Transit Talk! Saturn Trine Your Venus Is A Good Good Thing ASTROLOGY

"uranus in taurus"
Knowing who you are and what you want.

YOUR VALUES. What you want to GAIN.

Being certain. Being REAL. Integrity, authenticity.

INNER KNOWING and not being ashamed of who you are and what you desire.
Yes, my friends. Bam. :) 

In case you were wondering what Saturn trine Venus means. In case you were wondering why didn’t SATURN TRINE VENUS bring me love. It did. Any step we take away from self-loathing or self-hate and into self acceptance is a good thing. WE STOP HANGING AROUND THE WRONG PEOPLE THEN. We stop waiting on the wrong people. Venus is social.

I’m thinking about this because I was noticing in a client chart Saturn on her Mars (cannot move!!!) but trine her Venus and she may say:

WHAT ABOUT MY LOVE I’M STILL SINGLE but honey there’s more to life than ROMANTIC PARTNERSHIP. (Libras cover your ears!)

There I said it. OMG. Sky. Falling.

Luv is not everyone’s path every minute of the day.
YOU EXIST OUTSIDE HIM (or her) and outside the longing for him (or her).

This isn’t to say that it’s wrong to love or wrong to desire!!! Not at all but not all Venus transits are about your legs in the air ;) 

They can be about you being so damn certain what and who is right for YOU because you are living your values!!!!!!

Make sense????

"saturn trine venus"

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When A Transit Happened And Nothing Happened ASTROLOGY

"Saturn trine venus"
I was waiting. I was waiting for love. I was waiting for money. VENUS RULES LOVE AND MONEY. I’m not gonna hide from you, hide behind some wall of I DO NOT WANT. Because I DO want. I want love. I want money. Just like you. Doesn’t mean I’m totally empty but I WANT.

And I’ve been under this transit for all of late degree Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn TRINE my Venus. Where Prince Charming? Where blank check?

WELL, there is much to consider and I’m gonna list just a few:

-the houses of the transit which are the AREAS OF LIFE to be affected
-other transits going on simultaneously which may hinder or help
-what the fuck is going on in your damn life! Transits happen to YOU, a soul in body
-the transit itself of course: which planets???? what is their NATURE????

I’ll use my own self as an example. Maybe you will relate! 

Transiting Saturn in my Fourth House (HOME) trine natal Venus in my Twelfth.

Can it get any more esoteric than this? Seriously? I mean, besides HOME. Fourth House is your home. That’s pretty practical but surely you can see that a 12th/4th trine is PROTECTION of the HOME. Spiritual protection thanks to your 12th House Spirit Guides.

And yet the 12th is also a money house. Did you know this? Despite my expenses TRUE STORY being MORE EXPENSIVE in Florida than when I was in NYC (!!!), all has remained stable. Money (Venus) has been stable (Saturn). DO I WANT MORE? YES. GIVE ME MORE. BUT. Here I am. Living life on my own terms (as a friend said to me).

Saturn will always TRY to create stability. This is Saturn’s nature to put ORDER IN YOUR LIFE. And yet this can be a problem of course. Because some situations need to be blown up but Saturn will tow the line, stick to the rules, be a good girl. Saturn is not a freak accident. Saturn is not pennies from heaven. Saturn is = work for it and get it IN PROPORTION. Saturn puts a frame around your life.

STABILITY IS NOT EXCITING. Or is it? Saturn is not Uranus. Saturn is not Pluto. Saturn is slow and not shocking. Saturn in a trine I would argue is still a lesson but not as sharp and not as hard. It will build you up. Easier to gain confidence than a Saturn square which seeks to make the lesson ache.

Strength training takes time. Steady increments. Go slow. Something about instant gratification culture. Consider that you may not feel or understand a long transit until after it’s DONE and you are NEW and one day you wake up with new skills fully manifested and you make decisions from that place. Consider that.

Some transits appear subtle or without fanfare, but make no mistake: something happened. OPEN YOUR EYES

But, MoonPluto, I’m looking! I HAVE been looking! And nothing, nothing. 
Look again, my friend. Look again.

"venus trine saturn"



Venus Saturn Lessons

Do you have a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart? A hard aspect?
Just posted this on my Facebook: 

Protective in the right way, protective in the wrong way.

Saturn = limitation, safety, protection.

Thinking of Venus Saturn hard aspects in the natal or by transit –

Protective in the wrong way :
rejecting before you get rejected, “certain” it will happen because it always has or always will.
Pretending you don’t like someone when you actually do Fear (Saturn) you won’t be liked (Venus).

Protective in the right way:
TRULY KNOWING YOUR WORTH (Venus) thus having good self-esteem. INTEGRITY (Saturn). You know your worth. You teach your worth. You have integrity.

Not having sex when you don’t want to.
Not saying yes to a date when you don’t want to.
Not feeling like you have to tell a lie to get out of it.
YOUR NEEDS MATTER. You don’t EVER have to say YES to someone.
Your desires matters. Know what you value.

Protect (Saturn) what you value (Venus).

This came to mind because I had a revelation about a previous relationship — he did not value me.
I did not value me. I GAVE me. But value? Hmm.

My intention moving forward: it won’t happen again.

If someone wants me? If I want them back? It may take a while :)

Saturn will trine my Venus while in Sagittarius but I have the square in my natal.
Learning the lesson, teaching the lesson.

TEACH (Saturn) your worth (Venus) – how? Behavior.

And this is different than being overly harsh or “bitchy” — that’s more like the square – putting someone in their place just because…
that “just because” may actually be your own insecurity and fear they will reject you first.


Venus In Leo NewsWatch! (Weekend of June 5th)

"venus trine saturn" On fire this morning on my Facebook Timeline. Posting and posting stray Venus in Leo thoughts.

I was EXPRESSING MYSELF (as Madonna would say, fellow Venus in Leo lady) :)

As I type this, Venus enters Leo in about an hour.

Also today:
Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo:

Mars is force and Jupiter expands what it touches and the sextile is cooperative. Could be a good day for working out but do consult your doctor if you aren’t sure!)

VENUS TRINE SATURN (retrograde in Sagittarius).

Aquarius Moon all weekend.

Of course Venus in Leo, the showstopper, the star, makes a beautiful major aspect same day as her ingress.

And hmm so it’s a very Saturn weekend eh? Saturn co-rules Aquarius, along with Uranus. No wonder I drew the stable table FOUR OF PENTACLES this morning. CONSERVE YOUR ENERGY. Keep a lock on it. Order, control, you decide what flows in, what flows out. No NEED to change today. Venus in a fixed sign now. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS. SHE KNOWS HOW SHE WANTS TO BE TREATED. It’s not about SHOULD. It’s about WANT. Moon in a fixed sign. Saturn is the wobbler here and that’s fine. Venus and Moon keep him tied down ;)

"venus trine saturn" Although I think all Venus Saturn people can go the distance, can commit (no matter the aspect), Venus trine Saturn is a girl (or boy) who has mastered the Law (Saturn) of Attraction (Venus). Venus trine Saturn got game and she may play by the rules but she doesn’t even need to think about it, must less fret or mope.

Food for thought: quote from Howard Sassportas:

We’re already mentioned that the glyph of Venus is like a hand mirror, and that what we love and value is a reflection of something inside us. Funny, I wouldn’t normally associate Venus with a wizard, but it’s true that the energy of love can be very transformative and work magic. (The Inner Planets)

Do you have a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart? 


Mars in Libra: Doubt?

"mars in libra"Sometimes it really is like clockwork even though my teacher used to say that the planets don’t run on “train time.”

Venus and Saturn go direct and clarity comes. Both Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Libra (in trine because they are air signs) spoke to our relationships. Venus = love. Saturn = maturity.

Were you confused during the retrogrades or, at the very least, suffering setbacks? And now you are free? Your mind is free? Your heart is free? I feel back on track. Perhaps the Moon in Aquarius making a Grand Trine in air yesterday sharpened the focus.

But ponder this issue. See if it’s true. Are you MORE clear now? 

Mars now in Libra tells a similar story. The passion (Mars) to relate (Libra) and to relate appropriately (Libra), to get it right, to put it right.

I’ve been watching Mad Men lately, Season One. I know I’m late to this famous show but I was busy with some other shows :) I also don’t have a television, only Netflix.  Anyway, I am fascinated by the character of Betty Draper who looks like a doll and this surface, of course, is a mask. Complexity beneath, rage beneath. This isn’t a new characterization of Woman but I like the way her story is unfolding.

This character would have Libra or Libra Rising no doubt. A stellium in Libra. Probably with a Scorpio Venus. She’s crammed with desire but has been taught to be polite and gentle even when rejected or offended. Always pleasant. And yet…

Are you clear like glass? Are you beyond doubt? How’s your mask doing? 

And, you know, that rage, her rage, your rage is also a mask It just hides something else…

One more point about Mars (rage) in Libra (relating): Libra is known for indecision ;) Could this transit throw even more options into your heart? Or will the drive to marry (Libra) and I mean marry a person or an idea or a course of action… will this Marsy fire be braver than any and all confusion?

Food for thought, for the Sun in Cancer.


Love, MP

What Is Astrology For?

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

Is it an intellectual exercise? Understanding myths, symbols, patterns.


Not unless they apply to our lives. That’s my point of view anyway. Help us understand our lives better.

And in some hands, Astrology is a predictive tool. Or something is a predictive tool. Chart, Tarot cards, ginger tea, whatever

I remember hanging out with another astrologer once and him making a remark about my intuitive process.

Is there any other way?


It is so quiet where I live. And this is always a revelation to me, after having lived in the hell of hell of apartments and neighborhoods before I moved here – Saturn was in my 1st House then and eventually conjuncted my Moon and Pluto. Hell is the only way to describe it. More suffering than dead.

I’m amazed by the Pluto in Libra generation, those that I work with who are having (or had) Saturn on their Pluto, many having their Saturn Return. How strong they are, how accomplished, these young people. Artists of all kinds, actors, writers, entrepreneurs, survivors, transitions of all kinds.


So if the purpose of Astrology is to understand our lives better, what happens when we still don’t understand?

I’ve been obsessively watching Doreen Virtue videos lately on you YouTube and by obsessive I mean…. every night for a few days in a row I’ll watch a few of them and… fall asleep. Her voice relaxes me. Her message relaxes me. This woman is on a mission. And I think to myself: Self! You have North Node in Pisces. You are supposed to groove on this stuff! But I’m picky. My Virgo Moon and Virgo South Node and Virgo Rising: all picky. And yet I do like her work. And her Angel cards (I have one deck).

And I thought to myself: Self! I should be praying. I should be praying with every querent who contacts me. Or at least on their behalf because sometimes I’ll feel heartbroken. They want love. They can’t find love, etc etc etc and I want SO MUCH for them to find love and Pisces must pray!

And Virtue, in the videos I was watching last night, kept talking about listening to inner guidance, how you might not always recognize it because it can be small or commonplace which reminded me of Edgar Cayce talking about the still small voice (which I know is a phrase from the Torah but I can’t remember from where. The Psalms?)


Gemini Season. Sun in Gemini. Mercury in Gemini. Just had our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini. The Full Moon Eclipse will oppose Gemini. Jupiter enters Gemini in June. If your life feels… a combination of… stiff and yet terrifying, take heart. And/or take action. Virtue was talking about taking the small actions to complete goals. What’s that one thing you can do today even for a few minutes.

What helps me is to write things down or, I was telling a client the other day, I just bought a dry-erase board. Didn’t hang it up so I can reach it easily. Read it, revise it. Purpose is for questions, for goals, to keep track, to erase, to see how far I’ve come. Mars in Virgo (still!) keeps track. Write stuff down. Lots of questions though. What am I not seeing? What is the goal? And last night… I got new answers. I wonder if they are right.


I better stop here before I ramble on much longer :) The Moon in Leo is sextile the Sun and Mercury in Gemini as I type this. Even if you aren’t leaving the house today, stay social. Leo/Gemini IS social networking. Venus in Gemini, retrograde (forgot to mention her in my Gemini list above) moving away from her trine to Saturn. Relationship stuff? Not settled yet so don’t worry. Unless of course you want it settled ;) Sorry! Too bad! ;)

Essence of Gemini: you think you know it/them, but… then you realize that you don’t!

Pluto sextile Chiron with Pluto retrograding back to square Uranus: you heal, you solve WHILE breaking new bones. Isn’t that always the way? Plug a leak and new one springs? An endless cycle of repatching our holes.

What is Astrology for? Heh, I think it’s for this, among other things…

Love, MP

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(PS Pictured is Josephine Baker, Gemini!)

The Stars Today: A Good Day To Be Born!

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

(Pictured here is heroic Aung San Suu Kyi who has her Sun in Gemini. Now *this* is what women are capable of. When I read or hear about this woman I feel proud unlike so much of what passes for supposed post-feminist womanhood these days. Okay, rant over.)


Sometimes I wake up with people’s “stuff” in my head.

And I often can get to walking around with people’s stuff. An example: let’s say I’ve got an email reading in progress and I’ve read an email while on the road, I may be here or there and not able to respond (I wait until I’m home) and suddenly I’ll get ideas, insights, even though I’m not at my desk.

And this morning I woke up with someone’s stuff and I do plan to tell them once I get started on readings. Sometimes things just come to mind.


You can expect your information to double while the Sun is in Gemini. You can expect to be busy. Gemini rules cars and highways AND desks. Take a trip and write about it.

Now that the world is wireless, I wonder if anyone works at a desk anymore. Well, I do… even though I want to get a new computer soon and do more work away from home. Back to the coffee shop cafe life of my college days.

And maybe, just maybe, if there are any local people interested, a small group, I’ll hold some informal Astro-Gatherings. Jupiter transiting my 9th House wants to teach.



Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in late Taurus. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in  early Gemini. Venus is trine Saturn (Gemini/Libra) and both are retrograde. Whatever your relationship story is at this time… this isn’t the final chapter. Gemini Season has more to tell you.

Where is Mars for you now? 10 degrees Virgo, he’s moving along little by little. The little (Virgo) Mars that could! I have not been smoking. I am cutting out coffee (not because I want to, but because it irritates my stomach). Health is wealth says Virgo.

I think about the souls born today. They will be Gemini smiling and Taurus sweet and Pisces squares will add a mystical side to the nature. Venus Retrograde in their chart will make them approach beauty and art in a different way, which is always needed! Uranus square Pluto will be irascible or powerful, or both. Venus trine Saturn, with both planets retrograde, feels like a time machine to me. I would expect these souls to have many karmic meetings in their lifetime(s)!

Do you have Gemini in your life? 

Love, MP

PS It’s really thundering and lightening here! I can’t remember the last time I heard such a loud BOOM WOW!!!

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Venus In The 12th House: Holy Desire

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

I have an extreme longing for God. Or whatever you want to call IT.

I’m Jewish but when I was a kid I bemoaned the fact that Jews didn’t have convents (there’s a joke in there somewhere).

I didn’t consider converting but began to collect rosaries. Oy. What did my mother think. (I think she ignored it actually). At least I didn’t disobey her and get a nose ring (this was the ’80s. Facial jewelry = not so common then).

Some chart stats: I have Venus in the 12th House. Venus square Neptune. North Node in Pisces in my 6th House of daily routines but conjunct my 7th House cusp. All these placements have Neptune in common.

Longing. Devotion. Holy desire. 

Holy desire for something I cannot touch. Long distance relationships slay me. You can imagine.

And I have a hard time putting the feeling into just the right words but I know it when I feel it and I felt it this morning on the treadmill! One of the songs I was listening to (Venus Neptune people are sensitive to music by the way) brought it out in me.

And then there’s old trusty Saturn in my 9th House, limiting what I feel is possible. The plot thickens. Saturn squares my Venus.

Belief vs. faith. Practical vs. mystical. Earth vs. sky.

In a partner, I need someone to inspire me. Their story must inspire me. Saturn wants it solid but Neptune wants to get lost.

What to do what to do what to do…


Review where transiting Venus is in your chart. Is Gemini friendly to your junk? Venus in Gemini gives me a sextile to my natal Venus, squares my Virgo (eek!) but trines my Libra Jupiter (ahhhh..) In other words, party favors!

In the sky, Venus is trine Saturn so PLEASE check your chart! Aquarians are getting a Grand Trine but all Air and Fire peeps can tap into this steady lurv energy.

What do you long for???


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The Stars Today: Moon In Sagittarius!

"new moon solar eclipse"

Another busy day in the Big City. Let’s take a look at the sky. Let’s think about the sky.

May’s got some STUFF coming up, okay? We’ve got the Sun conjunct Jupiter (which is a good thing!) this weekend. And then we’ve got Venus Retrograde just a couple days later. And then our first eclipse of the season, in Gemini. And Mercury enters Taurus!

Find find find find your Taurus/Gemini Houses! Action action action!


How was your Full Moon? I always feel the transition from the Moon in Scorpio to the Moon in Sagittarius. For me? It just feels better. My chart is supported by Scorpio – I am mostly water and earth. And yet…


So the Sun is in Taurus, earth energy. Do you feel stuck? Or do you feel… steady, more grounded? The Moon is in early Sag (7 degrees as I type this). Mercury in late Aries. If you’ve been feeling impulsive and as though… your life was leading you around rather than you leading your life? This will change. Taurus is slower than Aries. More earth energy will settle you.

Venus at 22 Gemini and she will proceed a wee bit more before retreating! Mars at 6 Virgo… and I’ll let you dig out the slower moving planets on your own but I will add this:

The Moon is square Mars right now. Despite Sag’s uplifting nature, you may feel cranky! Or tired.

And the Moon is trine Uranus right now. Cranky/tired + … making a leap, a good luck leap!

In other words, you’re effin’ moody, but it’s okay. Moon’s in Sag! :) You can forget to worry says Sagittarius square Virgo: PLEASE forget to worry ;)


Venus is trine Saturn: what relationship is actually working out for you and will stand the test of time? Doesn’t have to be romantic. Could be work or friendship but something is happening NOW and you will review it, oh yes you will, during Venus’ retrograde but that doesn’t discount the reality (Saturn) of love (Venus) today.


Where’s your Gemini House? Have you found ZERO Gemini yet? That’s our eclipse degree. So forget Coke Zero and Sprite Zero and whatever the hell else yer drinkin’ — Gemini Zero will refresh you!

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The Stars Today: Venus Trine Saturn Retrograde

"full moon in scorpio"

I hope I got you thinking about the Full Moon a little.

As I write, the Moon is in Libra conjunct Saturn (retrograde) with Mercury opposing in Aries. It’s a War over Manners. A War over What’s Right and Who’s Right. Anyone?

I’m going to bow out of the war entirely and stick my head in the sand. I’m a Cancer Sun and my natal Mars is being squared by all this back and forth.

Venus in Gemini likes her sextile to Mercury and loves her trine to Saturn. Wait. Does she? Venus is love and Saturn is serious and in trine it’s long lasting love or long lasting money but retrograde there’s a… glitch. An old piece of the story or a not-quite-moving-forward-yet BUT…

Venus in Gemini is a good-time-girl :) but I keep running into people with this transit in the 8th House. Inconjunct energy. The good-time-girl grows up.


I get to leave the house today and I’m excited. Been busy and at the desk a lot so I welcome a little free time. I will be back for some hours this afternoon though to continue readings in progress. I am still planning on some time off though next week but as a reminder:

I AM available for: Email Tarot. Also, some Astrology by phone or in person, especially if you are in the midst of transit craziness and need some explication.


Eclipse Preview: something to think about :) Sunday, May 20th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini at ZERO!

Gemini is really the star of this summer, don’t you think?  The excitement with Venus, the Eclipses along the Gem/Sag axis. It’s time to investigate Gemini. Or probe Gemini (for you Scorps out there!). Because she’s more, much more than a multi-tasking good-time-girl.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, rules the Messenger and the Message. You WILL receive this spring, this summer. You WILL receive instruction, news, information.

Mercury rules detour signs *and* flight. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, gathering the news of the day, putting it in order or leaving it in a heap on your desk or on your bed like the clothes that will not fold themselves.

You can ignore Mars in Virgo compelling you to tidy up the mutable messiness. Or not!

Have a good day, my fearless Astro-Soldiers! 


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Feeling Fragile? Touch The Earth! The Stars Today

"uranus stationing direct"

It’s been raining all day in the Big City. ALL DAY. Yesterday too. And today — actually last night — in the middle of the night, I noticed a leak in the kitchen, coming from upstairs. Dirty water. Today I called the landlord and he came to take a look and of course it originates from the floor above us but it got me thinking about foundations. About leaks. About dirty water. About fragile. About the sky. Is it falling?

And that’s how the sky feels to me right now: fragile — because of all the change coming up. Change change change.

Mercury still retrograde, Uranus stationing direct, the Full Moon eclipse, events in my own life: relationships ending and beginning.

And I’m such an astro-freak, I just checked the transits for the day next week that I’m scheduled to have some body work done and I’m glad transiting Saturn sextile my natal Venus and transiting Venus trine my natal Saturn will still be active.


The Moon in Taurus today offers some stability despite inconjuncting the Sun and Mercury. Find your comfort in comfort: food, warmth, lazy.

And not only that but there’s this yummy earth Grand Trine of this Moon, Venus, and Mars: good money, good love, good feeling.

So if you, too, are watching the leaks and feeling fragile and foundations shifting… then touch them. Get a hand massage. Eat the cheesecake. Walk the city, block after block after block.

Your body IS your foundation.

And you? Stable or fragile or both? 

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