And Your Advice For The Weekend Is….

"moon conjunct jupiter"
Maybe the rain is always a baptism although I feel inadequate to use this metaphor although perhaps I should not. We all use metaphors, use language, that we have not experienced. Astrologers who write about astrology, such as myself, we have not experienced ALL the transits. And there are some we will never experience because some planets take a while to go around the wheel.

But I’m thinking about the rebirth and I’m thinking about the new starts that I predicted the last couple days (see links below) and I’m thinking about Hurricane Hermine which didn’t do much damage where I live but it rained heavily in the wee hours and it rained and it rained, and I couldn’t sleep as she made landfall after 2am. The heavy rains did stop and start and I slept and woke and got finally got up mid-morning after sleeping in, waking, and sleeping, stepped out the door to survey the land and go for a walk, and it started to rain and I thought:

Is this it? 

Not out of disappointment. Not is THAT it but more… we’re starting now, right? The new life, right? THIS. Something.

So let’s look at the transits. The breeze is beautiful through my window right now, the sun is shining, and I think Goldy found a window he can sit in, like in the old days of 2nd floor New York City apartments and that coffee (not from Starbucks) was NOT STRONG ENOUGH so bear with me.

Moon conjunct Mercury (retrograde) conjunct Jupiter all in picky Virgo – that’s this afternoon for my timezone (Eastern). Mood and Mind and Boundless Hopeful Optimism get along. Good words, good thoughts but of the past (retrograde). You are editing. Even with Jupiter involved there is a risk of being too picky and critical. Seeing trees but no forest. Rain but no baptism. 

Moon enters Libra around 9pm.

(And already we can “count down” to the next Eclipse but let’s not do that just yet…)

The weekend Moon in Libra (love, money, beauty, art, partnership) aspects are a mixed bag but plenty of good, such as the Moon Venus conjunction and Moon sextile Saturn. The Moon Pluto square is less friendly but listen – yesterday I was talking to you about the new feelings you can feel, that you can add to your life, well, not all of them feel great: Moon square Pluto for example is a problem you cannot fix this weekend but what you fail to understand is that feelings aren’t always nice and they do not have to be and do not require fixing.

There are more aspects – Moon sextile Mars, Moon opposing Uranus (and more) but honestly I wouldn’t get hung up on the minutia of this stuff – not today, not tomorrow, not this weekend (even though I am listing much of it).

I drew the High Priestess for advice.
Do nothing. Hard as that may be.
Do nothing. Wait out the storm.

Is this the new day? Let me know. 


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The Stars This Weekend: Passion Without Pain

"saturn square neptune"If you’re obsessed or distressed, I think this weekend will help you out.

Aquarius is a worker, a thinker, a worker. Not to say that Aquarius doesn’t obsess; of course they do BUT I think you’ll still feel immense relief. I told you this week would be rough (for many) and it has been (according to my sources).

Tomorrow, Saturday, it’s all pretty good: the Moon  makes sextiles to Mars, the Sun, and Saturn. There’s an inconjunct to Jupiter — which feels mostly like not knowing what to do first, what to cross off on the list first. Both Aquarius and Virgo tend to think too much but all these helpful pleasant sextiles, well, I think it will be a beautiful day for many and when was the last time you heard me say that? It’s been a while! Grab it. Hold on to it.

The easy aspects continue on Sunday: Moon sextile Mercury and Uranus in Aries.  Don’t even ask for more. You won’t need to.

What is the sextile? Earth and Water or Fire and Air. Compatible elements. This weekend we’re Fire and Air. Not so sensitive to the undercurrent or tossed away by it. And we’ve already done our grounding under the Capricorn Moon. Now we can think again. And feel pure passion. Passion without pain.


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Here Comes The Full Moon Eclipse In Libra (The Truth About Your Love Life Is Here)

"full moon eclipse in libra"The Swords cards in the Tarot are about the truth. All the Swords cards.

Having truth, finding truth, denying truth, celebrating truth, crying over the truth, searching for truth.

Consider for the moment, the Eight of Swords, which may be a card of meditation, eyes closed, or a card of denial of the truth or refusal to see the truth or inability. Or perhaps just waiting. All Swords are about the truth.

And consider for the moment this week’s Full Moon Eclipse in LIBRA, an Air sign. Although some read Swords as fire, I (and many) read them as Air.

Full Moons and Full Moon Eclipses reveal. They reveal the truth. IN A BIG WAY. And when an Eclipse is in Libra, you get the scoop on your relationships.

See, Libra doesn’t want to reveal. Libra, like Scorpio, keeps secrets. Romantic secrets. They use use persuasive words, diplomacy, the masks of sweet words and charm (hi Venus!) to dodge the sweet nut of the truth OH YES the truth is sweet, just like the Swords are sweet.

Oh really, MoonPluto (I hear you saying!).


"moon square pluto"Because without the truth, we cannot make proper decisions. Without the truth, we cannot leave or stay. Without the truth, we live a lie. And the lowest vibration of Libra hides the truth from him/herself and hides the truth from others.

This is not JUST, which is why it is the low vibration of Libra.

His/her true feelings? They will come out! His/her true thoughts? About YOU? They will come out. Full Moons bring news, revelation, confession! CONFESSION!!!!!!!

And perhaps you already received your confession around the New Moon Eclipse! There will be more!

My advice: do not resist the light of the Swords suit. DO NOT RESIST THE LIGHT OF THE SWORDS SUIT. Do not resist the Eclipse energy of truth.

In fact, I think this Eclipse is about your relationships FIRST and about your Libra House second. I’m usually a much more house-biased astrologer but I FEEL this one.

Also this is the last of the Aries/Libra eclipse cycle! We had all these eclipses during the Uranus Pluto square and what a mess that was! What a mess of your life that was! I hope you are picking up your pieces from the rubble. I know many of you are still suffering and I send you healing and love through the waves.

"sun conjunct jupiter"Important to note: the Full Moon will oppose not only the Sun in Aries but also Mercury (heart vs head) AND sextile Mars. Did you hear that? That’s good — a sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. Drive away! Just drive away, run away, LEAVE the people who do not support your life, who do not care, who do not reciprocate, who do not treat you JUSTLY. Your heart and your feelings and your feet (or your car!) are aligned. Just go. You can do this. Just go. Whatever you need to let go, whatever you need to release. Do it!!!! Treat yourself justly!

(However, MoonPluto, I, am not responsible for your decision. You have free-will. You are a (hopefully) responsible adult. I can advise you but please do not take advice based on a blog post. We can speak privately if you feel called.)

For many of you, this eclipse will be good and kind news, blunt revelation, sweet Sword! You’ll discover allies you didn’t know you had.

Good luck my lovelies! It’s going to be GREAT!


The Stars Today: Get It Done

This morning I decide to start writing poems again and not with any ambition. Not to publish them, not for people to like them. Just because. Just because I have it inside me. Poems. A good use for Mercury (writing) retrograde (review) and Saturn retrograde. A good use. “An expanse.” The first line of a new poem. Or maybe the poem entire.

I tell you these stories because maybe you too find uses for the sky-energy and want to share your experience.


Thursday, March 7th

Did you know that in just a few days we begin the transition from Pisces Season to Aries? On New Moon day, March 11th, Mars enters his “home sign” of Aries.

Aries “rules,” among other things: physical activity, adventure, courage, energy, fire, force, iron, invaders, heat, headaches, ovens, tools, trances, soldiers, wolves…

Where do you find Aries and/or Mars in your chart? You can expect to find some hot energy there, desire, will. Mars rules my 8th House and I think as I get older what this means for me is changing. Mars = what we pursue.

Today: the Moon in Capricorn sextiles Mars in Pisces which has a very marsy, can-do, will-do aura about it. What you want to do and what you feel like doing are in sync thus… you will likely do it! Remember though, we are dealing with Pisces. Be gentle with yourself.

After making this aspect, the Moon goes void of course (4:14 pm Big City time) and enter Aquarius after 10 pm tonight.

Tomorrow, March 8th, Mercury in Pisces (retrograde) meets up with Chiron in the early afternoon. You’ll be thinking about everything that’s gone wrong and the possibility of a cure(s) will come to you on angel’s wings. Pisces! No point in using your thinky brain — instead you see wonders in dreams, in deja vu, through meditation, solitude, feeling the truth. An expanse. Use your magic.

I have already set my New Moon intentions :) and written them down in my book. Time to start keeping track again. Another good use for Mercury retrograde! What about you? 


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Like A Virgin: New Moon In Virgo

"full moon in aries"Sometimes when you’re in a MOOD, you have to figure out what TO DO with the mood.

And sometimes I get people telling me that I don’t have to do anything, but fuck them. I do what I want ;)

The decision becomes….

1. go with the mood, wherever it wants to go, or

2. fight it fight it fight fight it fight it

And sometimes you do both. In the same afternoon.

We have a New Moon in Virgo on Saturday 15th, 23 degrees.

Something new in your Virgo house. What do you want to show up there?

Something new in your emotional life. How do you prefer to feel about it vs how you actually feel? Take it apart. Virgo can do that.

Something new in your service, your compassion, your self-improvement, your healing, your Vesta ;) your intention, your clarity, your honor, your integrity. Like a virgin or a virgin FOR REAL.

Major aspects: the New Moon will conjunct the Sun in Virgo, of course, as well as Mercury. She’s a smart moon, a discerning moon, a critical moon, detail-oriented moon, fastidious, usually on time, organized if not always neat. She cares.

Before she hits her “new moon degree,” she will sextile Mars in Scorpio and square Jupiter in Gemini. Busy moon. busy day.

Virgo Moon processes her feelings before she feels them. She can seem a bit robotic to others, to herself, with her mood-meat-grinder, but underneath the surface she loves you yeah yeah yeah.

This New Moon in Virgo is bookended by two important moments. Earlier in the week, Venus will trine Uranus. The week after, Pluto goes direct.

The Uranus Pluto square is your life these days. Don’t forget.

Uranus will get an inspirational boost from the Venus trine and Pluto going direct drops you right back IN IT, back to the creamy prickly center of that square.

Love, MP

My New Moon In Leo Intention

"new moon in leo"Today I was thinking about boundaries. Does everyone have trouble setting or keeping them. Does everyone think about them.

What are the issues that you return to? Your ascendent/descendent axis may answer the question.

When I have to draw a line, I am clumsy at it, so clumsy. I come across harsh and I think this is partly because I have Mars in Cancer. I keep it in before I let it out and then it comes out stronger and kind of awkward. Cancer can be brusque as it is.

And then there’s Pisces on my descendent and transiting Neptune is hovering there. Is it me? Is it you? Is it both?

On the up side, porous boundaries means that I “feel you.” We become intimate without trying. It’s instant.

I want to make magic this New Moon in Leo, tomorrow morning, a little before noon, Big City time, as though I will be in meditation up until the moment when.

The Moon and Sun are, will be, in my 12th House, the house of NO boundaries. Limitlessness. Seas.

And when we have planets in the 12th House we feel like we are drowning in it. And it can feel good until we realize we’re underwater, far from home, and the shore is nowhere to be found.

Nor sure if I would trade it. It feels good to feel. The tricky part, as always, is to master and grasp the spring.

My New Moon intention though is to get quiet inside, as still and as quiet as I can get. And see what arises concerning all the issues that concern me: love, money, boundaries… but without asking, without seeking. Just… giving permission. Making space and creating structure. The Moon will sextile Saturn (support) and sextile Mars (stamina).

Not to worry (which would be very Virgo Rising) and instead to burn bright and calm around what I do not yet understand or have the answer to.

And you? 

Love, MP

Love Letters For The New Moon In Leo

"new moon in leo 2012"Yes, I’m looking ahead already :) New Moon on August 17th at a little before noon, Big City time.

Now I don’t have my trifocals on but it looks like it says 25 degrees Leo :)

Got anything at 25 degrees Leo in your chart? 

What you want to do is look for that degree, a little above or a little less. You PLACE the New Moon in your chart. See what aspects it makes, if any, to your angles and to your natal planets.

When I was studying astrology with my teacher years ago, we did this every week. We would plot important transits or Moons in the wheel. He would tell us the degree and then with the dry erase board, we’d have a map of that transit. He would use our charts as examples and do little mini readings on the spot.

The New Moon is a new start for you BUT I have a feeling this Moon is connected to your past and partly because of Mercury retrograde in Leo. This story is older, much older. An old story with a fresh vital start.

The other day I was threatening to blog about a love letter I had written. Venus rules love but Leo rules the heart. Regarding setting intentions for this New Moon: why not write a love letter. Doesn’t have to be to a person. It can be to yourself, to your dreams, to the child you were, to your mother or father, to the animals who have loved you unconditionally, a love letter to God or spirit. A love letter to your enemies, to the job you hate, to the noisy neighbors, to your body, to your health, to your sound mind. Fill yourself with love in honor of this New Moon. Then no one can harm you. No one. There are a lot of foolish people in the world. Get out of their way :)

As is my habit lately, let’s draw a couple cards for the New Moon in Leo and remember that the Leo New Moon can be where you will shine during these last weeks of the summer and not just that… I believe that if the New Moon makes some potent aspects in your chart, then we can see what’s coming up or, at the very least, have a little frame for you, what’s happening in your world, what’s at stake.

And I am drawing these cards with the intention of tuning in to the collective, rather than tuning in to my own personal energies and future.

Tell us Tarot what this New Moon in Leo about for us: 

Wow. Stability. Greater stability overall. Emotional wealth, emotional rebirth, orgasm, independence of spirit, money coming in so if things have been slow or you are waiting for a shift, it is coming early fall probably. I see potentials and manifestation here. I also see a directive for you to call on your guides and this could be, yes, spirit guides, whatever you believe is UP THERE or around you, but this can also be mentors, teachers, authority figures. Saturn in Libra is winding down. What are the lessons?  I see balance and harmony. It’s… you being strong and free and confident but also that you don’t want to be alone. If you are happily hooked up, then it’s a matter of getting close again. Relationships always have those on and off phases. I don’t mean break-ups but… times of greater or lesser closeness. These cards tell me that you are fine on your own. A whole entity unto yourself BUT you are heading towards making a commitment. Now we can also interpret this not as relationship but as business or other projects. You’re ready. See, you really are FINE but life continues to MOVE. There is some greater commitment or fulfillment coming based around this New Moon. It’s like this New Moon is an energy catalyst. It’s the push into the new cycle for you. So do find the house where this New Moon is happening. And remember that you are a partner in all this. Do your part to assist the energy.

I will pull one more card and I don’t even have a question. I just feel the need:

Oof. Options. That’s what this stability is all about, that you need to become more stable (and you will!) so that you can… feel comfortable with what’s coming.

The New Moon will sextile Mars and Saturn in Libra (a very push pull kind of energy as Mars is passion and Saturn is the tempering of passions). And the New Moon will widely sextile Jupiter (luck, good fortune). Like?

Go find Lion of a New Moon in your chart right now and tell us what you find :)

Love, MP

The Stars Today: Let’s Get Lost

"moon in scorpio"

I took the long way today. Do you ever take the long way?

I was heading to Christopher Street in the Village and switching trains when I realized that I’d made a mistake. The train I was on was the one that I needed.

So I decided to walk. I knew it wouldn’t be far. And maybe I would even enjoy it. Walking up West Broadway, past the cafes near Franklin and the road to Chinatown on Canal, and the galleries of Spring, all the way past a typical summer street festival near Christopher. It’s going to be a hot day. It’s hot already. Empanada, empanada, empanada.

The Sun is trine Chiron now and it’s exact at 9 degrees. The Sun is one degree past opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. The t-squaring energy has shifted. I don’t feel caught up in it now like a flailing fish (or crab) in a net. The trine to Chiron is aloe and lavender after the burn. The healing (Chiron) energy (trine) of the Sun (in Cancer) is the balm.


Sky-wise, otherwise: One more degree and the alluring Moon in Scorpio will sextile hyperactive Mars in Virgo: mood and motion are in sync. A good day for detail. A good day for good sex. Or do like I’m doing — go for a search and discovery walk, and leave the brooding at home.

Love, MP

Mmmm Moon in Scorpio And The Stars Today!

"moon in scorpio"
Bruce Lee: Moon in Scorpio

Good Morning Stargazers! (Or good evening, good afternoon…). Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? I know it’s not official yet, but once August is done? Then I’m done with summer!

Living in the Big City, waiting on those subway platforms in 90+ temperatures sometimes, I have often wondered how I can still sweat — I should have run out of salt long ago and yet it keeps coming. And yesterday was a little warm but I think we are done with the Really Warm until next year and who knows? Maybe I’ll have moved to Alaska ;)

But enough complaining about the weather; let’s talk about the Stars!

It’s a sweet day: listen, I’d be surprised if you felt the former Mars Saturn square at all. Whatever he meant to you is just a memory now ;) Shut the door, slam it, if you haven’t already. Now if you have this aspect in your natal chart, I hope you gained some insight into how to better deal with this aspect day to day. Usually when the sky repeats what we have natally, we REALLY feel it, and if we pay attention, we can learn something! (Oh dear I sound awfully optimistic this morning. Excuse me while I check on my Virgo Moon;)

The Moon in serious Scorpio is sextile (tongue twister!) Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as I write this and heading to trine Cancer Mars. It’s like a little river flowing by between the trees. Or a really intense river flowing by between the trees, a river obsessed with flowing. Scorpio Moon can be that way, you know? Scorpio anything. Deep focus.

Moon and Mars together blend feeling, mood, action. Whatever you do today? You’ll likely feel good about. I see in my head… it’s like a game, flipping over tiles or… flipping over cards. I flip them over and it’s harmony harmony harmony! Flow. I love that sound of cards being flipped over.What this tells me is that today the energy isn’t just flowing but FUN, which leads us to…

Mercury still in Leo, 21 degrees, moving towards an opposition with Neptune Rx (again). Remember this one? We went through this before, this aspect intrinsic to this retrograde period. Enjoy it while it lasts. If nothing else, imagine, dream, fantasize. Soon enough Mercury will step into Virgo and the dream will get the Virgo treatment heh heh heh.

Mercury will be in my 1st House so I’m hoping my writing here will pick up :) And I really don’t think I need to ask you to take out your chart and find your Virgo house, dear Stargazers because if you haven’t already, there shall be punishment!

Oh my! Sorry! That was the Moon in Scorpio talking, not me. The Moon in Scorpio can be vindictive on a bad day, punishing, sadistic even. Try not to make enemies with a Scorpio Moon, just sayin’. The memory of whatever they did to you, or didn’t do, will stay with you… all your days. If… you… still… have… days.

But seriously there’s a depth to Moon in Scorpio people that I love. Spending time with them is like jumping in a well of profundity and passion and splashing around. Except that the well is filled with blood. (Ba-dum-bum!)

Okay okay okay no more bad jokes. My pal Lupa has a Scorpio Moon trine Venus Cancer and if that ain’t sweet then my name ain’t MoonPluto ;)

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