Your Full Moon In Capricorn Advice Is Here: FEEL

Ohhhhh this week this week this week this week feels dark and harsh to me.
I had a cold. I had to reschedule people. Getting back to work BUT THIS SKY. 

Today we had a Sun Saturn opposition (harsh) and the Full Moon (tonight/tomorrow) is also harsh.
WHY? Again, because Saturn.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Saturn. Six degrees of cruel world.

YES we need Saturn; we need bones to stand up and survive but when Saturn interacts with the rest of the sky? We can feel defeated before we even try.


What are Full Moons? 
Big emotions.

And where those tender six degrees live in your chart is where you are scratching your head and holding your heart. There’s fear there. TREPIDATION with a side of dread.

But remember, in the immortal words of Richard and Linda Thompson: it’s just the motion.

I think the weekend continues the confusion. The Sun’s in emotional attaching Cancer but with so much retrograde in the sky, it’s like we feel and feel and feel and, well, maybe just do that, okay?