Speechless Words: Aquarius Season

I was in the library and working on a new book proposal, before class, but needed to tear myself away and stretch my legs and get a decaf and some fresh air, something. I needed something. And there’s this church around the corner and they had a sign that one could go in and mediate or pray or both so I went in but the door was locked and it was locked because there was a rehearsal going on but the guy at the door let me in and I just heard LIVE the most exquisite music, oh my god. It was Mozart (I’m no expert) and… I just… am speechless still but I thought to myself: I need to write about this, I need to tell you all about  this so here I am with my speechless words.

And I thought to myself: NEW ROUTINES since this wild Aquarius Season (for a few days we will indeed have Sun Mercury Mars Venus and Pluto in Aquarius) is in my 6th House which is the house of daily life, routines, the Virgo House. This music though. And just yesterday I was saying right here on the blog that I needed new music and I found it. There it was. Around the corner. Violins and voices. Sitting there with dropped jaw, mouth open, feeling lucky that I walked by and the guy at the door let me in. He said you can stay a few more minutes but then I have to lock the door. I decided to leave anyway because I need to go to class but also to come here and write to you.

It was just so beautiful and then I felt sad about 2024 and this culture. I thought to myself: what happened to us? How did we go from Mozart to… ??? ??? ???

Not that I don’t love pop music and rock and roll and all kinds of music. There’s almost no musical genre I don’t like. But this? Another level of course. And I thought to myself: what am I missing. And I thought to myself: I’ll have to make sure to meditate here when I’m in the neighborhood.

Now, your Aquarius Season house might not be the 6th House but whatever it is I think you’ll be up to something different.

To be continued