Predicting Love: Can It Be Done?

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"moon conjunct pluto"

So I’m fond of saying that rarely do readers (of various kinds, over the years) predict love accurately for ME and yet I’ve often said that love, or the lack of it, is one of the easiest things to SEE in the cards.

And when using Astrology to see, it’s more than 5th House transits or 7th House transits or transits to their rulers although I will look there first! I have seen charts perfectly poised for love and NOTHING, my chart included! And then I remember a client for whom I felt a FAR AWAY INKLING (like within two years time) and instead she met someone two weeks later. 

Recently a good friend (who is also a good psychic) made a prediction for me (about someone in particular) that was so lovely (although with caveats) that I felt so damn confused when it didn’t play out right away (i.e. last week) how she said it would. She’s been totally ON when it came to BAD LOVE and BAD relationships. And I know I’ve been often right and sometimes wrong for folks as well.

I remember someone seeing my cards, seeing a man in my cards and hell yes a man showed up. Not a keeper but a MAN yes. And I have another friend who can always tell when someone is “around me” to the point of there will be a date or a meeting soon soon soon.

"venus opposition jupiter"
Psychics exist. Damn good psychics exist, no matter the tools they use. So why is love so elusive to nail? I know I know we are not God but I do believe accurate prediction exists. I have done it and I have seen it done.

So what about love? WHAT ABOUT LOVE? Why is it sometimes so wobbly and sometimes so clear even for the best psychics and readers among us?

One thing to keep in mind is our “Free Will” (if it even exists but we like to pretend it does). It’s like a tennis match. You don’t play against yourself. There’s another person there and their neurosis and your neurosis and really it’s neurosis against neurosis much of the time. Fantasy against fantasy.

And my situation may turn out just as my friend predicted just not on the timeline I would prefer and truth is this would match the original cards I originally drew for the situation. No one is wrong yet. Am I impatient? A bit :)

I don’t have a perfect answer to my question. It’s not enough for me to say: things change and thus the cards change. It’s not enough for me to say: no psychic is 100%. Why is love particularly hard for others to see in my energy. I have had the best I’ve ever worked with be dead-one with various other topics but THIS?

Maybe because they want me to be happy and they feel my hope but truth is if the vibes were bad, my peeps would absolutely say so.

The real answer may be more esoteric than we realize and/or the real answer may be that some people will NOT have a committed love relationship in this lifetime (for whatever reason) and who wants to deliver THAT news?

Challenges are SO easy to see in the chart, as are talents. To me they are bright as the sun. And sometimes the future too is impossible NOT to see. And yet.

Some souls may be renewing or rewriting contracts. That they were slated NOT to have love but made an amendment to their contract so the cards reflect the old contract and the new one simultaneously. That’s one option. 

One thing is for certain though: your clarity around these matters matters. The fewer mixed signals you give the universe the better, no matter your chart.

My thoughts here are based on years of EXPERIENCE, reading for people and getting readings too! I really should start keeping track. Love prediction + accuracy versus delay or full-on wrong. One other thing is for certain: it’s easy or easier to see a NO and harder to see a YES or which way precisely that YES will go. That’s when things get slippery and that “free will” comes in.

Wishing you good cards xo

"mercury opposite saturn"
Photo by Aliza

I am planning my radio show/podcast to be LOVE themed. Stay tuned for details, my friends! I want it to be a call-in show and currently looking for the best host/platform for me. 

On Returning To Spiritual Practice & Jupiter Through My 12th House (Part 2)

"mercury square uranus"Catch up with Part One here: 

So I was writing in my journal just now and I figured it out.
Of course.
That’s why I don’t want to go anywhere near my beloved Palo Santo (given to me by a dear man, Reiki Master and Healer who cleared my NYC apartment, August 2014, despite a sore knee, walking up all those steps) which I burned religiously during my Jupiter 12 transit. Most of my magick that year was self-defense magick. Protection. Clearing and cleansing.


That stuff? From before?  It’s not what I need now. And realizing this is HUGE.

I may be in transit. I may be under a Saturn 4th House homeless transit, but I am safe.

Dare I write that? I’m not entirely convinced. But I’ll say this. I am MORE safe now than I was during Jupiter 12 or the first part of Jupiter 1st, before I left NYC.

To be continued… 

On Bullies, Returning To Spiritual Practice, & Jupiter Through My 12th House

"jupiter through the 12th house" I want to write about this time in my life – about Jupiter through my 12th House – about summer 2014 to summer 2015 –  but it’s challenging because I will be bullied from telling the truth, from telling my story.  I already have been. I’ve called a liar (among other words) on social media, and received hate mail.

So I think until I am able to talk to a lawyer and get the legal details straightened out (the details of who owns a story and what my rights are), I have to write in code which is mostly what I’ve done – although even that appeared to intimidate others. The bullying probably won’t stop as I know the bullies read my blog, keeping tabs on me (unlike me. I don’t keep tabs on anyone). Hi bullies! Hope you enjoy my blog post!

But I want to be able to talk about my experience, my life, about what happened to me. There is no he said/she said here. There is only the truth. And I will be back to tell it.

Also, karma exists.

"jupiter through the 12th house" So. Jupiter through the 12th House. The context of my life at the time is very important of course to this. It’s the background. But for now let’s focus on the magic.

Jupiter through my 12th is THE time period when I went DEEP in.

Astrology wasn’t magic(k) to me. Neither was Tarot. Learning it nor doing it. It was fun, cool, awesome, spiritual, amazing, true, and how I make my living, but Jupiter 12 changed everything.

Even though my teacher of both was/is an off-the-grid true (ceremonial) Magician. No busy Facebook page, no Instagram (neither existed when I started learning from him). Old school. The real deal. The ones who learn from teachers and books and life itself. But I wasn’t ready for magick until Jupiter 12.

I was thinking about this time in my life this morning because I was reading a Voodoo Priestess’ blog post and then a video and… I realized I’ve become estranged from stuff I was learning and doing from that transit and how perhaps that transit is very much a part of me but very much a part of my past.

And my life and transits of 2015 especially the last 6 months of 2015 were pure chaos and again this gets into territory that I cannot talk about without obscurity yet.

"sun square pluto"There has been this HUGE break, schism. Since leaving NYC. Fall of 2015. Saturn was squaring my Ascendent. Saturn was trining my Chiron. Uranus was squaring my Sun (stationed on my degree). Pluto was opposing my Sun. Neptune on my descendent. Chiron opposing my Moon. ALL the big ones making hard aspects to Sun/Moon/Asc axis. Thank God for that Saturn Chiron trine and Jupiter doing good things to my chart overall. But it was written. I had to leave.

This morning I remembered my altar. And wondered if I’d ever have another. I so associate that altar with a very very difficult time in my life. And I recalled the Goddess/Saint who I fell in love with, who I still love. But with all the chaos had forgotten. Has she forgotten me? Are such relationships “real?” Yes even I have such questions at times.

I was learning about Wicca, about traditional Witchcraft (folk magic), ceremonial magic, about hoodoo, some Voodoo, some Shamanism, and MORE. It was very eclectic and widespread and I had my practices and potent spells and then I started to do spell work and ritual work for others. Looking back I realize my life was totally immersed which is so very 12th House! So many books and candles and candle holders and herbs and oils and learning about herbs and oils and rather elaborate spells at times. I remember one time, near Halloween, I created this huge ancestor altar. Had never done anything like that before. And my roommate at the time mocked what I was doing. And then, of course, denied it. Oh that insulting thing I said was actually a compliment! (Friends, run from anyone who denies the behavior they do seconds later.)

"venus trine uranus"When I left New York I left behind whatever practices I had (except for meditation and visualization). I was busy with everything else. I think it’s time to create some new ones , more potent than before. FAR FAR more potent than before, but I’m not sure where to start yet (and, please, I’m just thinking out loud here – not seeking anyone’s advice. I know I have to say that to offset the inevitable).

What do I want?

What do YOU want? In your spiritual life and spiritual practices.

I realized this morning I want it back. I want that anchor. But when I think about the magick I did, that year, that Jupiter 12 year, WOW. I was DEEP IN. I don’t even have the words for it. Other than JUPITER 12. And how so much of magick is/was a response to oppression. A way out. We do magick because we need HELP.

My life has changed now. The purpose of my magick also must change.

To be continued…


My Sister And Her Frankincense (Two Witches)

"venus trine pluto"How my sister’s energy healer used Frankincense on her and my sister doesn’t know much about oils (although she knows a lot about a lot, spiritual and otherwise) and she was asking my advice.

“Do you think it worked? Was it calming? It really is individual like homeopathy. My perspective is less from energy healing, more as a witch. Frankincense can be used for exorcism. Drive those demons out. The demons of self doubt and fear.”

I sent her this, from an old blog post:

That I am now craving the aroma of frankincense the way one craves food.
And this was a sign to me – to work deeply with him. This craving.

Frankincense will turn up the volume on whatever magick you are working, increase the majesty of it. Frankincense is REGAL. Masculine, associated with Jupiter.

Frankincense for anxiety, addiction, doubt.

As so often happens, frankincense “happened” to me — of course I knew of its power, had read of its power, know it is legendary and ancient, but it wasn’t until FUMIGATION – until I bought an incense (and from Whole Foods, not some “special” store) that I fell in love – as I fell in love with La Santisima Muerte when Jupiter was in my 12th House —

When you decide to work with frankincense, well, he can be very demanding, in my experience, wanting full attention but the rewards are great. Also, less is more! Also in my experience, burn on a full stomach. So powerful you could become weak or tired or dizzy from his presence. As always with incense or oils etc etc you need to experiment and get to know them.


Hard Transits, Hard Chakras (Uranus Square Sun)

"uranus square sun" I left New York because my Root Chakra fell apart.

It’s as simple and as complex as that. I left New York. Not everyone can say that. Not everybody leaves.

My transits not only made it possible, they made it inevitable.

We don’t want our Chakras tight and tough. We talk about open Chakras and spinning Chakras and healing Chakras and blocked Chakras.

I’m listening to this song called Michigan today. I don’t usually pay much attention to lyrics. I’m more of a melody person but the evocative chorus got me–

Michigan’s in the rear view now
Keep your hands where I can see ‘em
You took the words right out my mouth
When you knew that I would need ‘em.
What am I supposed to do now?
Without you–

But I didn’t leave anybody behind, there. And I took what I needed to take.

In more cheerful news: I started a new Facebook Page – in part to collect some of my current obsessions: chakras, crystals, soul mates, and sex. I guess soul mates and sex isn’t a new obsession but somehow it all just fit under my Sacred Jelly Tarot banner as I was, the other day, opening my Sacral (and watching all manner of Chakra videos on YouTube, getting inspired) and feeling my creativity stream back to me in a big way — after I did these “exercises.” Not a whole lot is going on there at the moment, on the new Page, but we have time.


Class starts this week. Are you in? Write me for the details.

What To Do When You’ve Lost Everything: Advice For Hard Transits (Part One of Many)

"jupiter trine pluto"You build again — or you die.

I’m not sure there are any other options.

Well, I guess there is the waiting room. The waiting room is where, when, you decide which you will choose: build again or die. And the waiting room, well, you can sit in the waiting room, stand in the waiting room, scream and cry in the waiting room for years, decades. Lifetimes even!!! And then you choose. Build or die build or die build or die.

And sometimes we have hours/days/weeks/months/years/decades/lifetimes where we wake up every day with this very question. Build or die.

Here is one suggestion for what to do while in the waiting room: 

breathe out grief. Breathe in love. Breathe out grief. Breathe in love. Or hope. Or other word/idea of what you want. Use your intuition to discover what these words/ideas are. When I breathe in hope, my heart starts to shake and I want to cry. The way of hope doesn’t work for me. It makes me hurt. But when I breathe in love I feel peace and I feel my body go warm and expansive. Experiment.

Some of you will spend your entire lives learning to meditate, learning to breathe, remembering to breathe. This is a beautiful goal. I’m right there with you.

One day I was walking in my old neighborhood and I had it in my head that I wanted to study Kabbalah with a great master and understand the Tree of Life and the Sefirot and I ran into a friend (who I consider a great master of Chassidut, mystical teachings) and I said to her: my friend! Help! I do not understand the Tree of Life. Can you help me?

And she laughed. Not to make fun of me, but from wisdom. She said: Aliza, men (and women) spend their entire LIVES in search of this understanding. Of course you don’t get it.

In today’s world we see this a lot: seven ways to easily achieve x,y,z — this emphasis on EASILY and ACHIEVE  and, well, sometimes it takes a lifetime. LifetimeS. And we hope to come back (there’s that hope thing again) healed, without having to swim the same river.

Some rivers, however, are worth swimming twice — like the river of the breathe, the river of learning, of study, of love.

Sometimes I wake up each day with the same questions — how will I do such and such, how will I get from here to there, how will I cross the river, build or die.

I notice so many of my questions are HOW questions, very Virgo and I am not a Virgo but have much Virgo in my chart including Virgo South Node and Virgo Moon Pluto conjunction.

Instead of the HOW questions, instead of the incessant mind, if you can pick up a practice (like breath practice) or a book (not for facts but for insight). Do this and give the mind a rest. The Mercury mind always spinning won’t give you answers but Uranus might, or Neptune. Even Pluto. Ceres. The outer spheres.

Build or die. Which do you choose today. You know that you can take this totally micro. Choose die today and choose build tomorrow. And by “die” most of the time I do not mean The Big Leave but how much effort you extend on any given day. But then sometimes it IS what I mean because let’s be honest here — many of us have those moments. And because ultimately, to me, that is the question which is why I had to blog about it today.

Build or die, build or die, build or die.

Which do you choose?


Confusion Removal Machine: What I Did In Meditation Class Last Night (Advice For MoonPluto People & Others)

"moon pluto conjunction" I wake up trying to figure everything out, everything.

I’m trying to remember the words a Tarot reader said to me the other day (yes I get readings too sometimes!). I’m trying to decide whether to get one little cookie with the blue sprinkles, or two, from the Mexican bakery. I’m noticing that Kitty is acting a bit more spritely and could the good energy I sent her last night from meditation class have done some good. And I’m listening to Lyle Lovett. Whatever happened to him? Is he still around?

I want to tell you about last night’s class — how when we were doing the breathing techniques, the breathing exercises, during the exhalation part I imagined that I was dumping anything I didn’t need, including extra Moon Pluto emotional intensity, letting it all go, how this is also a purpose to meditation, that we can include any purpose we want and we can mediate all day long because we are breathing and exhaling all day long.

In my September Meeting Place (my September class) I’ve been pushing the gals to sit in a rather “traditional” style, very straightforward, very gentle but with some discipline to it (not window gazing, not flying around the room) but last night I added in more, I added in this emotional process for myself, and I’m going to do it today too, with every out breath, every time I remember, let it go. Breathe out sadness. Breathe out confusion. Breathe out WTF. Doesn’t really matter what it is, but keep letting it go. You can even imagine it in the room with you – after it’s out of your body. You can see it. You can see it dispelling into the air, transforming itself, becoming a good perfume or sunlight or part of the air itself, compost, and helpful, foundational, able to help hold you up when you need it. Or you can send it to the earth. And maybe just maybe if you do this practice you’ll… see new value in this emotional intensity once it’s outside of your body. Maybe you’ll recognize who those emotions (some of them) belong to — I did this just now, letting my emotions out through the out breath and into the air and I saw my mother (which makes sense of course for someone who has a Moon Pluto conjunction!)

You Moon Pluto people: you can HEAL yourselves and others as much as you can hurt (yourselves and others). 

There is something I am confused about in my life right now. I don’t know what to do. There is nothing I *can* do except keep breathing and writing and let it go and trust it will all be resolved. This is VERY different from trying to seize control and forcing answers or results or wandering around howling!

One has to feel the feelings though – if a Moon Pluto person (for example) doesn’t FEEL them, they get backed up like a clogged toilet (we are talking Pluto here and Pluto rules shit and elimination) — they can’t all STAY in the body. There has to be a removal machine, discharge, thus the breath.

It is the letting go itself that transforms it, Anais!

Do you meditate? 


Monday I started advertising a reading *special* on my Facebook. If you want the details, you have to email me at moonpluto@gmail and I’ll tell you what I’ve got going on. This week only. Readings don’t have to be completed this week (schedules may not match up) but purchase before Friday midnight.

Mars Trine Pluto Meditation (October 15th)

"mars trine pluto" From the classroom:

She mentioned that she was laying down during meditation
And I insist that folks sit. Sit up.
Out of respect.

She asked why.

I said:
When we sit in meditation — we sit upright but comfortably — with a straight spine, a straight back – as much as we are able, as is comfortable – not to slump in our seats, as though it is just another activity, even though it is. Chin not in a stressful position. Not sticking out but not meeting our neck or body. Held aloft a bit. Okay to scratch if the knee itches but note if one is overly fidgety. Not to condemn it but to note it. Because we are dancers. Because posture matters.

Respect who? Yourself. Ourselves.

When one lays down there is no resistance – one could just float away. I do not teach floating away. No one needs this lesson. It is easy. This meditation practice – that I bring here – will make us stronger. Me included. It will make us stronger.Because trees stand tall. The wind comes the rain comes, pushing us around. Meditation teaches us to stand tall.


Mars trine Pluto anyone? Sit up.


Life Of An Empath & Lessons In Magick (Part One of Many)

"mars trine jupiter" We scatter pieces of ourselves everywhere we go – we lose pieces of ourselves – when we care. Not always, but the risk is there. And I think the more Pluto, the more Neptune you have in your chart, the more risk you’re at for losing. Caring IS dangerous. Loving IS dangerous. No wonder some humans avoid it. Because we lose pieces of ourselves. (Okay maybe you don’t but I do.)

I recently did this and I recently reclaimed it. And I’m working on a ritual now for someone to help reclaim a stolen piece of her heart. 

Just posted this on my Facebook:

Magick works. Spells work.
But what matters most is your intention, singleness of purpose/intent/emotional force, WILL – that you then apply to your desire.
More than color of candle etc etc etc BUT colors DO carry vibration. It ALL matters. It all matters.
But you can be assured of success by marrying the two – the item/object/tool/ritual helps your focus, increases focus.
Like meditation, magick is something you DO. Not just think about. Just musing or thinking will give you a muted result. Unmindful thinking it or saying it isn’t doing it. Oh I’m a magician, I’m a witch, because of my book collection or my herb collection. You may very well be, but I encourage people to DO.
We don’t “think about” meditation. We DO meditation. We sit.
When I wanted to dispel my grief, I didn’t just talk about my broken heart (well I did that too which also was helpful!) but I created something to DO and then I activated my laser beam focus/emotional force/will.
So many of us have concentrated strength like this – but we tend to waste it (out of habit) on enlarging and activating our WORRIES.
Imagine if you turned that light on towards making a positive difference in your life…
I think my grief desperately wanted to be set free, like a bird trapped in my house because the ritual took the top part off and then my meditation class the next day did the rest.
Magick follows the path of least resistance. Give it a little nudge. You’ll see.
And yes folks I am dead serious about this. It’s not a game. It’s not marketing. It’s not old fashioned olden days. It’s not posing. It’s here and now and it’s real.

"jupiter trine pluto"Astrologically speaking, I like to alert you to good days or weeks for magickal workings. We are under a Scorpio Moon now so check that box yes and Mars trine Pluto (exact tomorrow) which is actually Mars on Jupiter trine Pluto. Another check. And the Venus Neptune opposition yes yes. Neptune and Pluto sextile.

But do be careful. Be careful what you wish for. Because it does work. The universe WILL respond to your well crafted laser beam intention.

AND then I had a revelation as I walked to the Mexican bakery for my coffee and a cookie:

More than HALF at least of that emotional intensity that I was feeling for the one whom I was sad over —
Those were HIS feelings. His feelings too. I remember it clear as day now. The last time I saw him. How it felt. Except he kept his INSIDE, bottled up tight, and I am an empath and I am an antenna and I am a cook and I picked it up, I picked it up, I picked up on all his feelings and took them as my OWN the way I take other PROBLEMS as my own (same mechanism), I mixed them in, stirring stirring, NO BOUNDARIES, everything all mixed in now. And there became no difference then between him and me – except that I carried him, carried his feelings all the way back to my house when I said goodbye to him at the train station.

"moon conjunct mars"The last time I saw him. That’s why it took such root in me and at such an “extreme” intense level — the way he was stuffing it (Moon in Libra square Venus Mars in Cancer)

So I did my ritual to dispel MY grief (believing it was all my grief) andI think this is partly why it left so quickly like a sparrow. IT mostly WASN’T MINE.

My body allows for the repressed emotions of others to take root in me (in love situations). That’s why it was so intense. And that’s why it was so easy for them to leave. (For the people AND the feelings to leave!) 

The Venus Neptune opposition can help bring this to consciousness for you — if you have a similar situation. And the Mars Jupiter Pluto trine can help you decide what to do about it – Virgo planets are smart, analytical, discerning (Virgo keyword alert!) and Pluto, well, Pluto knows all.

I’m not the problem! Well, we ALL have issues but I’m not the problem in the way I always perceived. This is an important distinction. The hazard tag is here. It’s all written down. It’s all clear. I can’t be with someone who consciously or unconsciously is so out of touch with their own feelings (of course unless they are willing to “work on it” – then maybe there is a chance) and thus seeks a ready spot (an invisible spot i.e. this mechanism like carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, tasteless until it’s too late)  — to have someone else DO all the feeling for them (which of course creates a pattern from my family of origin and is thus extremely triggering, creating an intense emotional state and I have no clue what is happening until I figure it out and by then it’s usually too late and I’m in tears wondering why the relationship didn’t work out). I’m a Cancer with a first house Moon Pluto conjunction. I’m going to FEEL. Being with someone whose goal is to NOT feel is never going to work for me, ever.

"venus opposition pluto"So the question then becomes: what are the red flags and warning signs….


PS Sometimes a spell will do double duty – or have unintended side effects. It’s just how it works. We are foolish to believe we can control it all. Or that whatever angels or watchers we’ve summoned (if we truly have) do not have an agenda. THEY DO have an agenda. So I did my grief dispelling spell (which I will not detail here) and one of my cats (who has not been well) seems quite a bit better. Situation not cured but more energy. She’s talking more this morning like she used to (she was always  a chatty cat). Was someone else’s grief possessing her as well? Perhaps? And my ritual caught it. And her appetite is coming back. (I am still in touch with the vet of course but the observables here are undeniable.)

An Altar For The Living: Witchcraft For Jupiter In Virgo :)

I decided to make an altar for my living

I’ve got three people in mind. So that I can bless them each day. Two of them I can probably ask for pictures — the third I’m not sure. I may just use candles and something to represent them. These three mean the world to me and have been crucial to me and as I’m typing here I just thought of a fourth who should go on my altar for the living.

I don’t have a set-up for my ancestors and I don’t want one, not at this time anyway.

What I want is to bless who is here now, remember them each day. (Yes, that means you, Lyone.)

Do you have an altar?

"jupiter in virgo"

Abre Camino: From The Virtual Classroom

"jupiter in virgo" I posted this on my Facebook today – from the virtual classroom, just some of what we’re up to in there.

Also, some of what I’m referencing here, well, they ARE references to things we have already been doing or discussing so some of what is written below… won’t make total sense but wanted to share it with you anyway


Week Two: September 1st:

WEEK TWO PROMPT FOR WRITING/PONDERING and adding to your map, my beautiful mapmakers.

PLEASE do this assignment.

No matter how hopeless you feel. No matter how good you feel.
Tell the Universe that YOU ARE HERE.

It is from the writing… it is from the writing that we… put ourselves on the map.

Today’s Prompt:


"new moon eclipse in virgo"What is a “road opener”? I will explain in the comments shortly with a passage from my Occult Library so stay tuned for that……..

How will you open the roads?
How will you open the roads?

Remember we are Jupiter in Virgo now.
We must ask why. We must ask how…
And then we must do our magic and let it be.

“Crossroads are ubiquitous in magic. Many spells demand to be cast at the crossroads; others require that the remnants of spells — left over candle stubs, ashes, and the such – be buried at the crossroads, where their energy can safely disperse.

Specific types of spiritual entities, known as “road openers” and inevitably beings of great power preside over crossroads. These beings can be petitioned for knowledge, information, and for a change in destiny. They control thresholds and roads and determine who has free access and who finds roads barred, who will choose the right fork in the road and who will wander hopelessly forever.”

“Abre Camino Spells:

Abre Camino literally “road opener” or “make way” is the name given to a plant (Trichilia havanensis) used in Latin American magic to open blocked paths. Carry an Abre Camino stick with you at all times to keep roads clear and remove obstacles from your path”

(The quotes are from Judika Illes)

THIS IS JUST ONE WAY to ‘open the roads’ for yourself i.e .using witchcraft or magick or hoodoo. But…

Last week on Friday I asked folks in here to come up with their own writing/thinking prompt and a few people’s questions revolved around OBSTACLES.

Thus… here we go. To the Road Opener.

You don’t even need to know the block in order to open it….
Now THAT is Jupiter!!

I am doing a September Special. Write me for details moonpluto@gmail. I want to do Tarot for your fall season – what are the energies coming through for you for September, October, November, December. Add-ons to this: focus on the September Eclipses but if you’ve already had your fill of Eclipse talk (some have, some haven’t), then let’s talk fall magic. Do you want to create an altar but aren’t sure how? Confused about candles? Maybe fire isn’t your thing but what else can you do? Think you’re a witch but aren’t sure? :) we can talk about all of this…

What Is Shadow Work? (Part One): Notes From The Field

"vesta in virgo"From my Facebook:

What is Shadow Work?
Shadow Work is work of love. 

Just got off the phone with a fabulous CAPRICORN woman (client) and we were talking a little about the shadow.

She mentioned some recent status updates of mine and how she wanted to GO DEEP and that I should not feel at all restricted in what I was about to tell her, from the charts and cards.

SHE GAVE ME PERMISSION and I felt grateful for this.

The cards were honest, stark cards. CLEAR cards. Even with three minutes to spare and she asked me a REALLY important question, the Oracle didn’t let us down.

What is shadow work? When someone holds up a mirror and says THIS IS YOU, TOO.

Truth is, I’ve been holding up that mirror my whole life. It’s my personality. And it’s not always charming! When my old high school friend contacted me after 20 years (when Saturn was in Virgo) and he called me up and we talked, he said to me: YOU ARE THE SAME as you were all those years ago.

I know the truth can alarm people. The truth can alarm me. How it’s delivered MATTERS.

What is shadow work? Shadow work is, in part, seeing what you do and how you do it. Our shadow parts… are what we have rejected in ourselves! And thus we see it everywhere else — except in us.

What you try to hide from others. AND from yourself. And most of us are super successful at the hiding. And you know oh yes you know when you’ve touched it in someone, when you see it in someone — so handle with care. Shadow work is not an excuse to be an asshole.

Your shadow needs love.
Shadow work is work of love — healing, integrating what you have rejected about YOURSELF.

When I talk about calling back your energy (a phrase I got from an amazing Scorpio woman, friend), I am talking about calling back NEW shadows that you are creating every day. New hiding places. New denials. Call it all back so you can be whole.

And THEN work on the other stuff :)

Oh this could cover many many blog posts. Hopefully this is just Part One.

Below is a video on another topic, that I made yesterday – about Venus in Virgo. Oh and I also made some other videos which can be seen on my YouTube channel: some astro-tarot for the week ahead so please visit.

Dear Little Witch, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

"jupiter in the 12th house" I am reading a wonderful little book on Execration Magick.
Curses, Hexes, & Crossing: A Magician’s Guide to Execration Magick by S. Connolly.

It is a fascinating topic to me and recently (this week) I’ve kind of… stopped feeling GOOD-PERSON’S GUILT over my interest in darker topics like curses, hexes, crossing, necromancy, and… other things. I have many interests. In many things. And it actually drains my energy to deny it (to myself).

ALSO this dovetails with a reading I got, half a year ago, by a young man, shamanic practitioner and root worker and he was peeking into some Spirits around me and one of them (a buddy of mine, not an adversary) was privy to the most infernal of magicks. And I was too (my young teacher told me).

As you can imagine, I had many questions for my young teacher. Me? Infernal? Huh? Isn’t that wrong?

And thus began a winding windfally path of much discovery as Jupiter transited my 12th House (and still is), which he also predicted (the zig zag pattern) upon pulling the Chariot, the road being bumpy.

Here’s a taste of her style and attitude, just a smidge of her depth:

Basically what I’m saying is the curse can be used as a very primal psychological exercise in dealing with anger, grief, envy, and other emotions that cause us pain. It can also be used to take our power back in everything from cursing an addiction to banishing negativity from our homes. Yes, even banishing and exorcisms are technically a form of execration magick.

"uranus square sun"It is a slim volume. I tend to read and take breaks, read and take breaks. Rarely do I finish even a short book in a day but I’d like to read through this quickly and then move on to another beauty in my occult library.

If you have skills as an exorcist, for example, if you are skilled at building anger, if that’s when your power is really juicing, don’t dismiss that. There’s no need. We can’t be all good at all things. Maybe some magicians will break it down that way. Maybe some will ONLY do banishing and protection… whereas love spells (for example) just isn’t their thing (at this time). Know what I mean? Use the energy you have, USE THE POWER YOU HAVE, in the direction you choose but don’t ignore what moves you. There is a reason why you are so moved.

Witchery For Miss Pisces

"venus in leo retrograde" I asked for a blog topic and one gal, a Pisces, said WITCHERY!

Anything in particular?

How to connect with Source in daily life (she said).

Well, Miss Pisces, I’m glad you asked! 

I believe it is important to consciously connect and reconnect. This is how it is for me. I need reminders otherwise I get a bit slack. I lose track. And sometimes I have a firm routine (smudge in the morning, candle magick in the evening) and sometimes I don’t — but then I pull myself back and get a routine going again. (I also smudge whenever I feel the need.)

How to connect with Source?

Dear Miss Pisces, can you do at least one of these things on a daily basis?

*reading on spiritual topics that interest you – even a few pages
*watching YouTube videos that inspire you
*prayer (traditional or not)
*doing *anything* mindfully
*being in nature, drawing from the earth as you walk
*giving a reading or getting a reading about your purpose in life

And your mileage will vary of course, how much ceremony you want or how casual.

You can build your own routine, just like physical working out. This is spiritual working out. Maybe a semi-strict routine is better for you. 10 am every day you say a few choice words (prayer, incantation, mantra, invocation) plus 10 minute meditation (watching breath and/or seeking communication with Source) plus 10 minute yoga or qigong plus ????

Easiest: any time you can pause during your day and consciously think to yourself or say to yourself:

I am reconnecting to you, Source of All Life (or however you want to phrase it).

Solitude isn’t even necessary. You can connect while holding the baby, Miss Pisces.

Now in terms of witchery per se, maybe there is something you want to study, even informally. Or maybe you want to gussy up your altar. Experiment with circle casting or spell casting.

You could even draw a few Tarot cards: in what spiritual direction should I go at this time?

Many of us draw a card or two each morning, remembering that we are in direct communication with the Divine. 

Overall, let your spiritual life become something that you do, an action, no matter how brief, no matter how small. It can change your day. It can change your life !

You may also want to think about (if witchcraft interests you) what is on your mind the most at this time: protection? Exorcism? Drawing love or money to you? Spells for healing? And then craft a ritual for yourself.

Also, this is a very interesting week to reconnect to Source. I see Neptune going retrograde as increasing our magick. Mercury direct makes our intentions more clear. Saturn going back into Scorpio is spooky as hell. Stir your cauldron, Miss Pisces!

Neptune is spirituality and mysticism ALL THE TIME but retrograde I find him even more so, very Hermit, very High Priestess.

What say you, Miss Pisces (and others!)?

(P.S. I am running a special all this week: 60 minute readings at $90 instead of my usual $115)

"saturn in scorpio retrograde"

Breaking The Rules (+ Essential For The Witch: Meditation & Visualization)

"moon sextile uranus"
(Frida K)

Even if you are not a witch, not a magician, not spiritually concerned or inclined at all.

If you just want to relax and make your life a better place —
I recommend meditation and visualization on a regular basis i.e. a ROUTINE.
A structure. Even a loose one.
Edgar Cayce said there are as many forms of meditation as there are meditators but I am talking about something very specific here. Drawing to you what you want.

Recent Facebook posts: 

Find out what sort of THOUGHTS are draining you.
Or what behaviors. Your patterns. Pushing rock up a hill patterns.
Once you figure that out? And shift your consciousness???
And then ADD IN mediation and visualization around what you DO want?
Life improves. Shazam!
It’s not magical and yet it is.

Why visualization and meditation are so important:
because it exists “up there” before it exists down here.
If you don’t make a practice of visualization, the universe will give you some of this and some of that and some of it will fit and some of it won’t.
And you’ll often feel that you just “wound up here” without any sense of purpose or choice or clarity.
Do you know what you want?

many people feel guilty about wanting, about desiring (and they may not realize it; it’s simply an emotional pattern they have).
They feel guilty (or undeserving) getting what they want. This is why you must PRACTICE feeling good.
Yes, you heard me right.
One purpose of visualization is to practice feeling good, practice getting what you want and feeling good about it IN YOUR HEAD i.e. visualization.
As above, so below.
Create it “up there” with your imaginative forces (as Edgar Cayce taught us) so it can manifest down here.
“Worry” is this behavior in the reverse.

tefillinAbout today’s Moon Uranus sextile: 

Break a rule today :)
Moon in Aquarius will sextile Uranus.
Sextiles are a harmonious aspect with… “some assembly required” but we whistle while we work!
Uranus is the Liberator, Awakener, the Pioneer! And sextiles are friendly.
It feels good to be you, doesn’t it?

Does it? 


A client reminded me today — about my reading bundles. 
I hadn’t added back in the two BIG ONES when I redid my site.
Well, they are there now. Jupiter is direct after all. Have a look.
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They include bonus HOURS and at a reduced rate.

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Housekeeping Routines For The Weird

"moon conjunct pluto" Lately I think a lot about… magick and sacred space, space clearing, power, peace, protection, about dispersal of negativity and how intention matters more than any tool or object but how helpful it is to have the object, like the Tarot deck in which to gaze upon and look away, gaze upon, look away… I think about a lot of things.

From my Facebook this morning:

A bowl or cup of dried rose in water will suck negative energy out of your environment. I learned this from a Medicine Woman back in December and it’s time for me to get more rose from Flower Power. I put some out last night. IT WORKS.

Not that our bodies or our spaces are bad but DUST EXISTS. Schmutz exists. Consider it Housekeeping. 

HOUSEKEEPING. It all goes hand in hand for me. My magic is practical. Moon conjunct Pluto in VIRGO, the nurse, fixer, healer. The transmutation of the space, the place, and the EMOTIONAL body. CHANGE. TRANSFORMATION.

Also from my Facebook today: 

On doing ritual work today (candle magick and meditation) to transmute feelings. Feelings that may feel dark and heavy and gunky unpleasant and did you know that you can “deal” with feelings in THIS way too? DEFINITELY A MOON PLUTO TOPIC.

Some people let feelings FESTER and they sink down. Some deny. Some let them flow. Some let them just be there, without any action. Well THIS is another way, another option. Through magick.

"saturn in sagittarius"So the next time your feelings are heavy and sharp and intense and distracting you from what you need to do, think about this. About developing new skills, practices.

ALSO on working from home and having a Uranus-ruled 6th House: 

Folks who work from home, self-employed or not, you need ROUTINE yes but some of us need routine + wandering… (or even if you don’t work from home but are organizing your time when home):

I am thinking of a gal with a 6th House Aquarius Moon – she has got to do her own schedule her own way! I don’t have Moon there but my 6th is Uranus ruled.

I work in these “weird” patterns but I also can have laser beam organized focus.

I have different work spaces and go from room to room and long as I’m organized? I don’t get overwhelmed but I need that TO-DO list to be PRISTINE. I am working on the FLOOR today with all my papers and notebooks spread out around me. THE DESK IS NOT ENOUGH. The desk has books and tea and more papers and…

… I start to wonder if I could keep this apartment after all, so much good space but it’s a particularly quiet Saturday morning. It isn’t always that way.

How do you keep house? 


PS I’m so excited for my blog makeover this month! Stay tuned for new look and new goodies!

And Then Come The Blooming Roses (For Moon Pluto People & Others With Intense Emotions)

Of course you don’t have to be a Moon Pluto person to have a hard time.

But I think Moon Pluto people experience an extra dose of the loony intensity when it comes to the lunations.

Because we are accessing Pluto every single time we feel ANYTHING.

So get the straightjacket ready because we may not be flying right the next few days. Full Moon Eclipse is on Tuesday.

I’m teasing but I’m also serious about this.

From my Facebook:

About Moon Pluto people and their response to Eclipse energy.

Moon Pluto people access Pluto EVERY TIME THEY FEEL.

And I’m talking about the Moon Pluto conjunction but this may resonate for others.

Got that? A N Y T H I N G.

ANY and EVERY feeling.

SO even when a Moon Pluto person feels happy, they also feel PLUTO. Pluto is right there, right beside.

And many find this hard to deal!

Unless they are… chock full of superpower (similar but different to the Moon Pluto person).

You have to be STRONG to withstand the whirlwind turbulent that is a Moon Pluto person accessing and expressing PLUTO. Words and feelings, words and feelings.

See, it’s different than a Scorpio Sun or a Scorpio Moon who may fly beneath the radar. You may feel their intensity but you don’t always witness the flay.

With Moon Pluto there is no hiding. It’s living with Pluto. LITERALLY! Moon is the house, the home.

And I get it. Not everyone wants to live with Pluto. The constant death and rebirth on an emotional level. The RELENTLESS digging for answers. The constant need for repair. Kill it off. Bring it back. It can be exhausting until the Moon Pluto person’s person realizes what it is. That it’s a PROCESS. Not an end point.

Yes we claw at the sore until it bleeds and bleeds and bleeds but then we heal.
And then come the blooming roses.

So the question becomes: what do you want ? Do you want a garden? Do you want THIS garden? 

Love, MP


I wasn’t going to do an April special but I never took it away from the blog and people were asking so I’m making it OFFICIAL YES: 

Two Specials going on, to help you through the Cardinal Cross and Eclipses this month. 

Special A:
Instant Message (via Facebook or Gmail Gchat) is a 45 minute and $50

Special B: 
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Moon Magic For The Full Moon In Cancer

Reminder:  Please Follow or Friend me on Facebook. If you go to my homepage here, the link is in the center of the page. I’m getting into the habit of doing a daily video and sometimes I post them on YouTube and sometimes just on Facebook but it’s a nice way to catch up :) Also, my FB profile is PUBLIC thus easy to find. Look up Aliza Moonplutoastro.

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Maybe you feel it already. The Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday the 15th.

Today the Moon will square nervous Uranus, trine caring Chiron, oppose powerful Pluto, conjoin jolly Jupiter. Busy enough for you? Emotional pyrotechnics. Crankiness. Protectiveness. Nurture yourself. Take good care. Cancer takes care of everyone in her grumbly grumbly way but don’t forget to take care of you.

The January Full Moon is the Quiet Moon, Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Moon of Little Winter (writes D.J. Conway) and I love this imagery, especially the Wolf Moon. Like many I’ve been watching Game of Thrones (and had a dream about Tyrion Lannister last night but that’s another story).

You know, I think we need rituals, we need magic, we need HELP. But it’s mostly about your thinking. If you can turn your thinking :::this way::: and see things for… not how they are, but how they ARE. It really is about shifting your perspective. It starts from inside (this adjustment) but then requires outside tinkering. Maybe you’ll light a candle. Maybe you’ll find a book of spells. Research the meanings of the January Full Moon. Create something beautiful, quiet, wolfy, and snowy. A snow globe. Now if that sounds way too messy for all you Virgos out there, use your imagination. My point is that I want you to… move a little to the left or a little to the right and tell me what you see. See deeper. Go all High Priestess here. Open up the box of treasures and look inside. That box of treasures is your life. And if you are under Saturn and have it locked up tight, you will miss this and every opportunity. You will miss the elves, you will miss the fairies :)

My suggestion — do a blessing or ritual or plan-making for your home. If you want to move? Set that intention. If you want to stay? Set that intention. If you want to beautify or maximize or seek protection. This especially fits because the Full Moon is in Cancer, sign of home and hearth. Write a prayer, an incantation, a wish, a desire. Dust off your altar. And… the rest is up to you.

I was back doing candle rituals but I realize I have to be extra careful now — one of the cats can jump up pretty high – to the top of the bookshelf now which is where I was lighting my candles these days so we’ll see but I definitely want to do something…

Pulled the 2 of Pentacles which tells me I really should make the time — during the Full Moon and everyday BECAUSE of all the juggling I’m doing :)

Do you have a ritual planned? What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP


My new site is here! There are many ways to work with me! You can subscribe. You can join a chat room. You can do Independent Study/Apprenticeship. We can design a Reading package just for you or indulge in my FOUR FOR THREE. Let me know what you need and we’ll figure it out! 

New Class Stars TODAY!!!!! Email me if you want to join us

MoonPluto’s Prayers For Healing

I want to start a prayer group.

There is this healing center that I used to go to regularly for meditation class and one night a week there was this Prayers for Healing meditation that anyone could attend. There was a spiral notebook where you could write down names.

I want to do something similar. Need to figure out a time of course, a day of the week, so that it’s consistent, and commit to a mediation/prayer session at that time and to read over the list of names, out loud or to myself and want to publicize the day and time so that others can also sit and raise energy with me for healing (although I’d probably just keep the list of names private).

I only started thinking of this the other day so… I think what I’ll do is make a commitment to the month of June. See how that goes.

So, if you want to be on my list, send me an email (moonpluto@gmail) or a Facebook message with your name (yours, someone else’s) and I’ll start my list.

You don’t have to tell me why. In fact, if I start to get really long emails I may not read them sooo closely because I get information overload :)

Doesn’t matter if you are physically sick or emotionally sick or both or neither or you just need a little boost, to know that someone is thinking of you once a week, sending you some light.

Why do I do stuff like this? Venus in the 12th House (to name one thing). My Venus definitely wants her one-on-one love but the 12th House love supply is limitless. It’s not mine. It comes through me, through anyone with a 12th House Venus.

For example, instead of pining for some impossible love (been there, done that), if you too have a 12th House Venus, you can start a prayer group or a healing group or a meditation class…



Please click on this link here (or this link here) for my Summer Love Special! I’m teaming up with the lovely and talented Matthew Currie.

Whatever your particular love “problem” is, we will address it with charts and cards and smarts and love! Two astrologers! Two perspectives. He said she said!


Love, MP

The Stars Today: Moon In Aries

Day Two in the Meditation Hall: for two weeks I start my day in there with a few words and reminding them of the technique for the day. This is what I wrote just now:

We’re only on Day 2. Working with the goals you chose (did you set goals? how clear are they?) can be subtle. 

Don’t get too frustrated if it goes slowly. However, do stay aware of the time. This “retreat” is 5 days. Two days off (weekend). Then another 5 days. If you are not careful. you will miss it. Don’t fall into escapism. There is a difference between genuine connection with the Divine vs. escapism. 

Any questions or thoughts about the technique? I would like you to continue with it on Day 2. Always returning to the out-breath. Trying to keep the body still but comfortable. Paying attention to what your body and mind do. The mind chatters. It won’t stop until you’re dead. Some days more, some days less. 

I will sit at 9pm again tonight and another time during the day to be announced. 

HOMEWORK for this day: the noticing technique. We did this the last class as well. That you periodically stop during your day to… wake up. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with. 

This may be painful for some of you. It requires absolute presence. Some may avoid it. Often our lives are spent avoiding how we feel, what’s actually happening. It’s like.. when you wake up in the morning and you don’t want to wake up in the morning but there you are. 

The practice, the meditation practice supports you. It is, possibly, the only way out of hell. 

Today’s Inspiration comes from the Chasidic Masters: 

“Our Sages teach us that ‘standing is nothing other than prayer.’ A righteous person never actually stands still, for he is constantly ascending from one level to the next. But when he is standing in prayer before God, he is standing still, for it is then impossible to go further.” 


I won’t be posting regularly what I do in there. The class is a private space but I wanted to share the one from this morning to give you an idea of what I’m up to. I hadn’t even intended to delve into prayer or prayer practice this time around but it’s on my mind these days.

The Moon is in Aries as I type this: conjunct Uranus, inconjunct Saturn, square Pluto, sextile Jupiter. Not all these aspects are exact now but think of this as the energy we are under — all of it. Aries is impatient, Aries can be volatile. The New Moon is tomorrow which is a fresh start but what to do with the Aries rage. Bottle it? No, too repressive. Let it out? Well, somebody could get hurt. We must always work “by axis” i.e. the opposite of Aries is Libra: force plus grace. Force yourself to meditate, force yourself to pray. Force yourself not to despair.

Pluto retrograde this week is a flashing neon sign. I know I know you probably don’t think of either Capricorn or Pluto as bright lights but that’s exactly what it is. I would even offer up that where Pluto is transiting is THE most important place in your chart. If you aren’t obsessed THERE, then you are doing something wrong. But take that obsession, that fuel, and don’t let it fester. Do something with it. Create.

And surrender. Yes, surrender. One of Isabel Hickey’s keywords for higher vibration Pluto. And as a wise man said to me the other day: there is a difference between quitting and surrender.

Love, MP


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MoonPluto Mini-Course: MEDITATION INSPIRATION (Part Two)

The cost of the class is $25 by PayPal.

We start Monday, April 8th.

It’s a 10 day class: Monday through Friday. Then take the weekend off. Then Monday through Friday again.

Who is this class for:

For anyone interested in beginning a meditation practice and/or for those whose discipline is waning and/or you just want to hang out and chit-chat with like-minded peeps :) All are welcome. You don’t need to know anything about meditation. You can be anywhere, anyplace, in your life, spiritually or otherwise.

Why meditate: 

Well, you can endlessly Google the health benefits of this. For me, it’s often been about learning how to stay in the present moment (learning not to get carried away by intense emotions) so when the going gets tough (which it often does), we have a practice under us, that we can return to. There’s also a spiritual component for me.

Breaking it down a little more, what this class could help you with:

1. grounding, getting back in the body

2. getting to know your own mind, observing what it does

3. increased ability to get in touch with/feel Spirit/Source Energy in your life

But how this happens is by meditating. By doing it.

**Think of this two week time period as a mini-retreat even as you go about your daily life. Mini-retreat mindframe: greater awareness of self and surroundings, heightened senses, deeper thoughts, and delving into what a meditation practice could mean for you.

That said, expect nothing :)


It is a drop-in course. You decide how much you want to participate in discussion. I post materials (i.e inspirational quotes, poems) for us to ponder, questions you may “research” on your own, optional homework assignments.

I will post meditation times when I will be sitting but you can sit at *any* time that suits your schedule HOWEVER sitting daily (anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes) is suggested. You may even sit twice :) Last time it got hard to schedule my sitting times due to my fluctuating schedule, but I’ll try again.

Sitting together, whenever possible, has value because when people sit together they raise their vibration (according to Edgar Cayce). 


The class will be a Secret Group, a safe, private space to discuss our experiences with the practice.


The value of this class for you depends on your participation. You may not get much out of it unless you “practice,” unless you sit.

(And I’m not talking about hour-long sits. I’m talking about 5 min, 10, 15, 20….).

There is no “right” or “wrong” in this class.

It’s about making adjustments and seeing what is there, in your mind, in your body.

And to do this practice together, with support. Community. 


I will not inundate you with links or book titles but choose from my library. Food for thought. This class is an antidote to Jupiter in Gemini and the wild information age that we live in. Again, think of it as a retreat.


There will be optional homework but I haven’t decided the form of it yet. Whether it will be active (i.e. meditative walks) or mindfullness exercises or answering simple questions to share with me or the group


The first time we did this class, it was structured like this:

Week One:  will focus on grounding meditation. Being in your body. Being in the present moment. I will likely use Pema Chodron and Katagiri Roshi as our guides

Week Two:  will focus on what I call “spiritual” meditation, and will use material from the Edgar Cayce Readings. 

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this structure or do something else. We shall see!

Questions? Email me at

Do You Pray?

Connection to the Divine is so crucially important to my daily life and survival, and yet I often find myself without a disciplined routine for that connection. I realize how necessary it is. Post-its to the rescue! I need to write everything down.

The post-it right in front of me says: “Whatever is happening is the path to enlightenment.” – Pema Chodron

Yesterday I had a coffee date with an old friend, Pisces Sun, Pisces Rising, devout Catholic, spiritual person, and I committed to a new morning prayer practice.

I don’t know what shape it will take. 30 seconds? 5 minutes?  Traditional Jewish prayers? A line or two from the Edgar Cayce readings? A moment of silence? A plea. A question. A thank you. All of this and more. Or none of it. Just a moment to remember, acknowledge. What? That I am connected… no matter what I believe because I am as doubtful, and as longing for God as they come.

My North Node is in Pisces in the 6th House: the every day spiritual. South Node cloistered in the 12th. Get it out of there.

It’s not enough to just stare out the window. That’s 12th House living. The point, for me, is to engage the Divine.

“Help,” my Pisces friend said. “Help.”

Are you disciplined in your spiritual life? 

Love, MP


Are you interested in the Meditation class? Please email asap if you want to join us. I know I’m behind in posting my informational post but fingers crossed, later today. 

Information about Astrology & Tarot Readings is here

Do You Believe In Past Lives?

There are a couple of people that I turn to when I feel down and out, or when I have questions, the way some of you turn to me, and I was remembering something one of them told me last year —

She had seen an ancestor or spirit guide of mine. She wasn’t sure what it was, who it was. She described him to me. Didn’t sound familiar but I never forgot it.

Flash forward a year and I’m dealing with a noisy neighbor and suddenly a certain phrase, along with an accompanying visualization, comes to mind.

If I don’t write things down, I forget them, and today I remembered this phrase (out of the blue) as well as the visual as I was dealing with noise again (from someone else).

I decided to look on-line — that maybe this… spell, incantation, this action that I was “doing,” this magic that I was engaging in (to shush the noisy person) has a history of some kind.

And it does — in various streams of folk magic. Now I have no idea if this spirit guide is related at all to my knowledge of this ritual and yet the two are linking in my mind. I think there is a connection.

In my internet research I also discovered that this thing I was doing (what I was visualizing) was meant to cleanse the person which I found interesting because here I thought I was just seeking quiet but it turns out that my higher self had a higher purpose.

I do believe in past lives although I don’t think about it that much. I’m more obsessed with the here and now. Perhaps it is time to reverse this focus.

Last year I had a fixed-star astrology reading which convinced me that I’ve done this work before, in previous lifetimes. And oddly enough later that week another astrologer (who I’d not consulted for a reading) wrote to me out of the blue because they’d thought of me and also talked about fixed stars.

How in touch are you with your past lives? Do you get clues? Or is it very clear? 

Love, MP


Look here for the March Specials!

And here for the Mini-Moon Readings (The New Moon in Pisces is coming up!)

And here for all the other Astro/Tarot Readings!

Meditation Mini-Course (February Edition)

One week Meditation Intensive!

This class begin the last Sunday in February and focuses again on a basic foundational sitting practice but this time we will also work with Chakra soothing/clearing.


This is not a “webinar.”  It is a loosely structured, daily discussion-based, drop-in class although I may post some videos this time. Lurkers and active participants are welcome.

I do my best to let you know my sitting times ahead of time so you can join me if you want. We raise more energy when we sit together.

Please know I do follow Edgar Cayce’s vision of the chakra system: that the third-eye chakra is actually the “highest” –  not the crown chakra. Not sure if such things matter to you, but figured I’d mention it because that’s what I work with.

And each day we will focus on a different chakra in our meditation practice and I will again bring you inspiration, information, and ideas for your sitting.

For example, on Day One I’ll say hello, announce my sitting times, remind folks or tell new folks about the basic practice and then begin discussion/bring information about the Root chakra.

I am there off and on (daily) to answer questions and help, as needed. I will do this class even with small enrollment (hmmm 5 minimum).

This class would be great for folks who desire the discipline to sit every day and feel that a little community could help them., and are interested in a foundational practice but also the more spiritual side of things. And like I wrote above, lurkers are welcome but participants will get more out of it because meditation is something you DO.

You may also be interested in the class if you just happen to enjoy my energy :) and would like more of it for a week!

I plan on doing these monthly.

$25 by PayPal.