Maybe Painful: New Moon In Pisces – March 17th

"mars conjunct saturn"
from the home office

The New Moon this weekend is at 26 degrees Pisces so it’s time to check your chart and think about what this could mean for you. Something new?

Ordinary New Moons are ordinary New Moons. Sometimes they fit a pattern that’s easy to see and sometimes… who knows? Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to find that New Moon in your chart and see what she’s up to. Yes I can help you with this. 

What I don’t like: 
It’s a Sun Moon CHIRON conjunction. Chiron hurts. Your pain becomes painfully clear to you. It’s not necessarily what you’re in the mood for.

Mars enters Capricorn this same day which wouldn’t be a bad thing in and of itself but we all know that SATURN is in Capricorn so Mars jumps head first into a Mars Saturn conjunction (exact April 2nd)

and then Mars will square whatever planets are moving through Aries including Uranus when it gets to the later degrees.

Mars Saturn: driving with the brakes on.

Dear Cardinal Signs:
You may feel a little frustrated.

Yesterday I was trying to explain the concept of the CARDINAL CROSS to a client who doesn’t know any astrology, other than her Sun Sign (and no shame in that, we all start somewhere) and I told her how the Cardinal signs are each aligned with the Equinoxes, the Seasons, and thus they are BEGINNERS i.e. they start stuff! They begin!

These four signs (four points of the cross) are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Spring Fall Summer Winter. When these signs interact in your chart or in the sky, there is tension, frustration AND drive and compulsion (squares and oppositions). I tried to leave out the jargon and just explain the bigger picture and how it feels and I think she got it. She said she did. It’s a Cardinal CROSS folks. We can feel mighty stuck.

This is why I give you the “frustration warning” now. Fast moving planets in Aries, including the SUN soon enough. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Folks with planets in any of the cardinal signs will really feel this I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN”T GET UP feeling.

You may feel stuck or hopeless or hopelessly stuck.

What to do when/if the going gets tough:

Breakthrough energy is here, my friends. Ace of Swords. This is you. Keep your weapon handy.

What do you use to cut through, break through, when you feel you just can’t?

In the words of the great Scorpio Neil Young: don’t let it bring you down. Easier said than done I know, but your Ace is sharp sharp truth.

Wise mind, my friends. Use your wise mind to cut through. Be wiser than your problems. The truth is that you are. No lie.


PS I had an Ace of Swords picture up but I’m having weird tech issues with pictures going sideways even when they seem fine — no matter what I try it’s not working! so I had a pic up but then had to take it down.

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Class Begins THIS WEEKEND: The Last Uranus Pluto Square WHAT NOW?

byeI’ll be back later today to talk about THE STARS this week and next

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What’s special :) this time around is the magick.

This is what I just posted on Facebook:

The March Class (beginning this weekend) will also include SPELLS OF THE DAY
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Magick for the Uranus Pluto square
Magick for Eclipse Season
Magick for Saturn going retrograde!!
AND THE NODES shifting to Virgo/Pisces (in November)
I am excited about adding this stuff in :)
You know what a ritual is? A ritual is taking an INTENTION and adding something PHYSICAL to it.
Intention and emotion is all you need BUT actually DOING SOMETHING can be so helpful:
-to beautify your intention
-to intensify your intention
Rituals are prayers…. Prayers + ACTION.
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No Love Stagnation: New Moon In Pisces

I feel at peace when I’m in the bath.

We always had (and still have) plumbing problems here but then the awesome red-haired plumber fixed the tub a few months ago.

Hot water is a blessing. A functioning tub is a blessing.

I feel at peace when I’m in the bath and I recall times when I felt less at peace, in my early 20s, also taking baths, in another tub, in another town. Another time and place :) I didn’t understand my mind then. I didn’t understand that there was nothing to fear.

This is Pisces Season. Neptune rules bodies of water, oceans, the bath, being swept away. Neptune rules the music I most love to listen to. Music that makes me feel.  Mighty real :)

Did you set your intentions for yesterday’s New Moon? I took some notes on the train, things to keep in mind for Pisces Season in general and the New Moon in particular, questions/thoughts I wanted to share with you:

-In what ways do you hold yourself back? How to bring it to conscious awareness?
-Can you give without limit but without sacrificing your Self or Sanity
-Do not calculate your love. NO LOVE STAGNATION!

The New Moon was conjunct Neptune and Chiron and I was definitely feeling the healing here. Healing of old wounds. Finally.

And how this also has to do with your natal Neptune. THOSE wounds. Neptune rules obligation. Neptune rules sacrifice. The squares to your Neptune and the easy trines which make you leap into oblivion so you don’t have to stop and take a look with clear eyes…

-Making room for limitlessness, allowing space, stopping. Stopping in the midst of your life to…  stop!
-Letting there be someone in your life that you love without limit and maybe that someone is *you*

So I thought to myself: I will strive to love my husband without limit. Not that I won’t nag him about this that or the other but there is a higher love, Neptunian, that exists in and around and through the quotidian human moment.

Catch Neptune fever. Where do you hold back? Where can you let go? Pisces Season. If you understand this blog post then you are pretty much already there!

Pisces Season has come to dissipate your limitation and take you to a new world, a magic one, which is actually right here right now but… you must participate in your life to activate this! Make sense? GET OUT OF YOUR 12th HOUSE HELLOOOOOOO IN THERE……

Do you know that feeling when… something or someone is right before your eyes — we call it reality — and yet it seems/feels… like you can’t quite grasp it? You try to understand it. You can’t believe your good luck. You just have to accept, allow it. Allow its tastiness into your life. Believe you deserve good things and not just crap. This is how Neptune Season, Pisces Season, feels to me. What God’s face feels like.

And that’s the story this Saturday evening :)

Love, MP


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The Stars This Week! Sun Trine Jupiter And More!

The waters are high. There is much to wade through. This is Pisces Season. Sun conjunct Neptune.

If you feel you are living a dream, this is the reason why.

Neptune rules dreams, sleep, meditation, love, and deception.

Is it always what it seems? No. And yes.

Welcome to Pisces Season :) We aren’t quite… sure. We require advice from Virgo friends. What is real? What is the truth? And then it starts to sink in. Until we need that Virgo help again.

Other keywords: transcendence.

Some say you just go higher, you go above, deny, avoid, look away. That that is a gift of Neptune energy in a chart. Dissociate. Float off.

In my own life, due to my own chart, I need all three water houses. I need to root around in the shit (8th House). I need to feel all there is to feel (4th House) and then and only then do I get the gift of a cloud.

Neptune rules daydreams, fantasies, POTENTIAL, the IDEAL.

But the truth is, my friends, that I gathered you here today because I want to talk about NEXT WEEK, not just wax semi-poetic over my Rwandan organic coffee and Neptune keywords :)

People are fighting for their lives. And by that I DO mean literally. People in my inner circle with health crisis. People in my inner circle pushing themselves far far farthest. THIS IS WHO WE ARE RIGHT NOW. We are going the distance. We have that look in our eyes. At our wits’ end. Going bananas :)

An OVERVIEW of the week but I’ll be back each day to help guide you through this:

Monday:  Moon enters Capricorn in the morning (setting off Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto over Monday and Tuesday) and VENUS SEXTILE SATURN. 

We’ve had this before due to Venus’ retrograde in Cap but here we are again. Love is serious. Love is solemn (thanks to a Facebook friend for that great word). Love is worth working for. Love IS work. But the rewards are stable and long-term. And I LOVE that we have this again during Pisces Season because love is BOTH. We need both Neptune and Saturn. Hard work pays off. We stabilize. They stabilize.

Tuesday: Pluto sextile Chiron, exact. Check the houses of your chart for this one. They’ve been flirting and now they marry. Metamorphosis meets the red angry Wound. Soul retrieval. You can go back and fix it. Whatever you’ve been struggling with, this is another Balm in Gilead day. You aren’t just spinning your wheels. You actually get there.


I feel aspects more as they build but when an aspect is exact… well… is it the orgasm or the moment after? I don’t know ;) I’ll leave that for you to decide. This is a bumper car aspect. We don’t know which way it will go. Uranus is a freak. We can’t predict it. The square is uneasy. And Jupiter inflates but is often lucky. Still it’s a Wheel of Fortune. Bumping up against fate. Uranus is the one planetary energy (wrote Isabel Hickey) that we cannot control. Hmm…

Jupiter square Uranus: you will have no choice but to leap outside your comfort zone. Actually, you will be PUSHED way past your comfort zone and that’s where you get another clue. I suspect you are already there.

Friday:  Mercury goes direct, Sun trine JUPITER. A little wobbly, yes. Those early days of a Mercury station may be rife with miscommunication, lost keys, and general bumble-fucked-ness. And in Aquarius??? You may feel that  Man Who Fell To Earth feeling. Apart. Or to quote poet Robert Lowell: my mind’s not right. I myself am hell.

BUT THE SUN IS TRINE JUPITER! Nothing gets you down for long.

Saturday: Mars goes retrograde (until late May) AND it’s a New Moon at 10 Pisces. WTF. Can you feel this? Backwards forwards backwards forwards backwards forwards! I suggest you set the INTENTIONS OF YOUR LIFE on this one. Will blog about this later in the week.

Sunday:  Saturn goes retrograde (until late July). Also Venus is square Mars.

WHERE THE HELL ARE WE BY WEEK’S END??  I hope you will tell me :) And I’ll be right here with you, each day.

P.S. Jupiter goes direct in early March so we’ll have Mars and Saturn on the INTERIOR, working for us behind the scenes, and Jupiter back in action, full strength. What carries us through the retrograde periods is our faith (Jupiter keyword!) and if you don’t have yours gussied up now, I suggest you get it out of storage asap! Go BACK to the house where Jupiter is transiting. Do MORE of that. Do MORE of that house.

Also, a gal in one of the chatrooms mentioned that retrograde periods can be a break. I agree! A much needed break, I think. You have to look away. You HAVE to look over there. Because you cannot keep going as you have been. It’s been frantic hasn’t it? Worry, tumult, angst. Let it fall apart. Just a little. Even for… 30 seconds! Hey, I took the weekend off. That was my early contribution to letting it fall apart. Why do we need to do this? TO PROVE TO THE DIVINE THAT WE TRUST.

I’ll stop here for now. Back tomorrow xo

Love, MP

Another Look At The New Moon In Pisces

This afternoon I invented another quick New Moon in Pisces Tarot spread and two of my three cards alarmed me, the kind of alarm where you decide to stop reading for yourself for a day or two ;)

I wrote it down in my Tarot book though — if only to prove to myself that the cards have a range of meanings. I know this is true, I know context matters, but when faced with those images, you pull back.

On Twitter I had been asking Are you comfortable with change? Where do you like to see change? Where do you resist it? 

Yeah, I got the Tower.


The much touted magic of tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces is lost on me at the moment.

One of the women on my message board reminded me (us) that Saturn in Scorpio retrograde isn’t only my writers’ block (Saturn through my 3rd = writing/thinking) but since Mars co-rules Scorpio, our overall energy, physical too, is being affected now, collectively.

I think the trines to the Pisces planets only make it more sloggy boggy and I’ve been going about it all wrong. I’ve been trying to fight the feeling instead of going with the flow.

I was writing on Facebook that Neptune dissolves, Neptune disappears, plays hide and seek, so when we look at that house in our chart where all the Pisces planets are hanging out, it’s not only about what we hope for and set intentions for, but what we don’t have or no longer have, what didn’t happen, what didn’t work out. The one that got away, the dream deferred (said Langston Hughes). We are reminded of  the loss and the lost. THAT my friends, is Neptune.

So if you aren’t all rah rah Pisces today, don’t feel bad, and if you are counting the moments until Mars enters Aries for the beginning of firey relief and if you have had enough of inertia, self-undoing, self-pity, and mystic pizza moments, then HOLD ON because the wheel shall turn.

Love, MP


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The Stars This Weekend: Use Your Magic

By the time you read this blog post, the Moon will be void of course in Aquarius after squaring Saturn. Is that why I have a headache, right now? Could be. Or the noisy teenager upstairs stomping around ;)

And the Moon will stay void of course in Aquarius ALL DAY and night on Saturday (for the East Coasters), not entering Pisces until 1:19 a.m. Sunday morning.

What to do: tend to your routines, reflect, feel, dream, relax, take it easy, sleep, wait

What not to do: make promises, start something new, set New Moon intentions

Saturday night (while the Moon is still void of course), Mercury retrograde squares Jupiter which should convince you even further NOT TO… rush into anything. Wait.


Sunday, by the time you wake up, the Moon is in Pisces and OY it’s THAT feeling again.

Maybe you feel underwater, confused. Maybe you feel at peace with the cosmos and all your neighbors.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars (and Neptune and Chiron) in the sign of the addict, the escapist, the dreamer, the holy one, leading us to Monday’s New Moon (which squares Ceres the grieving mother. How you take care of yourself — or refuse to out of spite — is highlighted).

What to do: set New Moon intentions, write a poem, do a psychic reading, heal

What not to do: well, let’s see. Moon conjunct Neptune. Moon conjunct Mercury. Moon square Jupiter. Moon conjunct Chiron. Moon trine Saturn. Moon sextile Pluto. I think it’s another magic day. Do whatever the hell you want as long as it’s… compassionate and makes things better.

New Moon in Pisces + Mars enters Aries on Monday. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to it. Virgo Risings (me!) are weary of the opposition. 7th House mega-transits usually are game-changers (7th House = other people!) but as it goes on and on and on… you just want a little clarity, movement, decisions made.

Have you had enough Pisces? 


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New Moon In Pisces: Shape Shifting

Not all of you follow me on Facebook so let me tell this story here too –

I was at a coffee shop with my decaf and little chocolate bit of something (very little – seems to be a trend, a perfect trend for me) and they are playing The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers’ and “She’s Leaving Home” comes on and this song… I can *never* ever listen to this song. It calls up something in me so horribly sad that even I, Moon Pluto emotional warrior, cannot touch it. Prefer not to touch it.

So there I am. In this semi-swanky hipster coffee shop among the middle-aged mommies and other thinkers with their Apple products and I feel about to burst. A piece of ripe fruit about to get smashed.

On the message board we’ve talked a little bit about this, the crying in public thing, and I’m fairly cool with that. I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the 1st House. I feel things. If it comes up, it comes up. But this? Oh no. Not this. It was a cry for Momma kind of cry that was inside me. Completely primal. That’s what the song does to me. Fills me with unpleasant aching loss (compared to that pleasant aching loss feeling).

The song did end, praise the lord, and as I was writing on Facebook, the next song (For the Benefit of Mr. Kite) does not illicit the same reaction. Ah safe! For the time being. Except that now the cry is lodged inside me and will have to come out at some point. When it will is anyone’s guess unless I induce. Cancers and other sensitives may be familiar with this procedure. When you need to cry and can’t cry (like if you are at work) and in in in in in in it goes, for safe keeping, until it can be expressed at a later time.

That, my friends, was my Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces moment today. Feel free to share yours. And for those of you who have never experienced such a thing, I truly hope you do. Not from any devastating experience but because an old sad harmless song brought you to your knees.


Looking ahead to the New Moon at 21 degrees Pisces on March 11th:

Hmm Mars enters Aries the night of March 11th but otherwise this is what we have in Pisces: Sun, Moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus. Also Neptune and Chiron. Mars in Pisces until 11:26 PM.

The North Node will be at 18 degrees Scorpio, trining Venus and Sun and Moon and I’ll include Mars too because I feel the energy more than the number.

Jupiter at 8 degrees Gemini, squaring Mercury retrograde. Big confusion big time.

Saturn in Scorpio is sextilng Pluto in Capricorn at 11 degrees. And Ceres in Gemini is squaring the New Moon (and Sun).

What I want you to do for this New Moon is behave yourself :) Ceres is the mother who lost her daughter and she mourns so no matter what heavenly creatures fill your fancy during this abundant (Jupiter) Piscean love parade… there is more than meets the eye. I think it may feel like moon June spoon fairy dust on one level, but the Jupiter square to Mercury is a confusing exaggeration (reality check needed) and the Ceres square to all that Pisces better be (for your own good says Ceres) about nurturing yourself rather than… devouring yourself or others.

That said, it IS a new start in your Pisces House, but you knew that already :) And it’s not that people are lying to you. It may not even be that you are lying to yourself. But the edges of this New Moon are murky for me, even as they pretend to be all glittering, all gold. Pisces is like that, you know, a shape shifter, adjusting itself to the environment. Just keep it in mind.


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Practical Advice For Pisces Season

"new moon in pisces 2012"

Pisces rules saviors so use this keyword (phrase): help is on the way.

But just know that you may need to do it yourself, to save yourself: the Moon is in Aries now. 

I was up in the middle of the night last night, couldn’t sleep.

It’s been like this lately, a few days in a row now and I woke up thinking to myself “you are holy” and how Pisces rules the mystical and the spiritual and wherever Pisces is in your chart, where the Sun and Mercury are transiting (and Neptune and Chiron) is where you are holy. The sacred.

Rather than being shit upon, wipe yourself off and light a candle for the Aries Moon. It’s something you can choose or choose to ignore (which would be very Pisces.)

My teacher used to talk about the high vibration and the low vibration of planetary energies. And once I read Isabel Hickey I wondered if he got those phrases from her, I’m not sure. In either case, this is doubly triply true for Pisces and Neptune. How Pisces and Neptune (and the 12th House) rule not only the prison, confinement, self-undoing, but also escape, getting free. And the 12th House rules not just misery, but meditation.

And you can choose. 

The Moon is in Aries today and Aries does what Aries wants so do what you need to do for you. It represents a new beginning. The New Moon in Pisces was also a new beginning but the clarity wasn’t there. The Moon in Aries says NOW. The Moon in Aries says START. The Moon in Aries says you decide.

What does holiness mean to you?


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Testimonials, Money, And Psychic Stuff!

"new moon in pisces"

A couple months ago I met with a local astrologer for a reading.

Hadn’t seen her in years but she was the first astrologer, the only astrologer actually who told me that I had an aptitude for *this* — for astrology. She saw it in my chart.

Flash forward five years (? not sure how long) and now I’m doing readings more and more and met with her to talk about my transits and other stuff and she told me to post testimonials. Good for business, she said.

And not just individual posts but to have a page where folks can read a whole bunch of them. I followed her advice although I’ve fallen behind in adding the individual posts to the official Testimonial page but it’s thanks to her that I organized them at all in the first place because it’s not my nature to say “Hey! Look what I did! Look what I can do!”

I’m a writer, always been a writer, always been intuitive but it wasn’t until recently that it really came together, the writing and the psychic stuff which I had never considered psychic stuff before.  And yet I was always doing this for friends, family… just not making a living at it.

From an email I received today:

I have to tell you, it’s a little spooky how this happens, all of this stuff is there but doesn’t crystallize until you point it out.  I feel all of it: square, inconjunct, trine, sextile & it’s unsettling until you put it together.  

 I’m deeply grateful for your insights and the way you help me make sense of myself.  Like a Sherpa ;). I didn’t get this much to work with from years of therapy, you should seriously think about charging more.

The money thing is a funny thing. I raised my rates a little in January and don’t want to go higher now. People can always tip if they feel the need :) And, yeah, all of it helps. And I really do want to keep the short readings affordable. Sometimes what happens is that someone can only afford a $25 Mini-Tarot and then when money gets better they come back for something more in-depth. It plays out different ways.

But I appreciate the sentiment anyway, I do.


Hope you had a simply smashing New Moon!

A Beautiful Day To Save Lives: New Moon In Pisces

"new moon in pisces"

It’s gonna be a good day, people. Okay? Good day good day good day. New start new start new start.

Or as Dr. Shepard says on Grey’s Anatomy: it’s a beautiful day to save lives. But let it be your own today.

Pisces rules saviors, remember?

The Moon is in late Aquarius as I write this but the New Moon in Pisces is today.

What seeds will you plant? It’s funny to use the seed metaphor for a water sign. What else can we use? Use your imagination and tell us. Imagination: another Pisces/Neptune keyword.

This day? Let it be whatever you want. Create it. Use your imaginative forces, as Edgar Cayce said, a Pisces.

As for me, I have readings to tend to and then have a spiritual activity in the evening so to speak and will see friends as well. Virgo rules plans and Mars is in Virgo but retrograde so expect plans and routines to not always go according to plan these days. Leave room for, yes, the imaginative forces.

Otherwise, sky-wise:

Neptune is at zero Pisces, Sun is at 2 Pisces, Chiron is at 4 Pisces. The New Moon will be at 2 Pisces. It’s like a long light lounge chair. That’s the image that just came to mind. Can you see it? It’s barely visible but you can lie down on it. Like the chairs of heaven, poolside.

Jupiter sextiles Pisces so there’s our ground, our seeds, the planting fits because this big (Jupiter expands what it touches) earth is supporting.

The 12th House is Pisces natural house and it rules not only worries but witches too. Err on the side of witches is the point I’ve been trying to get across with my Pisces posts.


Do not “self undo” to use the classic phrase associated with the 12th.  Restraint and struggle are not necessary. Solitude may be helpful though. And ritual. And a holy book (Mercury is also in Pisces) like I was talking about yesterday.

But don’t stop with my ideas. Touch your own mind. What is Pisces to you?

Now that my books are out of storage, after some years, I’m reunited with my past and digging around for stuff to share with you. The following is from a little book Teachings of the Christian Mystics. The quote is from Richard of Saint Victor and I’m quoting it because I feel it embodies the depth and passion of the 12th House and Neptune:

The first degree of passionate charity is love that wounds; the second is love that binds. Love rises up to the third degree of passion, where it excludes every other love, but the one, for the sake of the one. The fourth degree of passionate love is that in which nothing at all can satisfy the desire of the passionate soul.

Does this describe your love nature? Got New Moon plans?


Update! My schedule is a little tight today and Wednesday but am still scheduling Mini-Moon Readings (and other readings, including Tarot) this week. Email for more info at moonpluto@gmail.  And if I don’t get back to you right away, it means my phone is acting up (as usual!)

The Holy Books Of Pisces Season

"psychic self defense"

Edgar Cayce said thoughts are things. He also said Mind is the builder. So not only what you say but what you THINK affects you, of course. And others.

New Agey people often talk about “psychic attacks” and “emotional vampires” and stuff like this and I never felt it so keenly until recently and how the more good you do in the world, the more dark can surround you.

A metaphor from my tradition: there’s something called the Yetzer Hara, the “evil inclination” and they often speak of it as something inside you, like a little devil whispering in your ear, but for my purposes here I’m speaking of it as an outside force. Kinda like a Mars transit. You can’t stop it. It comes at you. For better or worse.

I think it’s more important than ever to protect yourself, using strategies, techniques. The internet is full of this stuff, like closing up your chakras for instance before going to crowded places.

It’s daily maintenance that’s the hard part and with my North Node in Pisces in the 6th House being transited by… the Sun, Neptune, Chiron, and the New Moon soon… routines are… Well? Where are they? Look at Einstein’s piles of papers there in the picture. It’s beautiful, ain’t it?

Something I did today which I found helpful is that I used a certain book from my tradition and it comforted me. The old language. The old words. I know some people need to leave the religion of their childhood behind. I dip in and out of mine but I do know that when I enter these books, I feel protected and that actually there is nothing stronger.

I’m bringing this up during Pisces Season because it is a spiritual topic and a confusing or nebulous topic and it can be hard to know what’s yours and what’s from out there.

But with Mercury in Pisces now heading to oppose Mars retrograde in Virgo? It’s a balance of the practical technique and routine of Mars in Virgo vs. the holy words of a Mercury in Pisces. You need both. And that’s what this Mercury/Mars opposition is to me: a holy book.

Do you have one? Can you get one? Maybe you’ll write one. 

So for Pisces Season, consider adding in a new ritual, a new spiritual, that you want, that you think you may need, that you feel may protect you from the yetzer hara, outside or inside… because during Pisces Season our boundaries are paper thin.

Pisces rules poetry so here’s another haiku of longing from the same anthology I mentioned earlier, edited by poet Robert Hass:

First day of spring–

I keep thinking about

the end of autumn.


Update! My schedule is a little tight on Tuesday but am still scheduling Mini-Moon Readings (and other readings, including Tarot) this week. Email for more info at moonpluto@gmail.  And if I don’t get back to you right away, it means my phone is acting up (as usual!)

A Poem For Pisces Season

"new moon in pisces"

So in honor of Pisces Season…

Even in Kyoto–

hearing the cukoo’s cry–

I long for Kyoto.

That’s haiku from Basho but translated by Robert Hass (who was a teacher of mine once upon a time).

Very Pisces, don’t you think? 


My schedule is a little tight on Tuesday but am still scheduling Mini-Moon Readings (and other readings, including Tarot) this week. Email for more info at moonpluto@gmail.  And if I don’t get back to you right away, it means my phone is acting up (as usual!)

Ready For The New Moon In Pisces?

"new moon in pisces"

I walked home in the glorious sunshine. We’ve had a lot of gloomy weather lately in the Big City.

Well, it is winter, my Cancer Sun/Aries Moon friend reminds me, and he’s right. I’m grateful though – for this body that can walk or run or roll up and down the Big City streets if need be. I wasn’t born here but have lived here long enough for it to have toughened me.

And as I was walking home I started thinking about tomorrow’s New Moon and how in love I am with Rex Bill’s famous Rulership Book, a must have for any astrology lover. And I love the way it’s organized – in lists, by planet, sign, house.

This is how I know that Pisces rules, among other things, chaos and veils, not just escapism and drunks.


And when you read the book systematically or just by dipping around, the connections become clear, if they aren’t already clear to you — that 12th House keywords, for example, have more than a little in common with Pisces and Neptune keywords. That’s how astrology works. You jump. You leap.

Lorca has a word “duende” — a word I learned in a graduate school seminar when I was studying poetry. I associate it with making a “poetic leap.” Think of it this way: the rational mind is limited. Pisces/Neptune/the 12th House is not limited.

And here, this beautiful quote from Lorca: The duende is not in the throat. It climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet. 

Aha! Another Pisces keyword: feet!

The New Moon in Pisces compels you to leap: Pisces rules poets, poetry, poems.

You know why I always tell you to find stuff in your chart? Because that’s how I learned astrology. I was in a class for a few years and week after week our teacher would do just that. He would draw a huge wheel and pinpoint the transits and then use student’s charts as examples.

If you can find all this Pisces (Sun, Moon, Mercury) in your chart you can find where you may be confused at this time. Chaotic at this time. Veiled at this time. Escaping at this time. Or desiring to escape. Or you may just want to go shoe shopping. In either case, extra sensitivity is a given.

How do you protect yourself? Or find your way out? 

The fascinating thing is that Pisces rules not only confinement but escape.

The solution is inside the supposed problem. You may be in a prison (another Pisces keyword) but Neptune rules expansion, rules what is limitless.

So do that. Find your Pisces and KNOW, BELIEVE that THERE is a place (in your chart, in your life) where you can grow and — this is the important part — grow safely.

PS That is Lorca in the picture above, a Pisces Rising (according to Astrotheme).


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces and I’m adding in Tarot these days too (for those who desire it). Guess I’m in a Tarot mood lately :)

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Being The Tree In Pisces Season

"venus square neptune"

I’ve had a crazy morning. Odd because I woke up in a good mood. Received some disturbing emails and now trying to get on with my day. There’s much to be done and a full day ahead and I’m working on my unshakeability. Be the tree. Hell, it’s not Taurus Season but I remember writing about noticing the stretchmarks on the back of my legs and feeling that they looked like tree branches. The New Moon is tomorrow in Pisces and with so many planets in Pisces at the moment, some grounding is a good idea.

Does this much water suit you?

Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Pisces so put your faith in… your faith.


PS I know it’s kind of a sad skinny tree but I’m in a hurry this morning and look: she’s still standing.

Saturn Retrograde: Limitation Meditation

"saturn retrograde"

We want it all to be written but it is not all written. More than ever I believe in free-will. Use my life as an example. Or trust me on this. The Tarot can only know so much. Readers, more or less skilled than me, can only know so much.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the Limitation Meditation for Saturn retrograde. The limits of what we know, and can know, and the grace of… allowing.

Tell me if this has been your experience: that sometimes in life you are presented with two choices, two answers to a particular problem. This is the free-will part. Which one will you grab.

And the pre-destination part, I think, is the situation itself that is presented.

I do believe that much is out of our hands. 75/25 maybe but I’m not totally sure. Saturn goes retrograde to show you what is out of your hands unlike Saturn direct which is more about cause and affect, the power you have to make change, to DO something.

This is a theory of mine (the nature of the rx vs the direct motion). It’s my gut talking. It’s how it felt to me as I rode the subway home after grocery shopping and thought about a choice that is being presented to me as I write this here.

And here’s your Limitation Meditation for Saturn retrograde which is in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus.

Remember that Libra is concerned with OTHER PEOPLE, with relating, with relationships.

The next time someone tells you that they love you… try to… really try to… but “try” without “trying”… to tune-in to that person, to enter what they are saying so that it becomes more than words, so that you can feel it, from their body to yours.

You really have to STOP to do this. Stop what you are doing. Stop walking, stop talking, stop texting, stop all the automatic.

And find the limit (Saturn rules limitation) within yourself. How much can you really feel, know, this love, this feeling, these words which are not words but symbolize, are a sign, pointing to… the best we have to offer as humans.

I did this today when someone told me they loved me. I had to enter the words because listening wasn’t enough.

Although this is a Saturn post, it’s a Neptune post too. We’ve got our fins in Pisces Season already. Neptune made the big move. Mercury did too. The Sun on the way. Next week’s New Moon, also in Pisces.

And in my natal, there’s a Saturn Neptune opposition so I’m always trying to balance (Libra) these guys – the reality (Saturn) and the dream (Neptune).

Love needs both.

Have you set your New Moon intentions yet? 


Valentine’s Day has come and gone but you can still buy yourself or your love a Mini-Moon Reading in honor of… Presidents Day! (St Patrick’s Day? Purim?)  

Tarot For The New Moon In Pisces

"new moon in pisces"

The Moon is in late Sagittarius and you know what comes after Sagittarius, right?

Capricorn! And you know what sign Pluto is in now, right?

That’s right — Capricorn!

(Dear God I sound like one of Saturn’s cheerleaders.)

And this means we’ll get a Moon Pluto conjunction tomorrow afternoon, NYC time.

And whenever the Moon comes around to sit on Pluto I consider it a personal New Moon because I share this aspect even though my Moon Pluto is in Virgo.

The Moon on everyone’s mind though is next week’s New Moon in Pisces in the early degrees. The Sun will be there by then of course. Mercury has already joined the fishy sign. And of course slow moving Neptune and Chiron.

Wherever early Pisces is in your chart is where you can expect… well? What can you expect from a New Moon in the sign of the psychic, the mystic.

Illuminations? Ghosts? Planting spiritual seeds? Spiritual trees? Will you become more… at peace, yes, at peace in the early Pisces part of your chart. (I wrote those words and I thought: sounds good to me! I’ll take it!)

I am getting in the habit lately of drawing a Tarot card or two in some of my blog posts so let’s see what the message is from me to you about this New Moon…

Okay here we go: my forecast for the New Moon in Pisces

This is a time of tremendous change in your life. It may feel like a death but it’s a “good death” as they say. And when the old life finally falls away, you’ll have so many choices, options, it could be dizzying. Will there be a final answer? Yes. There will. And the answer has to do with your foundations, your security — strengthening it. You are this strength and you must surround yourself with people who embody this strength. Get strong, get real strong, and… the world is yours. 

What’s the Pisces part? Have faith in your ability to 1. move on and 2. get better

Does this Tarot ring true for you? What are your New Moon in Pisces thoughts? 


Yes, I am doing Mini Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces!


*Special* Mini-Moon Readings For The New Moon In Pisces!

"new moon in pisces"

What are these Mini-Moon Readings?

-15 minute readings by email. I usually do them for New Moons and Full Moons

How do they work?

-We don’t need to be at the computer at the same time. I send my first email (usually using about half or 10 minutes of the time) and then you respond when you’re able. And then I continue. I only watch the clock while typing, not while prepping or reading your emails so you do get the full 15 minutes, if not more.

What will a Moon Reading tell me?

-What I do is look at your transits for that day, starting with the Moon and possibly talking about other transits as well. I use the New or Full Moons not as single-day events but snapshots of what’s happening with you generally and the energy to come. The chart becomes a Tarot card, a portal, a psychic tool, so to speak.

Can I get Mini-Readings on other topics?

-Yes! Just keep it specific and best to limit it to one issue although other issues may come up when I look at the chart. Check out the links for Astro and Tarot on the left hand side of the page here

Are you psychic?

-I don’t “sell” myself as a psychic but people often say that I’m *spot-on* with what I tell them. Visit my testimonial page!

What does it cost?

-Mini-Moon (or other Mini-Astro) Readings are $35. Mini-Tarot is $25. Combined Astro + Tarot is $60 (30 minutes).

How do I know your schedule?

-Send me an email! moonpluto@gmail

What if I only want good news?

-I can keep it to the positive but I won’t make stuff up. For example, if you are asking about love and I’m not seeing/feeling it, I won’t lie but I will tell you where some groovy energy is gathering in your life/chart.

Please email me if you have questions (and yes Paul Newman had his natal Moon in Pisces!)


New Moon In Pisces! February 21st

"kim kardashian"

The New Moon on February 21st falls at 2 degrees Pisces and yes, my friends, please find early Pisces in your chart.

On this day of course, the New Moon will conjunct the Sun but ALSO conjunct Neptune. In Pisces. Triple Pisces! Imagine the babies born this day :0

Jupiter will be at 5 Taurus, sexiling the Pisces crowd, shoring it up, stabilizing it, which Pisces needs.

What do you think about all this? It’s soft right? Soft but ground beneath your feet thanks to earthy Taurus. Makes me feel like lying in the grass, looking up at the clouds. The meeting of heaven and earth. As above, so below.

This New Moon favors spiritual activity, compassionate service, healing of self and others, swimming, walkabouts, barhopping, and love sweet love!


Remember that on Valentine’s day we have Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune and then the weekend brings us the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune and then just a few days later the New Moon. It’s a Neptune-a-thon! 

What will you do with all this water? What do you want to do? Pay attention to how you feel this week and next and of course don’t forget to visit your chart and the houses that will show what areas of life will be affected.

How will you feel? Could be mystical. Could be confusing. You could feel at one with The All That Is. Or you could be deceived and need to look again.

Neptune can’t promise you answers but Neptune energy does support the seeker and the search. And, yes, Kim Kardashian has her natal Moon in Pisces.

Where is early Pisces in your chart? 


Yes I will be doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces. Email me for info and schedule at moonpluto@gmail