Instructions For Crushing Your Dark Of The Night Soul + Full Moon In Gemini This Weekend

"ten of swords tarot"

You have to find something that forces you to focus. And you need a little bit of good advice. Just a little.

I prefer you *not* choose sex — as your focus —

unless you have someone you really like having sex with and there is a commitment there – healthy and loyal. But that’s my bias, I know.


I teach independence.


I mostly want you to choose something about YOU. For YOU. Something that isn’t dependent on anyone else’s body or emotions or choices but your own — for your dark night of the soul lantern.

This weekend surely is one. A Dark Night for many. I’ve been feeling it. FULL MOON in Gemini and a slew of other aspects, most of them involving NEPTUNE, but then there’s that Mars Uranus opposition so the sudden breaks and breakthroughs are, well, sudden. Jarring even.

Thus the instruction is to alternate deep REST with deep FOCUS. That’s your lantern and that’s how you light your way out of the Dark Night should you wish to Eight-of-Cups it out of there. Yes it’s a repeating card for me last 24 hours.

And then today I pulled the Strength card for advice (slow, patient, gentle) as I was on my way to the gym to work on my deadlift and squats!

"full moon in gemini"

About Friday (tomorrow):

Venus enters Sagittarius and the Mars Uranus opposition is exact. This is a lot of fire. YOU WILL BE ENTHUSED. This isn’t good or bad per se but it’s a lot of energy. THINKS TAROT SUIT OF WANDS. That fire.

For those of you who have been in a dark night of the soul slump, Friday could indeed be a blessing. IT WAKES YOU UP.

The problem here is control (or focus). You may feel angry. You may feel all over the place. Impatient! Aggravated. You may be trying to make peace but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Mars in Libra (cooperation!) tries to tame lone wolf/leave-me-alone Uranus in Aries. Mars in Libra says BE NICE to Uranus in Aries. Mars in Libra feels sorry for him/herself. Uranus DOES NOT CARE. And Mars in Libra does not like Uranus’ swashbuckling ways! So they fight! AND Venus wants to par-tay! She leaves secretive Scorpio for storytelling Sagittarius. MANY WILL HAVE A STORY TO TELL ABOUT TOMORROW.

Saturday: JUPITER TRINE NEPTUNE one of THE MOST spiritual aspects I think this aspect may be God him/herself

Sunday: MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE IN SAGITTARIUS and the Sun is square Neptune AND we have that Full Moon in Gemini which is also square Neptune!

NEPTUNE NEPTUNE NEPTUNE NEPTUNE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL and Mars Uranus and Venus into Sagittarius is your hammer to crush it like a walnut IF that’s what you want. Maybe you’ve cried enough and moped enough and you just need a hammer or a barbell on your back.

It’s December 2017. We made it.

"jupiter trine neptune"

Venus Sextile Jupiter: Beautiful Blessing (October 26th)

"venus sextile jupiter"

What to do when you’ve lost so much and you want to die.

Good question, eh? This came up in consult today…


I wanted to talk about why tomorrow is a good day.

I’ll tell you.

Venus is sextile Jupiter tomorrow. 

In the most plain of plain English, sextiles are GOOD.

There are just a handful of what we call “major” aspects in astrology. The sextile is one of them and it’s one of the good ones. Aspects are… how the planets in your chart (if we are looking at your natal) talk to each other. Similarly, this is the same word we use to describe the planetary interaction in the sky itself or from the sky to your chart. Transits are concerned with where the planets are now and how they may affect you and what I’m talking about here is happening up there, in the sky. Astrologers must know these basics, at the very least: signs, planets, houses, major aspects.

So we have Venus in the sky and Jupiter in the sky in this harmonious sextile and it MAY make a good aspect to your chart as well (which I cannot tell from here because I do not know your chart). Venus is in Sagittarius (adventurous fire sign) and Jupiter is in Libra (in love with love). Take a chance on love? Could be.

Venus and Jupiter – the two benefics – are the planets and planetary energies we tend to think of as good.  Venus concerns herself (to name just two things) with pleasure and love and Jupiter rules luck and abundance and blessing. How could we possibly go wrong?

I know this post can’t apply to everyone on the earth and yeah your day tomorrow may be crap BUT this energy is there in the sky and available to you. Get it? It’s happening no matter what kind of day you have. You can access it.

You know, whenever I talk about good days, my mind always remembers that for many on this earth, tomorrow will not be a good day no matter what  so all severe situations aside – for the rest of us – who are mostly not suffering, tomorrow is a BREAK and what pours down is honey.

This reminds me – of a short play I wrote – it got a production some years ago, was a One Act and the name of it was taken from the Book of Job: And I Alone Have Escaped To Tell You and this play is in part concerned with the idea of what/who is there even in the moments of greatest suffering.

I don’t know why I have to bring this up in a post about a happy optimistic Venus Jupiter sextile. Maybe because I’ve been blogging for so long I know I’ll get people here or on Facebook tell me that Venus sextile Jupiter brought them shit and their life is shit well I’m sorry your life is shit.

If you aren’t literally in prison or being tortured on a daily basis (which happens as we all know), what steps can you take to make it better? Moon is in Virgo tomorrow too. Small steps. To make it better.

And THAT, my friends, is Venus Jupiter, having a little faith in tomorrow.


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The Stars This Week: Mars Conjunct Pluto And What Else Do You Need To Know?

"mars conjunct pluto"

Of course it figures. Thursday, the Moon is in Cancer and thus will oppose the Mars Pluto conjunction (which is exact on Wednesday).

Let me back up a little. We have a Grand Cross this week – in cardinal signs. Remember we have Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Libra. Uranus in Aries (and if you want me to mention Eris I’ll mention her too). Moon will be in Cancer. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.

And Venus enters Sagittarius. But to me the bigger news is this Mars Pluto thing and honestly I’m glad it’s in Capricorn. You’re less likely to get into trouble. LESS likely. It’s not guaranteed. I’d still be careful. I’d avoid dangerous people and places. Mars Pluto IS danger and listen I don’t make this stuff up. It’s textbook astrology. This combination has a reputation and with good reason.

Now I’m NOT saying that harm will befall you or anyone else. What I am saying is that Mars (aggression) and Pluto (power) may show you some dark sides – yours or theirs and the Cancer Moon and other hard aspects will make it emotional, far more emotional than if it were Capricorn (Saturn) without the Cancer Moon part. Cancer Moon cries. If you meet a Cancer Moon who does NOT cry, then run. Because they are holding in a hurricane.

I know I scare people. I don’t mean to. It’s not a bad week. Venus in Sagittarius is fun. It won’t conjoin Saturn yet (less fun). Playful energy. But this Mars Pluto VIOLENT TRANSFORMATION dominates. That’s another Mars Pluto keyword – dominates. Capricorn is cautious and this is helpful.

Find 14/15/16 degrees in your chart because it’s a hot spot and you need more than one outlet no doubt. Or a really good one. Capricorn can focus. Capricorn is a worker so work. Keep busy. Put your grievances on simmer and don’t let the pot boil over under the Cancer Moon.

It’s hot in that house of your chart. That is all.


Here Comes Venus In Sagittarius!

"venus square jupiter" What’s interesting to me about Venus entering Sagittarius this week are the aspects she will make as she belly dances her way through the sign.

Not only will she conjoin Saturn and square Jupiter (and square Neptune and Chiron) but trine Uranus as well.

This transit will be a busy busy time for Venus and thus your Sagittarius house shall be busy busy as well but Venus is our rosy cheeked and graceful benefic. Things start to look up. Things are serious yes. Dead serious. Venus Saturn is serious. Life changing serious. But imagine the ahhhhh breath of expansion when that Venus Jupiter square perfects and you scrumptiously grow in ways previously unimagined. How tall you become.

We NEED this excess, this Venus Jupiter. We NEED this love, Venus Jupiter love. And I should know. I have the sextile. Now I also have a Venus Saturn square so this energy will rock climb my heart and I don’t mind at all. Frankly, I need the distraction of the dancing horse. Sagittarius rules horses.

Think about it. Think about your Sagittarius House, about the unfathomable pain Saturn is causing there and then know and trust and have faith in Venus’ ability and desire to turn you on. Yes I do think some of you will be drawing the Lovers card during this time period yes I do, but when I speak of TURNING ON, I also mean spiritually. Of the soul.

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun girl (or boy), but she’s also philosophical, worldly, whipsmart. I think you should trust her. Sagittarius trusts! Take the Venus Saturn lesson and then open wide your heart.


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The Stars This Weekend: How Many Slices??

I catch a glimpse of my happiness like a reflection in a store window. Feelings are ours alone. I mean, let’s say there’s a girl and she’s in love with a girl (or a guy) – could be a client of mine, could be a friend. And she FEELS everything SOOO deeply. Well, those feelings are HERS and hers alone. He (or she) may have inspired it but she’s alone in it. The object of her love has his/her own Venus.

How do YOU feel love? What’s your experience of it? 

Also the idea that love is… different than happiness. Lord knows you can love and hurt at the same time!

I realize I’ve been ignoring Venus’s transit through wild Sagittarius. I didn’t mean to, but Scorpio Season’s got me on lockdown.

So for those with an eye on Venus these days, she will inconjunct Jupiter this weekend and the sensitive among us are feeling it already. Sagittarius wants to roam, horizon-eyed, and Cancer is a homebody, fragile-feeling. Venus and Jupiter though, in any combination, is usually pretty sweet. It’s often a matter of… two slices of cake, or three?

Now I could write a book on Cancer Sagittarius compatibility, and the inconjunct itself, I believe, is charismatic. We can’t look away. We don’t want to look away. What will that CRRRRAAAAZZZZYYYY Sag do next! What emotional High C will that Cancer hit, and did she *really* throw an electric fan at him on her wedding day?

What I’m feeling about this weekend: you want quality time with your honey (or whatever/whoever makes you feel secure) but you’re stuck on the road or in the kitchen. You just can’t make it all FIT. But that’s okay. By the time the Moon hits LEO, you’ll be smiling again :)

Love, MP


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VENUS On The Loose! Wednesday, October 16th

An interesting and possibly unpleasant day for love and lovers. (Or relationships in general. Or finances. But there’s more to the story. Read on!)

You want your chains UNCHAINED but OW OW OW OW OW OW those chains are… hard and cold and spikey and are attached to not only OTHER PEOPLE (ew) but to everything you wish you weren’t feeling. EW.

My teacher used to say Sagittarius “only wants to hear good news.” Do you agree?

My teacher was a Libra who always seemed more than a little disgusted with everyone around him. Oh dear it is THAT kind of day ;)

HOWEVER, Venus in Sag also trines URANUS today and this is your Houdini moment. GET OUT OF JAIL FREEEEEE.

Fire trine fire. Today it’s fine to go up in flames (not down with the ship) by looking towards the HORIZON and into your bloody pulpy heart.

Fire = forgiveness.

Don’t ask me how I know this. I just know :)

Love, MP

Venus On Fire And A Little Poem For Sunday

I’ve barely begun my 30 poems in 30 days and I’ve hit a wall. Had trouble locating the other thumb drive and then… Oh. Wait. Here’s a little one. A Little Poem for Sunday.


After Death

Well, there were some things I liked about being in a body. I liked watching the cats sleep and wake up on the big blue dresser, their matching mouths the color of pink ribbon. And I liked the subway train the one time I could smell coffee on a man’s breath. Now those were happy people. I loved the long hot summer finally over, the first smell of Chinese food in fall, on a quiet city block, just waking up, eating my heart out in the window of the shop. (Me, 36. You, 28.) And then at night, dreaming of funny noodles.


On my Facebook page (click that link to see for yourself) I started a conversation about Venus in fire signs and got a great response. I was wondering about women who “chase” men although I didn’t put it in those terms exactly.

I was curious about others’ experiences since I have Venus in Leo and I’ve… never been very good at pretending that I don’t like someone or playing hard to get.

So I’ll ask you guys the same question: is your Venus in a fire sign? Do you chase/hunt men (or women?) Are you a woman who has been told in general that she is too yang and needs to “attract” instead of go after?

I”m not judging, just exploring. And also curious who it works for and who it doesn’t. In either case, it was a really interesting discussion :)


Three cards for the week. I may not reveal the cards, just give a summary. Let’s see if it matches the “forecast” from earlier today!

Okay what I see here is good stuff but also caution. And the good stuff is really good (good mood, good money, good love, etc) and someone is looking at you, someone you want to look at you i.e. SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. And this makes you happy. That’s why you’re grinning like the 9 of Cups dude here but there’s a caution and the caution is… don’t close up.

I know you get afraid when you feel… you’re on the verge of getting what you want. You freeze. Or, you have in the past. And others around you, truth be told, have not exactly wanted your happiness (i.e. wanted you to grow) so… protect yourself. Keep your balance. Don’t shut down but… do your meditation practice :) The events of this week do not need to tip you.

I cheat at Tarot ;) I pulled one more. 9 of Pentacles. You’re already there, baby. Depend on yourself. Whoever, whatever, is entering your life, whoever, whatever, is leaving your life, this is your story. You ARE allowed to be happy. To have joy. To have really good sex. To have money. And health. And dreams come true. And supportive sustaining love. Be Zero. Start where you are. Be the Fool (from this morning’s Tarot) but don’t get lost. I want you solid, grounded, and knowing you are at home wherever you are. Even if he’s gone. Or she’s gone. Or it’s gone. You’re here. You may have no clue why you are here. You may regret every decision you’ve made for the last um 35 years but you’re here.

And that’s what the cards said to me :)


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Venus In Sagittarius: Open Mind Open Heart

"full moon in cancer"Because the news is so awful, it makes me want to blog about something very light, a little escape, since I have no words of wisdom. Who does? No one I would listen to ;)

And I feel the need to make some space between me and my routine, what I usually do, and yet the desire to maintain. I don’t do astrological analysis of tragic events.


Looking for a little hope in the sky, for those who are interested and/or ready, Venus into Sagittarius this weekend is good news. She’s less emotional than Venus in Scorpio, less Joy Division and more Big Country ;) and she loves loves loves loves to travel, within and beyond her borders. I suppose there must be a Sag Venus out there who is a homebody, but I haven’t met her yet :)

Something I’m experiencing now in my life: Mars went through Sagittarius first and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  A sense of dread for me, heightened awareness (no doubt emphasized by aspects Mars was making in my chart.) Mars is war. Mars moving on from my 4th House brought relief which was then picked up by the Sun in Sagittarius (ah sunshine at home), followed now by Mercury and Venus.

Notice if you feel similarly. It’s fine if you don’t :) but this has been my experience. What I want is for you to get a sense of the individual planetary energies.

Venus entering Sagittarius also means Venus will square Neptune and then Chiron and all you Pisces peeps out there. Venus will square you Virgos out there. Venus will oppose Jupiter and you Gemini.

Venus square Neptune = the vision of love you are believing is only partly true which isn’t to say you are being deceived but I pulled the JUSTICE card this morning for the folks in MoonPlutoLand and my favorite interpretation of this card is about honesty. Being honest with yourself. That you haven’t been and you need to be.

“Hard” Venus aspects don’t concern me like hard Mars aspects. In fact I think you could be in for a lovely time. I know, I know, it seems impossible to believe in this moment, but I suggest you align yourself with the mutables i.e. you can keep your vision big (Venus in Sagittarius) but pay attention to the details of your life (Virgo) while knowing you are connected truly to all on this earth, for better or worse (Pisces) and use your words (Gemini): speak, write… if you are having trouble processing your emotions and the shock of yesterday’s shooting.

xo sending love xo

Just because. A video I was watching this morning

My Lunar Return Oy

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
the Moon was not full today but I felt like it!

The day did not turn out as planned. I went out with my cousin but didn’t last at the thing she had planned for us. It was too crowded. It was TOOO much.  We were at one of those huge convention centers. I guess the phrase “convention center” denotes HUGE no matter what but… I had pictured something different. I dunno. Less wild? Just… less.

She didn’t mind that I left. I mean, she felt bad that I came all the way uptown but it was good to see her. We walked the long blocks to the huge convention center together. That made it worth it. And although we’re close, we rarely see each other. It’s a New York thing. Everyone’s so busy.  She’s been a bit of a mother figure to me. Has a Cancer Moon too.

And I’m not surprised at all that the day turned out the way it did: the Moon in Virgo conjuncted my Moon and Pluto today, opposing my empty 7th House (ain’t that the truth!) and I never feel at my best with that much Moon energy, even though I’m a Cancer. It’s just, as I was saying above, TOOO much. Moon overload! Moon PLUTO overload!

Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius (freedom and honesty in love) were squaring the Moon in Virgo too. Was there no possible way to survive the afternoon without drama, dramarama (yes, I am referring to something else now). Will it take a lifetime to learn to navigate tricky transits. Repeat after me: tricky transits tricky transits tricky transits.

Venus was squaring my Pluto, folks. Venus was squaring my Moon-Moon-Pluto. Oy.

And you? What happens to you during your Lunar Return? Do you wait and watch… or do you go wild? I recommend the former. 

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Your Future: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2011

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011

Take your chart outside and think about your future. But don’t think about it hard. Don’t hurt yourself. Use your peripheral vision. Take a breath.

I often tell y’all to sit down with your chart and your coffee and your donut but do something different this time. Take it outside. Stand under a tree. Go to the backyard. To the patio. To the mountain. Someplace quiet. Solitude. Undisturbed. Look at the sky. Look at your chart. Look at the sky. Your future.

Early degrees of Sagittarius is where the change will be happening. Six months to a year. And think about it all with a feeling of wonder or awe, if you dare, as you stand there, in the backyard, under the tree. You can do this. You can step outside your life… so that you may return to it.

I just did it. I went outside and I took my chart and I looked up at the tree under the sky and I saw my future. Not soooo clear but glimpses of it, through the branches.

Sagittarius is a wonderful sign for a NEW moon because Sagittarius is leading us out of Scorpio, taking us by the hand, yanking us by the arm! Soon enough! I know Mercury and Venus are already there and Mercury will go Retrograde but the Sun the Sun the Sun! The light! Shining! You!

Your future is precious and Sagittarius is the antidote to the winter blues to the small mind and tight mind and depression because Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, expands what it touches so you are going to grow.

Go outside. Find your tree. Find your patch of sky and look up.

What do you see? 

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Estimated Time Of Arrival, Estimated Time Of Departure: Sagittarius Season

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"

Leaving can be good or bad or neutral. It depends on the context.

Here’s one example: when you stop dreaming of him (or her) then you know it’s Really Over. When he (or she) stops coming to you in your dreams. When you spend hours *not* thinking of him (or her). When you no longer imagine your arms around him before sleep, and after sleep, and during sleep. It’s over then. The energy has shifted. Free at last.

Is this where you are? 

I am telling this story because Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius and the Sun will enter Sagittarius next week and Sagittarius is really good at, well, leaving.

But there comes a time in the life of the archer, there comes a time when the wanderer, there comes a time when the most free of free men and women, when the not so lonely horseman or horsewoman wants to make a home.

Is this you?

Welcome Sun in Sagittarius! I’m a wee bit early, I know, but my Virgo Moon wouldn’t have it any other way

So get ready to pack up your Scorpio, get ready to pack up your dark clothes and your dark mood and your disguises and your private talk and your subterfuge and your covert and your manipulation and your jealousy and your power play and your knives and your ghosts and your dead friends and your passion and your profundity.

Well, actually you can keep all that stuff.  Just smile, too, like a good Sagittarius.


Are you coming or going? 

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Venus Is In Sagittarius: Look Up!

"moon pluto conjunction in the 1st house"
love love love love love love love love love love

I sent an email to a friend this evening: I fall in love with my own love.  

And I project this onto the other. I fantasize without realizing it. So then when I do actually see them? Reality. The veil drops. Wait. It’s not that I fall in love with it. It’s that I FEEL IT.

What I feel is my own love shooting across the skies. Moon and Pluto in the 1st House opposing an empty 7th House.

My details: Venus in Leo in the 12th House, Venus square Neptune, Pisces on the descendent, Neptune in the 3rd House. 

Pluto in the 1st House has a lone wolf reputation and people do find me… self-possessed, but my North Node is conjunct my 7th House cusp and I will die trying to get this partnership thing right.

Do you think about your life? All the mysteries? How you got from point A to point B and you can recall it all but… how much of it did you choose and how much of it was just reacting and lousy transits. I wound up living with my current roommate, an old friend, because of a lousy transit and some good luck. I had a Tarot reading not long after moving here and the guy said it was fate, meant to be, supposed to happen. I felt that. And that it was a crazy crazy crazy whirlwind and unfortunate cluster of transits that brought us here.

I pray for easy lessons.

Venus (and Mercury) are in Sagittarius now which says one thing to me:  OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!

Open your eyes even about that one thing which you think is fixed. Sagittarius is not fixed. It changes! Things change! Your love, your Venus, is being Jupiterized now! It’s growing, it’s growing, it’s growing, getting bigger and bigger and bigger AND BIGGER!

Biggest. Venus in Sagittarius wants to teach you a lesson. Are you ready?

What are you seeing? 

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Fire and Water, Water and Fire: Huh?

"full moon in taurus 2011"
Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius!

Scorpio. Sagittarius. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Which is it?? I’m going to be writing about this more in my Planetary Round-Up for next week, but I can tell you this: it’s BOTH!

While the Sun holds steady in Scorpio, Mercury and Venus entered Sagittarius today and Sagittarians the world over are no doubt leaping for joy, as they tend to do ;)

For me this transit is the tail-end of my 3rd, and 4th House transits are never my favorite. I like ‘em fast and clean and get ‘em out of there!

And where is your Sagittarius house? 

Best thing about the Sagittarius energy today though is the hot trine from Uranus in Aries. Fire trines inspire!

Did you feel creative today? Any flashes of insight? 

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Monday Morning Astrology

"mars in virgo 2011
I grew up in the land of plantains

Home is on my mind today and not just because home is always on my mind (as a Cancer Sun) but because Mercury and Venus are heading to Sagittarius, my 4th House.

When you know where the transiting planets are in your chart, you know where you need to look, where you cannot avoid looking.  This is Spirit talking to you. 

Do you have morning routines? Things that you do, things that you eat, an order to your morning and if you don’t do it, you’ll be lost?  I don’t have a t.v. these days, but I guess for some folks there would be things that they must watch. I did have a talk-radio routine once but the hosts kept changing and my favorites were gone.

I have a loose morning routine. I need my coffee and I like to blog in the morning if I have the time. I don’t mind waking up early except if it’s for work.

The faster moving planets marching through my 4th is always a bit tense and I find myself hoping to avoid one of the universe’s curveballs. See, my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo is in the 1st so I’m gonna get squared, right where it hurts: me, my home.  Although I’ve moved around a lot (Jupiter ruling my 4th), as I get older, I move around less. Only when I’m forced to. And that has happened twice in the last 10 years. When will stability come?

Pluto is leaving my 4th, heading to my 5th.  Funny thing about Pluto: he can raze the field and yet… what grows then is better than before.  Well, in some instances ;)

So here we are. Winter began with a bang in the Big City. One of the cats is sitting at the feet of the heater. How magical! Is it a God?

My coffee is ready – I’m brewing the coffee my mother used to drink, Cuban coffee, along with a grain “coffee” I bought yesterday – made from chicory, cocoa, figs, dates, barley, peppermint. I drink it with half and half. Another sneak preview of Mars in Virgo: details details details.

I hear birds outside and music from upstairs, piano, and am wondering how the parents feel about their kid banging on that thing this early in the morning. Oh. It stopped. Guess they didn’t like it.

And my big plan this month is to revise a monologue from my play which will have a reading in early December. The Sun is still in my 3rd House of writing… and this project started to come together when Mercury and Venus had just entered Scorpio — it was/is a project back from the dead.

So welcome to the week, my fellow StarGazers. A special thanks to those who bought my first Planetary Round-Up. I hope it was interesting. I hope it soothed you. And the one for this week IS still available! It covers Sunday to Saturday so you are only a day late ;)

My goal is to write one each week (for purchase) and plan to make it more in depth and better and better. As I wrote before, it will probably be a bit more North Node in Pisces than what you see here.  I will talk about the planetary aspects and how to work with the energy, but also suggest rituals for the week and ideas for nurturing. Very yin.

Are you ready for November? Happy Halloween :)

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