Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: No Truth (April 13th!)

You know I’m going to be talking about this a lot. We all are. And it does matter. Jupiter and Neptune meet up only once every 13 years or so, which is the time it takes for Jupiter to go around the wheel and the least you need to know is this:

Jupiter expands what it touches. Jupiter will be expanding Neptune. A conjunction is a fusion of energies. THEY BECOME ONE THING. It’s no longer Jupiter PLUS Neptune. It’s JupiterNeptune. One thing. And I know a thing or two about the conjunction (or the stellium) because I have both in my own chart. I know how it is to have this fusion in one’s own soul, the good, the bad, the ugly, the INTENSITY. That’s what you get with a conjunction: INTENSITY. I’ve seen some folks call conjunctions “neutral” but is intensity ever neutral? No. It’s intense.

Y’all know I love Isabel Hickey. Here are some of her Jupiter keywords. She’s got three columns (basic, positive, negative) but I won’t tell which word is from which column:


So that’s pure Jupiter but when we’re talking about a conjunction, a fusion, I go back to the key phrase that I heard from my teacher (and the phrase that everyone knows): Jupiter expands what it touches.

Here’s some Neptune keys also from Hickey (and remember the oft heard phrase: Neptune dissolves what it touches): 

Sensitivity, Inspiration, Compassion, Emotion, Imagination, Clairvoyance, Universal Love, Quietness, Sacrifice, Mysticism, Impressionability, Responsiveness, Sympathy, Creativeness, Visionary, Understanding, Peacefulness, Devotion, Dreaminess, Fear,  Over-sentimentality, Self-indulgence, Delusion, Lives in fantasy, Chaos, Inertia, Self-martyrdom.

So you can see, I’m sure, pretty easily, the potential landscapes here. The compassion, the mysticism, and also the potential for… some really bad shit. Chaos expanded? Delusion expanded? Martyrdom expanded? Sounds like a party you want to go to?

AND THEN of course you need to take a look at what house this is for you, which is your Pisces House (at 23 degrees, give or take a degree).

Think about how big this is: Jupiter has no boundaries (not really) and it’s such a roaming expansive energy and Neptune has no boundaries (clearly), any 12th House person can talk to you for days about their problems due to their porousness so what happens with this kind of chemistry? It’s SO big. It’s SO vast. It’s SO mystical. It’s SO… overwhelming??? Yeah. I think so. Like someone is talking to you, looking you in the eyes, and you cannot tell if it’s the greatest, truest thing you’ve ever heard, a true gift, or the biggest lie ever told and maybe you’ll never know. That’s what’s so scary with this conjunction i.e. where is the truth?

So. My first recommendation: don’t look for truth. Look for how things feel (to you, on the inside, both Jupiter and Neptune are psychic). Under this conjunction, the truth DOES NOT MATTER which I know sounds insane to you, but since we are dealing with a TRUTH DOES NOT MATTER situation then we need to make sure we: don’t give away our resources, whatever they are, be they financial or energetic or emotional or or or or or or or or. Take your time. Let no one rush you. Take your time. Someone will have something to sell you and yes you should be on your guard. It might dissolve. It might not dissolve. Something might be “too good to be true” and some of you might actually have your dreams come true. It will vary.

For all I think it best to… go slow and put up a guardrail or two. The offers may come pouring in. Evaluate them all, not with Jupiter Neptune eyes but with eyes of earth! Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus can help you out here and since this conjunction is in Pisces, it will sextile both Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.

Also, think of this conjunction as something we are living with for as long as Jupiter is in Pisces. When Jupiter dips into Aries, there’s a shift but it will retrograde and we’ll be living under this again. What is real? What is true? Who knows! I don’t know! No one knows!

So much illusion. So so so so so so so so so so much illusion or potential for illusion and if you know your own life, your own chart, you know how Jupiter and Neptune tend to behave for you.

Pisces is my Seventh House (relationships) and last month I had a guy call me a succubus. Told me I was visiting him at night in dreams. Yes, you heard that right. Was a first time for me, to get called a sexual demon and there were other texts about the spell I was weaving, etc etc when really I can’t weave and my spelling is so-so and I’m just a person and if you’re dreaming of me, that’s on you. Thanks, Jupiter Neptune! Thanks!

But, see, this transit ain’t over. There’s more relationships (of all kinds) to come for me during this transit and from what I’ve experienced so far, I am a little Nine of Wands about it all. I actually don’t want to be swept away because being swept away usually means I get left on the rocks somewhere and this can happen professionally or personally like the publicity person for my second book who disappeared. Neptune. I had sent her ten books which she was then going to send to bloggers, reviewers, and… nothing.

Jupiter wasn’t in my 7th then (but in my 6th House of WORK) but Neptune was and I’ve lived long enough to know that Neptune can be pretty dastardly and the one thing it’s good for (or two things) is creativity and spirituality. If you can keep it there and not get too lunatic about gifts falling from the sky? I’ll think you’ll be just fine. And maybe a gift WILL fall from the sky for you. Not ruling it out, not at all.