your exploration which I hope you will share. Weekly drawing and/or writing exercises get us there! Learn by doing. Explore by doing. You are free to enroll and lurk but those who DO will get the most out of it and dive deeply into their own psyche, creative processes, artistic vision, AND the Tarot

Lunar Eclipse Support Center + New Tarot Class (Free Trial!)

"sequential artists workshop tom hart"

My darling, I’m here to talk you off the ledge. It’s lonely and cold out there. Bring you IN from the ledge. Come in where it’s warm. Have a glass of wine. Decaf? Tea? Caffeine Free Diet Coke okay no problem my darling. Whatever you want. We got snacks. We got Paleo, Keto, vegan, vegetarian, and full on processed American food full of sugar. I know you love your sugar! Whatever you want, my darling. Times like these call for extreme snacks.

The first eclipse is Monday and you may be feeling TOO MUCH.

This morning I posted in my class that I was at my favorite place about to do my favorite thing and it felt like an arrow in my heart. I wanted to run right home.

Intense sudden sadness out of nowhere! That is *not* usual for me. Especially not at the cafe, heaven forfend! But it happened and I felt it and went onwards to foodshop and wondered if I should just cry, just let myself cry but I did not. As I was waiting for my Uber I realized that I should check where the moon was and sure enough there it was!! MOON IN CAPRICORN. Opposing my Sun and Mercury and on the way to opposing my Mars.

Beloved, over this weekend YOU MAY FEEL TOO MUCH.

And that’s okay. Just stay aware of why it is. The eclipse is coming, the full moon is coming and you may feel struck down by moods and intensity and HOWLING at the moods and moon and intensity and maybe you shouldn’t make plans.

I am breaking a plan I have for tonight because I am STILL fighting this cold and don’t want to make anyone sick and should probably stay in and SLEEP. Sleep. Sleep. And yet I fight with myself because I am in the mood to see people! But my BODY is saying no no no.

Now, an eclipse can’t force a cold virus upon you BUT if you are not used to running THIS MUCH ENERGY you could get sick. That’s just how it is. 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this Monday in the sign of Aquarius at 15 degrees and it’s the Full Moon not just opposing the Sun but also MARS. It’s a lot of fire, a lot of energy, a lot of emotion in the water bearer’s stone cold vessel. We are up to our necks in mood with no reason, no name.

Frankly I am sick of resting. I want to feel full of vigor but the only way we get back to that vigor land is through rest and not pushing when rest is required. Sigh. I know. It’s boring. But Beloved, THE ECLIPSE.

It would be foolish to imagine we are not affected by such cycles for we are, so completely and even more so if you have planets or points at or around 15 degrees in your chart! Do you? 

I’ll try to keep blogging more often this month to support you. To support you. To get under you, protect you, help you, guide you.


"lunar eclipse aquarius"
eclipse thoughts

In the meantime: 
I AM doing the Mini Moon Tarot this weekend as I will be home relaxing. Today and tomorrow. 15 minutes by Facebook messenger. $35 to my PayPal at moonpluto@gmail and we’ll find a time. I’m here for you. Just please note I don’t go overtime with these Mini readings. If you want more time, then purchase a 30 or 45 or 60 min reading or one of the bundles for deeper work. 

My new class beginning Sept 5th:

Here are two blog posts. Please take a look.

The first is from Tom Hart, director of the Sequential Artists Workshop. My new Tarot class is in collaboration with SAW

and the second blog post is from me.

Both are about Tarot deck creation and the creative process.

This link here is to the class information itself and there is a FREE TRIAL you can sign up for. I have been planning to upload another video to the Free Trial but haven’t yet. HOWEVER there is a free lovely PDF download you can print out, read, meditate on. I would love for you to join us. A couple videos too that talk about the method to the Tarot madness.

Most of all, for me, this class is Tarot YES but it’s “applied Tarot” — using the Tarot to access **ourselves** deeply through the act of pondering, writing, drawing, conceptualizing our own Tarot decks.

Please note that every week will include a new video, new material to read, and new discussions in the private Facebook group!

"lunar eclipse aquarius"

Uranus Retrograde, Jupiter Square Pluto + Tarot Class Thoughts

This is what I posted on my Instagram this morning about my upcoming Tarot class.:

I may just draw the Hanged Man over and over when I create my Tarot deck.
72 Hanged Man.

Already I’m starting to think visually. And I’m the kind of person who will say: I don’t think visually. But already it’s starting and in the middle of the night I had a thought and the thought had an image that I wanted to draw.

This is what my upcoming class is for. Bloodletting. Self expression. Creation.

And this is not so much a commercial but wanted to talk about my process and how making pictures is this other form of self expression that I’ve been alienated from for decades except for two versions of Tarot cards that I drew in 2015 which was a very bad year.

So I’m thinking there’s a missing piece here. So I’m thinking that maybe I found something. And I got up just now to draw what had been in my head overnight. My head cut off floating in the water, just above the waves.

There is a poem I love that begins: I know there is a worm in the human heart. I like to quote it every so often.

That too is my Hanged Man. Sometimes our lives are one card and one card only for years. And other times we shift between two or three. Sometimes maybe the whole deck. And maybe other times our lives go so blank we are that No-Thingness card from the Osho Zen Tarot. Black canvas. Pitch.

What I know is this: Life is a constant process of falling apart and coming together (or the illusion of it )and there are waves and drawing along with writing can take you deeper into the waves which is ultimately healing. Why? Because it makes you feel. Which is different than not feeling. Maybe someday your head won’t be bobbing on top of the water. At the very least, take a picture while it’s there.

So basically the class is to crack open your heart but I didn’t know that before. 

I’ve been drawing a lot which means three drawings this morning after two (?) years of none. I’m one of those “I can’t draw” people.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"
The Hanged Man

My drawings are simple as you can see here! I don’t know if I’ll ever make a deck-deck. You know, have it printed, etc. In the meantime I like doing exactly what I’m doing and I like having IMAGES spring up in my head. It’s using a part of my brain (soul? body?) that’s been asleep for a very long time.

AND I’ve decided that my Tarot deck will have a Major Arcana but it won’t follow the Fool’s Journey. It won’t be Fool through World. And I don’t know where it’s going yet or how it will change, but I’ve begun and it’s a purgative. Here’s Woman in the Waves. Major Arcana card no. 2.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"

A couple weeks ago in my other class (the one that keeps getting extended, the one that’s gone on for months now) I drew cards about my stuckness and all these Cups came up, including the King of Cups, Mr Stuck himself. Has to master those emotions, right? Yeah but. Squashing and repressing and pushing away is NOT mastery.

Stuff is coming up now. Starting to. Through the waves. Taking an axe to the ice.

Uranus retrograde is a magical marvelous transit. Think I’m crazy? I may be. Uranus is crazy too. Uranus retrograde stops this damn hurtling from hurtling so much. We get a break from the tireless tiresome invention. Isabel Hickey (who I quote often) wrote: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Aquarius is ruled by both! And our Monday Eclipse is in Aquarius with Uranus retrograde! Something from long ago. Something from the deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep past is leaving your life. You won’t miss it. It’s an old deep tired pain. Retire it. Return it. Ground it. Give it away. It probably wasn’t yours to begin with. You borrowed it. Give it back. Hand it off. Let it go. Goodbye goodbye goodbye.

In other news, Jupiter squares Pluto tomorrow (exact) which I wrote about the other day and your Pluto is EXPANDING.

What is Pluto to you? 

I’ll tell you what Pluto is to me although I speak as a First House Pluto person. Pluto is regeneration. Intensity and volcanic passion. It scares people. Depth. Intuition. All this is good Pluto. We don’t stop searching for meaning.

Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto tomorrow and yes bad Pluto (manipulation, coercion) can show up but good Pluto can also show up. Probably some of both will show up. You may feel overwhelmed at times if you aren’t used to this much Pluto, but there’s also much to enjoy about this aspect. Sex, for example.

As for me, I’ll be using my Moon Pluto conjunction to help clients find their way home and then it will be the weekend AND THEN THE ECLIPSE so rest up, my friends.


The Stars This Week: You’re Gonna Need Your Magick

"jupiter square pluto"
You’re gonna need your magick this week

It’s a pretty intense week my friends, and I’m feeling it already. Why so intense you may wonder? Because listen: 

Venus entered Cancer today. Cancer is a cardinal sign. 
Uranus in Aries goes retrograde on Wednesday (or Thursday depending on your time zone). Aries is a cardinal sign. 
And then on Friday Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. CARDINAL SIGNS.

They all square or oppose each other. TENSION. And cardinal signs, they say, are CONTROLLING.

All four cardinal signs are ACTIVE this week and even though Venus is brand new in Cancer, BY sign she is already squaring Jupiter and squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto. Anyone who has studied astrology with me KNOWS I do my astrology BY SIGN first. Degree, second. (And if you don’t know what I mean by that, I can teach you.)

You want your nurturing mama bear Venus in Cancer? Not this month. She’s more likely to spit in your food with aspects like these on the way. Not that Venus square Jupiter will be bad. She may over sweeten the cookies. Not that Venus square Uranus is bad. She may forget she left the oven on. Not that Venus opposing Pluto is bad but we all know what Venus Pluto is about don’t we. On a bad day. Forget about spitting in the cookies. How about a darker deeper nectar, more wicked than spit magick (been there done that).

My recommendation for this week besides BREATHE. Keep your mouth shut while you observe and gather intel so you can strategize when the time comes and the time WILL come when lovely Venus in Cancer makes all those aspects BY DEGREE as she moves through the sign. Time to dust off the altar, my friends. Our first Eclipse is a week from today.

For the moment, if you want to have a little fun and take your mind off the Eclipses (yeah right), you can meditate on this Uranus retrograde thing. Sounds funny I know. Uranus and meditation in the same sentence. But hear me out. As always, there is something to discover/REdiscover in a retrograde and now it’s Uranus’ turn and that 28 degree Aries mark is where you need to be looking. The Leo Solar Eclipse is also at 28. Guess we can’t take our minds off of the Eclipses after all but think about it: Uranus retrograde is part of your Leo Solar Eclipse story. Think about it. Think about it.


RIP Sam Shepard. I was, am, a fan.


You can sign up for a FREE TRIAL of my September class – Every Picture Tells A Story which is a Tarot class with an emphasis on the thought processes/creative processes that go into creating your own deck. There are a couple of intro videos + a downloadable PDF + a peek into the Week One material. New video will be uploaded this week.

Six weeks! Weekly videos, writing and drawing prompts, a secret Facebook group to discuss our findings, and weekly reading material as well (not too much – I won’t overwhelm you). Another video will be added this week to the Free Trial! 

Current Obsession: North Node In Leo, Solar Eclipse In Leo (August 21st)

"new moon eclipse leo" Current obsession:

the North Node in Leo and where it is in your chart so I beg you to visit, revisit your chart and the “late Leo” degrees because that’s where the New Moon Eclipse will be and where the North Node is now. Yes there’s an orb but that doesn’t dull my obsession!

Think of it like a treasure hunt. Where the North Node is now, you must follow. Notice how lit up it is. It is! But you have to think about it. Pay attention. So you go into that house and you go look for it, find it, what you need to know now about your path AND the Eclipse is right there too.

Yes for some folks it may be two houses, not one. Depends on your house system. Read it for two if you need to but don’t lose sight of the fact that you must seek and search and find and go North.

In the South? You must pack your bags. There’s an altogether different journey going on in there. Separate but related, the North and South, Leo and Aquarius. Something to release, let go, in the South. Somewhere to travel and discover in the North. IT IS NEW!

And start NOW. Start TODAY. Meditate on it. However you meditate. No wrong way. Just begin.

I was talking to a client today who has the North Node by transit in her 12th House. It’s a gift I told her. But really it’s the same for all of us. The gift is there. The wisdom is there. The treasure is there.

So. Choose an outfit. Choose a light source. What shoes will you wear? What’s the temperature? Do you need music? Maybe choose just a small carry-on or backpack, something easy to carry or maybe nothing at all and begin. Maybe you won’t take anything you know with you. Maybe. Maybe you will start over, spin the wheel.

Let me know how it goes… 
"new moon eclipse leo"
Three things: 
My latest on Patheos Pagan is here.

Here is news and details about my September class and we will be adding MORE to the Free Trial. Another video and a downloadable PDF coming next week!! But check it out now. There’s info and two videos

AND THIS WEEKEND is the BOGO – I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do it BUT THE ECLIPSES and people are asking so yes – all this weekend. Hour long eadings are buy one get one. Sale ends Sunday at 11;29 pm! $135. Two hours. Yes we can do it all at once or you can save the time! Limit TWO per person.

Love you xo

The Stars This Weekend: Moon In Aries & The Separation

So you may feel it this weekend. The separation. The Moon is in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars rules separation. You may want to go it alone and I’m not sure if it’s the right thing or the wrong thing, but you may feel it. Me first. My needs. And it may shock you. If you are used to putting others first. This urge to go alone or be alone. I’m here to tell you it’s okay. Sometimes the stars call for that. Sometimes the stars call. The stars are calling. The Aries Moon is calling. Do you have a motorcycle? This is an Aries Moon motorcycle rider weekend. It can be done. Don’t let them tell you that it can’t.

Next week is busy, intense, including a New Moon  in Leo at 0 degrees so enjoy this vroom vroom lull while you can, and true it may not feel like a lull at all. And yet it is. Next week we are that much closer to the August eclipses.


"new moon in leo"
Florida is for Witches

Here is a link to my latest on Patheos Pagan 

And here is the link to my upcoming Tarot class in collaboration with the Sequential Artists Workshop that starts right after Labor Day (that’s early September). It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done so for those who may be thinking yeah but I already learned Tarot with Aliza, this is quite new. We are focusing on Tarot deck creation, including all the various questions and choices that may arise from wanting to do such an amazing thing. Exercises, videos, discussion prompts. Six weeks. We are still perfecting the home page/course description but here it is so far…

This weekend: 
Reading Bundles are $25 off

The Big Big Sea: Full Moon in Capricorn Today/Tomorrow In A Sky Near You

"moon conjunct pluto"
High Priestess for your Full Moon toolkit

I’m feeling it too.
The Full Moon coming in. Here’s my Full Moon post from Patheos Pagan.

In this post I want to talk about how it feels because I feel it, this Capricorn Full Moon, and on my Facebook I posted that I consider myself EXPERT LEVEL in feelings but even I feel this one intensely, incoming.

And it’s about to thunderstorm here. Perfect! Rumbly grumbly thunder and leaves and branches blowing and it looks great! Grateful to be inside though listening to my Spotify and writing to you. Lightening flashes and the wind blows. Good thing I’m stocked up on candles and matches. Is that hail? It’s hailing.

So you may feel any or all of these: 

Does that cover it? Maybe.

I went to a grocery store this morning and anyone who knows me knows that grocery shopping is my favorite thing in the world, on par with my favorite coffee shop and I still felt anxiety, sadness, and a touch of angst but oh the wonders the wonders!

The store did assuage my anxiety and sadness a bit. It wasn’t a Whole Foods (we don’t have one yet) but it reminded me enough of my favorite NYC Whole Foods, in a good way, and what a perfect thing to do for a FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN opposing a Cancer Sun (which will be in my Solar Return by the way!) with Pluto and Jupiter involved. Food. Hunger. Safety and security. Nourishment, nurturing. Love. Love. Love. Love. Organic lettuce. Love. Love. Love. Cheaper Coconut Milk than Publix and a better brand. Love. Love. Love. Please pass the cacao nibs.

Everything you feel, today and tomorrow, will feel so very very very big.
It may feel like life and death.
It may feel this way.

I recommend a boat. I recommend a raft. Sail away on it. Out into the middle of the ocean, out into the middle of the sea, the big big sea. What music are you listening to out there? Or nothing at all. It’s quiet on the water but for the water.

Wanna know what my raft is? This. You. Us. Talking to you, being with you. And I may bake cookies again today (low carb, ketogenic cookies – one of these days I may start doing grocery store hauls on YouTube unless you beg me not to). 

What’s your raft? Where is it? Is it strong enough to hold you? Do you want me to hold you? I can do that. I can carry you.

I’ll draw a card for you, and us, and OH by the way – ALL DAY TODAY I am doing Mini Moon TAROT readings $25 for 15 minutes (no overtime) for Full Moon advice if you are struggling. Today only. Facebook Messenger readings. Or Gmail Gchat. 

The thunder sounds like a lion’s roar I kid you not. I drew the Judgement card.

"sun square pluto"
Judgement from the Marseilles Tarot

Revelation. Enlightenment. New understanding. (Interps from Yoav Ben-Dov).

Very Full Moon, eh? What’s coming through for you?
What are you figuring out?
Do you know what’s in store?
Turning point, healing.


Healing. Slowly. Over time. Naturally. Or in a flash, like that lightening just now. The Judgement card to me suggests this Uranian flash healing ZAP you are whole!
And maybe a little of both.

Happy almost Full Moon, y’all

This One Is About You: Venus Square Chiron (July 30th!)

"Venus square Chiron"

So we need to talk about this Venus Chiron situation.

My previous blog post was a bit controversial, but in a good way.

I had people complaining, as people tend to do, but MORE people coming to me and saying YES and thanking me.

But let’s move on, for a moment, away from Moon Pluto aspects (although you know we shall return!!!).

Chiron in Pisces went retrograde on July 1st.
Venus entered Gemini on July 4th.

Pisces and Gemini “square” and the square is an aspect that you should always be aware of — whether it happens by transit or it’s in your own birth chart.

Keyword TENSION is often associated with the square, and I agree with that, but let’s go a bit deeper, briefly.

The retrograde status of Chiron at this time signals a REVIEW. It’s not a new issue coming to light (is it ever?).

I find that squares are so unconscious that they feel second nature. And they are!

"sun square pluto"
Ace of Wands in the wild

We just do those squares in our charts. We just live them. Whatever! It’s just who we are. We don’t question them. We don’t notice what they are doing but we should!!! Because squares tear us apart, hold us back, mess up our relationships especially if they are Venus squares! Eventually we realize we got PROBLEMS. And that WE, not just fate or other people, are a problem.

Here is a caveat for the haters who read my blog anyway: 

YES there are always exceptions 
YES you may experience your square differently
YES not all squares are created equal 

Due to the proliferation of information and astrology experts on the social media, I have to add these caveats – to save the haters from having to waste their precious time and energy from telling me that it’s different for THEM or for people they KNOW. 

YES, I am aware. 

"venus square chiron"
Ace of Wands in the wild

So the squares are DRIVERS, motivators — we want what we want and the squares get in the way and yet they push us —


they are drivers that repeatedly crash into walls until how the square functions comes to our consciousness. Over and over and over.

For example:

your relationships continually fall apart and not in a good way (and you may not even be conscious enough to see this) and you have your natal Venus in a t-square or grand cross in your birth chart.

THIS IS WHY. This is WHY your relationships fall apart.

And until you get under those squares, untangle how they function and YOUR part in the stuckness, it won’t ever change. Realize you have a blind spot and you may need your partner or friends to tell you, show you, without you getting defensive.


And you may have a Venus Saturn square and feel like: okay I’m not doing the low side (being cold, distant, parental, taking on an authoritative role, turning the relationship into teacher/student or some other up/down binary) and yet…. that Venus Saturn square keeps Venus’ love (for herself and others) all seized up, cold, and afraid.

Be vigilant about your squares, people. Put them under the microscope. Sometimes I counsel people to toss the microscope but your squares need it. It’s like allergies. You could die if you let your guard down.

"venus square chiron"
Squares operate like this

While Venus is in Gemini, Venus will square Chiron (and Neptune, but Chiron is the one on my mind today).

And when Venus squares Chiron you will get a heads up. You will feel it!!

This aspect is exact July 30th so consider it “building” until then. Building up to the revelation! Interesting on the same day, Venus is sextile Uranus (which is an easier aspect) and the Moon is in Scorpio. RESEARCH THE WOUND.

The truth or information that is revealed will be about YOU:

how you DO relationship.
How you do love.
How you do social life.
How you do girlfriend or boyfriend or husband/wife/partner.
How you do self-esteem.
Blind spots!
How you do friendship.
How you do all these interactions with others.
A painful truth comes.
Forget about THEM. This one is about YOU.

You think everything is so fine. Or not so fine. You think you are in the right. You think you are up on your own personal natal squares. You think you know.

And this: victim victim victim. I’m a victim. I’m an angel and THEY SUCK. Victim of fate. Victim of other people. And here comes Chiron to validate that! Chiron comes along to make you feel worse. I got no money, no love, no health, no meaningful purpose, no god, no this, no that, no man, no woman, no family, no sanity, no home, no beauty, no personality, no clothes, no shoes, whatever your story is, no matter how true or false it is. Venus square Chiron feels like that. Wounded and never gets better.

And yet somehow you are keeping your internet on, reading this blog. Even if that’s all you got, you got it. It’s a start. Waking up is a choice.

So Venus, which is about our survival more than people usually realize, comes along to square Chiron which destabilizes Wounded Healer Chiron from his/her healing and tending activities and studies and mentoring and makes Chiron STOP the healing and tending and fixing and studying and learning and forces Chiron to pay attention to…

her. To Venus. Poor Venus. Ugly and unloved. Not because she’s in Gemini but because Chiron is squaring her and that’s how she feels and nothing can convince her otherwise.

And then it passes. The transit passes and life goes on so the question becomes what to do for and around this – while it’s happening – so you can gain from it instead of just let it pass you by, throwing its bloody thorns.

Venus in Gemini likes to dance. She wants Chiron to dance with her. Clouds part. Love. This Venus square Chiron is about love, your experience of love.

You MAY need to start from the beginning.

Last night I was all up on YouTube searching for a good novena to St. Rita and I stopped by one video which told the story of St. Rita (a pretty intense one but hey she’s a Saint and they tend to have those kinds of stories) and she is one of those Impossible Causes saints, like St. Jude and I prayed because I got something in my life that sometimes feels like an impossible cause hell yes (sometimes more than one thing! Sometimes a a legion of things that feel this way). And I prayed and I prayed for her intercession (as I tend to do) and I got DEEP into my victim feeling. and it didn’t feel bad. Deep deep deep deep deep and I prayed and prayed and prayed. Pray for us, Saint Rita! You have GOT to help me with this. It requires INTERCESSION n shit.

And the rest of this blog post isn’t about Saint Rita interceding on my behalf – that remains to be seen – but advice for your Venus Chiron transit or if you have a hard Venus Chiron aspect in your chart.

Creative victimhood. Make something of your status, of your station. If you’re gonna play that way, then OWN IT. Have a sense of humor about your lowly worm-ness. Not that prayer is necessarily creative but it was an ACTION. And an action has a little core of belief in it, or a little core of faith. That somehow the situation can change for the better.

I think we can get so lost in Chiron in Pisces. Can feel muddled. It’s so damn vast. No boundaries, no borders. Just floating around in the martyrdom but when the Venus square comes along, your self esteem may very well rise up on a Gemini wave. She wants to dance. She wants to be pretty. She wants to talk! She wants to know she is okay and doesn’t require fixing or healing at all. She IS pretty and she does dance.

The square is like the thorn on Saint Rita’s forehead (you’ll have to google her story if you don’t already know) but Saint Rita wasn’t just a thorn, you know? She wasn’t just a wound.

You aren’t just a wound.


Your Tarot Deck Says ENOUGH & The Latest From MoonPlutoLand

Sometimes your Tarot deck says ENOUGH!  Quit asking me that!

Usually it’s the Devil who shows up when I’m obsessing but any card is smart enough to say STFU.

This happened to me today, under this Cancer/Capricorn sky.

Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (not to mention Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries).

It’s a Cardinal Cross. I don’t care that the degrees aren’t PERFECT. I really don’t. It’s a Cardinal Cross and the cardinals (those lucky folk with plenty of planets in these signs) probably feel it the most. Raise your hand if you’re one of them.

My advice. Keep drawing your cards but maybe change the question. Maybe ask something less angsty. Maybe don’t ask anything at all. Maybe just listen.

"pluto opposite sun"

Which reminds me. I came up with a new Tarot spread today. A one card.

This is what I posted on my Facebook: 

How Do I Do The Impossible (Tarot Spread)

For this day, for this week:

With Mercury and Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto.
Your forceful energized MIND in conflict with, trying to find balance with, your very death and rebirth.

One card.

The question for the cards:

Holy One, tell me, how do I get over what I cannot get over?

"moon conjunct pluto"

Something else I want to share.

On my Facebook I am doing a Love Letter series. At first I wasn’t calling it anything and then in my head I was calling it ASK ALIZA but today I am calling it “Dear Witch..” 

And what I’m doing is answering love life questions from querents – I don’t go much into my methodology in the answers but I am using the Tarot (two different decks) and the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). And I do it as fast as I can.

Here’s a sample but to see more visit me on Facebook. Those posts are PUBLIC. 

Wow this is Love Letter no. 13!!!

Querent wants to know if asking for someone’s birthday made him think she was “interested”

Honestly I think there is a question under this question. Or maybe not. In either case, let’s get to it.

Hmm I would say HE IS GUARDED. VERY GUARDED. You could have asked him for the time and he may have responded the same and much more so for asking the personal info. Does he think you want to date him? Not necessarily. But HE IS GUARDED.

He’s also pretty intuitive, insightful. He knows you want information that’s for sure. For what purpose he’s not sure but that’s not the point. The point is HE KNOWS you wanted *something* i.e. you asked for the birthday. Yeah, very intuitive dude. And very guarded :)

You may not hear from him. He’s not forthcoming, not sharing. Can’t push him. If you try, he’ll dig in. Won’t budge.

I hope you aren’t trying to woo him because it looks really exhausting to me.

Speaking generally, many of these questions are from women who hope the men will “come around” in one way or another.

I say: don’t waste your precious time. Seriously.

Reciprocal relationships are far more satsifying. We are just not used to them. At all. We have to LEARN this. That relationships are easy. Not hard won.

Good luck!!!

Another sample: 

Love Letter #12

I couldn’t help but notice how LOADED this question is:

“Am I finally free or will he come back FOR ME”

Honey, do you think you don’t have a choice? There’s your probably right there. But let’s see what the Tarot and the Tree have to say:


I’ll tell you what I felt: that you have HAD ENOUGH. This thing hurts. You’ve had enough. Been through the wringer, etc etc etc. It’s heavy. I think you’ve mourned this thing more than once.

I want to say: I don’t know. Not sure. If he’s coming back. There is some free will involved in this. YOURS.

If you leave room for him, he sure will. I feel you, see you, struggling to come out from under a rock, from under this–

It will keep breaking you until you do something about that. Until you stop liking being broken so much.

Doesn’t feel done to me, nope. But I feel the heavy grief for sure. And like you’re living in a dream world around it, feels dreamy and unreal and yet –

it’s like thoughts don’t become action. Thoughts don’t become plan. They just stay “thought” or bright idea- you make a resolution or get an insight and then POOF.

If only you could take that insight to the bank, that sudden flash. Build on it.

This isn’t about freedom. This is about WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?

Good luck to you xoxo

"aliza einhorn"

My new post is up on PATHEOS 

And I am running a SUMMER SALE ALL WEEK in honor of my birthday :)

Summer Sale announcement <3 <3 <3

In honor of my birthday which is in July but my Hebrew birthday is this Wednesday night and Thursday, I am doing my SUMMER SALE on Readings ALL WEEK and this is the one that I know my folks wait for, yes it’s the BOGO!

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Happy Birthday to all the fabulous Cancers :)
Send me a message and we’ll get you scheduled!

That’s all for now xoxo Love you

How To Love A Cancer Sun + Sun Enters Cancer Tomorrow!


"moon conjunct pluto"
me & my scorpio friend

Depending on your time zone, the Sun enters Cancer Tuesday or Wednesday and the Cancer New Moon is on Friday.

All that heavy analysis will get you nowhere now. All that rigidity. Time to flow and cry and feel. Sorry Air signs ;) We are gonna DUNK YOU. You may have plenty of feels but not like this. The depth of this. The easy tears like this. The home sweet home babka like this. Cancer is fleshy and wet and fecund. We are not an earth sign, no, but we are the soft deep muddy after the rain AND we are the rain. Mother. Moon Earth. Good Mother. Gentle Father. Love.

I have my Sun, Mercury and Mars in the sign of Cancer and my Moon (which rules Cancer!) is in Virgo. And my Moon is conjunct Pluto thus the name of this blog.

I like being a lot of something and my something is magnified, intensified by PLUTO, which is as powerful as it gets. Powerful emotions, powerful intuition, powerful nurturing, and not afraid of death. And more! Moon Pluto is not for everyone.

Yesterday I was hanging out with a Scorpio friend and we were joking about an on-line dating profile that he wrote for a friend so I said make one for me! And I said: I know I’m not for everyone and he thought that was a good start. His handwriting is beautiful. But then he changed the first line to “Lioness of Judah…”

Funny but not sure how much of the littler curlicued paragraph we shall keep if any. MOON PLUTO IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. MOON PLUTO IS NOT VENUS!

"sun square pluto"
goldy and the four of wands

What does Cancer need? How to love a Cancer? YES these are the questions we are all supposed to be asking now as the Sun is about to enter Cancer.

And you know what? I’m not going to give you an easy answer here. I’m going to take a CANCER poll on my Facebook. I’ll be back to report my findings…


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Sun Opposite Saturn And This Poem Wants You To Come Home, Lord

"mercury opposite saturn"


Honestly it’s a lot of work, but the end result will be worth it.

I’m collaborating with SAW, the Sequential Artists Workshop (please see the links below).

What is the collaboration? Working on two on-line courses for them – TAROT related!

Stay tuned for details. I’m excited. I’ve never done anything like this before, all sophisticated and stuff :)

This is the link for the local school here in Fla and here is the link for courses.

Mine aren’t up yet but they will be!!

Crashing through the gates of procrastination…

"moon conjunct pluto"


So I sent out a warning on my Facebook, a caution.

The Sun Saturn opposition is ALIVE (and well) and you could feel moody gloomy downright despairing over the next 24 – 48 hours or so. Just thought you should know.

In other sky news tomorrow, Mercury (mind) is inconjunct Pluto (power). Gemini and Capricorn are the signs here so… yeah. You need to work (Cap) but you’re scattered (Gem).

Work anyway. Just do it. Let Pluto win this one.

And then on Friday?

"sun sextile uranus"


What to say?

More dreamy? More chaotic?

I’m not so sure.

See, I have these theories about retrograde planets by transit and some parts of my theories hold up some of the time but Neptune retrograde? I don’t know, you guys. I’m gonna have to get back to you on this one. Because, and this is very Neptune, I feel like I don’t have any FIRM thoughts about it.

So I think: has my Pisces House made progress while Neptune has been direct??? 

I will say this: the retrogrades always bring review of the issues of that house, someway somehow. It’s my 7th so who knows? People from the past may pop up and actually that already happened this week, lucky me. JUST SAY NO TO NEPTUNE GHOSTS!

"summer solstice"


Of course. Mercury follows the Sun so we have this Saturn opposition again. Instead of feeling gutted or out of breath (Sun Saturn can feel that way) I predict an alarming objectivity. It doesn’t hurt but it is awfully clear. Combine that with the Sun Uranus sextile and I’d say it’s a good day for Truth or Consequences.

And yet.

For some of you… there will be news of great achievement. That’s Saturn too.

See you tomorrow, my darlings xoxo

"moon conjunct pluto"
June 2017

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