SOMETIMES YOU SEE DEATH: Seeing The Dark Cards For The New Moon in Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio"
One of those mornings. Enjoying my coffee. Working. Email Readings, social media, the blog, to-do lists. The usual chatter of this self-employed life as an astrologer, card reader and all the other important stuff for which there are no words. Enjoying it too although tired. Was that a raccoon last night? Armadillo? Outside. Woke me up.

ANYWAY so I draw for my day. Got a DARK CARD.

Drew for the upcoming New Moon. Got a dark card.

Asked WHY the dark cards? Got the same DARK CARD. I know it’s a New Moon in Scorpio. I know it’s Mars square Pluto week I KNOW.

Okay Tarot. You are insistent. And that’s nice and all but it’s freaking me out. SHOW ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW in a way I can hear you. Be gentle with me. Because you keep coming up machete when what I really need is a butter knife. DO NOT USE A MACHETE ON THE KERRYGOLD!

And thanks in advance.

So I shuffled again and I drew and okay okay okay okay a message coming through in a way that’s easier to hear and thank you Tarot, but sometimes it’s like that. Sometimes you see Death. Sometimes you see Death. Sometimes you see DEATH.

What cards are you seeing?

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"death card tarot"
2014 Hanged Man

2 thoughts on “SOMETIMES YOU SEE DEATH: Seeing The Dark Cards For The New Moon in Scorpio”

  1. I am not even getting dark cards! Cards are saying, ‘great, go for it’ Ace of pentacles, drawn in 2 days running. King of pentacles, midas touch, 6 of pents.

    but I took a machete to a rutabaga earlier and it felt GOOD.

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