Jupiter Retrograde: When The Animal Becomes You

"Jupiter in sagittarius retrograde"
Go ahead and think about Jupiter retrograde as a time to slow down, that we can’t keep expanding. Not like this. Not this pace.

We have to take a look at what we’ve done thus far, what stars we’ve wished upon since Jupiter entered the balloon, the bloom, that is Sagittarius.

The archer sends the arrow off into the night and where will it land? Where will you land?

The other day, I was talking to a new client, Pluto in Scorpio generation with that massive massive Capricorn outer-planet cluster. I have a few of these in my roster and I do believe everyone is unique, but there is something these folks have in common: they are more *together* than any other generational client cluster I’ve come to know. Part of my job was astrological reassurance. Yes, the bad transit will end. Yes you are dying, the heavy weight of Pluto on you. And Saturn on you. And the South Node on you. We’ve been waiting for this moment, the soul says.

The other day on Facebook I spoke of shape shifting into a snake and then another snake incident a couple weeks later and it’s curious to me because, well, I don’t like snakes and I’d never seen them in the flesh until I moved back to Florida, these casual unassuming snakes here and there. I still don’t like them but these two incidents had something in common which was the snake as protector, guard, guardian, fierceness. What animals do is come to you. They make their presence known.

This is how I feel about Jupiter retrograde. It will make its POWER and protection known to you. It will become you. What you need to know, what you need to do. Honestly it’s hard to explain shape shifting, but you know when the animal becomes you.

The lesson here: we are all half beast, half human. And that’s our Sag, right? Don’t ever forget that part. Yes Sagittarius, yes Jupiter in Sagittarius, yes Jupiter in Sagittarius retrograde, you are the archer and the expansion and the open road and the world you ultimately belong to is centaurian. You are free.


PS Jupiter will be retrograde until August 11th, 2019