The Stars This Weekend: Because You Need A Ghost

Very interesting to me

so on Day One of Week One in the class (and yes you can still join us!) I am drawing cards for everyone.

Will draw for everyone each week one card – 

Only a couple Major cards. Majority of pip cards and not only pip cards but MIDDLE. Four, Five, Six. Seven was our highest number.

And this class is in part about saying goodbye to Jupiter in Virgo and immersing in spiritual routines and gentle ritual. Clearly we have projects to finish or establish before September, before Jupiter changes signs. 

We always have to consider the whole chart, your whole chart.

For many, Leo Season is fun (fire signs tend to be, they motivate us, are extroverted) but for me (and others of course) Leo is in a water house, my 12th.

I will most certainly have fun but it will be spirit fun, magic fun, solitude fun. Class starts today and I’m having fun but I’m in my 12th. At home and contemplating how best to keep my coven engaged as I take them through what I feel I need to take them through. Which road. Which winding road. Which pitstop. Which place to stop for coffee. What snacks do we need for the ride, this ride? How fast to go?

It’s a Pisces Moon weekend and then on Sunday we have a Venus Pluto inconjunct – Leo to Capricorn. Desire and power.

You know, it’s funny. Sun Sign generalizations vs actual people. There are Pisces extroverts and Pisces introverts. It really varies. Humans vary. But as an ENERGY, as pure energy, Pisces is blind.

Now this can work in your favor i.e. Pisces or Neptune energy can help you HAVE FAITH in what does not exist yet or in what you cannot see.

But it also can lead you to… not take action (escapism) when you badly need to. But maybe that wishing upon a star really WILL work. Have faith?

This weekend is a Pisces test, a Neptune test. Moon in Pisces now and all day Saturday and the aspects are many and varied — and you may as well wish, you may as well PRAY. 

Moon Neptune conjunction
Moon inconjunct Venus
Moon sextile Pluto
Moon inconjunct Mercury
Moon opposition Jupiter
Moon conjunct Chiron

I think you’ll feel it all. Every little last drop, you’ll feel. A metaphysical quilt you can wrap yourself up in or… fold and put in the corner and say “no thanks.”

Yes I think you do have a choice not to drown in mist but for some of you drowning in the Neptune may be just what you need because Earth School is just TOO stressful and you need a break. You need the ethereal. You need a ghost. 

Sunday things switch up to FIRE – Moon enters Aries and will make good aspects to planets in Leo and this is great. No matter how drippy you feel today? The clouds will break on Sunday and the Sun will come out. The Sun in LEO – proud, confident, sizzling, sexy, so full of LOVE Leo. Loyal Leo. Protective Leo. Take that thorn out of your paw. Be proud of who you are.

But about that Venus Pluto inconjuct:

Venus in Leo needs attention.
Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care what you NEED.
Pluto delivers to your life what must be. WHAT MUST BE.

Venus in Leo says: ME.
Pluto in Capricorn in an inconjunct to this energy wants a little less ego and a little more hard WORK. It’s an uncomfortable aspect for sure.

What to do first? What to do? Focus on me and what I need to feel good OR focus on maddening Pluto tearing apart my life limb from limb?

It’s clear what we’d prefer and yet we can’t prefer because it’s Pluto and because it’s an inconjunct and because it’s happening and if we just shut our eyes and go Neptune we’ll miss it. And if go full on Aries Moon we’ll also miss it as we drive away.

So of course I seek the answer in the Oracle: 

Ten of Pentacles. Focus on what you HAVE, my dears. Not what you need or think you need. Focus on what you have built. What still stands. What you have. Be in it. Be in your body, in your house, in your work, in your four walls. Feet on the ground. It’s the only way.