What To Do For Scorpio Season: TIPS & TRICKS

"jupiter in scorpio"
I want to tell you what to do for Scorpio Season
without giving you an insipid list of tips and tricks

or tell you that the veil is thinning even though the veil is indeed thinning.

It’s more like a wall for most people. A WALL.

And now even necromancy is getting trendy. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to ground and shield, y’all.

When I tried to reach my beloved Cleo earlier this year, and I did try, it was part veil, part wall, part indestructible determination on my part. Got as close as I could (pretty damn close). 

Scorpio Season or Samhain Season puts us in the mind of dealing with the dead so that’s why. That’s why the “veil thins.” Because everybody’s doing it! Makes the veil weaker. Makes the veil gossamer. 

This week we have a New Moon in Libra opposing Uranus and what is Moon Uranus my friends? Crazy. This week we have Mercury entering Scorpio and meeting up with Jupiter. What is Mercury Jupiter? Crazy.

But seriously: 

Mercury Jupiter is joyful, but in Scorpio? That shit is dark. Daaaaaark.

And by dark I mean not all this death and rebirth transformation romantic sexy phoenix jizz but the lower levels, the lower floors. THE BASEMENT. Basements smell. Basement Scorpio manipulates and the Sun enters Scorpio too this week and…

Let me remind you that I love Scorpio. My mother had her Sun Mercury Venus and Mars in Scorpio and I loved my mother, good Cancer that I am.

Any words here are not ANTI SCORPIO but please don’t think for a moment that there isn’t always something else going on with Scorpio. Always.

And NO it’s not the same for all signs and all times. Some signs, like Scorpio, like Libra, are always thinking three four five six steps ahead. Personally I find it exahusting, sensitive teddy bear Cancer that I am.


So here’s your tip, here’s your trick for getting the most out of Scorpio Season and really any time of year when Scorpios are afoot: 

LEARN from the Scorpios who appear to have what they want and need in this life and learn from the ones who are writhing in agony. You get lessons from both. Learn, listen, watch. 

And this: intensity is not the same thing as maturity or wisdom or kindness.

Happy New New Moon. 
Happy Jupiter in Scorpio 
Happy END OF TRANSITING PLUTO OPPOSING MY SUN (it’s been years, in combination with other brutal transits). 

But how are you, my darling?

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New Moon In Libra – September 30th

"new moon in libra"
New Moon in Libra at 8 degrees
— this Friday.

Mars entered Capricorn this morning.
It’s Tuesday as I write this.
Pluto went direct yesterday.
Virgo Moon Wednesday and Thursday.
Work work work work. This is a WORK sky.

New Moon aspects in addition to the usual (a Sun Moon conjunction): 

Moon square Mars (angry)
Moon conjunct Jupiter (happy)
Moon inconjunct Neptune (I’m not sure how I feel)
Moon sextile Saturn (secure)

Let’s think of them as one thing -
Sun – ego
Moon – need
Jupiter – principle of optimism, expansion, blessing

SQUARE (has trouble with) Mars in cautious Capricorn

This New Moon feels huge to me. You are looking around the room fantasizing about what or who you want. You can taste it. New Moons are DESIRE. Hope. Not done. Not culmination. NEW. Seed. Desire. Plant it. This New Moon feels huge to me. That’s the Jupiter. The ego (ME) is huge and the feelings (ME) are huge but there is a stifling going on.  Mars in Capricorn doesn’t quite slow down the power of the stellium but attempts to mute it. Mars in Capricorn, Mars in Reality, doubts the Jupiter blessing and doubts the dream and doubts the collaborators and doubts the seed AND

the stellium is in Libra – the sign of partnership and other people. Big desire in your Libra house. Big blessing. Big secret. You can’t do it alone but you don’t know yet who you will do it with.  But you want to. You really want to.

This is what I’m thinking — that Sun Moon Jupiter insists upon faith in oneself and in others and the square says: well, maybe not so fast. Slow down. Are you sure? Remember Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the Libra stuff is ruled by VENUS. You want to relate so bad. You want to find your tribe so bad. You want to fall in love SO. BAD.


a Saturn/Mars in Capricorn test.

And then.

This is the best part.

The Libra crowd makes a good aspect (sextile, harmonious) to, yes, SATURN in Sagittarius. 

The (so-called) problem IS the solution.

No matter how you look at it – we are under Saturn here.

What must be done must become our pleasure, our joy, and our love. Not in the sense of sacrifice but in the sense of knowing who you truly are and what you truly value. Then it is not a sacrifice at all but gladness. What must be done (your SATURN) must become your pleasure, your joy, your love. And it can be.

2016 is almost over. Think about that. Think about how we have one more Pisces Eclipse. How the Nodes are heading out of Virgo/Pisces and that a New Moon in Libra means you don’t have to be alone anymore. You’ve been so alone. This is where we begin. You will find your allies, your collaborators, your loves. You will. But you know what I’m going to tell you, that every new transit is an opportunity – good AND bad transits and if you lay down and die at this point you won’t be able to read my blog posts anymore ;) small consolation I know but life wants more life from you.
It’s your job to find your place. Daunting I know but true all the same.


The Stars This Weekend & Part Three Of The Spiritual Transformation Blog Posts

"chiron in the 8th house"


Friday, Saturday, Sunday I am doing Mini-Moon Readings.
Tarot (not astrology).
$25 Celtic Cross (about 15 – 20 min)
15 minute back and forth (no specific spread)
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New group started today and it’s a Tarot party :) if you want to join up just message me for details but here is the link.

The Stars This Weekend: 
So the Moon enters Cancer in the wee hours. It is Libra Season now. The Sun is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Sun square. Jupiter is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Jupiter square. There is resistance in the air. Indecision. Ultimately though it feels creative to me. Don’t get stuck.

See, you may want to hide away and eat cookies but Libra is requiring your social graces. Feel how you feel without hiding the essential you. Show your face.

AND Venus enters Scorpio.  She’s in a darker dress and more concerned with sex and depth and death. Less intellectual and more guttural.

Venus tends to bless whatever house she is transiting. Which house is your Scorpio house? Blessings that penetrate. What (or who) are you obsessed with? It comes alive while Venus is in Scorpio and no doubt is related to your Scorpio house :) It’s our first planet into Scorpio.

Intensity! Emotional vulnerable crabby Moon in Cancer aspecting Pluto, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus. Talk about the passion. Say it.

Moon in Leo square Venus in Scorpio and then happy sextiles to Sun and Jupiter. This day is *mostly* fun. Evening dates are better than afternoon ones. Venus in Scorpio has little patience for Leo Moon me-me-me. Once that square is done, all is well (on the micro level).

It’s a mellow weekend to me. Unless your chart is ALL AIR. Because it’s an emotional weekend (although less so on Sunday). Your work, the job to get done is at the feeling level. Emotional processing. And then kick back on Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead: Pluto goes direct on Monday. Mars enters Capricorn on Tuesday. New Moon on Friday. BIG WEEK. 


So I posted this on my Facebook timeline yesterday:

So I spend a large portion of each day lately in spiritual ecstasy and i think I haven’t been eating enough so to compensate this evening after taking an Uber home from Publix (cat food emergency) I ordered dinner and ate more than half of it.
I’m still full and probably shouldn’t lay down yet but really have had enough spiritual ecstasy for one week. I’d like a day off so meditation okay but no prayers, no liturgical music, no seeking the face of the Divine, no no no.
Start again tomorrow. First, rest.

I do tend to share details from my daily life on my Facebook page – always have and I am going through a major spiritual transformation at this time –

the Eclipse was on my Vesta which is conjunct my Ascendent AND 12th house South Node — and I am not telling the whole story anywhere – yet

just bits and pieces here and there. There are more transits as well…. I had Jupiter sextile my Neptune. Was funny because some people predicted this as a love transit because Neptune rules my 7th but it wasn’t the human kind of love – it was/is a dip/dive deeper into spiritual.

So I wrote that on my timeline and a gal posted this:

As someone who has the Progressed Moon in the 8th house and will soon have Jupiter through the 12th, I am fascinated by this post and would love to ask a question or 2 if I may. Are you reciting prayers from a book written by someone or creating them from your own heart? And what are some of the methods you are using to seek the face of the Divine?

I am not writing my own prayers, no. They are prayers from prayer books. I am in the process now of establishing a new prayer practice for myself. One of my practices is recitation of the Psalms, sometimes in English only, sometimes English and Hebrew (language of prayer learned in childhood) with the goal being to say the entire book of psalms every week. Different traditions divide it up differently and also there are usually options, like psalms for Thursday or whatever. But I would like to read the whole thing each week. But the saying of Psalms is just one thing I am working with.

As for the face of the Divine – you know what? I may have said that too fast. It was poetry in this instance. Turn of phrase.

Prayer. Meditation. Contemplation. Learning (books, youtube videos). And working on (it’s not perfect yet lol) the ideal daily schedule for myself that I can (most of the time) stick to.

One thing I have noticed is that lack of balance is not a good thing. One should not only pray. One must eat. Sleep. Exercise. Get fresh air. Talk to people. Work. Clean house etc etc and for a few days this week and last week it was like this… extended spiritual state and I really needed to sleep. One needs energy FOR prayer and meditation. So I’m trying to calm down and integrate the spiritual transformations. They have to be integrated into the life.

So that becomes a question really – a question through the ages – how do you get close to the Divine without going crazy. I suppose this is why monks and nuns break up the spiritual stuff with the hands on work stuff :) obvious I know but I’ve been living it lately.

The face of God is many faces. They are everywhere.

To be continued….


The Stars This Week: You Really Won’t Get Lost

"jupiter in libra"

Thank you for your patience my beautiful friends.
Let us talk about the week ahead even though it’s Monday as I write.

And stay tuned for the blog post after this one which will have more details about the Tarot group that begins on Thursday.

Something I posted on my Facebook: 

So I’m thinking about contraction and expansion.
And I’m thinking about suffering.
How certain acute suffering makes us expand.
The death of a loved one for example because it breaks our heart so profoundly – this is an expansion of the heart and the love nature. We feel the pain of the world then.
But it’s not long after that we then pick up the brick of suffering and put it on our back and we wonder where that tender expansion that tender brokenness went.
I’m telling you this because I want you to hold on to that moment of great pain before it goes. Because it will go.
And what I mean by that is:
be in it.
I remember when my mother died which was before my Saturn return, in my 20s.
This was a long time ago now but I remember feeling her around me in such a unique way, those days right after her death. That it wasn’t going to be this way forever and to savor it.

I wanted to put those sentences here on the blog too because we are heading towards another crossroads, a pivotal moment, my friends. The equinox. Change of seasons. Here we go. The equinox is a BREAK. It is a death and it is the minute after.


The exact Venus Mars sextile (Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius) has come and gone. This energy will still be felt for the next couple days as it separates and what I like about this aspect is its contentment. This is not disgruntled energy. This is peace.

Have you felt this today? That you got along with others? Air and Fire are compatible elements and the Moon was also in Taurus (on Monday) so I think there was much ease to be had.

(I know when I write these things there is always a crowd who will say no the day was awful but I would like you to ponder the idea that there is energy you can tap into pretty much no matter what else is going on -baring tragic circumstances of course but even then a good sky is better than a bad sky. And then there are some people who complain no matter what. So there is that. And if your day is always awful then perhaps you need to explore why that is, above and beyond whatever the immediate issue is. Expand your mind. I know Saturn is in Sagittarius and this means hope is harder to come by but also that we can work at it. Saturn requires our effort.)

I was tired today a bit but I went from one task to the next with Venusian grace. AND I had a good hair day. Venus focuses on her appearance and Venus sextile Mars shall be pleased.

More Moon in Taurus and all the major aspects are good. There is a Yod though and Yods are complex. A Yod between Taurus Moon and that Venus Mars sextile HMMMM.

Now this isn’t a Yod blog post (I should do one, right? It’s something I don’t write about much) but I’ll tell you what this Taurus/Libra/Sagittarius Yod makes me think of:

how we want to get on the road, how we want to expand (Sagittarius), how we want to hear the call of our right journey and how strong a pull is our comfort zone and security (Taurus). Comfort vs expansion. But we are dealing with three signs, three distinct energies. Venus in Libra is what stabilizes the Taurus/Sagittarius inconjunct. The problem with the inconjunct is that it is blind. You don’t know what the other part is doing. It’s dissociative. And then Venus in Libra walks in the room and smiles at you, tells you to fix your dress and hit the road.

WEDNESDAY MERCURY IN VIRGO GOES DIRECT under a Gemini Moon. Life speed up, much? Yeah. Expect that. Mercury goes direct at 14 degrees which is trine Pluto and this trine is exact exact on Friday. Don’t mind the wobble. This is a confident, powerful aspect and you are on task and on target despite a mostly crappy day for the Moon aspect-wise. Just keep going. Stay in the car. DO NOT STOP FOR SNACKS. You can stop for snacks over the weekend for the Cancer Moon.

Thursday is the equinox and the Sun enters Libra and then on Friday Venus enters Scorpio. ALREADY.
I think I’ll do a separate blog post for each of these. I just wanted to alert you to the shifts and to remind you that Jupiter is in Libra so we will have a Sun Jupiter conjunction and we will have a New Moon in Libra next week! OH and Pluto goes direct on Monday and OH Mars enters Capricorn next Tuesday (FINALLY) and are you feeling at all on track? That the slog of the summer season (in my hemisphere) is quite over with. We are MOVING again. I think this is shown in that Yod and shown in Mercury going direct and Pluto going direct and Mars entering CAPRICORN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Here we go again says Pluto. Buckle up. What’s your Pluto story? Got planets at 14 degrees? 14 – 16? This is the Pluto range for the rest of this year.

On a personal note, I have all kinds of transformative stuff going on in my life that I have not been sharing on the blog or on social media publicly,  but eventually I may share some. Not sure yet how or when but suffice to say my beautiful friends that I’m doing well. Weird. I actually have a separation between my public and private life. Eh. Won’t last long I’m sure. I do post about transformation though. How transformation is something that happens to you. You cannot manufacture it. You cannot push for it. You cannot bend it to your will. What you can do is check your transits and see what you’re on time for. Know what I mean? Sometimes I tell people that: you’re right on time.


No specials going on at this time. Best “deal” are the reading or teaching bundles but single sessions (30 or 60 minutes) are also available. New Tarot group starting (details in next post).

MoonPluto’s Grimoire For Good Health (The Stars This Weekend)

"jupiter trine pluto" I’m writing this blog post *before* Mercury goes direct. It goes direct in a few minutes. It will go direct as I finish writing and post this.


Venus in Virgo now. We’re done with the long long long summertime Venus in Leo transit. Moon in Virgo too. Moon will conjoin Jupiter and trine Pluto today. This feels good to me even though I know Virgo can be too tight. Moon Jupiter is joyous. Moon trine Pluto is less emotional than the conjunction (hi!), not that emotional is a bad thing, not in my galaxy. Venus square Saturn tomorrow. Sunday: Jupiter trine Pluto and Sun opposes Uranus.

Venus square Saturn: obstacle. Delay. Wait. Hanged Man. But you can choose how you wait.
Jupiter trine Pluto: excellent moment for magickal workings. 7:51 pm in the Big City.
Sun opposition Uranus: this one feels more jarring to me of course, intrusive. So how to work with this? Is it possible? Sun comes to illuminate, make clear to you, the ways in which you seek to blow up your life.

"Saturn square neptune"I am feeling better. Was taken down by a cold virus yesterday. I’m feeling better but my heart hurts. Just a little. Not trauma level, not emergent, but it’s there. It will help me do my work today (my heart is my scrub nurse while I do psychic surgery – yes, the body parts as helping spirits), not that I seek it out but when I hurt, I increase in empathy for others and I slow down. Fresh wound although this one is starting to stink a little. And then I look at the cat yawning, her cute little fierce teeth and I’m delighted again.

Monday is the New Moon in Libra, 19 degrees. Sun-Moon in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries and aspecting WHAT in your chart?

On the one hand, I smell relationship hurdles here BUT I’m also intuiting Uranus as Good Angel. Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury the Messenger. Angels are messengers of the Holy One. This New Moon has a message for you about your Libra life, your 7th House, your impossible rules. Uranus is rigid in its eccentricity but hold on to this Good Angel. Uranus is brilliant and bright.

Yeah, Stephen, I think I better draw a card. I know Matt wants me to draw one too. I don’t know why I’m channeling them in particular. It happens sometimes! But this card is for all…

What you need to know about this New Moon: 

hebrewThe Hierophant! Mr (or Miss) Conventional. I need to draw more. Hierophant is like Emperor — rules, but also knowledge, teachers, established values, the need to conform. Perhaps you have someone in your life like this. You want to exist outside these rules and lines and but they keep giving you rules and lines. Which could be ANYTHING. Bottom line is that they are not your rules and lines. But remember I was talking about Uranus as Good Angel? Into the rules and lines comes a jolt, a bolt! Let’s draw more. Ace of Wands + Eight of Pentacles. Well, that Ace is surely the jolt bolt of courage and faith but then the voluptuous Eight: MAKING AN EFFORT!

Focus on your New Moon intention – what you want to grow in your Libra House. Remember the Nodes will be moving on in November. It’s going to be easier across that me/we axis.

Oh. I just had an intuitive flash. That Sun Uranus opposition. It’s going to shock me (and you?) and not necessarily in a bad way. In a good way. I feel it.


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Magickal Services are here: these include consultation, ritual/spell creation, and healing/exorcism (if needed). 

Libra Season: How To Have A Relationship Without Losing Yourself (Part One)

"new moon in libra"I don’t know if men have this problem. I’m not a man.
I can’t and won’t speak for them. Not today anyway ;)
But I can speak as ME. As a woman, THIS woman, in a relationship.

To be free of this terrible longing and yet to remain IN relationship.

Dare I say it again. Okay. I shall. The list.

Sun in Libra.
New Moon in Libra.
Mercury will enter Scorpio but then RX back into Libra.
North Node in Libra.

Or maybe YOU WANT to lose yourself, hmm?
Such folk exist. I do not judge.
My Libra Season journey
My New Moon in Libra INTENTION: to reflect and write on this.

I’ve taken an informal poll. Apparently I know plenty of women who have experienced same. Even the same… emotional condition. Even ones who do NOT have Venus in the 12th House. Or Venus square Neptune. Or Neptune ruling their 7th. Or Neptune IN their 7th by transit.

Quoting someone here because she put it so well:  Please see me, please love me, please don’t make me feel needy.

Sometimes I listen to music to indulge this feeling. Because sometimes it feels good. I enjoy it. The masochistic 12th House. And then other times, well, there are other times.

"venus inconjunct uranus"What is it and, if needed, how to make it stop. I want to dive deep into this topic, make myself sick with this topic, get to the root of the root of the root of this lovesick topic :) Pluto, now direct, is transiting my 5th House. 

I do thus declare my LIBRA SEASON blogging obsession. It will be fun!


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Here Is Your New Moon In Libra Intention (Part Two)

"new moon in libra" To say that I was a little rough around the edges when I started my relationship is an understatement. My late 30s/early 40s were a bit busy romantically but before that? Not so much. So I was a little rough. Around the edges.

Last night I was listening to a recording of a Tarot reading I had back in June, a Celtic Cross. The card for the past (and not the recent past but something foundational) was the Hermit. Yup. Venus in the 12th House.

Not all Venus in the 12th House people are Hermits but I had lived a long time alone. Even with roommates I had lived a long time alone. Lots of longing. Lots of alone. And some strange bedfellows.

And then I stop to reframe. I was religious for a while and dating in “that world.” I came close to marriage then. Maybe. There was a Virgo. There was a Sagittarius. I forget who else now ;)

I remember one time an astrologer looking at my chart and thinking it was lonely. No planetary action on the right hand side. OTHER PEOPLE. That’s where my long-term transits are now though so… the people are here.

Here’s the trick though. Here’s the DARE. You have to let them in. And you have to do it differently. 

"new moon in libra" I was writing about this on the Private Blog: Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra. Uranus (energy) doesn’t follow the leader. Uranus doesn’t stagnate. Uranus keeps moving, pattern-breaking, pattern-crushing (especially when Pluto is involved and Pluto is going direct around the same time as Sun entering Libra and the New Moon in Libra).

You have to let them in over and over. You have to do it differently over and over. Not just once not just once not just once. You keep committing. 

And this doesn’t have to be about relationships or romance– it can be about an idea. Like, sanity. Commit to sanity.

Who/What are you committed to? Who/What do you want to be committed to? You have a choice here. 

And if you, too, are a Hermit, you have plenty of light for thinking (hello upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Libra!) — the light of the mind, starlight, lantern, moon.

It’s yours.

New Moon in Libra at one degree. Depending on your time zone this is happening on the 23rd or the 24th this week.

Love, MP

P.S. New Chat Room forming. If interested email me. I sometimes put out the call for this (and it hasn’t happened) but yes we are accepting new members now. I admit I am picky and vet people – if I feel like you would be a good fit. There is a monthly fee but no obligation. We go month to month. moonpluto@gmail.

Tarot spread in honor of the New Moon in Libra.
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Here Is Your New Moon In Libra Intention

"new moon in libra" Maybe you won’t ever trust.
Maybe you (or he or she) won’t ever feel safe and secure.
With you.
With anyone.

Do it anyway.
Love anyway.

Sun enters Libra on Monday.
New Moon in Libra on Tuesday.
Mercury enters Scorpio over the weekend but then goes retrograde IN LIBRA.
The North Node is in Libra.

Earlier today I posted on the Private Blog about Uranus being the esoteric ruler of Libra.

Love, my friends, is the most important power in the universe.
Sometimes you have to let it destabilize you (says Uranus) :)

Now go forth and set your intentions.
And love.

Love, MP

Tarot spread in honor of the New Moon in Libra.
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Welcome To Your New Moon In Libra Support Group

So we are all recovering from the New Moon in Libra. (Well, some of us.)

The Sun and Moon have been opposing not just transiting Uranus but, for me, my natal Chiron and my Chiron does not like poking and prodding. My Chiron prefers to be left alone in my 8th House.

But enough about me…

How’s your weekend going?

The Moon doesn’t enter Scorpio until tomorrow morning (in the wee hours in the Big City) and we have a whole slew of Moony aspects as well as Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto. DEEP THOUGHTS and deep feelings. THE WELL. A good day for psychic readings, giving or getting.

Definitely keep your eye on this Mercury. The retrograde beings on the 21st! You want to find your Scorpio House and… do a little self-inquiry, even some prediction.

What will return? What will renew? What will review? Scorpio can be paranoid though so watch out for that. Be keen without cruelty.

Monday, the 7th: Venus enters Sagittarius. A good time to explore LIFE and LOVE again. Very Fool card to me. If you’ve been feeling drowny and stagnant, for god’s sake get out of the house. Go for a walk. Have fun.

Tuesday, the 8th: Mercury conjoins Saturn. A serious day with a nod to what the retrograde period is about to you. Take it seriously. Seriously. Serious peeps, this is YOUR DAY! Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, the 9th: Moon in Sagittarius as antidote to Tuesday’s heavyosity

Thursday, the 10th: VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE. I have this in my natal. Romantics among us will LOVE this day (and this week actually, as the aspect applies). Daydream to your heart’s content. Fantasize a pirate ship, a stowaway, a desert island, a love supreme, the Orient Express, the top of the mountain, expedition to your heart’s content, little snowy cabin at sunset. Imagine. AND PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT i.e. don’t feel guilty about it. I will listen to my Hope Sandoval and stare off into space, pondering my Beloved. Drift, dream, drift dream, eat ice cream, drift, dream, write a poem, read a poem, drift, dream, eat ice cream.

WEEKEND: SUN squares JUPITER aww yeah. THIS IS THE ANSWER YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. And the answer could very well emerge from inside you. It’s not from any outside source or recognition. It’s a quiet, inner knowing that… FREAKS YOUR SHIT OUT. Why? Because it matters so much. Because it’s the Sun (you) and Jupiter (HUGE). This excitement could even be over that new brand of kale chip the store down the street is selling. See, it’s all very personal. Basically, your HOPE comes back. Your kale chip hope.




Got questions? Check out this link here! To my Readings page.

Love, MP


I am teaching a new on-line (drop-in) course starting October 14th. A two week class.

There will be, as usual, class discussion/conversation as well as individual chart work.

TOPIC: the 2014 Grand Cross: Mars in Libra and His Friends (Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter).

How to best use and not abuse this massive energy attack in your life.

Mars will be spending 7 months in one (maybe two) houses of your chart. What the hell?

Manage and master this FORCE for good. Libra = love and relationships and keeping the peace.

I’ll help you put it all together.  $100 by PayPal. Email me with questions! Friend me on Facebook!


A Love Supreme: New Moon In Libra

How conscious can you be?

How conscious are you willing to be?

How hard is it for you? In the moment? To calm the fuck down?

You will look back on this time with regret unless you STOP.

Stop sleepwalking through your life.

Who is around you? What is around you? You think these are accidents? Accidental people? Paper dolls? Mistakes? Even your problems, your tests, your joys, the sex you had last night? All of it. All of it.

Things change in an instant. Diagnosis. Death. All of it. All of it.

Dinner’s in the oven. The cats are sleeping. Maria McKee singing her heart out :)

Business as usual but nothing will ever be the same again for me. And THIS IS GOOD. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with love. And this is not a bad thing. This is Venus in the 12th House. Love without limits. This love is not polite. This is a messy Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House. This is me. And this feeling is, yes, accompanied by terror because we are born alone and die alone but I can’t remember the last time (maybe during auditions for a short play of mine) that I said to myself or anyone:


I wish you the same.


So today I had a wicked fight with someone and then I noticed my wicked transits including the Sun opposing my natal 8th House Chiron and… so much is swirling in my mind about relationships these days, and intimacy, that I don’t know where to begin but I tell you what: the class I’m going to be doing this month is going to touch all over this topic, all over it. MARS IN LIBRA fights for love and the class is a Grand Cross class: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus BUT FOR NOW WE MUST CONCERN OURSELVES WITH THE NEW MOON IN LIBRA TOMORROW AND HOW THIS IS A CHANCE TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT AND TO TRUST THE SUDDEN REVELATION AND THE SHOCKING NEWS AND THE OTHER PERSON. TRUST THE OTHER PERSON. ACTUALLY SEE THE OTHER PERSON.

You can decide to stop ruining everything. But then you have to follow through. Decide what to do to follow through.


New Moon and Sun in Libra (PEACE AND LOVE) squaring (jamming, fucking with, disturbing, destroying) Pluto and opposing Uranus. Want to throw in bitchy Black Moon Lillith too? And big mouth Jupiter (both in Cancer). SEE YOU CAN END IT ALL OR YOU CAN BE REBORN. SOUND THE ALARM.

Every New Moon is a new chance and this one is a LOVE SUPREME CHANCE (whether it concerns another person, a dream of yours, God, etc).

Are you okay with that? Are you okay with being loved? 

It’s that feeling of wanting to fix something so bad and actually being able to fix it: someone dies and comes back from the dead. It’s the thing of movies and novels and mystical stories but that’s the feeling I’m talking about. SECOND CHANCES. Sometimes I still think I’ll run into my father (he’s been gone 20 years) but you know what? I do. I do every day. I look in the mirror every day. To me this is the Ceres story. She loses her daughter. She gets her back. LOST AND FOUND. A LOVE SUPREME.

And I know I know I know we’re talking about a New Moon in Libra but hells bells it’s a Scorpio sky (Venus, North Node, Saturn, MERCURY).

Keep on resurrecting, my friends.

Love, MP

Do It In The Dark: New Moon In Libra, October 4th

The New Moon in Libra will be at 11 degrees.

Do you have anything at or around 11 degrees? Give or take 3 or 4 in either direction.

Widen your orbs. Tell us what you find.

Look in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra (the Cardinal signs). Other signs matter too but look for those first.

New Moon = Sun in Libra conjunct Moon in Libra. Sun and Moon together. You and your feelings. Body and soul.

Together, they will square Pluto. They will oppose Uranus. Rocky Road ice cream all the way :) You want justice? You want peace? Yeah, good luck with that ;) T-squares makes us feel nuts.

Also, on this day, a Saturn Uranus inconjunct. 

And here’s a question: why so many tests? Why are we tested and tested and tested and tested. Just to prove… what? How strong we are? How strong we have to be? I don’t get it. We are being tested to the limit. Are you feeling this?

I don’t mean to write a New Moon downer post. I think there’s hope here. New Moon is a beginning. Brand new. CLEAN. No gunk. No rotten. No leftover. CLEAN OUT YOUR… (insert object-name that needs cleaning here).

Now about that Saturn Uranus thingie. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about aspect names and all that.

But keep this in mind: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. You won’t know what to do. You kinda… want to do both. Build. And break. Break. And build.

But…. HOW? How is this possible, MoonPluto? 

A little of this? A little of that? No way. This isn’t cooperation-opposition-finding balance ‘n shit.

This is breaking down to build up. Don’t let the Uranus Pluto square shock (Uranus) you to death (Pluto).

Instead, OPEN YOUR EYES. You are being tested. Stay present. Open your eyes. YOU CAN DO THIS. THIS IS EASY FOR YOU. Tell yourself this until you believe it for half a half a half a half a half a half a second.

Setting intentions: the New Moon is the dark time so… do it in the dark.

Do a dark ritual, very dark. By candlelight or no light at all.

What do you see? 

Love, MP


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Welcome Libra Season! You’re Not As Pretty As You Look ;)

Damn I kept trying to make a video this evening and it didn’t work.

A video about relationships.

A video about LIBRA.

A video about how the Sun entered Libra today and the next New Moon is in Libra and how in 2014 we’re in for a Grand Cross (a stressful configuration) because of Mars’ extended stay in Libra, due to its retrograde motion.

My main point was this: FIND THE LIBRA HOUSE(s) IN YOUR CHART AND STAY THERE i.e. focus there.

This house is alive and on fire STARTING NOW.

But the fire need not destroy you, or anyone. There shall be light.

Your relationships will be tested in 2014. The closest ones will be tested in 2014. Relationships that are *merely* surface, will they make it? I wonder.

Mars is FIERCE.

Libra (Venus) is LOVE.

Mars in Libra fights for love, fights for peace, fights for JUSTICE.

YOU will be fighting for love, fighting for peace, fighting for justice, and yes you WILL be tested.

You will be tested by death (Pluto), by shock (Uranus), by good fortune (Jupiter).

And how you handle yourself, how you present yourself, how you SURFACE to the world and to your loved ones, will matter more than ever.

How you master the Mars in Libra challenge will determine your Mars in Scorpio transit as well because whatever remains… WILL BE your Mars in Scorpio transit. Know what I’m saying?

Whatever are left with, whether you finish this transit alone or married or somewhere in between, it will support (Scorpio) you, beyond your wildest dreams.

Love, MP


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New Moon In Libra, October 15th

"new moon in libra"The weather is beautiful in the Big City as I type this. Not hot. Not cold. Just right.

And it’s New Moon Eve. Is there such a thing?

In my tradition, holidays start the evening before so I always have this in mind. It’s a perfect time to meditate on what’s happening in your Libra house and where the New Moon will fall in your chart. Do it again even if you’ve already been focusing on this all week. We only get one chance at this particular New Moon in Libra.

It’s the dark time of the moon cycle and fitting to do your ritual by candlelight perhaps and…

Oh. I just realized. Yesterday I wrote one intention down on a big post-it and sealed it and taped it where I could see it and it says “Do Not Open Until Full Moon” and already I had felt the energy shifting, and already I had felt that Saturn had taken over and given me clarity but no–

That wasn’t the end of the story. My Saturn moment was, actually, the illusion. What I wrote, what I wished for, on my post-it, has already manifested.

Okay, I wrote about two things. One of them has manifested and has manifested because I not only set the intention but DID something about it. That’s what magic is. 

And maybe it’s foolish of me to take any credit at all. It’s fate. It’s God. It’s not up to me.  And maybe that’s the overriding New Moon intention, the best one of all. To know this. That free will doesn’t exist.

Or does it? Discuss!



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Waking Up With The Divine: New Moon In Libra

"new moon in libra"In the Creativity class, we were talking about New Moon rituals and someone came up with a great idea and I did it and it changed.

What I mean is that I thought it meant one thing but it meant another. The result was different than I had imagined. Already. I was skipping to my lou in Neptuneland, sprinkling fairy dust all around me AND THEN without even trying? Reality. Reality came back. Everything that I had forgotten. Everything that I had put sparkly blue eyeshadow on.

I have a Neptune Saturn opposition in my chart. It works like this. I cruise along on the dream and then my boat crashes. Iceberg!

So I recommend setting an intention and doing a ritual for the New Moon if only because you don’t know what will happen. It could be a straight shot to truth.

Mars trines Uranus as well so expect the unexpected in a good way. There could be a reversal of an issue that you’ve grown tired of dealing with and the reversal is a TRINE.

And for those dealing with relationship (Libra) woes? Pray.

Spend the entire day in prayer and meditation or as much of it as you can. Wake up your relationship with the Divine. It matters more than you realize. This is wisdom that has less to do with Libra and more to do with my 12th House Venus. The quieter you can get inside = more revelation (Uranus) and more guidance.




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The Stars Today: Sun And Moon In Libra

"new moon in libra"I’ve got so many thoughts in my head, bickering for dominance this morning: the insidiousness of Neptune. The difference between where you are now and where you want to be. Chiron. What to do about Chiron. And then the feeling that I need to write about the current sky, tomorrow’s New Moon in Libra.

You know what? That entire list points back to Neptune and Pisces and relationships. Reality vs. fantasy. Transiting Chiron is conjunct my descendent and I wanted to call this blog post “What Do We Do About Chiron” but instead I’ll focus on THIS moment. Or try to :)

The Sun is in Libra. Are your partnerships on your mind? Who you have? Who you’ve lost? Uh-oh, I’ve gone serious again ;)

Looking back, and it wasn’t that long ago, since Saturn is only at 0 degrees Scorpio, but looking back at Saturn in Libra is… it was a mirror (Libra). It was about *their needs*. And for me, it wasn’t REAL. It was illusion, artifice (Venus). Saturn in Scorpio will be real. And it will be darker. I say this now. Let’s see how we feel in three years ;)

Saturn limits and tests. Was Saturn in Libra testing our relationships? Or was it about creating the tallest biggest fattest illusion we could find? And then nailing it to the wall.

So with the coming New Moon in Libra, why not think about what you want from the other people in your life. Start there. What you want. Even if you feel foolish making a wish list or setting intentions. Do it anyway. What I want are solid people. Does this mean I need to be more solid to get more solid. Honestly, I feel pretty solid. Solid but a bit sad. Saturn entering my 3rd House has been a shift so remarkable, even though it’s not doing anything “bad” in my chart, I feel it. And sad isn’t bad but it is a heavy stone and I will sculpt it.

Set an intention for what you want (insert idea here) to look like. And then imagine it. I dare you. When I stop to try to do this exercise for a few seconds, I realize how hard it is. If you can’t in fine detail imagine what you want most, that may mean that deep inside you don’t think it’s possible or you have so much loss around the possibility or reality of it that…  It’s like not knowing what a mountain is. Someone needs to explain it to you. And then you need to see it for yourself. In YOUR life.

But you know what? Miracles happen. Out of the blue good stuff happens. It’s the moments in between, most of the moments, that need our love.

The Sun and the Moon are in Libra. Sun is body. Moon is soul.  Now what?

What are your relationships made of? 



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The Stars Today: Of Dreams And Limbs

"new moon in libra"A Twitter friend is taking a poll this morning.

Many of us had weird dreams last night. I did too.

The Moon was void of course in Virgo and still is. Her theory is that Saturn trine Neptune also had a part. Makes sense to me :)

I want to blog again though about love. I think I’ll be doing a series. A series with no organization other than that I’m doing it  :) and Venus is in Virgo so something needs fixing.

Here is what I got up to scribble on a piece of paper in the wee early morning hours:

When you love someone and you can’t be with them, for whatever reason, they become  a part of you like another limb. You live with it. You can think of it as an arm or a leg. Or a tree limb. I love tree of life imagery so I’m thinking of it that way. As an emanation, a sefira. It can’t be removed, only expressed.

And I tend to write about your love-feelings as being yours. Inspired by the other person but YOURS. And lately I’m thinking that the persistence of certain love-feelings inside me has more than one meaning.

You have a job to do while Venus is in Virgo. So do I. To fix this love. And the fixing can be either–

1. releasing it

2. holding it close (i.e. intense longing as an exorcism, could be for release or relief)

3. doing nothing, sitting still

You may even groom (Venus) your tree limb. Make sure it’s comfortable and looks nice. Treat it with respect. Don’t be critical of it. Build an altar to it. 

Side issue: 

Clients routinely come to me with internet love problems. It’s the world we live in. And I know of what they speak. I was involved in one of these too. In many cases, the love is real. It’s not your imagination. The connection is real. But it’s built on the un-real, fantasy. Not knowing what  the person smells like or the expressions they make, despite Skype calls ;)

My advice is this: don’t let it go on for too long without making it real because you are worth a real life and a real love. Go back to the library. Return the book. And be on your merry way. It may not make either of you bad people but the longer you prolong the fantasy cycle, the longer you… avoid a deeper connection. Saturn in Scorpio will not allow this. There is a limit, a formidable limit, to what you can do without a body close-by. Save the spirit interaction for you and your ancestors. And if it’s meant to be, then it will be. But not because you waited by your phone/text/email/Skype.

Of course this is just me. There are folks out there who may be totally satisfied with overly Neptune love. But I’ve got Saturn transiting my 3rd House and the 3rd House speaks. I will be preaching Saturn.

About the Stars Today: no exact aspects. Moon enters Libra in the evening. Tomorrow the Moon makes aspects to the usual suspects including opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto and trining Jupiter!

Best of all is Monday: Mars trines Uranus and the New Moon will be at 22 degrees Libra.

Did you have weird dreams last night? Do you have an extra limb? 



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Tarot ‘Scopes For The New Moon In Libra

"new moon in libra"I’m going to draw one card for each sign, and your homework :)  is to find where the New Moon will fall in your natal chart…

Aries: keep going! You tend to do that anyway but the Universe is on your side with recent decisions made. The course you are on now is CORRECT. Banish doubt. It will work out. Giddy-up! Knight of Wands.

Taurus: you haven’t chosen your course yet. That’s the problem. Oh Taurus, moving slowly. If only you could believe in yourself you could, would, manifest the 4 of Wands I see here. Your future is waving at you, welcoming you. What will it take?

Gemini: sweet Gemini. I can see you’ve been suffering when I see this card. I’m sorry. The good news is good though :) You’re crossing the river and waiting on the other side is… you. You have everything you need in the little boat. All aboard!  6 of Swords.

Cancer: damn, Cancer. You’re lost something. You’ve lost it for good. This truth is hard to carry. There’s nothing you can do. Some cuts are irreparable. Now turn and don’t look back. Five of Swords.

Leo:  happy 10 of Cups, my dear Leo. You did it. One portion is complete. Allow celebration. Allow joy. It is REAL. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? I see satisfaction, I see dancing, but why do you not permit it?

Virgo: working hard as always. Your foes (within and without) are not as many as you fear. You’ll get it done. You always do. I would think about getting a reality-check if I were you. Your vision has narrowed. Look up at the sky and for goodness sake stop scowling. 7 of Wands.

Libra: happy 10 of Pentacles, my dear Libra. Finally. Saturn has left your sign. Gather your loved ones around you. For the last 2 and 1/2 years, they ceased to recognize you, but now you are free to be happy again. They are there and they are waiting. Give your ancestors a kiss.

Scorpio: typical Scorpio, right? 9 of Wands. Wounded Warrior. Still standing. Barely. I almost want to tell you to move on, but I stop myself. I think you should stop yourself too. Saturn will force a hesitation anyway so live with this sky. Don’t force it. You don’t have to. Wait. Waiting is not the same as weakness.

Sagittarius: only one court card in this bunch and it’s for you, little horse. Queen of Pentacles. Is she helping you? Or do you need to be her? Probably some of both. This sensible woman is offering you practical help. Just what a Sag needs ;) For once, try to listen. And yes, my dear, I believe this is a money card.

Capricorn: you, my goaty friend, are at the birth. Ace of Wands. New project. New development. New game. New love. Inspired and enthused. You aren’t used to feeling this… light. Heavenly spark. Hold it tightly in your hands.

Aquarius: my sweet space creature :) 6 of Cups nostalgia is here. Sweetness. Something or someone from the past has come back to see you. It reminds me of childhood, when my mother would pick me up in the  middle of the school day to do something fun. Something fun is coming your way and it makes your heart ring.

Pisces: bravery, my mystic!  You are The Fool on the New Moon but never foolish. Jupiter-infused, you are ready for your next leap and there’s someone by your side, if you want it. The adventure is yours though. Will you? Can you? Dare you? I think you should. Saturn is trining you. Your dreams have become real.



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The Stars Today: Fire!

"new moon in libra"The Moon in Leo is trine Mars and Uranus today, a Grand Trine in fire, and it’s a rainy day in the Big City :)

Last night, in class, someone mentioned having a lousy bunch of days despite the good sky transits. Well, what matters most is how the planets are aspecting *your* chart. For example, if this Grand Trine in fire is making a mess of your planets, you ain’t gonna feel all fire-trine-happy.

Still, this is what astrology bloggers do; we talk about the sky in abstract and remind you to check your own chart.

I have a feeling, too, that Scorpio may be making hard aspects to her chart — we’ve got Saturn, Mercury, and the transiting Node there.

If you are looking for a little sweetness though, do seek out 22 Libra in your life because that’s the New Moon degree next Monday, and make a wish :)



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More Stars This Week! Grand Trine In Fire

"saturn in scorpio"I’m love with tomorrow (and the day after). Listen to this:

Sun trine Jupiter in air signs. Venus trine Pluto in earth signs. A Grand Trine in fire: Moon in Leo plus Mars in Sagittarius plus Uranus in Aries.

And Wednesday is fantastic too: Mercury sextile Pluto, Moon sextile Sun and Jupiter, Saturn trine Neptune (finally some water!).

There’s something for everyone’s chart.

My advice? Enjoy it.

And then Monday is the sweet New Moon in Libra :)



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New Moon In Libra: October 15th

"new moon in libra"The upcoming New Moon in Libra will be a sweet one. No cranky aspects to it.

And it will trine retrograde Jupiter in Gemini so something or someone from the past may show up again. Something or someone you wouldn’t mind focusing on. I don’t want to say it’s an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend but New Moon in LIBRA HELLOOOOOOOOO. Libra rules marriage.

I love it when astrologers talk about people from the past showing up. Sounds so mysterious. A tall dark stranger from the year 1825….

(Do you believe in past lives?)

All time machine talk aside, retrogrades are review and re-do times. You know this. Revision. Revise. Renew. Rethink. And if you know where mid to late Libra (or Gemini) is in your natal chart, then you’ll know, perhaps, what to expect!

But what about the New Moon? 22 degrees. Time to set an intention. And what that means is… you use your Wise Mind to desire and then to imagine, and you can even give it words or do a ritual, something physical because… an intention without a ritual is like… spaghetti without meatballs (vegetarian meatballs and gluten free pasta are totally fine).

Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus attracts. She’s not Mars. She doesn’t pound the pavement and beat people up (unless she’s Venus in Aries ;)). She sits. She waits. She grooms. She receives her gentlemen (or lady) caller ;) With her magic she captures her desire.

Well? What’s your magic? What’s your desire? Where’s your Libra house? How will you get what you want? Do you know what you want? 



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Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today

"moon pluto"
Kate Moennig has Mars in Leo!

I’ve got a lot on my mind that I don’t want to talk about so I thought I’d come here and… not talk about it.

Libra still rules the sky of course: Sun and Mercury conjunct at 5, Venus at 17, Saturn at 18, Moon at 27.

Venus Saturn seems the most um interesting thing about the sky today. I have Saturn ruling my 5th House of LUV, as well as Venus square Saturn so I’m used to this energy which is so much about rejecting before you get rejected… which is usually a fear not based on reality (Saturn). Squares to Saturn often function like this: the truth/reality goes missing.  And when the transiting planets are mirroring our charts? We feel it.

Mars still gives support to Sun and Mercury by sextile: energy, enthusiasm, force but, well, kinda fun cuz it’s Leo.  Also, this Mars in Leo can shine a light on the Pluto square to Sun and Mercury.

What’s the answer? Know that you’ll be able to get it done, whatever it is. However you’ve been battered by the pretty Libra planets, Mars will make you strong.

Does your chart get along with the Libra Stellium? 

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