The Stars This Week: Jupiter Retrograde & ARIES ALREADY?

"jupiter goes retrograde"
from the home office

I sent out a newsletter this morning with a few thoughts about JUPITER GOING RETROGRADE. Click here! You can also subscribe at this link!

But you know what? I want to talk about integrity. Even though I plan to talk about Jupiter retro and the week ahead, I want to talk about integrity too.

This is on my mind ALL THE DAMN TIME, no doubt in part because Saturn is in Capricorn.

Part of integrity for me is that I live according to my standard. What I think is right or true or good.

Doing the right thing. Am I who I say I am. No two-faced duplicity.

Do you have thoughts on this topic of integrity? 

I mentioned earlier that I STOPPED allowing comments on this blog because the spam got out of hand. If you have thoughts on this topic, visit my Facebook. I’m going to start a thread there RIGHT NOW (It’s Sunday 4:30 pm Eastern time March 4th).

I often think about integrity in regards to my YouTube. I’m still figuring out how best to show up there. Not that I’m there without integrity but… I want to do more/better.

But about Jupiter going retrograde…

That happens this week. In Scorpio of course. It happens on Thursday, March 8th. It goes direct July 10th (and I just realized now I think I put the wrong end date in my newsletter!).

What does it mean for us? I like what I said in that email about reviewing our expansion and I’m not just throwing around some obvious Jupiter keyword. I mean it honestly and sincerely, with integrity. With Jupiter we GROW. It’s time to review the pathway thus far.

Are we growing in the right direction? In the right ways? Towards the right places and people? Right track? Are we reaching towards the right future?

Is it time to move on?
What parts of our path and story need revising?

Jupiter in Scorpio likes the deep realms. How can you go even deeper?

I’m thinking about my “career.” The things I am interested in expanding. Are they correct and true? And what about personally? Time to review what has grown.

And what about the house that Jupiter is transiting for you? And in what areas of life have *you* been expanding or growing?

Take a step back. What is there?

Remember that Jupiter and Saturn currently sextile – no matter the degree. Scorpio and Capricorn sextile. Faith and planning.

Also this week:
Mercury enters Aries
Venus enters Aries

This is huge, y’all. The start of the astrological new year. Almost. We need the Sun to enter Aries for that and that’s this month as well.

The gloomy news:

the week brings us an unpleasant Mercury Saturn square (depression, mean people, negative thinking, inertia, writer’s block) and NO WONDER THE CARDS I DREW FOR MY PATRONS …

but we also two marvelous aspects –

Mars trine Uranus and Sun sextile Pluto. This is dynamic and creative and I’m so sick of the word “power” or “powerful” but how else to describe Sun sextile Pluto. Power without domination. Thing after thing, you get it all done!

So no wonder this week is a little wonky. Any week that has a Mercury Saturn square is going to have its gloomy moments. We have an intense Moon Pluto conjunction on Sunday too but Mars Uranus? Mars Uranus is exciting. And Sun Pluto? Sun Pluto in good aspect is CONFIDENT.

Hold tight. That’s my advice. Weather the Mercury Saturn storm and by Sunday you’ll be inventing a whole new world. Best case scenario, right? Right!

"jupiter going retrograde in scorpio"

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The Stars This Week: Be The Heart Sea

"venus retrograde in aries"

I had thoughts about Florida when I first came back to Florida.

That I was going to BE Florida. Be all nature-y and start growing or planting or have a witchy herb garden because witches are supposed to do that–

but the truth is — that’s not me. I don’t want to be Florida.

What I like is being ME in Florida, tourist, mystic, explorer, wearer of much black clothing. I don’t need to understand Florida, but I do like being here.

I went to this lecture today and the truth is I daydreamed through a lot of it, but I liked the experience, being in the room (I’m a meditator), and I wrote down a number of things the writer/professor/speaker said from the Q and A portion of the talk. Inspiring stuff, about how nature rebuilds, rebounds. Just leave it alone, he said, and it will come back to the way it was. This inspired me deeply and wanted to tell it to you. Because it reminded me of PTSD and trauma. That there is a you that existed before life hurt.

I also wanted to tell you, paraphrasing something else he said – about how we don’t define a sea by something terrible that happened to that sea (like an oil spill for example). That sea had a life prior to the terrible and thus YOU need not define your life by any disaster that befell you.

So if you find yourself defining yourself by a day, a year, a decade of a life you’d rather forget, trauma, it shaped you, it did, remember that you existed prior to that, even if only for one day. I’m sorry about your oil spill. You existed before it happened. You.

Now about the stars this week: 

The Sun enters Aries tomorrow and there is so much hope in the air. Do you feel it? Not so much?

Moon in Capricorn hopefully will keep you busy and not just gloomy, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. Later in the week we have all this interesting Mercury –

Mercury, the writer and communicator, will aspect Pluto and Jupiter and Uranus and then we’ll also have a Sun Venus (retrograde) conjunction on Saturday.

I wrote on my Facebook that you should set some goals for yourself this week. Keep yourself busy because all that Mercury (a square, an opposition, a conjunction) can add up to irritating monkey mind or scattered behavior/intention. Give Mercury in ARIES something to DO, not just something to think.

The Sun on Venus will illuminate a Venus matter in your life. Love? Money? Desire?

I had a “type” moment at that lecture today. This man caught my eye and I thought to myself (in fine Venus retrograde form) he reminds me of so and so. He’s MY TYPE. Not that I would refuse other types but that type? I like that type. I couldn’t help but notice him.

Often during Venus (or even Mercury) retrograde, we hear tales of ex boyfriends or girlfriends come back from whence they went, but not here, not yet. Maybe when Venus backs into my 7th. I’ll let you know.

It woke me up though. He woke me up. I hadn’t been thinking about that side of Venus at all during this retrograde, and instead have been immersed in other Eight House memories.


Where is the retrograde for you? 


Venus Retrograde in Aries: Hunter

"venus retrograde in aries"
The first full week of March is here. What do you think so far? What do you think of Venus gone retrograde so far? Venus in Aries at 13 degrees. 

I’ll tell you what I think:

this is a perfect time to… breathe.

Venus in Aries doesn’t stop to breathe. Venus in Aries retrograde can make room for that. You may need less busy, less coffee or tea, to do this slow, to do this Venus Aries reversal. Pause. Very Seven of Pentacles pause. Breathe. FULL STOP. You won’t lose anything that really needs to be yours. If you breathe, your thoughts will be more clear and then hopefully your actions more deliberate as well.

Doesn’t mean you stop dating or loving or making money (Venus ruling love and money) but you can go slow in the midst of whatever flurry you find yourself. Are you in a flurry?

I admit I have some thoughts about my own love and money life, and it’s not an “interruption” but a going inwards. Going deep in there. Eighth House transit for me.

What am I holding on to that keeps me back in Venus ways? And you? What about you? Something real old and worn out and a legacy from my family. And you? What about you? What house for you? 

This morning I did a bunch of work for an email client. He had oodles of hours “in the bank” and a lot of questions and I really took a bite out of it, stars and cards and the sun coming in through the window, beneath the bird feeder, and I kept telling him upon seeing this one transit heading for his 12th house: YOU WILL HAVE TO GO WITHIN.

I wasn’t yelling at him and yet I made this point a few times. I mean, how else do you tell a VIRGO SUN SATURN CONJUNCTION MAN that they will have to work less and go within? Saturn Sun conjunction in Virgo man knows mostly, only, a life of work and climbing the mountain of work. His life is about to change.

Review, my turtle doves, review but review in ways that feel like you’re “getting somewhere” and maybe you get somewhere by sitting still. Or by talking yourself off the ledge and going out or meeting that person or making that investment even though, at times, you doubt yourself and feel it will come to nothing. That “nothing” feeling is illusion but I can tell your thinking is rusty and needs some oil.

Do something differently during these Venus retrograde weeks and maybe that something different means having more FAITH in love and money and less worry. More passion for being YOURSELF. That’s pretty Aries, isn’t it? Uncompromising? Unabashedly you?

Are you okay with that? Love me, like me, hate me, BUT THIS IS ME.

Venus in Aries is a hunter and Venus retrograde in Aries is hunting within, right? Right.

You hunting you. You finding you. Perfect.


Which Rules Combat (Poems About Venus In Aries)

"venus in aries" Tomorrow Venus enters Aries.
I don’t know how to flirt.
Susan knows how to flirt.
Susan says she’s gonna teach me.
All you gotta do is look back, she says.

This is a poem. It is more poem than anything.
Venus in Aries is a perfect time to flirt, if you like it fast go faster.
Aries is my Eighth House,
the House of Sex and Death and Magick and Money.

And yesterday Lisa pulled the Wheel of Fortune for me about
Yes, my beautiful stars, WE ARE LOVE IN THE SPRINGTIME.

What do YOU have on YOUR mind for Venus in Aries???? 

Aries insists and Venus in Aries INSISTS.
Venus in Aries insists on love. Give me love THIS WAY. NOW. DO IT NOW.
Venus in a sign ruled by Mars which rules combat, rules blood. DO IT NOW.

Is that hot? To you?

What does your Venus want? 


We really need to talk.
The April Group is our Post-Eclipse Party and retrograde discussion (OMG SATURN RX) and possibly other topics that arise because I go where the inspiration takes us. Read here for details. 

Dear MoonPluto: Does He Like Me Back?

"venus square saturn" So I’m talking to this client (by Instant Message) and she’s got Taurus Rising (which means Scorpio on her descendent) and she likes this guy but he’s a hard nut to crack, including a Venus square Saturn aspect in his natal, and I’m telling her:

you can’t stomp stomp stomp around like this and get what you want, you can’t force this to happen, have to give him rope

Let him show her who he is because if she’s ALWAYS THERE, The Waiting, we can’t see his instincts, we can’t tell WHO he is at all or what he may want from her.

I am in the habit of telling clients
I can’t tell you what to do.
That’s not my place.
And THEN I give my opinion, if I have one, which is informed by charts and cards and intuition and my crystal ball.

Which reminds me:
I used my crystal ball for the first time today in a different reading and I came up with a very specific detail about someone’s house hunting i.e. a landmark. Now, I don’t know if I was just “seeing” that she would be seeing this particular house or if she is actually moving there.
Point is, it showed up. Interesting stuff.

But back to the original story.
So I tell the girl: trust the universe, okay? That you don’t have to wrestle this situation to the ground.

I told her that I was going to be taking my own advice upon which I had a very helpful and illuminating conversation with a loved one where I cleared the air, cleared my fears, and didn’t wrestle anything to the ground :)

Venus enters Aries tonight, my friends.
Be bold as love.
Be bold IN love.

Love, MP

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Why I Like Venus In Aries

"mercury opposition saturn" I’ve been listening to Pema Chodron again.
I’ve been reaching out to her since my late 20s.
Back then it was just books and CDs.
Now we have YouTube :)

And today I want to talk about “going to extremes.”

See, I understand what drives people to go to extremes.
Pain does.
Starvation does.
Shame does.
When you see someone habitually going to extremes, it’s a sign of a cycle. Samsara.

And of course when their cycle is getting in your way, in a bad way, you have the right to refuse their company. (And actually you can refuse anytime. You don’t need permission.)

I understand these fragile states because I’ve been there myself.

I look at the Stars This Week and I feel uneasy. It’s a fragile state we’re in.

The Sun is inconjunct Mars today.
This is edgy.
The Sun in Taurus doesn’t want to be pushed and the inconjunct in and of itself IS pushy.
Mars is pushier. Libra waits for you to unlock her mystery.

And tomorrow Venus enters Aries.
Aries is assertive. Aggressive.
You don’t have to mind read with Aries.
And I know there are exceptions (because people are complex) but I’d say Aries is one of the least manipulative signs. They can’t help but move forward and their aim is clear and true.

Tomorrow: Mercury opposes Saturn.

Key word for these days? BITCHY.

I’d avoid  trigger people, places, and situations.
Someone is bound to get slapped.

Looking towards the weekend and things settle down IF AND ONLY IF you are comfortable with your feelings.
Moon will be in Cancer making all kinds of aspects, good, bad, and ugh.

Which reminds me of another topic.

They say the Moon is best in Cancer because the Moon rules Cancer, but often I find these prized placements decided by the Astrologers of Yore are too cut and dried and YES Moon in Cancer is knee jerk sympathetic but knee-jerk sympathetic isn’t always a good thing. But then sometimes it is.

Venus in Aries is supposed to be a BAD placement. Aries is the opposite of Libra.
Too pushy, impatient, reckless, MASCULINE.
It’s Venus acting like Mars!
But a well aspected Venus in Aries will be far more pleasant to deal with (Venus aims to be pleasant) than a poorly aspected Venus in Libra.

Another thought:
Venus in Libra being the GOOD Libra or the best Libra I find to be reductive and flat out wrong.
See, we need to know the rules but also to THINK about them.
These “rules” were created IN a context. They aren’t essential. They aren’t nature.
These were men deciding that Venus was BEST being a good little lovely lady.

Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT putting down any one placement, just trying to make a point and hopefully you’ll give it some thought as we move through Venus in Aries…

how maybe just maybe this placement is actually IDEAL (for many of us) and how the Venus in Libra ideal is limiting for REAL women and REAL men because there are so many ways to express our femininity, masculinity, and everything in between.

Goodbye gender treachery! Let us embrace our inner Warrior with Venus in Aries :)

And if you find yourself feeling fragile or going to extremes, I recommend listening to Pema Chodron, with or without a Venus in Aries meditation.

There are many ways to be a lady :) Up to you to discover what is best for you.

How do you like your Venus? 

Love, MP

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The Stars Today: Saturn Trine Chiron (Part Two)

Every joy contains a loss within it. If you are having a good time, of course that particular good time, moment, will end. That is life. The Buddhists teach us not to attach to whatever occurs.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

When shitty things happen: all things must pass. Ohm.

When lovely things happen: oh shit, this is passing out of my life.

What do the Stars right now teach us? Saturn trine Chiron: foundational healing. Healing at/from the root. Correcting misconceptions and misperceptions and you don’t do it alone. You do it together (Scorpio) by merging (Pisces). And if you are alone? Then do it (Scorpio) with the Divine (Pisces).

Mars, Sun, and Venus now in Aries: dream time (Pisces) is over, stagnation over.

The wild Full Moon in Libra on the 27th wants a piece of you but you *can* decide what you will give, which way to take it. The Full Moon trines Jupiter. I know I know it’s all battered and bruised by Uranus (and the other Aries planets) and Pluto but… more than half the battle (Aries) is in knowing what you want.


Love, MP


Got questions about Aries Season? 

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The Stars Today: Saturn Trine Chiron

Yes, my darlings, it *really* is about healing.

Healing through exposing your hurts. Your heart. Your opening.

Like when you got the doctor (a good doctor!) and she asks you: where does it hurt.

Or when your Beloved asks you: where does it hurt.

And you tell them. Here. And here. And you feel listened to.

And you begin to solve it. DEEPLY. That is Saturn in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces. Your healing (Scorpio/Pluto) has NO LIMITS (Pisces).

Venus enters Aries tonight at 11:15 PM in the Big CIty and at 8:15 pm in the desert :) (West Coast!).

Moon is void of course all day in Cancer and enters Leo just before midnight (West Coast).

Friday: Mars is conjunct Uranus (Sun and Venus right behind – it’s a stellium) but we are feeling this now and hmm I drew one card for this energy: The Hermit

You *will* find the guidance, the truth, you need these days of early awesome fast and bright cardinal (dynamic) sweet soldier Aries BUT slow down. The Hermit is still. Don’t get pushed and pulled along by the massive Mars Uranus fire wave. Slow down. THINK. Turn on a light. See what’s there. You’ll find the Sun and Venus there. You’ll find yourself. You’ll find love.

Love, MP


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The Stars Next Week: Wildfire

So I was looking ahead to next week, for the girls (and our one boy) on the message board. A few details. What to expect when we’re expecting ARIES!

Those of you who are sensitive to the stars and heavenly bodies have already been feeling this — the shift from Pisces to Aries began when Mars entered the sign last Monday, but mid-week, this coming week, this wheel’s on fire.

But let me back up a little: Mercury goes direct tomorrow. On Monday, the Moon is in Gemini. Tuesday, Moon enters Cancer.

Wednesday is the Vernal Equinox, the Sun enters Aries.

Thursday Venus enters Aries.

Friday Mars is conjunct Uranus in Aries HOT HOT HOT.

So even though you are getting, feeling, hints of this now… OH MAN this is nothing. The hints are nothing compared to the bombshell that is coming. And by “bombshell” I mean… we have been sleeping. Soon we shall wake.

The Moon in Cancer squares Aries. Capricorn also squares Aries (creating a t-square) and if you are a Libra? Yes, you will feel be feeling this. All my cardinal friends will be feeling this, especially those with early degree planets or points.

And I don’t think it’s bad actually but it is an awakening voltage, jolting. It is a brave new world. And the old one on fire. And the new one… beautiful. If you can get fearless about it while taking one step at a time because that will be THE key next week:

everyone, everything may be swirling pushing pulling around you, shape shifting as Pisces does her dissolve and Aries takes over. You be the brave, strong, soldier.

Got questions about Aries Season? 

Love, MP


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Venus On Fire And A Little Poem For Sunday

I’ve barely begun my 30 poems in 30 days and I’ve hit a wall. Had trouble locating the other thumb drive and then… Oh. Wait. Here’s a little one. A Little Poem for Sunday.


After Death

Well, there were some things I liked about being in a body. I liked watching the cats sleep and wake up on the big blue dresser, their matching mouths the color of pink ribbon. And I liked the subway train the one time I could smell coffee on a man’s breath. Now those were happy people. I loved the long hot summer finally over, the first smell of Chinese food in fall, on a quiet city block, just waking up, eating my heart out in the window of the shop. (Me, 36. You, 28.) And then at night, dreaming of funny noodles.


On my Facebook page (click that link to see for yourself) I started a conversation about Venus in fire signs and got a great response. I was wondering about women who “chase” men although I didn’t put it in those terms exactly.

I was curious about others’ experiences since I have Venus in Leo and I’ve… never been very good at pretending that I don’t like someone or playing hard to get.

So I’ll ask you guys the same question: is your Venus in a fire sign? Do you chase/hunt men (or women?) Are you a woman who has been told in general that she is too yang and needs to “attract” instead of go after?

I”m not judging, just exploring. And also curious who it works for and who it doesn’t. In either case, it was a really interesting discussion :)


Three cards for the week. I may not reveal the cards, just give a summary. Let’s see if it matches the “forecast” from earlier today!

Okay what I see here is good stuff but also caution. And the good stuff is really good (good mood, good money, good love, etc) and someone is looking at you, someone you want to look at you i.e. SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. And this makes you happy. That’s why you’re grinning like the 9 of Cups dude here but there’s a caution and the caution is… don’t close up.

I know you get afraid when you feel… you’re on the verge of getting what you want. You freeze. Or, you have in the past. And others around you, truth be told, have not exactly wanted your happiness (i.e. wanted you to grow) so… protect yourself. Keep your balance. Don’t shut down but… do your meditation practice :) The events of this week do not need to tip you.

I cheat at Tarot ;) I pulled one more. 9 of Pentacles. You’re already there, baby. Depend on yourself. Whoever, whatever, is entering your life, whoever, whatever, is leaving your life, this is your story. You ARE allowed to be happy. To have joy. To have really good sex. To have money. And health. And dreams come true. And supportive sustaining love. Be Zero. Start where you are. Be the Fool (from this morning’s Tarot) but don’t get lost. I want you solid, grounded, and knowing you are at home wherever you are. Even if he’s gone. Or she’s gone. Or it’s gone. You’re here. You may have no clue why you are here. You may regret every decision you’ve made for the last um 35 years but you’re here.

And that’s what the cards said to me :)


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Venus In Aries: The Ultimate Gender F**K

"venus in aries"

I write too much about straight people, which is odd because it isn’t my life at all.

Lots of issues intersect here but I don’t have the patience to separate them. For example, I am not nor do I feel like any kind of conventionally acceptable woman/female. Yes I have the biological stuff but if you want Libra or Taurus (the Venus signs), then look elsewhere. I’m not a people pleaser, which includes men. And to me, gender and sexuality are fluid things, interesting things, things to be played with, not rigid. Stereotypical representations of women in particular tend to bore or annoy me. And I prefer to wear shoes that I can run in.

(In fact I had this thought today: the sign of a true New Yorker is one who jogs through that tunnel from the L train to the 3 train at 14th Street. Good luck with that sprint in your heels. And  yet NYC women can do *anything* in heels it seems. But perhaps not sprint uphill through the tunnel. Do I judge? I do not judge. I’m just saying that I’m about something else. Always have been. )

Remember that show Deadwood? I love that show. And I love all the women characters on it, but I am far closer to Calamity Jane (although not a drunk) than Alma, the beauty. At least that’s my self-perception.

And even though I have dated men for the last 10  years, I have never identified with the straight world as such. Never felt like I belonged there. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t do and wasn’t interested in those things that other girls did and were interested in… like dressing for men for example. Just couldn’t get a handle on that.

What does all this have to do with Venus in Aries? Well, Venus in Aries is the ultimate gender fuck. Why? Because it’s Venus (WOMAN) in the sign of Man (Aries)! It’s mixed up, confused, too strong, too aggressive, too desirous, she knows what’s she wants! Is she a woman? Or a man? Neither? Both? WHO’S THAT CHICK??

Which is why I LIKE Venus in Aries. Because Venus in Aries DARES.

Now yes I know there are plenty of Venus in Aries who go the conventional way (whatever that IS) BUT the placement in and of itself is a rebel, is a twist, is a little bit… well… this Venus don’t float on by like Venus in Pisces and this Venus don’t coy like Venus in Libra and this Venus don’t feed you from her boobies like Venus in Cancer.

This Venus is ON FIRE and she will burn you and burn for you.


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A Story For Venus In Aries

"venus in aries"

I have a Taurus friend with Venus in Aries and yes I would say her love nature is ardent to say the least and she likes what she likes, but isn’t that true for us all? Or, if not all, then many? Venus in Aries is not a bad Venus.

From what I remember, her Venus does have some challenges, some oppositions, but those oppositions brought (and still bring) men IN to her life. What she does or doesn’t do with them is another story and another aspect.


And I don’t think I’ve known anyone who… likes men more or understands them more than she does. She always gives them the benefit of the doubt. I consider this a product of her upbringing, her good relationship with her father as well as her many Taurus (i.e. Venus) placements. She also has a Sun-Moon trine, one of the easy parts of her hard chart. Why hard? Not a lot of support. If I recall correctly… maybe one sextile and one trine and otherwise conjunctions and oppositions and lots of 12th House.

In fact, if I were forced (!) to choose, I’d say her Virgo Moon is far more trouble and self-destructive than her Venus in Aries! Her Virgo Moon makes her stop before she begins. That Venus gives her passion and fire and fever… and then the Virgo Moon decides to make a cocoa and watch t.v. instead.  Which is fine. :)

What’s my point? People are complex and sometimes the placement you think is the *problem* isn’t the problem at all. And maybe there is no problem at all. It’s a matter of understanding what you got and how best to live and work with it. And knowing what you WANT.

What do you want? Will your chart let you have it? 


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Marilyn Monroe Had Venus In Aries

"venus in aries"

I was commenting on someone’s Facebook page that I tend to meet Venus in Aries women but I realize now that I tend to meet Venus in Aries in the 12th House women.

Fire in the 12th is that funny combination of STRONG desire + sacrifice. What’s a girl to do with that??

Setting oneself on fire on the altar of love is not an option. Well, once you get to a certain age, that is. But on the other hoof…


Venus is a lady and Aries is a man. One would think the two didn’t match up, right? But listen: people DO have Venus in Aries and if your Venus in Aries is well-aspected, well, it gains strength. Heh. I know what you’re thinking: Venus with a mustache but REALLY it doesn’t have to be that way.

And yet… Venus in Aries does need to learn to be the lamb at times, be more yin, but again, depending on what else is going on in the natal.

What are your impressions of Venus in Aries? 


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Dear Moon Pluto: My Venus Is In Aries. Do I Try Too Hard?

"venus in aries"
Marilyn Monroe: Venus in Aries

Probably :)

Aries is Mars and Libra is Venus and when Venus is in Aries, it’s, well, acting like a dude! Chasing, hunting, being a warrior. Not behavior fitting a lady. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sexist. But what happens to the man when the woman is doing the man’s job? Well?

I have known charts though with Venus in Aries well-supported and I have seen these women in happy loveship. You aren’t doomed. But here’s my thought:

Everybody wants love. What are you willing to do to get it? Are you willing to… examine your behavior and make adjustments if you find that your… ways… aren’t getting you what you need?

Now, I want to respect who you are, your Venus in Aries FIRE, so maybe the adjustment is small. Maybe one less phone call. Maybe one less text. Maybe one less… one night stand. Maybe when you find one that you like, you can hold back a little. Try to receive rather than sally forth.

Aries is forward, dynamic energy and I know it will be a challenge for you to sit on this energy but think of it as an experiment. Think to yourself: I am a tasty luscious morsel. I am prey. Let the hunter do his hunting :)

Also, try channeling your Venus in Aries energy into anything but love. Don’t chase the guy. Instead, chase your career, chase your dreams, chase a ball around a court. And if you need to understand better how this is done? Look to your Venus ruled Taurus or Libra friends. Trust me: they KNOW.

And when you find yourself with a sweet thing, in a sweet thing, and you feel yourself shifting back into Aries mode, you know what you need to do? STOP.

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