You, My Friend, Might Feel Angry Under Mars Retrograde

Thinking about Mars going retrograde at the end of this month and thinking about my new analyst. My first analyst actually. Whereas before there was “therapy” now there is “analysis” and I have a feeling he’s not typical and I think that’s a theme with me. For better or worse, I get the extremes or I find the extremes or I am extreme. I told him today how I appreciate that he doesn’t argue with my feelings and feelings actually are a Mars-going-retrograde issue. Think about it this way:

Mars is direct these days. You’re a straight arrow. Alive. Mars goes retrograde (later this month) and things will shift, temporarily, yes, but shift they will and you will have to shift along with them and you will have FEELINGS about this shifting and about Mars in Gemini and about your natal Mars and your Gemini House and on and on and on. You will have feelings. You will have thoughts.

You, my friend, might feel angry under Mars retrograde (me too). You might feel tired (me too). You might feel perfectly at ease. You might be looking over what you were feeling so passionate about. You might get a break. Your pushing and seeking may not feel the same. It might feel better, less irritable. You’ll see. You’ll let me know. It could be one big review, reassessment.

I started level one coursework at the psychoanalytic institute under Mars direct in Gemini, between the eclipses (life changing) with Uranus (off the beaten path) in my 9th House of higher education, and I’m sure I will be spending a lot of energy (Mars) thinking (Gemini) about what will be (9th House).

One more thing for now: if Mars in Gemini, direct, created more ruptures than peace in your life, Mars retrograde might help to repair what broke.

To be continued…