Tarot Time In The Classroom + Busy Busy Mind! (The Stars This Weekend)

"mercury trine uranus"
So we are in Week Three of the Saturn in Capricorn class
and I had promised folks there would be a Tarot piece to the class – in particular Tarot structure, talking about layouts and spreads and design: where cards should go and then also what each card means, which questions are being asked.

Have you ever created a Tarot spread? 

I love this stuff, but I don’t think about it when I am actually doing Tarot readings. I am more free-form then. Got a question? I seek to answer it without too many structural bells and whistles. I do take time however to find the best wording for your question and sometimes we go specific and sometimes we go more broad.

Now THIS WEEKEND I think is an excellent time for Tarot and an excellent time for Tarot spread creation! 

Why do I say this?

Mercury is square Uranus AND sextile Chiron.

In plain English: your creativity is off the charts this weekend (Mercury square Uranus guarantees this) but it’s in service of something *higher* — like your HEALING.

Chiron is always about our “sickness” and our wellness and our healing and our wound and Mercury is your mind and perception and square Uranus is faster than the speed of light BRILLIANCE.

You could come up with something amazing so I hope you have a creative project to explore or a Tarot spread to create or… who knows!

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Mercury Pluto Mercury Uranus Mercury Mercury Mercury

"mercury square uranus" Again. We’re doing it again. Know the feeling?
You thought the transit was DONE.

Mercury conjoins Pluto tonight with Mercury direct and Pluto direct.
Mercury squares Uranus on Sunday,
direct direct direct direct WE ARE DIRECT.
Mercury is your mind.
Did you know Mercury rules BOYS? Mercury rules the breath. Your brain.

Venus sextile Neptune tomorrow, a dreamy oasis in the middle of your muddle of Mercury mindfuck FUCK PLUTO URANUS AGAIN?
Yes. Again.
We’ve done this before.
One last pass.
Here we go.

What to do with this energy? 

I’m just gonna leave it at that.


About the class which is happening in February not January.
From my Facebook and then a link to the blog post:

Class starts :::next week:::
Are you in?
The topic? VENUS & MARS
Calling all fence sitters who have contacted me!
Valentine’s Day is COMING!
We will be talking the LENGTHY Mars in Scorpio transit
and how it will affect YOU (and us all).
And we will go DEEP into Venus
and DEEP into Mars in your charts —
talking about the gifts and challenges you have due to these amazing energies.
Also I will be referencing a wonderful text from Sasportas and Greene.
(I LOVE his approach to Venus.)
Would love to touch on the Eclipses. Oy. The ECLIPSES.
I think we’ll have to squeeze it in even though it wasn’t a part of my original plan.
So we have our work cut out for us, yes.
It will be fun, chart heavy astro fun :)
Will there be Tarot? Maybe a smattering. I like to start with Tarot.
This link has the original blog post info, cost, etc.

Your Genius Life: Mercury Square Uranus (January 20th)

"mercury square uranus" Mercury and Uranus together are brilliant but unpredictable.

I think this is true even in “soft” aspect because of the nature of Uranus!

Surprising. Shocking. Uranus rules INCONSISTENCY.

With a “soft” aspect do we get “better” results?

How about the conjunction which some say is “neutral” — can go either way.

One of my Tarot students has a Mercury Uranus conjunction. She gets frustrated at what she perceives as her erratic psychic connection. Not always there when she wants it!

I think it may be helpful to unpack our ideas of what “better” or good is.

Example: Maybe erratic IS better. MAYBE inconsistent IS better. This certainly is truth for Uranus and Uranian people. 

Uranus rules the GENIUS. Rules FLASHLIGHTS. Rules FREETHINKING. Electromagnetism. Derailing.

Even at its best, even in the trine, what is best is NOT to depend on Brother Uranus. He will reject your affections. He will reject your longing. He doesn’t want your attachment. Uranus LEAVES.

The Uranian among us (and I suppose I must count myself as one due to my three PERSONAL planets in the 11th House. PERSONAL not generational. There is a difference!) may fight this freedom, may ignore this freedom, may deny this freedom. It may show up in our lives as shadow, barely seen but I recommend you start to see. Revisit Uranus in your chart, in your progressed chart, by transit.

You may be living your life all wrong.


The Stars This Week: The Water Bearer

"venus trine uranus"This week we head into Aquarius Season but that’s not all.

Venus enters Capricorn.
Mercury retrograde in Capricorn squares Uranus and conjoins Pluto.

It’s intense yes. Heavy energy still. Affecting your mind, thought processes, logic, mood. You may feel feverish or paranoid. Electric. Psychic. Blankets in winter making sparks. Hard to sleep. Flashes of insight that amuse or alarm.

Your Capricorn House is laden with story and repair and your Aquarius House begins to get lit up with your liberation.

Are you free? Do you want to be? 

In plain English: there is confusion yes. Wait for Mercury direct — although Venus in Capricorn has clues and keys for you.

Let me draw a card for these transitions:

Oooh! The Nine of Cups. I am surprised to see this one. It’s not all gloomy grey, my friends. There are pineapples and pumpkins and baked apples with almond butter and Nine Cups of… what?
What shall they be filled with, my loves?

Your Tarot cards *may* be a bit wonky this week in your readings. I’ll be curious to hear about this. Feel free to share :)


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Milkshakes & More: Here Comes The New Moon In Cancer

"jupiter in virgo"So a client did ME a favor and I sent him an email today asking if he had heard back (from a person I hope to hear back from) and I realized that I was doing what I had advised him to do. Push forward. Not give up. Keep going. And I DID like his transits. Saturn in his 10th now. 10th House: STATUS, HONORS, FAME, KEEP GOING. Jupiter going higher and higher in the coming years (soon). Not dead yet. Career on the rise! Up up up UP!

My chart is changing too, transits + progressed chart Sun in a new sign and house and I’m entering the world again (slowly slowly) as Jupiter begins its climb OUT of my 12th House.

For all the good that transit did me, spiritually and magically, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH hashtag BYEHIDDENJUPITER. 

Is it a good week for reclamation? Moon is in Cancer as I type this. The Mother of All. The New Moon (EST) is at 9:24 pm. New babies, new life! For you! Mercury conjunct Mars in Cancer too. MOON SQUARE URANUS (wild). MARS MERCURY OPPOSING PLUTO. What happens next is anyone’s guess. OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE PLEASE. Please. This is a breakthrough in UNDERSTANDING (Mercury) but also “of the body.” Cancer rules the breasts and stomach. What have you been eating? Digesting? Who is feeding off you and is it okay with you? 

Moon in Leo Thursday and Friday AND ON SATURDAY VENUS ENTERS VIRGO for a short stay. She’ll look back. She’ll go back. TO LEO.

Sorry for the all caps. This is my Mercury Mars opposing Pluto voice. Big. Atomic. Mercury square Uranus on Saturday too. Moon also in Virgo over the weekend. Virgo Cancer Virgo Cancer Virgo Cancer.

"vesta in virgo"What do these details add up to??? I know I’m making a cholent here. 

First, a story.

Yesterday I was googling myself (yes I do this on occasion) and I came across a poem I wrote years ago that was an “honorable mention” in a poem contest which then of course made me search through my email for other old poems (of variable quality) ;)

That poem goes something like this:

Old Jews

Gold leaf feeling of a new fall morning
I’m at the bakery, buying breakaway challah
still fresh although it’s from Sunday
the lady behind the counter giving it a squeeze

The old Jews will die out and who
tell me who will replace them
in a neighborhood not my own
Grand Street, near Essex, Delancey not far
the Lower East Side mostly Chinese and Dominican now
(May they be inscribed in the Book of Life)

So I declare that the soul of this old Grand Street bakery
across from the mikveh (“ritualarium”the sign says) is eternal:
the blood and bones of my neshama
do not know from bacon and free will
from conch and every swarming thing
and Christmas lights
no matter how long or how I often I stray

Sing gold leaf feeling of a new fall morning, a sob is breaking in my body
Women in wigs, so often named Goldie, proclaim Shana Tova
it’s the New Year, and make heaven, be sealed in the Book of Life.


What do these details add up to? A portrait of a place. A long ago. Your long ago. These details add up to the past. Your past. There was a diner in your heart. There was a booth. You sat there. With your milkshake and your questions, so many questions for the cake. So many. You can go there now, you can..

But I digress.

Cancer rules the past, memories, regret, nostalgia, and milkshakes, and more. What do these details add up to? Where’s your old poem? Do you still have it? Will you search through your rooms for it? Time is passing and time heals. It’s not too late.

Setting New Moon intentions is magickal activity. Do it! 

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Mercury Is More Important Than You Think (April Grand Cross)

Yesterday was extraordinary.
In terms of people reaching out.
Clients I hadn’t heard from in a while too.
I’m here to help.
It’s what I do.
Not everyone in crisis but people are worried (even those who don’t know the cranky April astrology) and one thing I’ve noticed  is MERCURY.

People whose Mercury is around 13, 14,15 degrees are suffering.
And I’m talking Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn.
Experiencing an intensity of “symptoms” and/or an intensity of reality check.
They can’t keep going as they’ve been going.

I write those words and I can hear y’all madly dashing for you charts “to make sure” your Mercury isn’t THERE but let me make clear… we’re all different.
We’re all at different stages.
In fact, one person’s chart who I visited with yesterday is a little bit like mine and I’m not going through what he’s going through. He’s not going through what I’m going through.
So your mileage WILL vary.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Because I thought it was interesting. As a matter of research. That we UNDERestimate Mercury. Mercury is the mind. Mercury is business. Mercury is information. This Grand Cross could be knocking around your mind, your business, your information. Mercury rules your breath so your asthmatic symptoms could worsen. Yes, it can be that literal. Mercury rules cars, rules motion. Your mobility may be impaired. Mercury rules the hands. Your brothers and sisters. Your immediate environment. There could be a wee chaos there. It’s RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Do you see it?

And there can be massive misunderstanding regarding… what you are capable of.
You may see ONLY trees and NO forest at all.
Hard transits to Mercury is a disease of short-term thinking i.e. you think that’s all you have, that’s all you see, for miles: what’s right in front of you. But there is MORE.

Make sense?

Your perspective may be super skewed right now because Uranus and Pluto (and now Jupiter and Mars) have been pressing that button. Your routines (Mercury) are being messed with. Your sense of order and organization and clear thinking. But as I wrote above:  THERE IS MORE. More to this story. More to YOU.

So if you are having a hard transit to your Mercury, you may want to consider reaching out — consider therapy. Consider getting back in touch with friends. Anyone you consider safe. Isolation only makes it worse. Mercury wants NEEDS to talk.

You are loved. You are not alone.

Love, MP


Click here for details about the April group/class

The Stars This Weekend: Go Mental

It was feeling like an astrological no man’s land to me so I decided to take a deeper look at the weekend stars.

The most interesting aspects:

Thursday morning, Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries which means you may be feeling this square now. We are IN ORB, people!

What does it mean? It’s an aspect of impatience (Aries) but you can’t do it all now. Your mind though (Mercury) thinks you can. Your body may too. Mercury in Capricorn thinks before it speaks (if you follow the logic of Saturn being cautious) but a square riles things up. Makes life uneasy. Causes tension and the DESIRE TO TAKE ACTION.

Mercury square Uranus may not be your brain on drugs but it sure will feel like it. Or you could simply find yet another so-called solution to a nagging problem after much brain twisting effort.

On Friday, Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter and the bright ideas keep coming but on a grander (Jupiter) scale. This aspect to me feels like Mercury square Uranus Part Two. That Mercury square Uranus dug you in deeper and Mars trine Jupiter gets you out.  The trine calms down some of that frenetic Jupiter in Gemini mojo. Lots of air and fire these two days and then on Sunday Mercury cojoins Pluto and sextiles Saturn and we ssssllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwww the fuck down.

Mercury: what you think, how you think, the immediate world around you.

Pluto: what you don’t want to think about, the Underworld inside you, outside you.

Mercury Pluto Saturn: telling it like it is.

Put it all together AND add in the Moon in Libra? And then the Moon in Scorpio on Sunday?  I think it will be an up and down weekend mood-wise. Doesn’t have to be bad but sure as hell won’t be dull. Best, I think, is to go mental i.e. don’t get caught up in Libran pursuits of justice :) or Scorpionic dreams of revenge. Sink into your ideas instead. And plot your course. Draw a mind map. In other words: discover electricity.

And tell us in the comments about your weekend plans :)



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