A Beautiful Day To Crush Your Enemies: Mars Goes Direct!!!!

The transit of the moment.
The least you need to know.
News you can use!
You may already be feeeeeeeeeling it. I AM FEELING IT.

Break out the fireworks, my friends. Here we go. MARS GOES DIRECT THIS WEEK.

Today I did a long rambling storytime audio for Patrons at my Coven Tier (and higher) with all the dates and degrees  and whatever I could muster and I can’t and don’t wanna repeat all that.

Just wanted to let you know: What was stuck gets unstuck. What was cold gets hot. What was dead REANIMATES. Imagine that, my friends, dear star lovers: you, coming back to life.

(Also, Mars finally leaves Gemini on March 23, 2023 after nearly seven long months in the sign and a certain part of your chart.)

Go get ’em, tiger 🙂 I know I know Mercury will still be retrograde and Uranus too but your courage? It’s back.

And, just so you know, when I talk about crushing your enemies, I’m not really talking about people. It was never about them anyway.

To be continued…