Special Sedna Reading To Commemorate Sedna Entering Gemini

60 minutes (if we are in a good groove, then we can extend the hour 15 min extra)
$326 is the investment
Phone OR typing back and forth/text/DM. No Zoom. I don’t record readings but don’t mind if you do.
Booking/scheduling these for July or August. In September they go away!

On the menu:

*Sedna in Gemini and what this means for you *personally* according to your birth chart
*I am creating a special Sedna tarot spread that I will use in these readings
*Channelling Sedna – what is her message for you?
*Sedna Healing: I will ask Sedna what most needs healing in you (could be physical or emotional or spiritual or…. I don’t know! We’ll find out)
*I will share with you powerful themes from this myth

I LOVE this goddess and am so excited to be offering these readings. 

There is *not* a ton of research/writing about Sedna. She was only discovered in 2003. Reading on Sedna is the Wild West of astrology. I am not using anyone else’s ideas for these readings or some prefab list of keywords. I am using my own understanding/intuition of the myth/her story/her meaning plus whatever The Guides share during the hour. I’ll be blogging about her on Substack this week.

On the web, I see some folks say 2024 is her Gemini ingress but I am holding by June 15, 2023, which I have also seen and heard.

To reserve your spot, PayPal moonpluto@gmail.com

Email if you have questions

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