Are You On A Journey? Where Are You Now? (Saturn Through My 4th House)

From my Facebook page because I like sharing this stuff and I know not everyone who reads here reads my FB:

Discovering idiosyncrasies in the chakra system:

A being (human or other) may have many of one chakra.

And this is not a problem necessarily or sickness. And it may be temporary.

Example : I believe I have multiple root chakras. At least at this time. I just discovered this during a meditative state. Not sure what it means yet for me. And my heart chakra is very large. Engorged. Although this morning it felt droopy. Seconds later it plumped up to show me its robustness. I think it needed some attention. Sometimes that’s all you have to do. And your chakras will plump and preen and spin for you like juicy sunflowers. The best thing about the heart chakra for me is that it loves to be touched, to be played with. But these root chakras remind me of tents in the desert. I think I’ll go inside one now.

(And then I did. Entered a trance state. Came back to report my findings.)

Ah figured it out, again through meditation. My root chakra is a caravan at this time. And each root, which is being shown to me as a house or tent, houses what I need to return with from the years of Initiation in New York City.

I’m obsessed with Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey. Separation. Initiation. Return.

Are you on a journey? Where are you now?