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So I’ve been ranting on my social media about the Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday and my life has been so interesting so far in 2019 that I didn’t even realize THE SUN ENTERS PISCES TOMORROW and Chiron heads back to Aries as well and this week we have so much going on, so much. This is what happens when I take a break from my daily stars & cards updates.

Let’s break it down a little, just the facts first:

Sun sextile Uranus (exciting, innovative)
Chiron enters Aries (long transit alert!)
Venus conjunct Saturn (serious)
Sun enters Pisces (spiritual)
Mercury conjunct Neptune (spiritual, creative)

AND THIS IS ONLY MONDAY (Moon in “all eyes on me” Leo, by the way).

Mercury sextile Saturn (disciplined, good reading comprehension)

Mercury square Jupiter (big mouth, hopeful)
Venus conjunct Pluto (passionate, kills you in your sleep)

In plain English: 
Sun moving into Pisces and Chiron into Aries = new parts of your chart are being lit up. (And oh good lord this means next month when the Sun enters Aries, we’ll have a Sun Chiron conjunction in Aries.)

Thus we have new emphasis, one short term, one long term. Important to note that Uranus is on his way out of Aries while Chiron is joining for a long stay. Sun will only be in Pisces a month but this movement will reflect where you focus over the next 30 days or so.

So let’s say the Sun was hanging out in your 6th House. There may have been a work or health emphasis for you. The Sun moves into Pisces and now your 7th House and the focus is on “other people,” could be romantic, could be friendly, could be business. Partnership. This is how astrology works. The planets move around the sky and thus your chart!

Chiron entering Aries starts a much longer cycle so look here and here for some initial thoughts on Chiron entering Aries and what it could mean for you. Do you have your Chiron in Aries? You will have your Chiron Return! Does Chiron ultimately bring healing to our lives? Do we clear karma that should have been pulverized decades ago? Maybe.

Otherwise, week-wise (and you can become a Patron to get a video-Tarot version of this): it’s a MERCURY week and a Capricorn week. Mercury is MIND, business, communications, travel, MESSAGES and messengers. Mercury speaks, thinks, writes.

You mind is alive this week thus I must tell you: GOOD WEEK FOR THE WRITERS. 

"venus conjunct Saturn"

It’s a Capricorn week because Venus entered Capricorn back on February 3rd and now will conjoin Saturn and then Pluto (and later the South Node – I have to check the date on this).

In Capricorn, pretty dress Venus is practical. She wants you stable and stability IS romantic for Venus in Capricorn. Venus Saturn is serious. Venus Pluto is serious too and passionate. Is this a week for love? For some.

But listen: in my experience, such dramatic aspects can bring a sudden rise and fall of whatever planet we’ve got our eye on. I would lay low, love-wise. Venus Pluto can be destructive and Venus Saturn can be harsh. Maybe wait until next week to declare your love.

And before I forget (the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet):
FULL MOON IN VIRGO ON TUESDAY the 19th. Zero degrees.
Full Moons always portend a release of some kind.
Might you have some idea of what has to go?

Love you!