Who’s Afraid Of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, beginning Monday, the 21st (for three weeks) and Mercury is YOUR MIND.

Retrograde = review, redo, reassess, revise, relapse.

You just aren’t sure. Mental fisticuffs. Very 8 of Swords.

And you will strive to get to the root and you will strive and strive and strive and you will scour and scrub the bends and quarters of your weary weary weary weary weary weary…


What also matters is your “Scorpio House” where Mercury will be transiting for you.

So we’ve got

1. Mercury/Mind and we’ve got

2. Scorpio/Penetration and we’ve got

3. that part of YOUR CHART… on Major Scorpio Drugs


You WILL be paranoid.
You WILL obsess.

You WILL investigate. You will eliminate.

You may dread. You may hate. You may seek revenge. You may seek redemption.

You may heal yourself or others. You may die. You may be reborn.

(Did you know that Scorpio rules hemoglobin and cruelty, and the clitoris, and dark brown and dumps and MAGIC and magicians and research and secrets and sewage AND…)

My advice is this:

the North Node is there (in Scorpio) and Saturn is there too (in Scorpio) and the Sun will be there next week too and… YOU CANNOT AVOID IT

it’s really now or never.

We keep getting all these chances, second chances, third, fourth, fifth, these RETROGRADES, and what do we do with them? We shrink. We refuse. We lie to ourselves. We hide. Do these MEMOS mean nothing to you? How many Eclipses before you finally pay attention? Why are you waiting for your NEXT LIFE and the LIFE AFTER THAT?

Get clean. Get clear. Mars is in Virgo.

Scorpio Season is coming. SFA (Stop Fucking Around).

This is EIGHT HOUSE ENERGY. What we OWE. What we TAKE without asking. What we still cry about, late at night, into the night, alone in our beds.

A Scorpio once said to me: “I hate to lose more than I love to win.”

Is this you? 

Love, MP

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