"venus conjunct jupiter"
A quick one: from my Facebook timeline: 

I know you are gonna like this, SOME OF YOU are gonna LOVE this astrology so listen up:

VENUS ENTERS SCORPIO next week, Tuesday.

Many astrologers will say that Venus is “not happy” in Scorpio and there are traditional reasons for this but let’s keep it simple:

Scorpio is MARS ruled and concerned with force and control and WAR
(hi Mars!) and that’s not really Venus is it? IS IT?

Isn’t Venus supposed to be… beautiful? Charming? Is war charming?

So you see it’s a contradiction for many and yet some folks absolutely adore Venus in Scorpio because PASSION and because DESIRE and because SEX and because INTENSITY

And remember that Jupiter (abundance) is in Scorpio too so soon we will have a VENUS JUPITER CONJUNCTION IN SCORPIO which is big sex and a lot of sex and abundant insatiable sex

so I suggest you do a BEDROOM SPELL (or whatever location you choose) if you want to amp up your seduction skills and thrills and chills.

Any questions?

The Stars This Weekend: You Care A Lot

I took an UNofficial hiatus – but I’m gonna try to be back.
If you missed me, let me know. If you didn’t, carry on :)

Time slows to a snail’s pace today as Mars squares Neptune.
As Mars SATURN squares Neptune.
Is this all you need to know? No but…

Let’s put it this way – we’re under a mutable Grand Cross today.
What does such a configuration do? IT SLOWS US DOWN.

Gemini Moon + Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius + Neptune and Chiron and South Node in Pisces + Jupiter and North Node in Virgo —

For my purposes here, I am ignoring degrees.
It’s SIGNS that square and we’re being crossed today, we’re being vexed, hexed, you name it.

What helps? Not being so hard on yourself and FRIDAY is more of the same so stop stop STOP that negative self-talk.

I’ve been on a  steady diet of Abraham Hicks lately and prayer and meditation and last night? Well, last night the negative thoughts came pounding and I felt powerless to stop them. Finally got to sleep and thought: I BETTER GET BACK TO THE BLOG.

So you can thank the mutable Grand Cross for that. 

The weekend:

Cancer Moon (emotional, defensive), and Mercury has NOT gone retrograde yet (save that for August 30th, Tuesday) – and lovely lovely lovely Venus Mercury Jupiter conjunction in Virgo!

Optimism returns this weekend but still some fear in the mix (Cancerian security fears) but a well aspected weekend overall.

Typical Moon in Cancer shenanigans including the opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus but you are familiar with that energy, that your emotions will go up and down like a roller coaster PAR FOR THE COURSE my darlings and Cancer Moon sextiles that Virgo stellium.

Sextiles make for good energy and pleasant people; this is an ethical aspect.
You care. You care a lot.

And then on Monday? Venus enters Libra..

To be continued.. 

Planning The November Meeting Place (Class) & Other News & Stars

"venus trine pluto"From my Facebook:

The next class – the November Meeting Place – will be a self-discovery process for participants –

and is a class (I need a new word!) for the Writers (whether you are writing or not, blocked or not, beginners or not, all welcome) — part of my desire is to explore and knead through the lumpy obstacles – what holds us back from THE WORD, THE PAGE, beginning, middling, finishing (and allowing it all)

Writing for self expression. Writing to GET THE FEELINGS OUT. Or the thoughts out. Or the memories out. Or the ideas out. Or “pro” writers who need a little attention and inspiration and conversation with likeminded. Doesn’t matter WHY you want to hang.

More details to come (including cost of course) 

I’ve been meaning to begin this for a while now (a series of them) but I was pretty sick last spring and it didn’t happen.

My return to the Writing Life makes this necessary and possible.

I am in the process of organizing and collecting what I want to do in there, where I want to take folks…


The news, my news, your news, and the Stars This Weekend


Weird day Weird energy. You feeling this? Moon’s in Aquarius
Weekend is astonishing —

We enter Scorpio :)  In and of itself this feels like a holiday to me – Scorpio is not “easy” but is worth it. My mother was a Scorpio. Quiet, reserved woman with SECRETS.

Venus conjoins Jupiter in Virgo and trines Pluto this weekend as well. Venus Jupiter Virgo is a party but one involving windex (obvious I know but it’s got to be said – CLEAN UP!)

Other sky stuff going on yes but these are on my mind –

What House is your Virgo House? That’s the Venus Jupiter marriage, your joy house. What House is your Capricorn House? Pluto is there, obsessing you.

For me it’s 1st/5th and I do feel a CREATIVE SURGE – pregnant with possibility.

I have felt dead for months (years?) and to have a glimpse of rebirth is… interesting to say the least.
To have a rebirth of I WANT


And you???? 

The Stars This Weekend : Mutable Mess But I Like It

"venus conjunct jupiter" So. About this weekend.

Really it’s this extended Virgo-Capricorn TRINE which is GOOD. Grounded, earthy, get it done well and easily energy. But lucky. Lucky breaks for some. Taurus with degrees around 12/13/14 fill out the trine and get a Grand Trine. My Saturn in Taurus is a little bit too high for this configuration but…

About the weekend: so much going on so I keep writing about it.

Sun entering Scorpio on Friday:

From Libra to Scorpio: from objective and rational and fair and beautiful and charming to… completely irrational obsessive magic and power :)

(I love my Libras but my mother was a Scorpio so… it’s in the blood.)

Mars Chiron opposition (which is so very medical). And, again, Virgo trine Capricorn. Venus Jupiter trine Pluto and then throw in the Pisces Moon which will sextile (a good aspect) Pluto but oppose (fight with) the Virgo planets (and you know how Pisces fights — tears, victim-ing).

The Pisces Moon will also square Saturn in Sagittarius and square the Gemini folks reading this.

It’s a good weekend to CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a mutable mess! CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a good weekend to talk to the dead. Scorpio Season begins. It’s a good weekend to Mars Chiron. What is Mars Chiron?

I have a Mars Chiron interchange — my Chiron is in Aries. Chiron in Aries people, Mars Chiron people, they RUN after healing, they bravely fiercely chase it. Nothing can stop them. Yes we can get obsessive, we can get borderline about our mission to get well but that’s the nature of the brave soldier healer beast. And if you’re lucky, if you are near us, loved by us, we will bring you along, we will heal you too. WE CANNOT HELP IT. Chiron in Aries people cannot help but heal others. I’d also like to add that Chiron in the 8th House also cannot help but heal others. It just happens. See? You don’t need to GIVE as much as you do. It happens automatically.

And Venus Jupiter is love – no matter the sign. It’s love.

Got weekend plans? :)


Yesterday I started advertising a reading *special* on my Facebook. If you want the details, you have to email me at moonpluto@gmail and I’ll tell you what I’ve got going on. This week only. Readings don’t have to be completed this week (schedules may not match up) but purchase before Friday midnight.

The Stars Next Week: The WITCH

"venus trine pluto" Well, next week looks interesting – especially towards the weekend:


Mercury in Libra (talking about your relationship) square Pluto (feels uncomfortable, tension, words left unsaid, letters lost in the mail or never sent, silence, dominance, power struggle, death drive, self sabotage FUN!

Maybe not so fun. Maybe better you… observe instead of act or react. Better to say nothing than too much but realize they are doing the same. You don’t have all the information.


SUN ENTERS SCORPIO, the season of the witch begins + Venus trine Pluto (obsessive vampire undying love forevermore) + Mars opposes Chiron (your drive to heal and be healed) & inconjuncts Uranus (shocking remedy and insight – YOU WANT TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM)


Venus conjoins Jupiter (big love) + Mercury opposes Uranus (another surprising conversation about your love life, hold on to your heart! It could be good!!!)

AND we also have a Pisces Moon over the weekend to oppose Mars/Venus/Jupiter in Virgo. Pisces Moon cries. Pisces Moon reminds me of Satie, rain on the windowpane while Virgo Mars Venus Jupiter just wants the house clean. Make peace with your inner Neptune. Cry while you mop. Your tears fill the bucket.

It’s a lot of astrology here so I think I’ll go day by day and write more about all of these….
But keep this in mind:

"sun square pluto"We’re talking AIR here (Mercury in LIBRA – Swords of the Tarot, communication) and we’re talking EARTH, Pentacles, reality, here and now, progress and process. THINGS. Things you can touch. It’s a nice combination — the fact that you can talk about it and manifest it this week – and do it – get closer to it, smell its breath, kiss it. We also enter the realm of deep hidden feeling and THE WITCH with the Sun into Scorpio.

Yes, the WITCH. Magickal workings. Death and rebirth. Sex, blackbirds, and secrets.

I’m ready! How about you??? 


On Healing, Trauma, And SATURN GOING DIRECT

"venus square saturn"So many things on my mind. Where to start? 

1. when working through trauma, remain flexible (accepting) in your approach and techniques
2. saturn going direct, venus now in leo, jupiter moving out of leo, saturn squaring venus & jupiter
3. what to do while you’re waiting: on seeing the Hanged Man over and over

This blog post may be triggering.

There is no one way, one size fits all, when it comes to healing or “working through” — WALKING THROUGH –painful stuff, memories, etc.

(Also, trauma that hasn’t been dealt with in some way, addressed, IS going to resurface, no matter how old it is so do just ignore the so-called friends and annoying people who say: oh that was 5 months ago! 5 years ago! 25 years ago! 45 years ago! They are also the ones who are telling you that you are over-dramatic or attached to the past. Well, my friends, they hate themselves. Don’t let it get to you. etc.)

You may not be in the mood TO DEAL but it happens i.e. flashbacks for example. There they are. What do you do with them?

"venus square saturn"Or revenge fantasies. What to do? And what do they mean. These are ways we cope “after the fact.” Our mind/body/spirit/soul has to deal and the many circumstances of your life will create its own mandala, its own pattern of healing. Be gentle with yourself. Patient. Even when you have scary thoughts, sad thoughts, mad thoughts, bad thoughts, what do I do thoughts. I’m thinking of the Nine of Swords cards. The cards create a ladder. You can climb out. (I read that interpretation in a Rachel Pollack book.)

What to do, I believe, first and foremost, is to try not to blame yourself or judge yourself or ostracize yourself for your process (including how slow or fast it’s going).

Let’s say you have an abusive spouse or partner (God forbid) and your abusive spouse or partner puts you in a chokehold one night.

Your CHOICE was taken from you. In that moment you became not only a statistic but a freshly traumatized person. You have new knowledge now. Well, revenge fantasies may be one way your body/mind/spirit is dealing with this having happened, among other coping skills. Do not be afraid of your own mind. 

"jupiter in virgo"I even knew a woman whose ex partner put her in a chokehold (what is this? the popular way to intimidate someone? there are many, unfortunately) and then blamed HER for what he did.  And yet it was pre-meditated. She actually had left the room and gone to another room and he got up, walked over to her, in the other room, and put her in a chokehold. She couldn’t get free. She couldn’t breathe. She struggled. She couldn’t breathe. At some point though she found her breath and started to scream. Her throat hurt all night (she told me). It hurt to swallow. She took pictures of her neck to capture any bruising. He was bigger and stronger than her and STILL blamed her. I shudder to think if she HAD fought back, if she knew how to fight and had used her legs to kick him. Didn’t even occur to her. But if she had? She may be dead now. Or have gotten her face bashed in. And most often I think an assailant WILL minimize the damage they do (out of guilt or narcissism). But that hardly matters. What matters is you.

It happened and now for the rest of her life she has this memory (emotional and physical) of feeling/being powerless AND being alternately blamed for it (you did such and such which caused me to do that) and also made to feel crazy about it (it didn’t happen. Yes this person actually said “no I didn’t”).

So what to do? With this? With ANY traumatic memory and mountain of bullshit. You can’t change the past. But you can choose your course of dealing with it. You get to decide. You get to choose. Do you need support? Therapy, group therapy. Or maybe you’ll do your work on your own. 

"jupiter in the 12th house"This morning I had a really great thought. I’m not sure if it was my Higher Self speaking to me or a Guide who said: what do you want? What do you WANT to do about it? (About your own past trauma.) You have options. What magick do you want to apply here?

And this also reminds me of that great execration magick book that I was reading (by S. Connolly): that this form of magick can be healing FOR YOU.

Other ideas: you can go back “in time” and Reiki the moment. You can go back in time and comfort yourself (similar to Reiki). You can go back in time and use your imaginative forces (as Edgar Cayce would say) to create divine protection, angels, all around you, who were there to create a ring of safety. Because, if you are reading this, you survived. And you can go back in time and plant a seed for your revenge. I do not advocate revenge. I do not advocate anything except for being gentle and patient and kind with yourself — but this example is on my mind because I think it is common, that after an abuse you want to GET the person back BUT often what happens is that the abused person becomes terrified of her own feelings. I advocate NOT being afraid of how you feel. Accept it. All of it. ALL the feelings.

Saturn goes direct tonight and is squaring Venus and Jupiter. Venus is retrograde and is now back in Leo and Tuesday brings us the EXACT Venus Jupiter conjunction (again). But Saturn is squaring. Monday actually is the exact Jupiter Saturn square. Wednesday is the exact Venus Saturn square. It’s a bit dizzying this backwards forwards.

"venus square saturn"Saturn square Venus Jupiter. You have to work for it. For your love and money AND SELF-ESTEEM. And hair do and weight loss goal and WHATEVER. What else is new? YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT. Yes I know Venus Jupiter is a shopping spree but you worked for that money, you worked for that reward. And you may feel a bit worried or guilty if you overspend but my advice is NOT to let bad boy Saturn in Scorpio harsh your Leo happy. Do the work. Have your fun. Do the work. Have your fun. You’ll be okay. Saturn IS going back to Sag (yes I know he’ll square Jupiter in Virgo but let’s deal with that later) ;)

A couple weeks ago I was seeing the Hanged Man CONSTANTLY. And then it stopped. New cards came in to say hello.

When you see the Hanged Man, you must pause. Do not struggle with the ropes.

I know all this was a little disjointed but it’s all on my mind — trauma, the current transits, the Hanged Man.

And redemption. TRUE HEALING. To really be DONE with the past. How to get there? How to do this? Is it POSSIBLE.

Saturn going direct will help. You need a plan.

To be continued…


I Like This Weekend & Here’s Why

mercury sextile venus
feeling my inner Empress today

Really. It is a good weekend.

Next week is dicey.
Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto - spotlight on your shadow! Try not to get creeped out by all the truth — seeing deeply into your own (and their) motivations. Highest vibration here: don’t pass the buck or the blame. Your hands are dirty too. Pluto dirty. You had your reasons. Everyone has a dark side. 

Mercury in Gemini is inconjunct Saturn
(depressing). Moon in Aries (impulsive). Mercury enters sensitive Cancer. Folks with an emphasis on the cardinal signs (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) in their charts will FEEL next week the most. What will they feel? THE EDGE. CLOSE TO THE EDGE. Arrrrgh!

You’re used to it by now, I know. You take it in stride. But do we REALLY need the Moon in Aries while the Sun is opposing Pluto and not that far off from squaring Uranus? No, we don’t. But here it is. Yay ;)

So I like this weekend way better. It’s smooth. It’s clean. No stubble. Shiny Happy People weekend. Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus and trine Mercury. Futuristic thinking. Make plans. Imagine stuff. No need to manifest or have all answers. I even like the Moon’s opposition to Venus Jupiter in Leo. There will be moments of demand (emotional people requiring applause) but no big. The Moon moves fast. Just keep your mind moving.

Sunday: sweet and fast Mercury in Gemini is sextile Venus and the Moon enters Pisces (trine to Mars and conjunct Neptune). Seriously guys, I got no complaint. Even Sunday’s Moon Saturn square can’t get me down.

As for today? We’re under a Mercury Jupiter sextile. Probably why I’m showing you my optimistic :)

I am doing a Summer Special this July (not sure what I will do for August).
60 minutes = $65

And we can talk about whatever you want but Transits + Tarot is one option.
I put a link to this on my PayPal form so you can order through the site.
Phone/Skype or Messenger. No Email Readings with this.
One chart only (two charts okay IF I’ve seen the second chart before.)
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You can give these as gifts. You can buy them in bulk :) it’s pretty awesome.
I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it.

UPDATE: And it’s true. The special is going well and I am circulating. It’s good.

Stay Strong Stay Brave My Little Lions! Venus Conjunct Jupiter In Leo

"venus conjunct jupiter: Sometimes I find these shiny transits disappointing. Venus Jupiter conjunct in Leo. Venus is shiny. Jupiter is shiny. Leo is shiny.

And we all look for 21 degrees (or thereabouts) in our charts. That’s how I learned — in my astrology class each week, years ago. My Teacher would plot out Some Important Transit on the dry erase and we’d learn how to read a chart.

Venus Jupiter didn’t keep me from feeling sad today. I stepped outside my door and felt sad. I felt sad walking to the ferry. I felt sad on the ferry. I felt sad getting off the ferry. I felt sad smoking a cigarette outside the 1 Train. I felt sad asking the MTA guy about train service over the weekend. I even felt sad food shopping AND I LOVE FOOD SHOPPING.

I complained in one of the chat rooms: weary of being misunderstood but social networking is this weird stew. People we don’t know. People we do. Am I that extraordinary? Am I that confusing?

We are all extraordinary under a Venus Jupiter sky
. I hope you feel your extraordinary today, tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that — even if you feel sad. We’re supposed to make ourselves so small IN THIS LIFE (so it seems) — but Venus Jupiter in Leo can’t. Venus Jupiter is here to remind us that we DO THIS (make ourselves small) and there’s no need.

Maybe it was the inconjunct. Venus and Jupiter inconjunct Chiron. Chiron has such a cross to bear. Chiron adds a tear to your Venus Jupiter extra large. It’s like… giving a recital and no applause. No one comes. Leo heartbreak.

AND tomorrow is the Full Moon! Sun trine Neptune too. Oh. So. Emotional.

So please don’t feel bad if you have an emotional week or if you don’t feel all Lioness today and tomorrow. It’s a deceptively hard sky.

"full moon in capricorn"Tarot Advice:
I drew the Two of Pentacles for you from the Legacy of the Divine deck. Keep going. Don’t slow down now.

“A winding road” says Yoav Ben-Dov.

And then Judgement from the Steampunk Tarot. “Judgement opens the sky.” 

I think you are headed in the right direction(s). Nice that the Legacy deck shows Mr. Two Pentacles on a big bike, in transit with rainbow. His Coins/Pentacles look like cymbals.

It doesn’t feel like it doesn’t it? The breakthrough? The size of a whisper. But this is the promise of the Judgement card just like Venus Jupiter. It’s big and bold and grand and DIAMONDS. There will be diamonds.

I am doing a Summer Special this June and July.
And we can talk about whatever you want but Transits + Tarot is one option.
I put a link to this on my PayPal form so you can order through the site.
Phone/Skype or Messenger. No Email Readings with this.
One chart only (two charts okay IF I’ve seen the second chart before. No new synastry readings)
60 minutes = $65.
You can give these as gifts. You can buy them in bulk :) it’s pretty awesome.
I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it.

You Are Alive This Full Moon In Capricorn + The Right Way To Mourn

"moonpluto tarot" requires an “outlet” — a way out. A route-path, root-path for the emotions to follow. Head to the inlet. Head to where it opens out to bigger water for Cancer Season.

I don’t usually think of this season as one of mourning and grief but it comes when it comes.

So I decided to start work on my own Tarot deck, the MoonPluto Tarot and maybe the entire deck will be versions of the Major cards. Or the entire deck will be the Hanged Man, 72 Hanged. I don’t know yet. But I posted the first one on Instagram and Facebook. I have no apparent artistic skill. I cannot draw anything that resembles anything in Real Life. But I can pour my emotional intensity through my fingers. And perhaps someday will make an actual deck that I (or anyone) can use. And I’ve just started. If I stick with it, it will be very interesting. Those feelings need somewhere to “go.” Goal is for the page to “match” the violence of the emotion.

I was dancing while making  my steak this morning. Afternoon. Yes I know I know my knees. I haven’t taken Advil since yesterday and been pain free but haven’t been walking at all, just in the apartment but I couldn’t help it. This music (this music I heard in the taxi from the other night – that I wrote about here) woke me up and I’m still awake. It’s part of my grief soundtrack now. When things end, you cry. That’s it. My mother cried when my father died. I think I saw that once in my life. Maybe twice. And I remember her saying to me, on the phone, people think I didn’t love him, people think… I can’t remember exactly now. But something to the effect of… of course I am mourning. We were married 15 years. Three children. Yes it had to end. It nearly killed me. But of course I am going to feel this loss.

Last night a friend and I exchanged readings. She did some cards. I did some cards. She channeled for me. And I felt heavy afterwards and sad. I haven’t even STARTED mourning yet. I thought I had been. Mourning must come. Morning must come. Along these lines I said to a client this morning: you haven’t started yet (with the guy). She was asking if things were going to continue with him BUT YOU HAVE NOT STARTED. You have to start first. Quoting Pema Chodron: start where you are. 

Dance while you make your food. This is good. I look forward to making more cards. And like a shaman, let the music, your music, assist you in your journey.

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 1st. 

Well honestly I consider some of these orbs a bit wide. Honestly. The Full Moon in Cap and Sun in Cancer squaring the Nodes in Libra/Aries. The Sun and Mars are conjunct. Moon and Pluto are conjunct. And then the Nodes. So we have this cardinal Grand Cross but the Full Moon is at 9. Mars and Nodes 4 and 5 degrees. Pluto at 14. So the energy is there but… this isn’t super tight. Venus and Jupiter in Leo though: exact. Uranus still in orb of the trine. So go there if you want, to the Fire energy of Venus Jupiter Uranus and try not to get too hung up on WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR PAIN. Vesta (commitment, passion, concentration) also squares the Full Moon (emotions in motion, endings, culminations, revelation) from Aries the Warrior (tighter orb than the Nodes). Now that is interesting in and of itself: Vesta in ARIES? A most passionate Goddess, passionate fire. Turn to her. Ritual her. Altar her. Go to her this Full Moon. She’s your best bet for burning what must be burned.

Some of you may be all over the place this Full Moon, Full Moon week HOT MESS BUT I smell blood. And I mean that in a good way. You are alive this Full Moon. FINALLY. You are hung up, strung up, Grand Cross, but something has changed. Your gills. Oh my. Something has changed. The way you breathe has changed and I have no astro metaphor to hang this on so I’ll just leave it be. This is what you can plug into. Being willing to make a thorough and willing dramatic change (Full Moon Pluto!!!!!!!!!) and dance while you cook (Venus Jupiter). And breathe.

Ah I see. I see the gills now. Sun is trine Neptune this day too. I like this day. I almost want to apologize for it. But I like this day.

And the right way to mourn is by using your entire body. One Full Moon cleanse coming up!!!!

I am doing a Summer Special this June and July.
And we can talk about whatever you want but Transits + Tarot is one option. 

I put a link to this on my PayPal form so you can order through the site. 
Phone/Skype or Messenger. No Email Readings with this. 
One chart only (two charts okay IF I’ve seen the second chart before. No new synastry readings)
60 minutes = $65.
You can give these as gifts. You can buy them in bulk :) it’s pretty awesome.
I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it. 

Love love love love love xx

My Mother, Myself: Moon Conjunct Pluto In The 1st House

I have a high tolerance for relationships that are complex and I think… if I may um toot my own horn for a moment :) This partly explains why I’m a good astrological counselor.

I don’t and won’t judge you for your choices. And I can see, using the chart, why you are making those choices. But still… I don’t and won’t judge you. Even if my Cancer mama side wants you to be happy. And successful. Yes, the Jewish Mother you never had. Or wish you didn’t have ;)

Here’s an example.

You may have a 12th House Venus (like I do!) or some other tricky Venus love situation which… leaves you unhappy and you keep making the same like-a-record-skipping choices. The same bad groove.

It’s the drama or the flash or the misery (whatever) that draws you in and then leaves you high and dry eventually. You just don’t know how to make it work with another human being.

And so many damn stipulations. Damn. Even my recent foray into being a shadchanit (a match maker) surprised me – how even the women of various ages (not all, but many) were just as concerned with the outside as we often accuse men of being. I wound up introducing my bachelor to one of the few women who did not have physical requirements but was more concerned with his character.

(And yes I know I know we live in a material world but this project is my baby and I will run it how I want. Hands on and then hands off.)

This topic came to mind last night because I was looking up my mother’s birth chart and comparing it with mine. And I thought: AHA so this why. This is (partly) why I can help others. Because I get it.

My mother and I had some difficult synastry — including her retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn squaring my Moon (in essence, her) and Pluto, which is so much my essence, my 1st House.

And yet her Jupiter was bang on my Venus. BIG LOVE. We were fused, we were close despite… everything, everything including her Chiron conjunct my ascendent. I cringe when I think of that one.

As I’ve written many times, we worked through a lot before she died. We were on good terms before she died. But there were the hell years. And then my silence following the hell years. And then I was planning to go home for Pesach when she died suddenly.

This relationship was dark and this relationship has given me the ability to… not be afraid of your dark.

I’m rambling my little ramblings :)

I also wanted to let you know that my collaborator astrologer Matthew Currie is going to be in the Big City this July so we are working on an in-person Reading for local clients of his or mine or new people of course. Meet with the two of us and get two perspectives which may or may not dovetail.

Email me at moonpluto@gmail for information about this and other (in person or email or phone) readings. Could also do my 4 for 3 Special with Matthew but the rate would likely be different since it’s both of us.

Happy Monday :)

Love, MP


For info about my Astrology & Tarot Readings, look here!

Reliable Candy And The Grand Trine In Earth

"venus in capricorn"

Venus + Jupiter in Taurus: everyone at the dance wants to dance with this girl.

And who will she dance with? With Mars, retrograde, in Virgo (he dances kinda funny). And with PLUTO in Capricorn. Ooooh ahhhh.

Grand Trine in Earth, folks! Grand Trine in Earth. 

The thing you need to do is find the pertinent degrees in your own natal chart and also check out your water houses because those provide sextiles, also a good aspect. You can, of course, look for squares and oppositions but… I don’t want to go there today :) Maybe tomorrow.

We are talking early-ish degrees. Pluto is the slowest mover in this crowd at 9 Capricorn so find that degree for sure. In my mind I see the other planets hovering around him. Is HE the one we all want to dance with?

Is Pluto a good dancer? The BEST.

On March 14th, for example, we’ve got: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto all at 9 degrees. So imagine the movement in the days preceeding: Venus moving forward, Jupiter moving forward, Mars moving back, Pluto being Pluto :) and then BAM! Exact!

And I’m not even taking the Moon into account here, how you may feeeeeel.

I feel a crash but it’s the crash of… FINALLY. Slipping into something. Sliding into home. Everything’s in place.

Pluto is long-term. Expect the goodness to last. Or to PROVIDE something lasting. Or, at least, let this be the beginning. Inspire yourself with your own chart. Everyone is getting a candy here. Reliable candy but it’s candy all-grown up now.

PS Virginia Woolf had Venus in Capricorn. I know Woolf isn’t exactly the poster girl for life of the party, but she’s my poster girl :)


YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings (and the other ones as usual) for the Full Moon in Virgo but probably won’t start scheduling again until Tuesday or Wednesday so email me for more info!

Grand Trine News And More From The Astro-Diner

"grand trine in earth"

March 12th is such an interesting day. Not only does Mercury station retrograde but we’ve got a Grand Trine with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn.

This aspect is on my mind because I just sent half an email reading to a client who was wondering about this day. I sometimes do monthly forecasts for her, looking at the sky events and then zooming in to her natal for the particulars.

And I was telling her… Mars is retrograde but it’s as though this trine-action, this Venus-Jupiter-Pluto is calling to Mars, wanting Mars to follow, beckoning. Venus-Jupiter-Pluto is asking Mars to dance at the dance and will Mars dance? Yes but in retrograde motion.

I feel like this aspect is the best we can hope for. I hope it aspects something sweet in your chart. 

In other news, someone in the comments was interested in my Astro-Diner services but isn’t local so she wondered how it could work and then I started wondering how it could work (by phone).

For me the kind of teaching I’m talking about works best when you hold a chart in your hands, in front of a person but I’m willing to try this by phone as long as we’re both looking at the same chart on line and perhaps have it be a Q and A type format and, again, half-lesson, half-reading in that you can use your own chart but what makes these “readings” different IS the teaching aspect –it’s for people who want to learn how to read a natal chart but I don’t mind using your own chart for this purpose.

The challenge is to see whether it can be done!

And the cost I’m still figuring out but it will be lower than the cost of a “regular” reading.


PS New stuff going on around here. Check out this link for information about1:1 Astrology Lessons in person and also I want to get the Morning Mini-Tarot going soon on mornings when I’m home and don’t have anything scheduled. Can’t do it today but tomorrow is a maybe!

***And yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! 

***And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!

Only Revealed Good For The Full Moon In Virgo

"full moon in virgo 2012"

I feel like the Full Moon in Virgo came early for me. Today. I took a hit along my 2nd/8th House axis. Or maybe more of a surprise than a hit. Maybe both. A hit implies bad. Sometimes something happens and we think it’s bad because the good isn’t revealed yet. Revealed good. That’s a phrase from Chassidic teaching.

One door closes another door opens? 

Nature abhors a vacuum?

How many cliches would you like? ;)

But more about the moon: the Full Moon in Virgo is on March 8th, at 18 degrees. Do you have any natal planets at or near 18 degrees?

Thinking about the number 8: remember the Tarot card for the 8 of Cups? Somebody is leaving. Will you? What are you leaving? Full Moons bring revelations. Leaving for something better, I hope.

The Sun, of course, will oppose the Moon. The battle is built in. Or as I wrote in another post today (at least I think it was today) battle or balance.

Mercury will be in early Aries that day, conjunct Uranus. What will you invent?

Venus will be in early Taurus, conjunct Jupiter and Pluto is at 9 Capricorn, trining. What a rich beautiful aspect. The two benefics and the… Lord of the Underworld! To me it feels like an… anything is possible aspect but… grounded. There’s a foundation to it. And the Venus Jupiter conjunction will only get tighter.

And Mars? Still retrograde and at 11 degrees, joining the trine. All these earthy planets bumping into each other, backwards, forwards. A dance.

The world that comes to mind for me now is “action” that you will want to take some, especially in the areas of life where these conjunctions occur, especially where the Full Moon occurs and the opposing house!

I just noticed a typo. I typed “WORLD” instead of “WORD” but I think I am going to leave it. I like it. The world of action.  And yet there are trines. There is flow.

One of my astrology books from storage that I’m enjoying looking through again is by March and McEvers. They’ve got a great list of keywords for conjunctions: emphasis, intensification, concentration, new activity…

So spin the wheel. Your wheel. Find the planets for March 8th, for the Full Moon in Virgo and tell us what you got!


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! 

And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!