The Stars This Week: You Again?? (Jupiter Opposition Chiron)

The Jupiter Chiron opposition is this week – and with Jupiter retrograde this time.

Tuesday February 23rd.

There will be a repair.

A repair of what got all kinds of messed up THE FIRST TIME i.e. the first time we had this opposition, when Jupiter was direct so think back okay?

And the North Node is conjunct Jupiter now!!! It was meant to be!! This whole mess, all these months, was meant to be.

(I also think the Jupiter Neptune opposition was a culprit here as well – although that exact opposition happened in September 2015. Basically there has been no clarity across that axis of your life, chart.)

So think back think back think back think back to what was happening in your life the first time Jupiter in Virgo opposed Chiron. Think back to late October, early November 2015.

Jupiter in Virgo the Big Perfectionist trying to get a handle on and define and pin down and organize something as WILD as a centaur??? CHIRON IN PISCES?? I know Chiron was one of those “good” centaurs but he was a still a freaking centaur and thus half human half BEAST AND Pisces is the deep unfathomable so good luck with that, Jupiter in Virgo. Good look with your ways and means and picture frames and miniatures and reducing everything to an impossible picky petty pinprick (I exaggerate to make a point.) YOU CANNOT CONTROL PISCES SO STOP TRYING. Can you control the ocean? No.

But we need this opposition. We need the repair. And we will have it. But this is only stage two.


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