Commit or quit. This is on my mind today.

So I started to write a new book. Actually a book proposal. For a book.

And I sent it to one agent and I think she didn’t really feeeeeeeeeel the material and this happened yesterday under THIS SKY and I really wanted to quit. Maybe. Maybe. I was on the ledge. How long have I been writing? Forever. Writing, striving, writing, striving. I’m tired. Give me some ease please. Let me send my proposal to ONE person and get a YES. Is that too much to ask. Apparently it is.

And this morning I started thinking thinking thinking. Yesterday too. What to do. Ideas started to come about the outline and how to write the rest of it, or more of it, and just now looked at the chapters I submitted wondering what I needed to change to make them “better” and I thought NO. I have to write this… THIS WAY. 

I want to write a BEAUTIFUL book. But it’s also a story. A memoir.

It takes courage to not give up, to stay true to a vision, especially when no one can see you. But that’s what Mars Saturn energy is to me. Mars Saturn does not give up. 

I wanted to quit my Saturn book too. I had to do a HUGE rewrite in a short amount of time. I wanted to quit. I didn’t quit. And now the book can be purchased (soon). 

Quit if you want. It’s up to you.
Commit if you want. It’s up to you. But under this sky? Make it matter.