Maybe Painful: New Moon In Pisces – March 17th

"mars conjunct saturn"
from the home office

The New Moon this weekend is at 26 degrees Pisces so it’s time to check your chart and think about what this could mean for you. Something new?

Ordinary New Moons are ordinary New Moons. Sometimes they fit a pattern that’s easy to see and sometimes… who knows? Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to find that New Moon in your chart and see what she’s up to. Yes I can help you with this. 

What I don’t like: 
It’s a Sun Moon CHIRON conjunction. Chiron hurts. Your pain becomes painfully clear to you. It’s not necessarily what you’re in the mood for.

Mars enters Capricorn this same day which wouldn’t be a bad thing in and of itself but we all know that SATURN is in Capricorn so Mars jumps head first into a Mars Saturn conjunction (exact April 2nd)

and then Mars will square whatever planets are moving through Aries including Uranus when it gets to the later degrees.

Mars Saturn: driving with the brakes on.

Dear Cardinal Signs:
You may feel a little frustrated.

Yesterday I was trying to explain the concept of the CARDINAL CROSS to a client who doesn’t know any astrology, other than her Sun Sign (and no shame in that, we all start somewhere) and I told her how the Cardinal signs are each aligned with the Equinoxes, the Seasons, and thus they are BEGINNERS i.e. they start stuff! They begin!

These four signs (four points of the cross) are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Spring Fall Summer Winter. When these signs interact in your chart or in the sky, there is tension, frustration AND drive and compulsion (squares and oppositions). I tried to leave out the jargon and just explain the bigger picture and how it feels and I think she got it. She said she did. It’s a Cardinal CROSS folks. We can feel mighty stuck.

This is why I give you the “frustration warning” now. Fast moving planets in Aries, including the SUN soon enough. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Folks with planets in any of the cardinal signs will really feel this I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN”T GET UP feeling.

You may feel stuck or hopeless or hopelessly stuck.

What to do when/if the going gets tough:

Breakthrough energy is here, my friends. Ace of Swords. This is you. Keep your weapon handy.

What do you use to cut through, break through, when you feel you just can’t?

In the words of the great Scorpio Neil Young: don’t let it bring you down. Easier said than done I know, but your Ace is sharp sharp truth.

Wise mind, my friends. Use your wise mind to cut through. Be wiser than your problems. The truth is that you are. No lie.


PS I had an Ace of Swords picture up but I’m having weird tech issues with pictures going sideways even when they seem fine — no matter what I try it’s not working! so I had a pic up but then had to take it down.

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Sun conjunct Chiron: The Stars Today


I do not underestimate Chiron, in term of problems he can potentially cause. I have an astrologer friend who minimizes his effects, but not me.

To me, Chiron is a tumor that cannot be cut out, so we live it. We live as long our fate demands we live, and then we die with our Chiron. The tumor grows or shrinks at times, but never entirely disappears. Chiron. Can’t be healed.

So what happens with Chiron in Pisces and the Sun is in Pisces and the two fuse to such a degree (the aspect called conjunction) that they act together in all matters of the Pisces House of your chart and not just for today but for a couple leading up to today and a couple days after, because that’s how transits work — they are more than just one day.

We have to ask: what is the Sun? I think even more than Mars, the Sun is what drives you. And it’s your vitality. It’s your brightness. Your light. Chiron is sitting in the Sun these days, sunning himself, fanning himself, enjoying the rays, the smell of Coppertone, the roar of the ocean or the giggles by the pool, the gentle slapping sound of heel against flip flop,

How do you think Chiron feels about this? About being exposed like this. About being DELIGHTED like this. Do you think Chiron wants to be delighted? Do you really think he wants to STOP?

Well I think a lot of this depends on how YOU view the Sun. Whether you view Sun as a “cruel” planet or whether you think the Sun by transit is merely a point of emphasis: “Oh I will need to focus THERE for the next 30 days or so because the Sun is there so that House is emphasized or illuminated for me.”

And a lot of this depends on what Chiron in Pisces is doing to your chart at this time, the aspects it is making.

But above and beyond that, Chiron the Tumor has company now and, as they say, misery loves company. SO I think that Chiron IS happier, in his unhealable wounds and his country doctor remedies and it would be in your best interest, in my humble opinion, to pay attention to what he is telling you.

ALSO remember that Chiron was a centaur and the centaurs were a wild bunch for the most part. Even though Chiron has this Virgoan sacrificial goody-two-shoes can’t-be-healed-or-fixed (Virgo’s worst nightmare) all over him, more civilized than your average Centaur, he’s still part ANIMAL, part beast and thus his knowledge is… kind of dirty, grounded in instinct and self-preservation. He may have licked his own ass. I bet you know someone like this, right? Someone who really does some good in this world but at the end of the day, they can’t help but swallow their own shit. They wallow. Yes I am thinking about the trope of the therapist who can help others but not himself. So easy to analyze others. Much harder to turn that light on yourself well HELLO SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON TURN THAT LIGHT ON.

Chiron is where you survive. Where you have survived. Where they wanted to kill you. Where it felt like that. You may be falling apart limb from limb every damn time your Chiron gets triggered, but you’re here. UGH. So now what? 

When the Sun conjoins Chiron we are forced to deal with our Chiron issues once again. Not that we ever seal him off completely — other people usually trigger his defensiveness and knee-jerk self-help-isms and false recoveries and brutal blinding PAIN YES PAIN.

But how about you buy Chiron a drink, one drink, one of those fruity tiny umbrella drinks, because Chiron is basking in the Sun by the pool after all, like a contented feline, and ask him what’s going on. He may tell you some things, some very interesting things. And maybe you want to know and maybe you don’t but some of us prefer to be less in the dark about these things.

I was never much of a barfly but I do know this: that bartenders are saviors and your Sun is the tender here. Tell him everything, and then get back to work which means live your life, with your tumor, knowing that it can never be cut out and will never disappear, and you’re stuck with it. It’s not you, but it’s IN you. May as well make the best of it which can include shouting it from the rooftops: HEY LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT THAT I HAVE IN ME IT IS SUCH A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT I HATE IT!!!

The more light you ring around Chiron, the less fear, defensiveness, and shame. And the Sun can do this. Help us out of our hidden place :)


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Stronger Than The Unbroken: Venus In Pisces

“and a heart that has been broken, will be stronger when it mends”
-Tom Waits, “Rainbow Sleeves”


The idea that a bone once broken, and subsequently healed, is stronger than the unbroken.

On last night’s Grey’s Anatomy (one of my obsessions) a man’s bone had to be re-broken in surgery so that it could properly heal.

Which made me think of that line from Tom Waits’ Rainbow Sleeves (the version I grew up with sung by Rickie Lee Jones, a Scorpio):

how a heart that has been broken will be stronger when it mends.

This is the Season of Broken Bones.

An old friend of mine broke her collarbone.
She has Moon and Mars in Aries at around 13 degrees. In the cross hairs of the Cardinal Cross.

Broken bones broken hearts

But sometimes you have to break to heal. That’s my point here. Break to heal. To get stronger.

Broken patterns broken glass.

Today the Sun in Aries is conjunct my Chiron (and Eris) and square my Sun in Cancer. A painful but necessary break.

And sometimes we have to break more than once, to get it right and true.
Break through. Break free.

And then… anything is possible.

See, the Cardinal Grand Cross this April is anything but broken.
Although the people who contact me, many of them, are feeling broken, uncertain of the best epoxy.

At the moment, we have a t-square:
Mars is out of orb, but retrograde, but moving into orb with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto to complete the square.

So the wobble you feel is not just your imagination and I have a feeling that things will get more radiant.
Not less.
Yes, radiant.

(Can you hear me speaking to you from my 12th House? I’m deep in there. You have to turn on your 12th House headphones to hear this maybe.)

Right now we are dangling. (For many, not all, but many.) We are hanging by our necks. Feels about to S N A P.

And we are feeling this MOST OF ALL in the Libra part of our charts — the Libra/Aries axis.

And my advice to you is to get off that damn chair right now and remove that rope from around your neck.

Don’t you want to know what happens next?
Aren’t you the least bit curious?

My advice:

Let Venus in Pisces‘ soft heart soften you. Venus entered Pisces TODAY. You’ve got time.

I’ll be keeping watch of my own Libra/Aries axis. It’s 2nd House/8th House for me. This is about as real as it gets, all you Virgo Risings out there, you know what I’m saying.
Not that anyone has it easy these days, I know, I know.

Okay folks. That’s the word on the street today in MoonPlutoLand. Back tomorrow with more…

Love, MP

The Stars This Week: Big Mama On The Move

When do you feel safe enough to stop running? You don’t STOP, you don’t give yourself time to stop. There is always a goal or a fear to tend to. Terror in the wee hours, and then you discover there is more running underneath the running. How to solve this problem and is there anything other than breathing and meditation. I’m not sure.

I am looking at the week ahead and this is what I see:

Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto
Sun in Pisces conjunct Chiron
Venus entering Aquarius (finally)
Jupiter going direct (finally)

And the Moon moves from Aries to Taurus to Gemini to Cancer…

Mars is now retrograde. Saturn is now retrograde.

To me this sky is STRENGTH. Strong like ox. Sun on Chiron amps up what has always been wrong but also what is currently right, how it’s getting better. What’s wrong is just an echo now, and the sextile to Pluto is your COURAGE. Strong like bear.

Venus entering an air sign thinks about love more than feels it so… folks who feel overwhelmed by Pisces Season will welcome this shift. The heartbroken get logical.

And last but not least, Jupiter goes direct at 10 degrees Cancer and water signs rejoice! You’ll find your words again. Many, MANY words. Jupiter (Sagittarius) is a talker, storyteller, metaphor-maker, and while retrograde the stories have been darker, quieter, or not at all. WE NEED STORIES.  And we need mothering. Jupiter in Cancer, once direct, brings us more of both.

Love, MP


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Why I Love The Pluto In Scorpio Generation

I have never had a bad experience with a Pluto in Scorpio client.

Something about this generation. They are wise. They are sober (even if not LOL).

And a gal in one of the CHAT ROOMS (and yes you can still join the one that is forming!) was wondering out loud whether to avoid having another child due to a hard Chiron aspect that would be created in her/their charts.

My feeling: don’t delay this desire, if in fact it is your desire, due to astrology.

And furthermore, your generation is just… different.

Dare I say it: better. Eh. “Better” is vague. Can’t quite put my finger on it. This generation is a generation of inheritance. The way was paved but… MY POINT IS THAT WE NEED NEW RULES. New rules for these people, new interpretations of the astrology.

Burn down the old school. Example: pretty sure my mother and I have a painful Chiron contact in our charts. I can’t remember the details but I KNOW in my heart that it would NOT be the same for this young woman and her baby.

And if you ask me how I know? I can’t give you an answer that satisfies all Mercuries. I have Mercury in Cancer conjunct Mars and trine Neptune in my 3rd House. Moon Pluto conjunction in my 1st. I just know.

Love, MP