"mars conjunct saturn"
Commit or quit. This is on my mind today.

So I started to write a new book. Actually a book proposal. For a book.

And I sent it to one agent and I think she didn’t really feeeeeeeeeel the material and this happened yesterday under THIS SKY and I really wanted to quit. Maybe. Maybe. I was on the ledge. How long have I been writing? Forever. Writing, striving, writing, striving. I’m tired. Give me some ease please. Let me send my proposal to ONE person and get a YES. Is that too much to ask. Apparently it is.

And this morning I started thinking thinking thinking. Yesterday too. What to do. Ideas started to come about the outline and how to write the rest of it, or more of it, and just now looked at the chapters I submitted wondering what I needed to change to make them “better” and I thought NO. I have to write this… THIS WAY. 

I want to write a BEAUTIFUL book. But it’s also a story. A memoir.

It takes courage to not give up, to stay true to a vision, especially when no one can see you. But that’s what Mars Saturn energy is to me. Mars Saturn does not give up. 

I wanted to quit my Saturn book too. I had to do a HUGE rewrite in a short amount of time. I wanted to quit. I didn’t quit. And now the book can be purchased (soon). 

Quit if you want. It’s up to you.
Commit if you want. It’s up to you. But under this sky? Make it matter.

Maybe Painful: New Moon In Pisces – March 17th

"mars conjunct saturn"
from the home office

The New Moon this weekend is at 26 degrees Pisces so it’s time to check your chart and think about what this could mean for you. Something new?

Ordinary New Moons are ordinary New Moons. Sometimes they fit a pattern that’s easy to see and sometimes… who knows? Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to find that New Moon in your chart and see what she’s up to. Yes I can help you with this. 

What I don’t like: 
It’s a Sun Moon CHIRON conjunction. Chiron hurts. Your pain becomes painfully clear to you. It’s not necessarily what you’re in the mood for.

Mars enters Capricorn this same day which wouldn’t be a bad thing in and of itself but we all know that SATURN is in Capricorn so Mars jumps head first into a Mars Saturn conjunction (exact April 2nd)

and then Mars will square whatever planets are moving through Aries including Uranus when it gets to the later degrees.

Mars Saturn: driving with the brakes on.

Dear Cardinal Signs:
You may feel a little frustrated.

Yesterday I was trying to explain the concept of the CARDINAL CROSS to a client who doesn’t know any astrology, other than her Sun Sign (and no shame in that, we all start somewhere) and I told her how the Cardinal signs are each aligned with the Equinoxes, the Seasons, and thus they are BEGINNERS i.e. they start stuff! They begin!

These four signs (four points of the cross) are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Spring Fall Summer Winter. When these signs interact in your chart or in the sky, there is tension, frustration AND drive and compulsion (squares and oppositions). I tried to leave out the jargon and just explain the bigger picture and how it feels and I think she got it. She said she did. It’s a Cardinal CROSS folks. We can feel mighty stuck.

This is why I give you the “frustration warning” now. Fast moving planets in Aries, including the SUN soon enough. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Folks with planets in any of the cardinal signs will really feel this I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN”T GET UP feeling.

You may feel stuck or hopeless or hopelessly stuck.

What to do when/if the going gets tough:

Breakthrough energy is here, my friends. Ace of Swords. This is you. Keep your weapon handy.

What do you use to cut through, break through, when you feel you just can’t?

In the words of the great Scorpio Neil Young: don’t let it bring you down. Easier said than done I know, but your Ace is sharp sharp truth.

Wise mind, my friends. Use your wise mind to cut through. Be wiser than your problems. The truth is that you are. No lie.


PS I had an Ace of Swords picture up but I’m having weird tech issues with pictures going sideways even when they seem fine — no matter what I try it’s not working! so I had a pic up but then had to take it down.

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Finish-Line-Moon: Why This New Moon In Leo Is Really About Your Mars Transit

"new moon in leo" New Moon in Leo at 10 degrees this Tuesday. 

This has been a long time coming, a really long story.
Half a year. Long enough for me. A lifetime.
So much has happened since January 2016.

Even though Mars is still in its “shadow” on New Moon day, I hope you will feel a sense of… peace or relief that Mars leaves Scorpio.

And I’ve long said this is THE most important transit of 2016 (the first half anyway). Now you can truly move forward. Mars in Scorpio slithers. Mars in Sagittarius gallops. Time to MOVE. Move on.

Mars entered Scorpio in January.
Mars entered Sagittarius in March
Mars reentered Scorpio in May
Mars went direct in June
Mars enters Sagittarius August 2nd


Mars went retrograde at 8 Sagittarius and will clear that degree late August and there will be a Mars Saturn conjunction on August 24 at 9 degrees 

NINE DEGREES MATTERS especially if you’ve got a planet or a point there.
Also, the September 1st Eclipse is at 9 degrees Virgo. Oof.

So the Mars story is part of this New Moon story. You can finally finally finally finally finish up BE DONE with what this Mars transit was about for you, what this Mars Scorpio/Sagittarius was about for you. Seriously. DONE. New cycle time once it gets to NINE and conjoins Saturn and does whatever it needs to do in your chart.

And now you can find out what’s really going on. All those thwarted plans from this Mars transit will either die or be reborn. Remember that Mars co-rules Pluto. Die or be reborn, please. You’ve arrived. That’s how it feels to me.

So the order of business on the 2nd goes like this: 
Mars enters Sagittarius
Moon in Leo is trine Saturn
Sun conjunct Moon (the New Moon)
Moon inconjunt Neptune (fear)
Moon inconjunct Pluto (emotional)

Sun Moon trine Mars Saturn. Uranus in Aries is too high in degree but still supports by sign. And of course that there’s that Moon/Neptune/Pluto Yod but honestly I find this supportive as well in regards to your emotional health and your dreams about your future.

Do you have them? Dreams? About your future?

Mars Saturn is smart. Realistic. Sun Moon isn’t always. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Can make a wish but no clue how to make it happen. Mars Saturn makes it happen. So make a wish.


The Eclipse class starts late next week! Two weeks $65. Individual chart work. Message me for details! Also all weekend long I am doing one-card draws (sometimes two cards!) by donation for the New Moon in Leo for you

Welcome Back, Fellow Animals: Mars Goes DIRECT June 29th

Mars goes DIRECT on Wednesday in Scorpio at 23 degrees (does this aspect your chart?) and this has been THE most important transit of 2016 so far.

More important than the Saturn Neptune square in my (humble?) opinion.

Mars first entered Scorpio back in early January of this year, moving through the entire sign, going retrograde at 8 Sagittarius in mid-April.

If you look back, you can see how your life unfolded along with this Mars transit –

from Mars in Scorpio to Mars in Sag to Mars retrograde in Sagittarius to Mars back in Scorpio and now Mars going direct in Scorpio. Half a year. Two signs. Two stories? One story? Hmm.

And lucky us (not really) there will be a Mars Saturn conjunction on August 24 (a very interesting week by the way: Sun enters Virgo – Mercury and Venus conjoin Jupiter in Virgo – and Mars not only conjoins Saturn but squares Neptune).

But the reason I am reminding you about Mars is because I want you to think about your life and want you to track your life – the events of this year so far, the events of the spring, the events of your Scorpio and Sagittarius Houses –

you can track it all through this transit but you have to stop and think about it which is a fine activity for a retrograde –

and to remember that Mars is your PASSION, your lust, and if LUST has been missing from your life then fear not because Mars goes direct just mere days from now and you will feel it, you will feel it, you will feel it but I still recommend you pay attention and not be lazy or expect a gift. We’re not talking VENUS here. We’re talking Mars. Mars DOES.

Mars wants to kill and Mars wants to fuck. Everything else is sublimation and transmutation.

Welcome back, fellow animals.


And these details which I just posted on my Facebook:
Mars rules Aries.
Mars co-rules Scorpio.
Mars was retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio.
Check those houses in your chart. Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius.
They slowed down. They felt miserable during Mars retrograde.
Those areas of life not only felt weak and sick but WERE weak and sick.
Get it? You’re going to feel better.
Aries and Scorpio people as well. Aries and Scorpio Rising.
And those of you with planets in your FIRST HOUSE, the Aries House. Those of you with planets in your EIGHTH HOUSE, the Scorpio House. It’s gonna get SO MUCH BETTER.

Delayed But Not Deterred! The June Class Is On! Summer Summer Summer With Love & Hope

"saturn goes direct"The class got postponed – the June Group.

I moved and, well, I took on too much!

I decided to delay it so now we are gearing up again to talk SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER with love and hope. 

This blog post here has the basic nuts and bolts, how classes work with me, what it costs, etc.

And I still have the same idea in mind -

I want to talk about July and August transits and how they will affect you + Tarot.

I put up your charts. We talk transits in general (why they matter, what they mean) and what they may mean for you!  What story is your chart telling this summer? What challenges? What support can be found?

Just send me an email if you have any questions :) and click on the link above for the details from before (still relevant but the dates have changed).

AND the June Special on Readings continues – I am doing these mega offers this summer – a different one each month. In September? Well, in September things will probably change… 

The Stars This Week: Wear The Good Bra

You are stronger BECAUSE of it. "pluto opposition sun"This is how I feel right now and you may not feel the same and that’s your right.

ALSO, you may be dog paddling now. You may not be at the shore, the other side.
But this is my PLUTO message, my Sunday Sermon :)

Pluto is an ending but also a beginning. ALWAYS. Death and Rebirth. DO NOT FORGET.
So easy to talk about everything that gets destroyed en route. Sometimes we forget what cannot be killed. I thought some things in my life were over and done. They are not over and done. Some things cannot be killed. 

Which reminds me — an astrologer once described my (the) Moon Pluto conjunction as being “hard to kill.” (And then I wrote a short play about bedbugs with that title).

Consider me your Oracle of the Day, your Moon Pluto message of the day, your catch of the day ;) here to remind you of what is true and enduring. There are ghosts in your house where Pluto is transiting your chart. There are ghosts in that house. You keep coming up for air. And so do they. What is needed in order to cross over and stop the sick making cycles in your life: total break through. Tower card. SMASH EVERY FOUNDATION BECAUSE NEW ONES MUST BE ESTABLISHED. Revealed. That’s the better word here: revealed.

But, yes, I hear you. We are all in different phases. All in good time, little lamb. Your smash-through may be 10 years away. Or 10 seconds.

Which reminds me: please look here for my new post on Beliefnet – Aliza’s “Figure it out Before Nightfall” Tarot Spread
Monday: Mercury enters Libra
Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto
Friday: Venus enters Virgo and Jupiter inconjunct Pluto

We are under these energies ALL THIS WEEK.

I’m not going to go aspect by aspect because that’s not where my head is at right now — instead I want to give you some simple counseling — seeing as how we are in Virgo/Libra Season with a side of Pluto Power. And I’m also well aware that the last two weeks (August overall? July and August?) were hell for many of you and the New Moon in Virgo started a healing process. Getting new skin. 

See, I don’t think anyone underestimated the Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio or Venus square Mars Saturn, and yet we did. We shouldn’t have. We knew better. And I’m not even going to talk about my own transits, including my Saturn opposition… and yet the difficulties gave me the OPPORTUNITY to dredge up and thus release what had been hidden. Classic Pluto tool, right? What needed to be vomited. If it had not come out, it would have festered and destroyed. I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT YES YOU.

Your job now? To play nice. This week. Clean up. This week. Sweep the walk. Talk nice. Wax the floor. Look good. Wear the good bra :)

Love, MP

For information about my Astrology/Tarot readings please look here! Also packages for my frequent flyers! 

Pluto In the 5th House (Part Two) & VIRGO SEASON SOLUTION FOR SOME

Read Pluto in the 5th House Part One here

"mars conjunct saturn" And a little voice said to me: you have time

I’ll tell you what else shows up, as it shows up.

Feel free to share your little voice here — or on my Facebook Timeline where more of the action is.
I welcome your soul-conversation there.

Virgo is a sign of MIND. Virgo is Mercury ruled. Cutting, pruning, cleaning, discriminating, discarding, thinking, writing, picking picking picking, making the scabs bleed and then cleaning up the mess ever so perfectly just so. Some people like the Virgo/ Scorpio combination and yes these natives are deep but they will cut you. We are under a Virgo Scorpio sky. Hello.

But let me tell you, and I know you know this, the cure for Virgo Poison is not mind but silence.
And meditation.
I am going to do a silent retreat today, in my own home.
I am doing my work yes, but my readings are by Instant Message or Email so I can be silent. Quieting the mind. Feels like a f**king bath. I may keep this up until I have my next phone reading. Maybe you will be the one to break the silence ;)

If you are suffering from OVER-Virgo, I recommend this. Or some other STRUCTURE.
Silent structure. Again, meditation. You’ll know when it’s time to come back. You can ask the people around you to communicate only in gesture. Or let them know that YOU will only be communicating in gesture.

As much as you are able in your current environment. Don’t make that call. Don’t send that text. Don’t answer. Go quiet. Saturn is conjunct Mars. Saturn is STOPPING (or slowing down or focusing) Mars. In your Scorpio house. Allow that.

Stars Today:
The Moon is currently Void of Course in Virgo. Moon enters Libra at 5:54 pm on the East Coast. Exact aspect today is Venus in Leo square Mars in Scorpio:

Honestly I don’t mind Venus square Mars. It’s Mars conjunct Saturn that can hurt. So do a little of each. A little Venus in Leo (color your grey, take care of your body, put on something pretty, laugh, make plans to go out, give someone a huge generous hug, write a Pulitzer Prize winning play ;) – Leo rules theatre) and a little Mars in Scorpio depending on where Mars is transiting your chart: for me it’s 3rd House. Writing and thinking. Funny. A day of meditation when Mars is in my 3rd BUT Mars is conjunct Saturn. Thus, the silence. Focused silence. To me, Mars in Scorpio describes your approach — it is shrewd, self-discipined, and DOES NOT GIVE UP. And it is not pretty. Venus in Leo wants to be pretty. Mars in Scorpio doesn’t give a f**k.

What has been happening in your 3rd House. Mars conjunct Saturn says if you give up, you are stupid. Stupid drunk. So quit drinking and WAKE UP. The Venus square is the temptation to giggle in your gown. No time for giggling ;) except in little bursts but then go back to Scorpio, back to the edge, back to the thing you cannot NOT do. And yes this is passion, sexual. Mars in Scorpio? You kidding me? If you don’t have a lover, then love yourself. And yes I mean what you think I mean. Thank you. The End.

Love, MP

PS The other bit of advice, often from the mouth of Pema Chodron: soften. Soften around the Mars Pluto conjunction. Can you imagine that? What that would feel like? Exhale. Unclench. I don’t know about you, but I discovered last year that I carry a lot of tension in my pelvic floor. Didn’t know until I saw a physical therapist for an accompanying health matter. So think about that too. Unclenching. Find where it’s tight. Breathe in there. Trust me. Try it. Even for 5 seconds….

The TAROT class is going to be amazing – in part because I attract amazing people. I am grateful for the opportunity to “lead” in this way. Facilitate. To share my obsessive need to create environments where we can discuss the occult :) For details and cost, please email me moonpluto@gmail or message me on FB

The Stars Today: I Predict Reversals

"venus opposition pluto"Wow wow wow I felt yesterday’s applying Mars Saturn conjunction like a hurricane.

It was “exact” early this morning, Big City time. What can I say?

There was such a force of frustration energy (what Mars Saturn is known for) but I also experienced a breakthrough, the kind I have been writing about lately. And it was out of the blue and it was partially love-related, which speaks to the Venus-Pluto-Uranus t-square.

Are you feeling the twists and turns? Where do you find your foundation on such days? Sometimes it may surprise you :) It surprised me yesterday.

Venus is love and money. Venus wants harmony. Pluto wants to pick your brain, often without asking. Uranus wants to take you for a ride and he will.

If someone wants to wrestle with you? Avoid them. Step over them. Lock them in the closet (Well, not really, but you get my point). You don’t want to tangle with the bad guys.

Best part of this week? Friday’s New Moon. Set an intention. Make shit happen :)

Love, MP

News: not to late to join the MoonPluto Land private class/discussion group. There is a fee. Email me for details moonpluto@gmail

And YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Leo!

Outrunning Sadness: Mars Conjunct Saturn

"mars conjunct saturn"Our planets have many keywords, many associations. Saturn is death. Saturn is the Teacher. Death teaches us, oh yes, it teaches us.

The other day on my Facebook Page was chatting with a young woman who reads my blog and she offered her sympathies when I mentioned, as I sometimes do, my mother, who died when I was in my 20s.

It wasn’t a pity piece though. I write about these things and forget it may stir the emotions of others.

Since that time, since my 20s, I felt I was the keeper of uncommon knowledge, wisdom. It was a tragedy. It was a privilege. I know death. Death came home. I know death.

Like in the Bible: and Adam knew Eve. Death and I were on intimate terms. Moon conjunct Pluto in my chart. Conjunctions are marriages. Can’t get more intimate than that.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I feel sad, often because of a dream that I can’t remember and work to pull myself out of it.

I sit at the computer, I get to work. I go for a walk. I get back into my body (we are out of our bodies during sleep) and pet the cats. I make coffee. I eat. Precision. I like precision when I start my day. I rarely linger in bed unless I am sleeping or sick. Virgo Rising. Let’s go, let’s get up. Let’s outrun sadness.

Mars conjunct Saturn is not a sad aspect but Saturn can bring pessimism, depression. And as I’ve been writing, Mars is the faster moving planet here so I don’t consider it as frustrating as Saturn passing over Mars which would be a giant stop sign.

Instead we have the football player crashing into the brick wall. Ouch.

But imagine this football player is also a magician because he keeps moving. He may crash but he keeps moving, the ball in his arms, he’s running, running, running, running, running, running.

Mars is running towards Saturn now. He hasn’t crashed yet. Tomorrow morning (Big City time) is the crash.

And the conclusion?

Where Mars and Saturn are transiting in your chart is where you… will truly move forward once Saturn is out of Libra. Your relationships. Possibly your money. The area of life that Libra covers in your chart. Saturn has been a brick wall in that part of YOU no matter how many strides you’ve made. It has been WORK.

Our little private discussion group has begun. Latecomers and lurkers are welcome. But the more you put in, and engage, the more you will get out of it, that’s for certain :)

Love, MP

The Stars This Week: Venus And Mars Make A Baby

"new moon in leo"Intense energy this week. It’s building now. It will climax mid-week.

And then Friday’s New Moon in Leo, and the weekend aspects, will renew you.

Let me break it down a little:

Venus the planet of harmony, sociability, love, art, and money will be making tense aspects this week and sometimes I think Venus and I think eh, no big deal.

But Venus is a planet we take personally. She affects not only our relationships with others but how we feel about ourselves.

Venus will be dancing with both Pluto (power struggle, transformation) and Uranus (the unexpected) and anything in your chart around those degrees. Look for your natal planets, especially in the cardinal signs, between 6 and 10 degrees. Your sensitivity to orbs may vary :)

Also, how Venus is aspected in your chart natally will give you some clues about how it will affect you when it transits.

My Venus only aspects outer planets. Two tense aspects. One happy aspect. So I expect to go through it all: confusion, being too hard on myself, and then joy when I tune in to my natal Venus Jupiter sextile.

What aspects does your natal Venus make? 

So this is what we have going on:

Venus is in Cancer, moving forward in Cancer, and on Wednesday she’ll oppose Pluto in Capricorn. This is very Mother vs. Father energy. Nurturing vs. discipline and how you need BOTH in your life. If all you do is soothe without limits, you wind up drunk in a ditch ;) Or face down in whatever your poison is, whatever your addiction is. Addiction to money, to depression, to video games, to feeling like a victim, to sugar, to running away, and so on…

The next day (the 16th, Eastern time) brings the exact Venus Uranus square. Possible reversals of love or money. Sudden shocking insights.

Now if any of these major players are WELL aspected in your natal, the reversal could be GOOD. I am resisting pinpointing the dates here actually because I feel this energy is active all week but with pockets of sustained intensity.

Around this time as well Mars (your energy) is conjunct Saturn (your fear). I am seeing this as a breakthrough aspect because Mars is the faster moving planet here and he is saying to Saturn: MOVE IT. Move it or lose it :) Lose what? Whatever it is that you’ve been afraid to touch. It could be your freedom. It could be your commitment. And it’s in Libra. It’s about other people and what you want from them and what you think you can’t get and how you manipulate your way around situations, making nice, until you BLOW.

Even if Saturn through Libra has been liberating for you, liberating in terms of separating you from illusion i.e. a Reality Check, Saturn in Libra has also been clogging your social life, your love life, maybe even your money life. Remember that Venus rules Libra so Saturn in Libra has been a Venus transit, a Venus Saturn transit for all of us. It’s been harsh at times but ultimately freeing. I believe that.

These issues will resolve and turn (showing us new perspectives) in many ways once Saturn is in Scorpio but for now think of this Mars Saturn conjunction as one of the last pokes. It could be a last goodbye.

On New Moon day, the Sun sextiles Saturn (help from others) and then on Saturday Mercury trines Uranus (brilliant ideas). Do you feel/see the progression here? It reminds me of the Tarot cards I pulled this morning: from tension to release to relief and new life. There is always the chance for new life.

The end of summer of course is the transition from Leo to Virgo. From vacation to back to school, back to work. Virgo doesn’t begin until the following week but keep it in mind. All your struggles from the summer should begin to… resolve a little, or at least show a different side to the “problem,” including solutions,  especially as Mercury keeps moving forward.


Love, MP

P.S. If you want to talk about this stuff on a deeper and more personal level, you can always join MoonPluto Land, the private discussion group that begins next week. There is a fee. Keeping it small. Under 20 people probably so individual attention is guaranteed. Email me for details. No obligation to talk though. Lurkers are welcome.

Also the Mini-Moons are back for the New Moon in Leo! Mini-Readings!

The Stars Next Month: Ruckus And Reckoning With Venus In Cancer

venus in cancer, cardinal tsquareEnergy is necessary to keep love kicking. Energy exchange.

If he or she isn’t giving it, isn’t bringing it, if it’s dead air between the two of you, what do you do?

12th House or Neptune people tend to enjoy missing the Beloved which can turn sacrificial and sad. Anyone can be affected by this though.

This morning’s Tarot brought us the 8 of Cups and I just responded to someone in the comments, telling her that there are degrees of walking away. It all counts. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing although hell yes sometimes the break of all breaks must occur. A sign around your heart that says DO NOT REPAIR.


Mid-August will bring us some breakthrough aspects. Venus in nurturing Cancer will join the Uranus/Pluto square and Mars in Libra will conjunct Saturn.

Of course the meaning for you  particularly is based on your chart, your life, but in general I feel (so far) that the danger of these transits will be in trying to control others, metaphorically main them, or to act so out of character that you don’t recognize yourself and then you wake up the next morning going “Whaaaaa ???”

What’s the breakthrough? You can get closer instead of backing away or running away or punishing the other person.

These are relationship aspects, relationship transits, intense ones.Now I actually LIKE Mars coming to sit on Saturn. It’s a HELLOO YOO HOO SATURN HELLOOOOOO.  A bit more than a friendly jostling. But Mars is going to make Saturn MOVE.

Venus opposition Pluto is a power struggle, possibly abuse of power and Venus square Uranus is sudden and you could fall in love, or fall BACK in love with the devil. You don’t wanna do that ;) (Or do you?)

Venus square Uranus in Aries could see you running down the street in a flaming red dress and what stops you from reaching the point of no return is, actually, Pluto.

You can heal (Pluto rules healing and healers) your love (your own and your Beloved’s) under this sky.

Mars conjunct Saturn seals the deal. If you have felt in chains all year romantically (I’m thinking of the Devil in the Tarot deck) this is your get out of jail free card. Okay. Maybe not sooooo free ;) but this is a powerful dynamic passionate love ruckus and reckoning.

And THEN the New Moon comes :)

Three cards for this transit, this energy: 

The one thing that holds you back is your grief. There is still an edge to it that cuts you, that cuts others and it serves no purpose. It must be transformed. Softened. Surrendered. Put your guns down. You know who you are! Don’t point fingers. It’s you too. And that’s the Pluto energy. You need to serve. I know you are thinking “But I do so much for….”

But it’s different than what you think. Because all around is all this love and all this possibility and you have the skills and the desire and the dream and potential. I need to draw another card here. Tell us, wise Tarot guides :) give us some clarity around this grief:

Acknowledge it in a different way. I was writing a post this morning about building an altar to your passion. Well, include your grief. And it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can cut out pictures from magazines or use wind-up toys. It doesn’t freakin’ matter.  You can light two candles. One for your passion, one for your grief. But keep them where you can see them even after they’ve burned out.

Because you know what? You are taking WAY too long. And you will lose if you do not declare and define (Saturn in Libra) WHAT YOU WANT, who you belong to, and who belongs to you. Pluto rules possession. Stake your claim.



Love, MP

Smile. It’s Wilco time Wilco – One Sunday Morning

Wednesday Night Astrology

"Wim Wenders"
Nastassja Kinski has Mars in Cancer

I went outside to smoke a cigarette. And it was dark, is dark, despite the little light by the side door and I didn’t want to go out back, even though out back is the yard, the grass, the opening. Too dark. Could be rats. Really. This is the city after all.

I smoked in… not the alley, but the passageway, the walk between the house where I live and the fence which separates us from the house next door: a long slim line. It felt uncomfortable not to smoke where I wanted. I felt trapped and I had to remind myself to look up. I could see some stars.

This is the point now where I relate this experience to a current transit that I’m having or that you’re having and yes it reminded me of Saturn. That stuck feeling. Limited. Limiting.

When you leave the subway each day, there’s always and I mean always someone waiting by the turnstile, ready to ask you if you have an UNlimited card, meaning that it won’t cost you anything to let them in.

So my question for you is: what makes you feel unlimited? Do you remember to look up? I always have to remind myself this. Maybe it comes from living in the city too long, you always look at the sidewalk when you walk because there are so many, well, potholes and other stuff, other places, accidents, you could fall into.

Again thinking of Saturn vs Jupiter: our need to contract vs. our need to expand and the balance between. Like smoking between one house and another.

Ever notice that your charts do BOTH at once, that your transits do both at once? You get the energy to move forward and then you stop. And then you move. And then you stop. Mars Saturn transits and aspects are famous for this: driving with the breaks on.

How do you feel tonight? Are you contracting? Or expanding? Or both? 

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