Sun Square Pluto People: Be Yourself

"sun square pluto" Someone wrote to me this morning asking if I do “simple” Tarot readings.
And I’m paraphrasing here.
Readings that are less spiritual and more practical.
And yes the answer is yes.
My general perspective IS spiritual (you can take the Jew out of the shul but can’t take the shul out of the…)

I can and do readings free from chakra talk and past lives and dead people and meaning of life, etc. I am a practical person with Virgo South Node, Virgo Rising, Virgo Vesta, Virgo Moon Pluto. Yes, I have issues.

Anyway…. 🙂

I love you all.

Moon in Cancer weekend + the end of Sukkot (for those who observe). Do not fear the Divine presence leaves you. It/he/she never does. Good weekend aspects include Moon sextile Mars and Jupiter. Happy!

Moon trine Neptune too (which you may not consider good). And I’m sure Moon opposing Pluto delights someone out there, some daring freaky soul.

"sun square pluto" Tuesday is a doozy but my friends these aspects are in orb NOW. They are us NOW.
Sun square Pluto. Mars opposition Neptune. And also a Mercury (rx) Saturn sextile.

When talking about Sun square Pluto I try to divorce myself from bias – I know quite a few people with this in their natal. Pluto is a plunger. When your toilet (or your life) is clogged it is helpful to plunge, penetrate the depths – of the bowl/soul.

I know this metaphor is getting ridiculous but bear with me. So Pluto is a plunger (or jackhammer, depending) seeking to tear apart the clog/shit. With Sun square Pluto the clog is a Sun crisis. A crisis of self-expression.

I got pretty good with the plunger in my previous apartment. That toilet was awful. And I grew proud, proud of my skill. I have a Moon Pluto conjunction. It felt good to master it.

Pluto intensifies what it touches. So what happens when Pluto is in square to your Sun, your YOU? Square is a zigzag, not straightforward. Square is not going to take the easy way out. Square is going to make it hard.

Like, if you let your Sun be seen OMG then everyone will SEE, really SEE. How disgusting you are.

I’m being rhetorical here. You aren’t disgusting at all. But Pluto. Pluto is the plunger and Pluto rules shit and elimination. And your pristine Self and Pluto are TOUCHING. EW.

I know this is a gross image but the image I’m getting is of a Sun square Pluto person who fears expressing him/herself (SUN) for fear that shit is what will be expressed, falling out of the mouth. Or that the plunger is what will be expressed, dark power. The plunger is dark power.

AND THEN comes the crucifixion. Because. If you bear Pluto news, it rarely goes over well. And if shit falls out of your mouth instead of words, nobody will love you. They will shun you. They will flush you!!!!

Fear of being destroyed by your OWN power. That they will use it against you!

This aspect is exact October 6th.

How to redeem this difficult aspect? Do not avoid your Pluto nature. You cannot avoid your Pluto nature. Pluto gets lonely pissed when you ignore her and drive her underground. Do not pretend she’s not there. Pluto is POWER. Do not pretend to be sweetness and light and cakes when what you have is the Damned inside you. You are going to have to take the damned into consideration EVERY time you… look in the mirror, every time you walk, talk, breathe, your very existence must take Pluto into consideration. Self-loathing doesn’t have to stay self-loathing – you have to engage Pluto, be Pluto, add Pluto to your presence and know that some people WILL run. And that some people won’t. And this is especially key for Pluto in Libra people. You won’t ever please everyone so there’s no point in pretending. The Great Pretender is one low vibration of Sun square Pluto. You aren’t all bad. You aren’t all good. One great vibration? The healer, magician, shaman, savior. But first you must carry yourself, support your own weight in Pluto.

Do you have a Sun Pluto aspect in your chart? 

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