Do Not Let It Destroy You: New Moon Aries & the Seven of Swords

"jupiter trine pluto"This post is for a client – who is struggling with the Three of Swords (heartbreak sorrow, heartbreak chaos).

She doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t know where to turn. Everything hurts.

The New Moon was in her First House, yes she’s an Aries Rising, and Aries/Mars is the PIONEER, leaving behind Three of Swords heartbreak sorrow heartbreak chaos and words are not enough. There has to be a transmutation of the pain and I don’t think it can be forced or planned to the minute. It just happens. Someone sees you and redeems you.

Let me tell you a story. I will try to tell this story while leaving out crucial information because it’s a story about me, about my own Three of Swords heartbreak sorrow chaos and a moment from last night in which my good friend the Gemini saw me, saw my essence, saw me, my goodness and worth so clearly. And I could see that she saw. I saw through her eyes. She valued me. So often, I feel, we don’t FEEL others valuing us. But she gave me that in that moment. 100%. So often people don’t stop and say THAT, that right there is YOU and that is worthy.

See, there’s all this talk about loving ourselves and self-esteem but the truth is we NEED others to see us too. So there’s a lot of bullshit out there i.e. “you have to love yourself before someone can love you” and I think this is bullshit because there are all kinds of cretins in loving relationships. Know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying. You are wondering why you are alone when you’re so awesome while Shitty Sally has a man and she’s rotten to the core. Or mediocre Melba. Or Borderline Betty. Etc etc etc. Sociopath Sal. ANYWAY…

My Gemini good friend and I had this moment. She saw me and I felt redeemed from the pit.

Find that friend, dear client of mine. Find that friend who sees you and can reflect back to you all the good you are. Someone who sees your qualities and says THOSE. Those are wonderful and remarkable and you will love again and be loved.

I drew the Seven of Swords today for myself and I looked up some meanings in Rachel Pollack (as I often do): from her book Tarot Wisdom: breakthrough in thinking. New plans. It’s a New Moon, my darling. You’ll get through this.