The Stars Today!

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
on the way!

It’s a beautiful day in the Big City. I hope everyone is well. This morning I’ve got some cat sitting to do and then it’s off to a grand Thanksgiving lunch with friends and then home to begin a reading. A less busy day than usual.

How is everyone? 

Some highlights from the sky: Sun is at 1 degree Sagittarius. The beginning of fire, the beginning of inspiration.

The Moon is still in late Scorpio. New Moon and Solar Eclipse ahead in Sagittarius.

Mercury now retrograde at 20 Sagittarius. Venus at 27 Sag. Venus moves into Capricorn on Saturday which means more good earth ahead.

Mars at 6 Virgo, Jupiter retrograde at 2 Taurus.

Saturn at 25 Libra, Uranus retrograde at zero Aries, Neptune 28 Aquarius and Pluto direct 6 Capricorn.

What do we have to look forward to?

Today’s Solar Eclipse of course (yup) and New Moon (I’ll take it!) and I find these first days of Mercury retrograde to be particularly wobbly so try to stay patient with yourself and others, and if Aunt Mildred said she would be over at 3 o’clock to help, well, she may be late.

Although Mars is moving ahead in Virgo, I’m still counting this as Grand Trine Energy between Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto: earth signs: manifestation. Practical. Material. Real. Your confusion isn’t as real as you think but what is real in your life is as real as you think. So build something. What do you want to build. Start from the bottom and look up. Venus joining the earth action will make it even more beautiful and I think you’ll feel better too.

The Sun is trine Uranus which is lovely even (especially!) with a Mercury Retrograde. Talk about insight! And Sun and Uranus together… they make sparks. Intuition. Practice tuning-in to something or someone today and see if it has an extra otherworldly quality to it. A fun experiment. Break out the Tarot-cards or try to guess what color underwear everyone is wearing… although this may be hard to verify. Hmm. Sun Uranus is weird. I’m being weird.


Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury: electric mind ready to receive. Also today Venus sextiles Neptune, the Moon in Sagittarius will trine Uranus… if there ever was a day to get answers? This is it. Powerful powerful energy.

So add this to your intentions: that you are ready for the answers. To your life. Ready to hear them. And then to move forward. The heavens will respond, the heavens DO respond. It’s… often a matter of listening.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! xoxo Everyone 

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