When A Transit Happened And Nothing Happened ASTROLOGY

"Saturn trine venus"
I was waiting. I was waiting for love. I was waiting for money. VENUS RULES LOVE AND MONEY. I’m not gonna hide from you, hide behind some wall of I DO NOT WANT. Because I DO want. I want love. I want money. Just like you. Doesn’t mean I’m totally empty but I WANT.

And I’ve been under this transit for all of late degree Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn TRINE my Venus. Where Prince Charming? Where blank check?

WELL, there is much to consider and I’m gonna list just a few:

-the houses of the transit which are the AREAS OF LIFE to be affected
-other transits going on simultaneously which may hinder or help
-what the fuck is going on in your damn life! Transits happen to YOU, a soul in body
-the transit itself of course: which planets???? what is their NATURE????

I’ll use my own self as an example. Maybe you will relate! 

Transiting Saturn in my Fourth House (HOME) trine natal Venus in my Twelfth.

Can it get any more esoteric than this? Seriously? I mean, besides HOME. Fourth House is your home. That’s pretty practical but surely you can see that a 12th/4th trine is PROTECTION of the HOME. Spiritual protection thanks to your 12th House Spirit Guides.

And yet the 12th is also a money house. Did you know this? Despite my expenses TRUE STORY being MORE EXPENSIVE in Florida than when I was in NYC (!!!), all has remained stable. Money (Venus) has been stable (Saturn). DO I WANT MORE? YES. GIVE ME MORE. BUT. Here I am. Living life on my own terms (as a friend said to me).

Saturn will always TRY to create stability. This is Saturn’s nature to put ORDER IN YOUR LIFE. And yet this can be a problem of course. Because some situations need to be blown up but Saturn will tow the line, stick to the rules, be a good girl. Saturn is not a freak accident. Saturn is not pennies from heaven. Saturn is = work for it and get it IN PROPORTION. Saturn puts a frame around your life.

STABILITY IS NOT EXCITING. Or is it? Saturn is not Uranus. Saturn is not Pluto. Saturn is slow and not shocking. Saturn in a trine I would argue is still a lesson but not as sharp and not as hard. It will build you up. Easier to gain confidence than a Saturn square which seeks to make the lesson ache.

Strength training takes time. Steady increments. Go slow. Something about instant gratification culture. Consider that you may not feel or understand a long transit until after it’s DONE and you are NEW and one day you wake up with new skills fully manifested and you make decisions from that place. Consider that.

Some transits appear subtle or without fanfare, but make no mistake: something happened. OPEN YOUR EYES

But, MoonPluto, I’m looking! I HAVE been looking! And nothing, nothing. 
Look again, my friend. Look again.

"venus trine saturn"



Saturn Through My 4th House During Cancer Season

"saturn in the 4th house" I love this house. She has needs but we all do.

Saturn through my 4th House during Cancer Season. Cancer is an expert at needs – having them and responding to them.

It’s Thursday morning as I write this. Been here almost a month and what a trip it’s been. Happy to see my Solar Return 2015 leaving. Did you know your Solar Return can be felt even THREE MONTHS prior to your birthday? Did you know the month before is the transition month? I love ideas like this. Out with the old and in with the new. I also love underarm sweat stains in the Florida heat. I went out to the farmer’s market yesterday in a short sleeved grey t-shirt and thought I saw that half moon of sweat under each arm as I caught my reflection in a store window. At first I was surprised. Then I felt embarrassed, wondered if I saw right.

Then I thought: well alright. I’m an earthy sexy sweaty Florida lady who doesn’t shave under her arms and if she wears deodorant at all it’s gonna be some wimpy Tom’s of Maine.

Florida. The state with the prettiest name (wrote Elizabeth Bishop). Smell me.

What transits are you watching? 


From My Saturn Through The 4th House Transit

"saturn through the 4th house" From my Facebook: 

To truly get what you desire and value (whatever that is), you cannot have a continual adversarial relationship with life itself, with being alive itself.

Life itself will keep tripping you up then.

Thinking about the Tarot I’ve drawn for the house (that I’m interested in renting) and thinking about Saturn through my 4th House, a far far more spiritual and *healing” transit than I’d previously given credit.

Mostly what I’d heard were horror stories and I definitely had my own with no wisdom in sight about this transit. Until the Wisdom came.

The Wisdom:

If I have mixed feelings, fundamental mixed feelings about being HERE, on a core/root level, why on earth would Life Itself put me in a home that will feel like home, a safe home, a home that will last.

It won’t be until I say, on ALL the levels, from all the chakras, from my guts, from everything I have and am, “OKAY. I GIVE IN. I’M HERE. I SUBMIT to Life Itself.

Until then???? Exodus.

I have to AGREE to BE HERE “differently” than before, to get that house and make it MY house. Not be adversarial with House. Or afraid of House. But BE HERE.

But that’s my issue, my transit. For you? Something else is going on.


Surviving The Hard Transits (Part ??? of Many)

"pluto opposition sun" What if life isn’t about more than the struggle?

We have these isolated moments of peace or grace – they last as long as a breath, as long or as short.

No matter what is happening, try to stop and notice this. Right now, one of my cats (who is not so well) is observing one of the other cats who is up on the counter observing the sky — or maybe she too is observing the sky and Goldy on the floor with his nose in some catnip, and I’m listening to Miles Davis Kind of Blue and it’s quiet except for my typing and the ceiling fan and the incredible minds of the cats. Mercifully quiet in the city today, oceans and oceans of mercy.

I’ve been writing about this all over Facebook, about my crap transits — how every outer planet is ON me – on my personal planets or my angles so these moments of peace and calm are gold. They are Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto GOLD.

And then Goldy staring at the flowers which he cannot reach but he is staring and will he figure out how to nab them? When I’m not here? He is standing up on his back paws right now and I know I need to move them again. He is smart but fat. He can’t jump too high. What he wants he wants SO BAD. I didn’t mean to make this a metaphor for the human condition but… it is a metaphor for the human condition.

Life is not reasonable. There is unreasonable suffering for some. Unreasonable good fortune for others. Many of us falling somewhere in between. If I told you everything that’s gone on in my life, you wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry – and I suspect many of you feel exactly the same. And we do things to survive that we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Do rely on these moments of peace and grace. Don’t rely on a miracle (the Chassidim say) but I say: rely on the moment, rely on the breath, the still small voice (as the Psalmist wrote). And listen to a lot of good music. And eat good food. We are our bodies. I wish you strength and grace in yours this fine Saturday. I have no snazzy astrological transit to attach this to today but I will remind you that Venus enters Libra on Sunday so a shift IS coming for sure – once again – to your Libra House. And the New Moon in Scorpio is next week.

Wish upon the moon, my friends. And keep passing the open windows.


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Today’s Tarot: Eight Swords + A Heart That Has Been Broken Will Be Stronger When It Mends

"new moon eclipse in virgo" This morning as my advice card I drew the Eight of Swords — but how do you do surrounded by swords and blindfolds and Houdini ropes and sinky marshes. The self-imprisonment card. Stay right where you are. Or not.

I think I drew this card to call attention to “the ways in which I restrict myself” — as my teacher would say about Saturn through my 12th House. Saturn is NOT in my 12th House these days but heading back to my 4th and Saturn of course can bring that feeling of restriction and limitation OR… a muscle that gets stronger because you are lifting heavy weight on a regular basis.

A heart that has been broken will be stronger when it mends (Tom Waits as sung by Rickie Lee Jones).

So I “did” the Eight of Swords. I took a look at my restriction and I then I went for a walk in the Big City, up Pearl Street, down Water Street, up Broadway, to Trinity Church where I prayed for a miracle, a stained-glass miracle, and the Swords fell away and the seas parted, and we walked through — to the Promised Land.

Our Father Who Art In Duane Reade

But seriously. Seriously. It was a good morning and I thought once again of starting an early hours Tarot/Astrology meet-up group, part meditation and part discussion of weekly topics. We’ll see.

Eight of Swords questioning:

Are you trapped?
How so? Who trapped you? You?
How do you get free? Do you want to be free?
What will you see when your arms are free and you take the blindfold off?

"uranus square mercury"I love this, from Dovid Krafchow’s Kabbalistic Tarot 

She relies on her intuition. Her manner of walking away is to go within. She is protected by the spirit of her actions.

Breaking free (writes Rachel Pollack) of the Eight of Swords reversed — but when I drew this as my DO card I knew that acknowledgment of the ropes wasn’t enough.

From Angeles Arrien who perhaps would have approved of my walk today:

you are in states of doubt or confusion (when you pull this card). It is time to wait. Not to act. Trust and wait rather than overanalyze and thus creating more doubt, confusion, and interference

What cards are you seeing?


I want to start a new chat room/forum. A closed group, a secret group.
Both rooms that I currently have started out as more astrology-tarot forums and became more personal.
Both ways are fine. 
Email me if this interests you. Moonpluto@gmail.
I do charge a monthly fee for these – they are private, confidential and great ways to learn more, informally.
These are not spaces where I will be doing readings or looking at individual charts. They aren’t classes either.
What are they?
Informal yet moderated spaces places to talk about all manner of metaphysical, spiritual, magical… 

Fighting For Stability (Empress Reversed)

"moon trine mars" Life — it can feel so overwhelming at times that we wind up fighting for stability, which feels funny to say or write.

Can you fight for stability and win?  Or is there another way, a better way.

The phrase also reminds me of Saturn through the 4th House (a current transit of mine).

Both Saturn and the 4th house make me think “stable” but..
It’s not that Saturn is stable per se, it’s that Saturn pushes you to create stability. Shows you where you are weak. Which can be a painful process.

Let me back track a bit.

Life. It can feel so overwhelming. Sometimes all we want is to stand still and catch our breath. Take a break from hard transits. Take a break from challenges. No surprises. We want to know that no matter what life throws at us, we’ll be okay. We won’t fall apart, we won’t break down, we won’t die from heartbreak or worry or starvation.

That we find the railing. We don’t fall.

I wrote that yesterday. Today I am thinking about TODAY.

I was Tweeting and Facebooking this, how today is extraordinary for walking THROUGH walls, pushing rocks up hills, breakthrough.

Sun Mercury in Aries, Moon in Capricorn, Mars and Venus in Taurus.

Venus moves on to Gemini tomorrow so this is special as well — REALLY PUSH (before Venus Gemini distracts us with other options) — and I posted a picture of Jillian Michaels whose exercise videos I love and who inspires me and who is a Cap Moon Taurus Mars!

My day is pretty mellow actually — I have a bit of a cold so I am ensconced here with my spiritual routines (things I do) and my books, hopefully to keep my mind-soul active while resting my body. I did see the Empress reversed and the Queen of Swords in my daily Tarot today. Empress rx shows a need for self-care. Queen of Swords is smart enough to realize this.


I just asked this question in the chatroom: do you have a spiritual practice? Is it important to you? 

For me it is VERY important and I feel adrift when I don’t keep it down to a fine routine. It can’t be occasional, haphazard or wishful thinking. It can’t be lazy :) There may be some variation with it but I need a core ritual, same with my body-body. Regular schedule. Get results :)

Spiritual body + regular schedule = get results.

Question becomes: what results are you seeking?
And do you have a spiritual practice?
And do you want one?

I learned astrology from a Magician and at the time I only half understood what he had to teach. Now, years later, I am catching up.

But about fighting for stability: sounds like Mars (fight) in Taurus (solid), doesn’t it?

Even if you are in a different time zone from me and there is very little left of the day… do SOMETHING. Even if that something is a 5 minute meditation-visualizaiton of what you desire. And do not stop until you get to the FEELING. The feeling of already having that thing you want so much.

Questions, comments? 


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Is Your Natal Chart “Fixable” ?

A gal in my chat room asking if charts are fixable. And it was a Saturn question :”Will I ALWAYS be dealing with this?”

One way to look at it: Saturn is Capricorn and the opposite of Capricorn is Cancer and thus… radical self-love, acceptance, and nurturing, the ideal mother love, surely is the antidote, right? The way to solve Saturn problems? With love? Warm for the cold.

Like, when someone comes down hard on you and you tell them: I love you anyway. I’m not talking about situations of abuse or self-sacrifice. I’m kinda talking about the way you talk to yourself.

Damn. The next time someone disappoints you, experiment with this: instead of being Saturn, tell them that you love them anyway.

How do you “solve” your Saturn “problems” ? 

Love, MP


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Saturn and Pluto Together! Look up!

What is the difference between compulsion and discipline? If someone writes everyday, are they obsessed? Or just working hard? Saturn disciplines. Pluto obsesses. When these two lovebirds meet up, in hard aspect in the sky or in your chart, the energy is not, sigh, easy.

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