Where To Go? Where Do You Want To Go? You Are Starry Sky Protected

"venus in cancer" I’m not sure what to write about today. I’ve been dealing with a health matter and hadn’t been blogging much. My contract at Beliefnet is up, where I had my Tarot column. And I’m wondering where to go, exactly, with my writing here.

I was going to write about Venus in hard-shelled Cancer because Venus enters pinchy Cancer tomorrow. I was going to write about the Stars This Weekend. I was going to write about the Five of Swords, the card I pulled just now at random from the Steampunk Tarot, but no–

None of that delights me.

What I write to write about is…

Well, this DOES seem like a good question for the cards. I feel like I need direction. 

Okay, Tarot: in what direction shall I roam here?

And a very interesting card from the Wild Wood Tarot is here — the Four of Stones (Protection). Element of Earth. She ain’t roaming!

Thinking of the Four of Pentacles in the Rider-Waite: he who has. She who has. God bless the child that’s got his own. Security. Stability. Quite a powerful card really. She holds the cards. She has it. Although I often see it as “withholding” in romance spreads. Someone not giving. Someone not giving but someone HAS.

In this incredible card, our creature deer is clearly protected, peacefully surrounded but open enough so that we can see her. We see her. Starry sky. Ears alert. She is wide awake.

Can we connect this to the astrology of the moment? I think so. Sun and Mars are in solid stubborn hold-onto-them Taurus, an earth sign. Shelter from storm, roof above your head. Even if you’re the outside lost baby deer faun cotton creature, you are safe.

And Venus yes doth enter (keyword) PROTECTIVE Cancer tomorrow :) fiercely protective. DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO HARM anyone who belongs to a Cancer Venus or risk Mama’s dangerous ire.

How this answers the question of what direction my blog should go in is a mystery to me at the moment but I’ll leave the card on my desk here and let you know… but bottom line about the Four of Stones: it’s okay to stay where you are. It’s okay to be where you are. Right there. It will be Gemini Season soon enough and we’ll start flying. Mercury will go retrograde in Gemini (on May 18th) and we’ll start flying — backwards! Oof!

Should we draw one more? You know I want to! Hmm the Forest Lovers. Second time I’ve drawn the Lovers today. No comment ;)

See y’all tomorrow xo

Mercury Mars Trine Pluto Does Not Quit So You Better Not Either

My sister often says to me: reach for the better feeling.

I am trying now to bring you a message of hope – that when things seem/feel most bleak, to keep reaching for the better feeling even if your practice does include the dark sunglasses of wallow and dirge.

And to eat nourishing food.
And to rest.

(Visit my latest Beliefnet post on the DEATH CARD for a Part One of sorts).

Today’s sky is/was extraordinary.

Mercury Mars in Taurus trine Pluto: YOU DO NOT QUIT.
Venus Jupiter sextile in happy signs, a blessing of abundance and good cheer.

I’ve heard of a few lucky breaks today — but what happens when… what happens when you are living the Death card but no Temperance, no Star in sight?

Draw again.

But until then….

You are fierce, dressed in black, feathered, your eye knows the way. You are not alone. Not now, not here, not ever. Your very cry is an invocation. You very cry is the way there. Keep going.

"mars trine pluto"


Fighting For Stability (Empress Reversed)

"moon trine mars" Life — it can feel so overwhelming at times that we wind up fighting for stability, which feels funny to say or write.

Can you fight for stability and win?  Or is there another way, a better way.

The phrase also reminds me of Saturn through the 4th House (a current transit of mine).

Both Saturn and the 4th house make me think “stable” but..
It’s not that Saturn is stable per se, it’s that Saturn pushes you to create stability. Shows you where you are weak. Which can be a painful process.

Let me back track a bit.

Life. It can feel so overwhelming. Sometimes all we want is to stand still and catch our breath. Take a break from hard transits. Take a break from challenges. No surprises. We want to know that no matter what life throws at us, we’ll be okay. We won’t fall apart, we won’t break down, we won’t die from heartbreak or worry or starvation.

That we find the railing. We don’t fall.

I wrote that yesterday. Today I am thinking about TODAY.

I was Tweeting and Facebooking this, how today is extraordinary for walking THROUGH walls, pushing rocks up hills, breakthrough.

Sun Mercury in Aries, Moon in Capricorn, Mars and Venus in Taurus.

Venus moves on to Gemini tomorrow so this is special as well — REALLY PUSH (before Venus Gemini distracts us with other options) — and I posted a picture of Jillian Michaels whose exercise videos I love and who inspires me and who is a Cap Moon Taurus Mars!

My day is pretty mellow actually — I have a bit of a cold so I am ensconced here with my spiritual routines (things I do) and my books, hopefully to keep my mind-soul active while resting my body. I did see the Empress reversed and the Queen of Swords in my daily Tarot today. Empress rx shows a need for self-care. Queen of Swords is smart enough to realize this.


I just asked this question in the chatroom: do you have a spiritual practice? Is it important to you? 

For me it is VERY important and I feel adrift when I don’t keep it down to a fine routine. It can’t be occasional, haphazard or wishful thinking. It can’t be lazy :) There may be some variation with it but I need a core ritual, same with my body-body. Regular schedule. Get results :)

Spiritual body + regular schedule = get results.

Question becomes: what results are you seeking?
And do you have a spiritual practice?
And do you want one?

I learned astrology from a Magician and at the time I only half understood what he had to teach. Now, years later, I am catching up.

But about fighting for stability: sounds like Mars (fight) in Taurus (solid), doesn’t it?

Even if you are in a different time zone from me and there is very little left of the day… do SOMETHING. Even if that something is a 5 minute meditation-visualizaiton of what you desire. And do not stop until you get to the FEELING. The feeling of already having that thing you want so much.

Questions, comments? 


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What To Do, How To Get Through: Full Moon Eclipse In Libra This Weekend

"full moon eclipse in libra"
(picture by Aliza, New Palladini Tarot)

Today’s Astrological Warning + Tarot:

Let the ships go by, my friends. Don’t get on board and don’t jump any ship you are already on. Look ahead. You’ve got work to do. There may be all kinds of distraction and interference in the background but don’t you lose focus. The King of Cups doesn’t spill all over. He/She has a Kingdom to contain. I know you, reading this, may feel powerless today, tomorrow, but that’s Eclipse Season for ya — can be weird, shocking, uncomfortable, surprising but remember:

maturity, creativity (I also pulled the Empress today — fertile creativity — but didn’t show her in the video), the Cup as power, emotional wealth and strength is your power. Hold onto it until you need it. Have a good cry, if you need it but then straighten yourself out and get back to business. Your Kingdom needs you xx

Mars Sextile Neptune: Dreams Of Passion

So today’s Full Moon Eclipse is the big news but don’t forget tomorrow’s Mars Neptune sextile. 

What is Mars? Mars is where you put your effort. What drives you. Your Passion, aggression, desire, violence. What makes you mad. What turns you on.

Neptune is a dreamy and vague energy, the ideal, the idea, illusion, vast, gentle. Also art, music, Venus (love) at her most universal and cosmic.

Where Mars is clear, Neptune confuses. Where Mars knows exactly where the line is and makes the cut? Neptune flows this way and that, a stream and then a river.

I’m talking about energy here, ideals. Mars will express itself differently depending on the sign. Neptune moves slowly, so we look more to the house and the aspects it makes (when reading a chart).

When we put these two together we can get… spiritual (Neptune) strength (Mars).

Or the courage (Mars) to finish writing that play (Neptune). Our imaginations (Neptune) are POWERFUL (Mars) under this aspect. We can use that Mars oomph to dream, which is always the first step. Mind is the builder (said Edgar Cayce). Throw a little Saturn in there and a star is born.

It doesn’t feel like a “finishing touches” day to me, but part of the process. Continue, continue, continue.

You may be exhausted from today’s Scorpio energy. Or maybe you are in your element.

One thing is for sure though: you must resist (what potentially can drag you down) and persist. We have TOO much energy in Taurus to give up now. Taurus may be slow moving (that’s what they say) but the bull is damn DAMN determined.

That’s why Taurus is such a scary sign actually ;) because they are so sound and solid, if a Taurus chooses the *wrong* path, they will likely stay on the path for… a very long time!

Choose wisely my friends :)

Love, MP


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Can Good Things Still Happen? The Stars Today

Was telling the girls in the room (and our one boy) how happy I am that it’s gloomy today. Cloudy, gloomy. Did I mention gloomy? No guilt for staying in. Turn up the music, get to work. The Moon’s in Leo. Have fun whatever you do :)


Goodbye Aries goodbye. The Sun enters Taurus tomorrow, Friday the 19th. Mars enters Taurus the day after and Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries, a speedy brilliant aspect.

Mars = energy, passion. Mars entering Taurus means it is good to put your energy on Taurus people, places, and things. I want to do *something* with my hair. Taurus is Venus is beauty is luxury is comfort. Slow down. Look good. Treat yourself well. Treat yourself to a treat! I started early. Ever since Venus entered Taurus… And, yes, many of you may spend more and may enjoy spending more :)


Do pay attention to that Mercury Uranus (9 degrees Aries) aspect. Find it in your chart! The insights/intuitions will come fast and furious. Have pen or other device in hand and get your questions ready!

Love, MP


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