That You May Hate Everyone: Mars Saturn square Mercury

mars conjunct saturn
That you may hate everyone under this sky. I just made a video about this. Not the hate but the difficulty of this square-sky.

Mercury square Mars today.
Mercury square Saturn tomorrow.

Frustration. Delay. Depression.
HOWEVER Mars Saturn doesn’t give up. Ever. Yes, I would say EVER.

How are you feeling?

Mercury retrograde in ARIES: your perceptions are skewed. You are too fast, making snap decisions. Slow down. DO YOU HEAR ME? Slow down.

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Redemption Comes + Next Week Squares Chiron

"full moon eclipse in pisces" Redemption comes. I know this more than anymore. Or, I should say, as much as anyone who has survived hard transits to the Ascendent and/or Sun from all the outer planets at the same time. Major aspects. Squares and oppositions. Hard transits.

See, I know what it is to have lost everything or almost everything. More than once. And I know what it is to NOT believe that good feelings are possible or to feel anything but fear or horror or grief or obligation.

And I’m not talking about forever or happily ever after or expectations but about this redemption moment, the present moment. It’s here and then it’s gone. Because another moment comes but that another moment can be ripe and juicy and pickable.

Let me make myself perfectly clear: this post is not about “look at how awesome I am!”

This post is about YOU TOO can come back from the dead, which is a theme I’ve been blogging about for years, if you’ve been with me that long.

Every client I talked to today is going through it. Seemingly intractable situations and in every situation we try to find a little light.

Hours ago I wrote about Saturn square Neptune and Venus square Pluto (that link is here) so let’s look ahead to next week already. Why not!

OH. One more thing. Show me. Teach me. Show me. Teach me. Show me. That’s what you say. That’s what you can say. A mantra of sorts. That’s what you can say to your God, your Goddess, your Higher Power, your Higher Self, when you feel lost, confused, beaten down, hopeless, sick, afraid.

Show me.

And then wait. It’ll come. Word will come. The way will come. This is the way the universe works.

A little about next week: 

Early in the week:
Sun conjoins Mercury (who is retrograde) and squares Mars in Sagittarius. Fine with me. Bring it. So what if we are torn between the job and the road trip. Do half the job and drive half as far. That’s one solution.

Later in the week we get hard aspects to Chiron. This is more difficult because Chiron tends to make us feel exposed and both Sun and Mars bully this painful point AND the Moon is in Pisces leading up to…

Friday’s Full Moon ECLIPSE at 24 Pisces but then the weekend brings us a Mars Uranus trine AND a Venus Uranus opposition. Whatever happens happens so damn fast.

How you fare this week, I think, depends upon what’s already going on in your chart. If you feel you’re on the upswing? I think the bulk of that stays. If you already feel down and out, it could be good to lay low.


A Story For Mercury in Libra (Trigger Warning this post may give you a headache)

"mercury retrograde in libra" New TAROT post is here, from yours truly on Beliefnet. Please click on the link to read WHEN THE TOWER IS THE ANSWER (to your love problem).

I feel like I’m always hearing stories about amazing therapists but can’t find one myself. Like dating, we just aren’t compatible.

I used to take it as a sign – that I needed to rely on myself. Or at least NOT rely on “conventional’ therapy — but then I’d hear these amazing stories once again, even about therapists who also use astrology or homeopathy or dog training or… whatever ;)

One thing I’m realizing this morning is that I probably need to talk to a WATER SIGN if I ever try a new therapist again.

I have my Mercury (mind) in Cancer conjunct Mars in Cancer — (both square Jupiter — the details are less important than the philosophy behind the feeling-imbued words and I may also be a bit of a storyteller. Not a liar but a storyteller. Every Sagittarius is a storyteller. Imagine Mercury square Jupiter then. It may be colorful at times! But no less true for that.)

So with Mercury Mars conjunct I’m forthright but everything is filtered through how it feels. I have my Sun in Cancer too. My first astrologer told me that my feelings WERE logical. And she was right. But we live in an AiR world not a WATER world.
How it FEELS is often MORE important/relevant than the individual words sometimes although you can imagine with my Moon in Virgo in mutual reception with my Mercury in Cancer, my words are pretty damn precise. But once in a while it’s nice to LET THAT GO.

(The following paragraphs may give you a headache. Trigger warning:

For example, me saying that I got thrown out of every apartment I’ve lived in, since I’ve been in NYC and the therapist making a point with me for 10 minutes that one of those situations doesn’t really qualify as “getting thrown out” because of x,y,z  EVEN THOUGH I DID HAVE TO MOVE OUT, was forced due to the situation.

It’s irrelevant I said i.e. his point was irrelevant.

And furthermore (after deciding to borrow his own logic) we could even say, technically that those OTHER situations ALSO didn’t qualify because x,y,z so we can run with this ball, but do you really want to motherfucker? Okay I didn’t say motherfucker. But I felt it ;) Being intellectually challenged gets on my nerves. I find it to be a waste of time that he felt he had to prove he was right by making these distinctions.  Where I’m coming from: just HEAR what I SAY and TAKE IT at FACE VALUE. And I didn’t say MOTHERFUCKER that time either.)

If a therapist wants to hair split with me over my word-choice and not allow figures of speech in conversation… then we have a communication breakdown. Also, side issue, a therapist can NOTE what the words mean to the client and to himself/herself WITHOUT having to push the point and waste time during the session trying to prove his/her intellectual dick is bigger.

Solution: if you feel your therapist DOES have something to teach you? Then let them “win.” They clearly need to :) YOU are going to have to be the bigger man and just let it go. And often you won’t know until a few sessions if you’ve got a prince among men (or women) or a lemon. NO offense to the lemons reading this ;) 

It is a mistake to think therapists are beyond jealousy or fear — they are human too! — but supposed to be professional — although I tend to see underneath the hood, without even wanting or trying to — so when we talk to a new “helper,” unless they are working on their OWN ego and spiritual growth and tendencies to argue rather than listen… we are talking to walls.

(By the way I have always had good luck finding metaphysical help: astrologers, tarot readers, psychics…)

Yesterday in therapy I talked for nearly a full hour and when the therapist piped in, it was with words that I’ve definitely thought and also said (out loud to my partner). This was validating.

And another remarkable thing happened: I went into therapy feeling physically exhausted, weak. By the time I was done verbally unburdening myself? I felt normal again. And there I was, CERTAIN that I was sick. But no — it was the heavy emotional burden that was weighing on me.

Moral of story: writing this blog post has been therapy in and of itself. I’ll let you know what happens next.


Therapy is not a psychic reading. Clients want answers and direction in an hour! In a half hour! In 15 minutes. In five! Candy coated insight that makes it worth their hard earned dollar. Can you imagine? Therapy, however, happens over time. People stay in analysis for decades. Psychic readers, good ones, learn to think fast, to assess in a matter of seconds. I’m just thinking out loud here… how remarkable it is.

Mercury is currently at 14 degrees Libra and will go RETROGRADE at 2 degrees Scorpio on October 4th. It should be no surprise to you that communications, 1:1 communications, are already wonky, as Mercury is in his shadow phase and you know the drill, my friends!! Libra = RELATIONSHIPS. Dealing with other people. Relationships go retrograde ;) AND THIS MAY NOT BE A BAD THING.

And, yes, I know the retrograde officially begins in the sign of Scorpio but the bulk of it is spent in Libra which of course will remind us of the mega Mars in Libra transit (that we’ve all tried to forget lol!).

You know what? THIS IS A GOOD THING. This retrograde is a good thing. It’s a do-over. All the mistakes, all the missteps, all the RAGE, expressed or unexpressed that we felt last year when Mars was in Libra for so long? Well, now we actually CAN rewrite the past. Do it differently. Mercury = THE WRITER.

I took the first level of Reiki some years ago and I forget how my teacher and I got on this topic but I asked if we could go back to the past and Reiki it — go back to moments of trauma from the past and Reiki them and she said yes but we had to save that for level two…

For me, that is this Mercury retrograde in Libra transit. Retracing our steps. Doing it better, differently.


Spend time pondering how you really fucked up during Mars in Libra. Take THIS MUCH more responsibility for your actions, even if the other person was mostly in the wrong ;) Your bullshit still played a part!

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The Stars Today: Gemini Square Virgo, Mercury Square Mercury

"mercury square mars"

Good morning Fellow Stargazers,

I am writing to  you from my new computer and I am overjoyed! For years I’ve been suffering under an inferior takes-30-minutes-to-warm-up PC (name of brand withheld, there were other problems too, many!) and this thing is a revelation.

What do the Stars say? Well when the Moon was in Leo I kinda had a fight with a friend about it. Not a fight- fight but he was giving me some advice, not bad advice, very practical advice but what he doesn’t understand is that my life is ruled by the practical. Virgo Rising! Also this computer issue wasn’t just about need and necessity, it was about the Moon in Leo: I DESERVE a decent computer. I DESERVE the BEST computer is what I told him. I made it emotional. I made it dramatic. The Moon was in Leo. And I don’t think I was wrong.

Uranus is in Aries. We want our technology (Uranus) fast (Aries). We want our Astrology (Uranus) fast (Aries). I can blog faster, literally, with this beautiful silver-winged machine. Now the Moon is in Virgo and I’m working, blogging. Later today need to install some software (oy) and I should probably do it before the Moon enters Libra and opposes Uranus because those could be some off the rails (Uranus) emotions (Moon). Or at least frazzled.

On the other hand though, Libra is “other people” and I’ll be needing “an other person” to help me with the technology. The opposition could be peaceful and balancing. This evening Mercury in Gemini squares Mars in Virgo –what you say vs. what you do. Where will you put your energy? Want to fly away? Or stay home and catalog the the post-its?

Which reminds me, I bought my computer from a gal, EXPERT sales assistant who… I started giving her an impromptu astrology reading. I couldn’t help it. When it came time to play around with the machine, what better than to visit an astrology website? And I just get curious if I talk to anyone for any length of time. I guessed her Gemini Rising (she looked the part) and actually she looked typically Virgo too (which I would not have guessed). And, dear reader, I trusted her, trusted her skills, her knowledge, even more once I knew she was a Virgo. So let that be a lesson to anyone out there who own a business,okay? Hire a Virgo. They ooze integrity and smarts.

The skies these days mirror her chart. There is always tension between Gemini and Virgo even though they are both Mercury ruled. Gemini to me feels more about quickly selecting among the pretty options and counting the chickens long long LONG after they’ve hatched whereas Virgo will worry if the chickens’ feathers are good enough. You won’t necessarily be able to balance these. You’ll feel them both. And keeping busy is the wisdom here… because then you’ll notice it less perhaps ;)

Do you talk about Astrology in your day to day life?

Love, MP

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New Moon In Scorpio 2011 (Part 3)

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
New Moon in Scorpio 2011

The New Moon in Scorpio doth approacheth!

Moon is still Gemini as I type this but I always get excited by the New and Full Moons! As for eclipses? Well, just keep ‘em off of my sensitive points, okay? ;)

I’ve already talked a wee bit about aspects to the New Moon in previous posts but I’m still thinking about it now….

How Pluto in Capricorn will sextile the Sun and Moon. This is like a power surge but a gentle one. As gentle as Pluto can be ;) Pluto feeding Sun and Moon, mainlining them. We’re talking fixed water and cardinal earth. Commitment (Scorpio) + Movement (Cardinal/dynamic) = getting things done. With sextiles you have to work and Capricorn doesn’t mind that at all. This aspect tells me, “The kingdom will be yours” if you just… advertise!

Mercury and Venus will be conjunct for the New Moon. This would signify someone charming in almost any sign: beautiful language, poetic mind, an artist of some kind, but in Scorpio? The mood is waaaay darker. Conjunctions act as one and Venus is still Venus but a Venus touched by the God of Death (Pluto rules Scorpio) makes for a more serious party than Mercury Venus may be used to. Mercury and Venus conjunct in Scorpio is that well-spoken Goth kid who likely has Pluto conjunct as well ;)

Now Mars in Leo will square this Mercury and Venus. Mars in Leo is playful and robust and in the sky this square doesn’t alarm me at all. It’s the kind of thing I’d like to sit back and watch :) Mars square Venus runs hot and cold though: you may flip your allegiance! At one moment committed to the guy and the next moment committed to the girl and what kind of commitment is that when you keep changing face? But as a friend-astrologer told me yesterday about Mars square Venus: it may be hot and cold but when it’s hot? It’s HOT.

Mars square Mercury of course can indicate squabbles and with Leo involved and Scorpio involved there’s bound to be someone’s ego at stake! Don’t step on any toes. Don’t say anything you can’t take back!

The Sun and Moon opposing transiting Jupiter show the balancing act of the day. I think here especially you should look in your chart for this opposition because here is where you may go to extremes.  Or a serious stalemate! And it’s a serious (Scorpio) opposition: your expansion (Jupiter) vs your intimacy (Scorpio). How free do you need to be? Moon Jupiter is usually a feel-good aspect but I think we’re up to something a bit deeper here. Freedom vs Closeness. The Possessive Lover vs the Mountain Man (lol).  Which one are you? Both at different times? Both at the same tim? Sun and Jupiter in opposition is the ego expanding. These folks think they can accomplish anything. Can they? Do they? It depends ;)

The Sun and Moon inconjunting Uranus repeats some of these themes: the safety of ego (Sun) and the safety of home (Moon) not quit fitting you anymore. You want to break free. An adjustment is needed to satisfy all of you (and your partner, if you have one). I would let this one pass actually. Meaning, don’t take the bait. Feel the energy. Go electric for a while but return to yourself. Don’t let Uranus carry you away except to new levels, new realms of creativity and intuition.

Saturn will be trining Neptune. He’s applying though, not there yet. This is one to watch because this aspect is about building and dissolving simultaneously (sandcastles, anyone?). Structure and the absence of structure. Rules + imagination. So I would keep this aspect in mind in all your intentions.  How you need both. How you need the liquid (Neptune) and the container (Saturn). That you need the words for the poem and you need the form for the poem. You need to create (Neptune) and you need to take breaks (Saturn=stop) from creating. Like in the creation story: God made the world, day by day, but he still went to sleep at night ;)

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