Days Of Wild Honey: What Calms You Down? Full Moon Ahead…


What calms you down? Find it this week. Find it today. You may need it. Remember what helps.

I don’t know about you, but myself and most that I know are having pretty intense days and the Full Moon, which is conjunct wild Uranus, is this weekend, and is the reason why I am posting this. That you should get under what calms you down so you can calm down.

It’s only Wednesday and I think every day/night for me this week has had some bizarre happening. Are you feeling this? Weird conversations, possible armadillos, far too many animal stories actually, one 911 call, one panic attack, one hour long exploration of the beginning of the Gospel of Mark, cooler weather. Sounds random doesn’t it. Sounds random. Like the locusts and wild honey mentioned at the beginning of that Gospel may feel random to some but to me, everything is poetry. No need to figure out with logic. Of course wild honey. Of course.

Grounding is what is at stake here. Doesn’t matter what it is for you. It will be different for everyone. To root yourself so completely that you can move through all the Full Moon feelings that are wild and possibly wicked already now.

Some people exercise. Some people drink. Some people eat. Some people pray, meditate, fight, have sex, go for long walks, read, cook, clean, moan and groan and complain, write novels. Not that I’m telling you to go drink (or do anything else that would be considered a bad habit). What I am telling you is that this week and Full Moon have an odd dark power and you could get swept up.

It’s like the hurricanes we’ve been having here. We get our bottled water, batteries, radio, non-perishable food etc. I recommend you do the same. Get your supplies. Check on your people. Wait out the storm.


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