The Stars This Week: Taurus Style Gets You Through

I know I know I haven’t blogged in forever.

I am far more active on my Facebook page – posting updates there – on my personal and business page. And some on Instagram. Less with the blog.

When I think: okay time to check in! It’s no longer about checking in HERE and honestly I do not know who reads here anymore although I know sometimes people still find me through the blog.

We had a Full Moon. We survived the Full Moon. Hopefully you are surviving whatever transits you are under. Hopefully you are enjoying life. Things are what they are in MoonPlutoLand. I have a list.

I have listS.

Aquarius Moon makes squares to Leo planets today but this is brief and we’re also under a Venus Saturn trine today so it’s a good day for work and commitment but less so for glory.

I drew Pentacles this morning so I did thing after thing after thing and I’m almost done with my necessary things and task after task morning.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is more of the same actually – these weird Moon moments:

Moon sextiles Uranus which is fun and creative but also squares Mars in Scorpio which I don’t like at all.

Truth is we have a t-square going on by sign, whether or not the degrees match up at any given time. The empty leg here is Taurus so I recommend Taurus style will get you through this week.

What is Taurus style? Taurus doesn’t give up. 

I think this all plays out in how you FEEL this week. Not so good. But nothing’s really WRONG due to THIS SKY (its just the motion, it’s just the moon)  so just try to task after task after task it.

Friday the Sun enters Leo and kittens everywhere rejoice 🙂


PS Ladies watch it on that Moon square Mars day. Steer clear of agitated individuals.