Aries The Brave Soldier: Chiron In The 8th House

"chiron in the 8th house"It all started with Twitter.

I started tweeting just a little about the 8th House. About the 8th House being “how we get our needs met” according to astrologer Jeanne Avery. I love her books 🙂

And this afternoon I was waiting for the train. Yes, some subways were running in Brooklyn today and I was thinking about my natal Chiron in Aries in my 8th House and how… true it is for me. How painful. How I couldn’t remember the last time I… And I’m not going to finish that sentence but I promise you, it’s not what you think.

So there’s Chiron. There’s the 8th. There’s needs not getting met. And I remember once in astrology class my teacher saying that with Aries there? On the cusp of that house? I WILL NOT STOP until I solve it, heal it. Aries, the brave soldier.

The thing is this though: every time we tempt that heart space (cunt space, soul space) we open the wound again. And again. And again. And I swear last week I swore to myself that I would NEVER… well.. I just couldn’t imagine NOT giving my heart a break. The 8th House is a heart house. And then the next day I spoke to my Scorpio friend and I felt desire once more.

Is it better to feel it and have no relief? Or not to feel it at all? Share your thoughts…



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