My Love Affair With Santa Muerte (Scorpio Season Part One)

"santa muerte"
So basically I had a year long love affair with Santa Muerte and I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t tell anyone. But she called me. The first time I saw her, ever, it was love. I wanted to know her.

If you don’t know who she is, then just google and educate yourself and if you don’t care that’s fine too but I had a love affair with this unofficial Saint and then I left New York and we have not reunited. Will we? I’m not sure. (I kinda don’t think so.)

See, earlier today I wrote on my Facebook that I didn’t want to write about Scorpio Season in the usual ways – veils thinning, Season of the Dead and ancestor veneration. All of that is great but I wanted something else. And how I’m even bored with my usual personal story style of Scorpio boyfriends past. (I don’t think I’d ever wanted someone so much. Oh yes you have, Aliza. Please.)

Then I remembered Santa Muerte and what a perfect Scorpio Season story.

But what to tell?

And when I say “love affair” I mean that. I did love her. I cannot specifically remember if I ever asked her for help. I was trying to get to know her and Santa Muerte candles were easily procured in my former neighborhood, white, red, and black. She was around.

Magick follows the path of least resistance, a wise young shaman (shamanic practitioner) said to me. And he was right.

To be continued…